Fees Application

Check out the online application at
http://summer.ewha.ac.kr and
submit online by May 13 (Wed), 2015
for Session I and July 1 (Wed), 2015 for
Session II.
All fees must be paid in Korean won (KRW). Students transferring foreign currencies
should consider the exchange rate of the day, including bank commission.
Current undergraduate and graduate
students including prospective students
who will begin undergraduate studies in
Fall 2015 are also eligible to apply.
Ewha Centennial Library
Music Building
Required Documents
Applications are accepted online only.
Students must submit the following
Art & Design Building (A-C)
Physical Education Building (A-C)
- Face Picture (3 cm X 4 cm) in jpeg File
- Scanned Copy of College or University
Enrollment or Transcript
- Scanned Copy of Passport Bio-Page
- Scanned Copy of Overseas Traveler’s
Health Insurance
Please visit the nearest embassy or
consulate of the Republic of Korea
in your home country for accurate
information. Please note that foreign
nationals participating in short study
abroad programs such as the Ewha
International Co-ed Summer College are
able to stay in Korea for a maximum of
90 days without a visa.
Ewha International Co-ed
Summer College
B334 ECC, Ewha Womans University,
52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu,
Seoul 120-750, Korea
82-2-3277-3160, 3161
[email protected]
Official Facebook Page
Only electronically wire-transferred fees will be accepted. The sender’s name must be
identical to the applicant’s name. Please notify the Ewha ISC office in advance via
email if the payment is sent under another name.
Session I
Mandatory Fees
Application Fee
Tuition Fee
Optional Fees (Housing)
May 13 (Wed)
June 26 (Fri)
Mandatory Fees
Optional Fees (Housing)
Science Building (A-D)
Law Building
Session II
Application Fee
Tuition Fee
July 1 (Wed)
Ewha-POSCO Building (Social Sciences)
Pfeiffer Hall (Main Hall)
Pharmaceutical Science Building
August 12 (Wed)
Note:* The above dormitory fees are subject to change.
Wire Transfer Information
Shinhan Bank (Ewha Branch), Seoul, Korea
Account Number
Account Holder
Ewha Womans University
Bank Swift Code
Note:* Please pay any optional fees in cash at the on-campus Shinhan Bank upon arrival at Ewha.
* Personal checks or credit cards will not be accepted.
College Dive into Ewha!
Welch-Ryang Auditorium
Why Ewha?
Session I
Founded in 1886, Ewha Womans
University is Korea’s first pioneering
educational institution for women. It has
since grown to become one of Asia’s most
prestigious universities, and over 3,000
students from more than 60 countries visit
Ewha each year through various short- to
long-term programs to experience Ewha’s
leading global infrastructure and quality
June 23 (Tue) – July 22 (Wed), 2015
As a comprehensive research university,
Ewha has 11 colleges and 15 graduate
schools and over 500 courses taught in
English every semester. The university’s
research institutes encompass both
traditional areas of strength - Law,
Humanities, and Education - as well
Summer @ Ewha
45 Years of Academic Excellence
and Cultural Exchange:
Ewha International Co-ed Summer
College (Ewha ISC), 1971-2015
Concentration on
Korean/East Asian Studies
Social Sciences
Women’s Studies
Music, Art & Design
as new areas of excellence - Science,
Technology, Engineering, Women’s
studies, International studies, and
Korean studies, and carry out research
collaborations with partner universities
With 25,000 students and 190,000
alumni, Ewha has a strong presence
around the world and works hard to live
up to its global reputation. The university
is proud of its long history at the forefront
of education in Korea and is determined
to train tomorrow’s leaders, equipping
them with the skills and knowledge to
make a difference in the world. In the
21st century, Ewha has become a truly
global place to study and research, and to
experience life in Korea.
Session II
Korean Studies/East Asian Studies
■ Academic courses in various fields
■ Korean language course
■ Hands-on cultural excursions
1.Courses & Credits
• Students must take 2 courses to be enrolled full-time.
• Choose 2 courses and get 6 credits.
Note:Check with an international program officer at your home institute for
credit transferability.
Students must take one AM and one PM course to be enrolled
Mon - Thu
Academic Calendar
AM: Subject Course
09:00 - 11:30
PM 1: Subject Course
12:30 - 15:00
PM 2: Korean Language Course
14:00 - 17:00
Session I
June 23 (Tue) - July 22 (Wed), 2015
3.List of Courses
Application & Fee Payment Deadline (including course registration):
May 13 (Wed)
‘Early Bird’ Registration Privilege Deadline: March 25 (Wed)
Official Dorm Check-In: June 22 (Mon)
Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation: June 23 (Tue)
Course Commencement: June 24 (Wed)
Farewell Ceremony: July 22 (Wed)
Official Dorm Check-Out: July 23 (Thu)
Business & Economics
Field Trips & Cultural Excursions
Consumer Decision-Making
Global Economic Issues
International Trade
Principles of Accounting Information
Marketing Management
Contemporary Korean Cinema
History of Korean Tradition and Folk Culture
History of Seoul
Introduction to History of the Oriental Arts
Korean Language in Culture and Society
Korean Literature
Living World Religion in Seoul
Modern History of Korea
Politics in Korea and East Asia
Traditional and Popular Music in Korea
Music, Art & Design
Korean Ceramics (Studio-type)
Traditional Korean Music (Studio-type)
Traditional Korean Painting (Studio-type)
“2015 Introductory Korean Studies” and students earn
3 credits in P/F grades.
Pre-designed academic courses in Introductory Korean Studies
and numerous field trips:
Korean Language Courses
Level 1 (Basic)
Level 2 (Intermediate)
Level 3 (Advanced)
Special Lectures
International Relations of North Korea with East Asian Countries
North Korean Studies on Society & Culture
Korean Art
Korean Cinema
Korean Economy
Korean History
Korean Pop Culture
Korean Food (Studio-Type)
Traditional Korean Music (Studio-Type)
Traditional Korean Art (Studio-Type)
Social Sciences
Half-day Field Trips
Natural Sciences
General Biology
General Chemistry
North Korean Studies
Advertising & Society
Cross-cultural Psychology
Introduction to International Relations
Popular Culture and Society
What is Politics?
Women's Studies
Asian Women in the Glocal Era
Gender Relations in Korea
Same-sex Desire in East Asian Film and Literature
Women's History of Korea
National Museum of Korea
Korean Cinema
Korean Performance
The Story of King Sejong
Gyeongbok Palace
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Special Cultural Excursion Trip
An overnight trip to Hahoe Folk Village in Andong City takes
place on the first weekend of the program, enabling students to
experience authentic Korean traditional culture and life through
the following activities:
ater rafting / Staying in a traditional Korean-style home /
Watching a traditional mask dance / Attending a traditional
music performance / Tasting traditional Andong cuisine
Fri - Sat
PEACE Buddies
On-campus Housing
Professional Ewhaians At Cultural
The International House (I-House) and Graduate Student Dormitory (GSD) are oncampus housing facilities located very close to the Ewha ISC office in the Ewha Campus
Complex (ECC). These state-of-the-art housing facilities for foreign students offer
double and single rooms on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. The dormitories are co-ed,
with each floor assigned to a single sex.
Due to high demand, students are recommended to apply for housing at the same time
they apply for admission to the 2015 Ewha International Co-ed Summer College.
Mon - Thu
AM (09:00 - 12:00)
PM (13:30 - 18:00)
Korean Language
Special Lectures and Halfday Field Trips
Special Cultural Excursion Trip: 2 Days & 1 Night at
Hahoe Folk Village in Andong City
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tel: +82-2-3277-6005
Fax: +82-2-3277-6004
Tel: +82-2-3277-6002
Fax: +82-2-3277-6003
2.Official Check-In & Check-Out Dates
Session I
Session II
June 22 (Mon)
August 5 (Wed)
July 23 (Thu)
August 21 (Fri)
Note:* Single or double rooms are available on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis according to the date
of completion of application submission and mandatory fee payment.
* Students wishing to extend their dorm stay should contact Ewha’s Housing Coordinator at
[email protected]
Ewha ISC Excellence Award
Full tuition and application fee waiver for 2
students (Session I only)
Early Bird Registration Scholarship
20% tuition fee discount: Session I
10% tuition fee discount: Session II
Ewha Alumnae Scholarship
10% tuition fee discount (Session I and II)
Field Trips & Cultural Excursions
Ewha ISC – EWUUACNA (Ewha Womans
University United Alumnae Chapters of
North America), Washington DC Chapter
Scholarship (http://www.ewhadcchapter.org)
Full tuition, application fee, field trip and
accommodation support for 2 students (Session I only).
• Korean Folk Village • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
• B-boy performance • Cooking Korean food
• Everland
ouse of Sharing (Shelter for Former War Sex Slaves)
Gloria Hahn Memorial Scholarship
Full tuition and application fee support for 1
student (Session I only).
Session II
Note:* The above courses are subject to change without prior notice. The
final list of courses will be ready by November 2014 on http://summer.
* Course syllabi are available online at: http://summer.ewha.ac.kr
August 6 (Thu) – August 20 (Thu), 2015
Korean Language Courses
Application & Fee Payment Deadline (including course registration):
July 1 (Wed)
‘Early Bird’ Registration Privilege Deadline: May 20 (Wed)
Official Dorm Check-In: August 5 (Wed)
Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation: August 6 (Thu)
Course Commencement: August 7 (Fri)
Special Cultural Excursion Trip: August 7 (Fri) – 8 (Sat)
Farewell Ceremony: August 20 (Thu)
Official Dorm Check-Out: August 21 (Fri)
August 6 (Thu) – August 20 (Thu), 2015
- Level 1 (Basic)
- Level 3 (Advanced)
- Level 2 (Intermediate)
- Level 4 (High Advanced)
Note:Throughout the programs, coordinators will accompany students on
exciting, hands-on field trips to places which offer opportunities to
experience and understand the tradition and culture of contemporary
Korea Adoptee Fellowship at Ewha (KAFE)
Full tuition and application fee support for 2
students (Session I only)
Re-enrolling Student Scholarship
50% tuition fee discount (Session I and II)
Note:* Students from partner schools with
tuition waivers are not eligible to apply for
the above scholarships.
* Please check the Ewha ISC website’s
scholarship page for application forms and
further updated information.
* Content of each scholarship is subject to
Ewha ISC students will be in contact
with Ewha PEACE buddies, a volunteer
group of Ewha undergraduate students,
from their arrival at Incheon airport
until the ‘Farewell Ceremony’ at the end
of the program. As students of Ewha,
PEACE buddies introduce international
students to the campus and community,
arrange special events, and help program
participants take full advantage of life at
Ewha and in Korea.
Questions concerning everyday life at
Ewha and extra curricular activities
organized by PEACE buddies should be
reached at: [email protected]
com. Each Ewha ISC student will receive
an email from his or her designated
PEACE buddy prior to the starting of a