Tuesday, NOVeMBeR 11, 2014 The Courier •

The Courier • Tuesday, NOVeMBeR 11, 2014
Congratulations McComb Panthers on your very successful
2014 volleyball season -- all the way to the State Finals!
The recent birth of Addisyn Thom is celebrated here by 4 generations of the Craig
family. Great-Grandmother Portia Carruthers is holding Addisyn on her lap.
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 11, 2014
Honor Roll
McComb High school has
announced its honor roll for the
first nine-week grading period.
The following students were named to
the all a Honor Roll:
seniors — Hailey Buck, alyssa Casdorph, Clay Grubb, Erika Jones, Rachel
Recently born at Blanchard Valley
Hospital, as reported by their parents:
• arreh’ Mitchell Lee schoenlein,
boy, Jonathon Mitchell schoenlein and
Kerra’ Tommy Paige stauffer, Findlay,
Oct. 28.
• Roman Paul Brickner, boy, shawn
and Kelly Brickner, Fostoria, Oct. 28.
• Malachi Matthew Robb, boy, Joshua
and stephanie Robb, Findlay, Oct. 28.
• Robert Matthew Bates, boy, Kyle
and ainsleigh Bates, Findlay, Oct. 29.
• Jameson Michael Parsons, boy,
Jacob Parsons and Tyra Woodruff, Findlay, Oct. 30.
• Miles alvin schalk, boy, Joshua and
Heather Louise schalk, Tiffin, Oct. 30.
• Camren Chandler Wright, boy,
Cody and Jessica Wright, arlington,
Oct. 31.
• Mila ann Hernandez, girl, Pedro
and Jessica ann Hernandez, Findlay,
Oct. 31.
• draven Ryan Witt, boy, Troy Witt
Jr. and Burgundy Renee Bower, Findlay,
Oct. 31.
• Lucielle Rosemary Brim, girl, Evan
and Christine Brim, Findlay, Oct. 31.
• Olivia Fan, girl, Junyang Fan and
yan Xiong, Oct. 31.
• Lilliana scarlett Myers, girl, Kenny
Myers and Tarah durst, Fostoria, Oct.
• Kenzington Rae Cook, girl, Megan
Cook, Fostoria, Nov. 1.
• Zane alexander Lindstedt, boy, Jeffrey and amber Kay Lindstedt, Columbus
Liebrecht, Kendall Newcomer, ashley
Philipp, Madison Pierce, Jordan skilliter.
Juniors — Emily Clark, Jenna Huffman, Kirsten Long, Chas shoop, aaron
sophomores — Connor Hoverman,
Loryn Huffman, Molly Leppelmeier,
aaron Rode, Caden schroeder.
Freshmen — Katie Brannan, Grace
Grove, Nov. 2.
• Lilliana Faye Obenour, girl, Chris
Obenour and Joy Reamsnyder, arlington,
Nov. 2.
• Paige Nicole Hoyer, girl, Brandon
Hoyer and Brittany Eubank, Fostoria,
Nov. 2.
• Robert albert Luderman IV, boy,
Rob and allison Luderman, Hamler,
Nov. 2.
• Lily Marie Tuttle, girl, Rebecca
Tuttle, Findlay, Nov. 2.
• addisyn Kay Thom, girl, Mike
Thom and Jennifer Craig, Findlay, Nov. 3.
• ariella Grace Phillips, girl, Tyler
Cusac and Coral Phillips, Findlay, Nov. 3.
• Claire Elise Van Fleet, girl, aaron
and danielle Van Fleet, Findlay, Nov. 3.
• Lucy Kuhn Croy, girl, Matt and
Heidi Croy, Findlay, Nov. 4.
• serynite Niccolle-Rennee King, girl,
Jesse King and Nikki simplins, Tiffin,
Nov. 4.
• Wenzdae Elaine Kelley, girl, Bryant
Patrick Kelley and Katie ann Laughlin,
ada, Nov. 4.
• Brynlee Jane Ellerbrock, girl, Brad
and Becky Ellerbrock, Ottawa, Nov. 4.
• Nathan Carter LaWarre, boy,
Robert LaWarre and Judith Rhodes,
Findlay, Nov. 4.
• Brogan Chase Fisher, boy, Travis
Fisher and Brittney Meadows, Findlay,
Nov. 5.
• Elliott Harper Leber, boy, Joshua
and Nicole a. Leber, Bradner, Nov. 5
~Heavenly Creations~
204 Ohio Ave. ~ Tiffin, Ohio 44883
Christmas Open House
Two Great Weeks
Wed. - Fri., Nov. 12 - 14.....10 - 5:30
Wed. - Fri., Nov. 19 - 21.....10 - 5:30
Sat., Nov. 15.....10 - 3
Sat., Nov. 22.....10 - 3
B Handbags• Designer Jewelry & Scarves• Habersham Vessels & Orbs
& Christmas Decorations• Blossom Buckets• Lori Mitchell
Battery OperatedTimer Candles• Gourmet Dip & Candy
Picks• Garlands & Collectibles
Buckland, Lexis Heller, Clay santos,
savanna spitnale, Kylie stewart.
The following students were named
to the a-B Honor Roll:
seniors — Jacob Beeson, Courtney
deitrick, Trey Hanes, dylan Miller,
aubrey Parker, Gabriel Rader, Kara
Reigle, Nakayla shoemaker, shelby
smith, allie stoepfel, anthony Thepsourinthone, Mishaila Westoby.
Juniors — Eden Griffith, Emily
Grubb, Vivian Householder, Noah Kasmarek, abby Kreh, aidan Roberts,
drew siferd, Camryn sudlow, samantha
Walter, Cole Wasson.
sophomores — MaKenna Babb, allie
Beall, Brynn Follas, adrian Grubb, skye
Gustwiller, Brittani Harden, Nora Hemminger, Jenna Herr, aeric Phamakao,
Bailey Rader, Chloe Wilson, Chloe
Freshmen — Tommy Bishop, abbi
Brink, Kadalena duran, Patience
Ewing, seth Leader, Brady Leckey, Brie
Liebrecht, dylan Montgomery, Camryn
Nigh, Kendra Phamakao, Lesleighamber Phamakao, Michael Rey, Jacob
Rider, shelby simons, Chloe spoon,
Corey swisher, Justin Wasson.
Elmwood High school has
announced its honor roll for the
first nine-week grading period.
The following students received a 4.0
grade point average:
seniors — Ryan aufdencamp, Emily
aurand, Corianna Borton, Jordan Burwell, Megan Hathaway, allison Hummel,
Emelia shaffer, ashley Veryser, Meagan
Juniors — Katherine Benedict, Rob
Bentley, Paige drees, dylan Hall, Madelyn Instone, samantha Laborie, Jensen
Marsh, Wesley Ridenour, destynee
spieker, Elizabeth Walter, Taylor Wynn.
sophomores — Casandra ault, Taylor
Barnhisel, Collin Bechstein, Hannah
Bloomfield, Brionna Camden, Nicole
Foster, Katelyn King, Jaela Kynard, Chloe
Robinson, Jordan Thrash.
Freshmen — Makaylie Borton,
Emma Bowen, Ciaira Brown, allison
drees, Mattison Hillard, dylan Hinton,
Colleen Kreais, Mckenzie Mercer,
Morghan strayer.
The following students received
between a 3.5 and 3.99 grade point average:
seniors — Paige Clark, Kaitlin dewey,
samantha Ervin, Rebecca Harvey, Kassidy Nagy, Katie Peters, Lance Reidling,
Henry schreiner, Thomas Wagler, Matthew Wagner, Jennah Wilson.
Juniors — Kieran adamski, Liz Barnett, Maranda Beard, allison Bingham,
Kelsey Bloom, Philip Buckingham, Jarrett Childress, Lauren deBock, Madi-
son deitrich, Lindsay George, Rachael
Grilliot, Jack Hagemeyer, Brett Jones,
Liyah Love, amanda Martinez, autumn
Minich, Makayla Mohre, Kirsten
Mumea-Long, Jessica Pollard, Collin
Reynolds, Katlyn sibrel, Noah smith,
Brady spanfellner, Zachary spanfellner,
alicia st. Clair, adrian Vanderbeke,
Veronica Walter, Cassandra Wood,
Michael yenour.
sophomores — Nicole abke, Paige
allen-Marsh, Kaylen Bishop, skye
Combs, Rowan Gnepper, Tiffany Gonyer,
savannah Harvey, Kayla Holbrook,
andrew Housholder, Gage Kennedy,
Ryan Krouse, della Love, dalton Merritt, McKenzie Peters, Thomas Rhoden,
Nate Uzelac, Naomi Wenz.
Freshmen — Mason Benschoter,
Kolton Bloom, Josephine Byram, Jonah
Childress, dakota Clementz, Brandy
Grilliot, austin Hosler, Justin McKenzie,
Taylor Merritt, Brianna Nickols, Makayla
Riehl, Elise semko, Evan sibrel, angela
The following students received
between a 3.0 and 3.49 grade point average:
seniors — Gavin alva, Zachary
Baker, Jarod Beckford, Miranda Benschoter, Keli Bradford, alyssa Clack,
Brandon daniels, Catherine Elgin, Elizabeth Garner, ye seul Hamman, Patricia
See Honor roll, Page T3
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Engagement: Jane Smith, of Findlay, and John Doe, of
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Wedding: Jane Smith and John Doe, of Philadelphia, were
married Sept. 14 in Cape May Point, N.J. She is formerly of
Anniversary: John and Jane Doe of Findlay will celebrate
their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept. 14.
Birthday: Jane Doe of Findlay will celebrate her 90th
birthday on Sunday.
Dean’s list: John Doe Jr., Findlay, son of John and Jane
Doe, University of Findlay.
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TUEsday, NOVEMBER 11, 2014
Honor Roll
Continued from page T2
Holvey, Joshua Mathias, Zachary Muzy,
Olivia Myers, andrew Nye, Brandon
Palmer, Tristen Ritchey, amanda Rivera,
Molly Robinson, Emily Tracy, devin
Juniors — Jessica Cline, Rodney
Cron-dietz, Cassidy Eblen, aleah Gallegos, Nicholas Gillett, Matthew Harris,
Zachary Kinney, Michael Lohmann,
Joshua Lorenzen, austin Lynch, Jessie
Moore, ashley Mundorff, Madison sears,
Emily schmitz, derek sheldon, Trevor
solether, Lindsay spanfellner, Cynthia
stahl-Valent, Nicholas stearns, Ruth
Wenz, dylan Wise, Mallory Wolleson,
adam Woessner.
sophomores — andrew arnold,
Kevin avery, Kyle dibling, Kalli Fisk,
Noah Fouty, Jace Grossman, Luke
Hagemeyer, Chyanne Hatcher, Justine
Hill, Cheyne Jenkins, Crystal Jordan,
Jacob Kern, Tayte Lentz, Clifford Love,
Traci Morlock, Noah Naugle-Baker, Kaitlin Nelson, summer Osborne, Tahlor
Palmer, Bryn Parker, Levi Rensch,
Kendra stewart, anya staniszweski,
shelby stock, Calvin Thatcher, Zachery
Taulker, Mitchell Wonderly.
Freshmen — Tristan adamski, allison arnold, anthony Borders, Kiersten
Borders, Kaeleb Borner, Logan Clark,
Braden dauterman, Brianna dingledine,
abigail Greene, Theron Greenlee, Raven
Hile, Ethan Hudson, Parker Kennedy,
adam Lewallen, Makayla Martinez,
sheyenne Osborne, Cheyanne Parsons,
Zoe shank, Marissa sheldon, skylar
slaughterbeck, aaron smith, Catherine
Miller City
Miller City High school and Middle
school have announced their honor rolls
for the first nine-week grading period.
The following students received a 4.0
grade point average:
seniors — allison alexander, Courtney alt, Isaac Inkrott, Erika Meyer,
Hunter NIese, Kylee Ricker, Jana schroeder, devon Wagner.
Juniors — Jacob Ellerbrock, Trey Hermiller, Elizabeth Klear, Cassilyn Niese,
Megan Niese, Jordan schmenk, Kasey
sophomores — Jordan drummelsmith, Taylor Kaufman, skylar Niese,
Makenna Ricker, Justin schnipke, Megan
Warnimont, Claire Westrick.
Freshmen — Jordan Barlage, Brandon Cox, Jeremy deMuth, Tanner
Inkrott, Mark Kuhlman, Chloe Lammers, Makenna Lehman, Elena Niese,
Emily Niese, Tyson Niese, allison Ruhe,
Hannah schimmoeller, abigail schroeder, dominic schroeder, Madison
Eighth graders — Gabriella dershem,
Cody Ellerbrock, donald Ellerbrock.
seventh graders — Kylie Peck,
Kaydee stant,
sixth graders — Lauren Hermiller,
Gracie Homier, adrienne Kuhlman, Kayleen Maas.
The following students received
between a 3.5 and 3.99 grade point average:
seniors — Joshua Inkrott, alexander
Kern, Haley Lammers, Benjamin Niese,
Tristan Niese, alissa schnipke, Hana
Juniors — Emily altman, Mitchell
Barlage, Lexi Creamer, allyson Keesler, Brittany Kohls, Jenelle Kuhlman,
Brandon Meyer, Colton Niese, adam
sophomores — Lane Hiltner, Jacob
Kuhlman, Corbin Niese, Matthew Niese,
Bryce Riepenhoff, Jacob schimmoeller,
Bailey schroeder, Tiffany Welty.
Freshmen — Meggan Meyer, Megan
Niese, Noah Otto, Regina schnipke, Tyler
schroeder, Madelyn siebeneck, Caleb
Vennekotter, Paige Wenzinger.
Eighth graders — abby Niese,
amanda schroeder, Megan Verhoff,
Emily Warnimont, Elizabeth Westrick.
seventh graders — anthony Inkrott,
Katelyn Kuhlman, Collin Oedy, Emma
Recker, daniel siebeneck, Cayla Troyer.
sixth graders — Zachary Fillinger,
aubrey Knueven, Thomas Michel, Trevor
Niese, Madeline Otto, abigail Reyna,
Grace schroeder, Maggie schroeder.
The following students received
between a 3.0 and 3.49 grade point aver-
seniors — Jeremy Balbaugh, Hunter
Berner, Corey deepe, andrew Kern, Ross
Lehman, adam Niese, Trent Niese, drew
Recker, Livia schroeder, Cody sheets,
Jared snyder.
Juniors — autumn Knueven, savannah Kruse, Kody Kuhlman, Travis Niese,
Trevor d. Niese, Kristin schmenk, Mallory schroeder.
sophomores — Christina Berger,
amanda Heuerman, Corbyn Niese,
Joshua Recker, Taylor Roth, Justin
snyder, Benjamin Vennekotter, Christina Berger, amanda Heuerman, Corbyn
Niese, Joshua Recker, Taylor Roth, Justin
snyder, Benjamin Vennekotter.
Freshmen — Mitchell Gable, Jacob
Hermiller, Kylie Niese, Tess Niese, Marci
Eighth graders — Kylie Berner, Tessa
Brinkman, Reid Carr, Josiah Ellerbrock,
Isaac Fillinger, Brittany Kuhlman, McKenna Kuhlman, Luke Lammers, Cole
Niese, Renae schroeder, aiden searfoss,
Zachary Warnimont.
seventh graders — Nathaniel
deMuth, Molly Ellerbrock, Zachary
Giesken, Jamie Heuerman, Mitchel
Konst, Connor Niese, Madison Ruhe,
selena saldana, sofie VanWezel, dakota
sixth graders — Karissa Brinkman,
Madison Ellerbrock, Caleb Giesken,
autumn Niese, Ross Niese, Reese Recker,
Riley schnipke, autumn searfoss, Kathryn siebeneck.
Ralph Michael Stump
U.S. Navy,
Machinist Mate Petty Officer
6-16-64 to 2-26-70
and U.S. Coast Guard
We are so proud of you!
Love, your daughters,
Colleen Wedge &
Melanie Russell
Colonel John D. Cherry
The Stram family honors the memory of U.S. Army Sgt. Richard E. Stram,
who served in The Korean Conflict; and the current service of U.S. Navy
Nuclear Electronics Technician, Bret W. Stram, serving on the USS Texas
(SSN 775) submarine, stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Thank you to all
service men and women, past and present.
Michael Blakley
on graduating from
basic training and
the great future
ahead of you.
Dad, Mom, Alexis
and all your grandparents!
Senior Master Sergeant Bradley D. Schaade
John D. Cherry was promoted to
Colonel in the USAF on August 1,
2014. He is the son of Larry and the
late Ann Cherry.
John holds a BS in Aerospace/
Astrophysics Engineering, an MS
in Engineering Management, and a
PhD in Engineering Management.
John has served through tours in
Germany, Afghanistan, and Turkey.
His Intelligence responsibilities have
included the Central Pacific, Europe,
and the Middle East.
John, his wife Cyndi Wilfong
Cherry, and their four children
reside in Dayton.
(SMSgt/E-8) Bradley D. Schaade,
son of Guy D. Schaade (deceased)
and Lucy Schaade, of Arlington, Ohio,
retired from the United States Air
Force on December 1, 2013 after 25
years of exemplary service. SMSgt
Schaade joined the Air Force in 1988
after graduating from Liberty-Benton
High School.
He completed basic military
training at Lackland Air Force Base
(AFB) in San Antonio, TX and his
other assignments included Myrtle
Beach AFB, SC; Luke AFB, AZ; Royal
Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath, England;
Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF)
Air Base Volkel, The Netherlands; and
Eglin AFB, FL.
In conjunction with his service,
SMSgt Schaade continued to pursue
his educational goals which culminated
in a Bachelor of Science degree in
Criminal Justice with an emphasis in
Security Administration, Summa Cum
Laude, and a Master of Arts degree in
Homeland Security.
SMSgt Schaade also deployed
throughout his career to support
military operations in defense of our
nation and the fight against terrorism.
These deployments included service
in Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
Italy, Korea, Afghanistan, and Qatar
in support of the Gulf War in Desert
Shield and Desert Storm, Operation
Enduring Freedom, and Operation
Iraqi Freedom.
After retiring from the Air Force,
Brad accepted a management position
with Lockheed Martin and now resides
ona with his wife Jen.
It seems like yesterday.
But, some 70 years ago, we young
boys were a nine-man crew aboard a
B-17 “Flying Fortress,” flying bombing
missions over Germany.
Our crew arrived in England on Feb.
3, 1945, after one and a half years of training. There were all kinds of B-17 bases in
England and we landed at a little town
called Kimbolten. after we arrived, we
flew training missions around England
for several weeks.
On Feb. 26, 1945, we were awakened
at 3:30 a.m. to get ready for a bombing
mission. We dressed, washed up, ate, and
went to the briefing. That’s where they
advise you about the mission and where
you will be bombing.
Our mission was Berlin, the most
dangerous target. I can’t believe this was
our first mission. I firmly believed that I
would not see my 20th birthday.
after much preparation, we finally got
to All
This week’s celebrity birthdays
actor Charlie Robinson (“Night
Court”) is 69. actor Robert david
Hall (“CsI”) is 66. actor Lou Ferrigno
(“The Incredible Hulk”) is 63. drummer dee Plakas of L7 is 54. Rapper
Pepa of salt-N-Pepa is 45.
Rapper scarface of Geto Boys is
44. Musician susan Tedeschi is 44.
actor Eric dane (“Grey’s anatomy”)
is 42. singer Nick Lachey is 41. singer
sisqo (dru Hill) is 36. actress Nikki
Blonsky (“Hairspray”) is 26.
Lyricist Tim Rice is 70. singerguitarist Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake
and Palmer is 67. actress-dancer ann
Reinking is 65. actor Jack scalia is 64.
actor-comedian sinbad is 58. actress
Mackenzie Phillips is 55. actor Hugh
Bonneville is 51. Comedian Tommy
davidson (“In Living Color”) is 51.
actor Michael Jai White is 50.
Country singer Chris Cagle is 46.
Comedian Tracy Morgan is 46.
actress Ellen Pompeo is 45. Rapper
Warren G is 44. singer-guitarist Jim
adkins of Jimmy Eat World is 39.
Rapper Eve is 36. Bassist Chris Joannou of silverchair is 35.
actress Heather Matarazzo is 32.
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 11, 2014
airborne. There were 1,200 bombers to
plaster Berlin. Once we got above 14,000
feet, we had to go on oxygen, and when
we reached 32,000 feet, we turned on our
electric suits, as it was 60 below zero.
My position was the top turret with
twin .50-caliber guns. The B-17 had four
positions with twin .50s.
after we flew for several hours, we got
near the target and started our bombing
run. The anti-aircraft fire, flak, started
and the sky was thick with bursting
In my position, every minute or so, I
could see a bomber get hit and explode, or
a plane would go into a spin downward,
and no chance for the crew to bail out.
We dropped our bombs and turned
toward England. What a feeling it was to
see the English Channel and be landing
after 10 hours in the air.
This was a typical bombing mission
and we were very lucky to get back alive.
We did not know we were to fly 18 more
missions to the war’s end, May 8, 1945.
I was 19 and the oldest was 22. The
Eighth air Force and allied ground
forces were mainly responsible for shortening the war. The Eighth bombed and
destroyed every large city in Germany.
We suffered many casualties: 30,000
men killed, 14,000 men wounded, 33,000
about 135,000 men flew with the
Eighth. We lost over 2,000 B-17s. at present, there are 11 B-17s flying.
It makes you wonder how so many
were lost, but our crew made it 19 missions.
God must have had plans for us.
Out of the nine crew members, there
are two of us left, both of us 90 years of
age. Our ball-turret gunner kept an accurate record of our missions and he wrote
a book titled “The War in Blue.”
I have a copy and, if anyone would
like to borrow it to read, call me at 419422-4561.
Country singer Miranda Lambert
is 31. actor Josh Peck (“drake and
Josh”) is 28. actress Kiernan shipka
is 15. actress Mackenzie Foy (“Twilight”) is 14.
Guitarist Vince Martell of Vanilla
Fudge is 69. singer-keyboardist Paul
Cowsill of The Cowsills is 63. singer
Marshall Crenshaw is 61. singer-gui-
,--(>gklgjaY9n]&$>af\[email protected]œ,)1%,*+%)..,
James Madison and
Stefanie Orians were
united in marriage
on November 9, 2013
Daley, a retired veteran of the U.S.
Army Air Corps and the U.S. Marshals
Service, lives in Findlay.
to them on their very
First Anniversary
Love you,
Your Families
See BirThDAY, Page T5
Chuck & Paddy
November 14, 2014
Happy 60th Anniversary to our Wonderful Dad & Mom, Chuck & Pat,
Bepa & Nana, Grampa & Gramma, Pop & Ninga!
Thank you for a beautiful example of what a wonderful marriage
truly is. We are all so blessed and certainly very proud
to be a part of your family. We all love you both very much!
Love & Blessings,
Kim, Sherri and Families
Ronald and Carol Ann Gerken
Ronald and Carol Ann Gerken of
Deshler, OH will celebrate their 60th
Wedding Anniversary on November 13.
Ronald and Carol Ann Willford
were united in marriage on
November 13, 1954, at Hope
Lutheran Church Hamler, OH, by
Pastor A.S. Boomgarden.
The couple has 4 children: Susan
(Ken) Brooks of Pandora, Ohio;
James (Joann) Gerken of Deshler,
Ohio; John (Mary Jean) Gerken
of Union, Kentucky; and an infant
son, Steven William, deceased. The
couple has 5 grandchildren, Andrew,
Kathy, Steven, Scott and Samantha,
and 3 great-grandchildren Carter,
Molly and Kenzie.
A family dinner celebration was
held on November 8.
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 11, 2014
Brian Hyland is 71. Keyboardist
Booker T. Jones of Booker T. and the
MG’s is 70. Singer Neil Young is 69.
Guitarist Buck dharma of Blue Oyster
Cult is 67. Country singer Barbara
Fairchild is 64.
actress Megan Mullally is 56.
actor sam Lloyd (“scrubs”) is 51.
Bassist david Ellefson of Megadeth
is 50. actress Tamala Jones (“Castle,”
‘’The Brothers”) is 40. actress angela
Watson (“step by step”) is 40. singer
Tevin Campbell is 38. actress Cote de
Pablo is 35.
Actor Ryan Gosling is 34. Bassist Chris Huffman of Casting Crowns
is 34. actress anne Hathaway is 32.
singer Omarion (B2K) is 30. drummer Griffin Goldsmith of dawes is 24.
actress Macey Cruthird is 22.
Producer-director-actor Garry
Marshall is 80. Country singer-songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard is 68. actor
Joe Mantegna is 67. actress sheila
Frazier (“superfly”) is 66. actress
Frances Conroy (“six Feet Under”)
is 61. Actor Chris Noth is 60.
Actress Whoopi Goldberg is 59.
actor Rex Linn (“CsI: Miami”) is 58.
actor Neil Flynn (“scrubs”) is 54.
Trumpeter Walter Kibby of Fishbone
is 50. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is
actor steve Zahn is 47. actor
Gerard Butler is 45. actress aisha
Hinds (“True Blood”) is 39. Bassist
Nikolai Fraiture of The strokes is 36.
actress Monique Coleman (“High
school Musical”) is 34.
Jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis is 80.
Zydeco singer-accordionist Buckwheat Zydeco is 67. Guitarist James
young of styx is 65. singer stephen
Bishop is 63. Pianist yanni is 60.
actor d.B. sweeney is 53. actress
Laura san Giacomo (“Just shoot Me”)
is 53. Rapper Reverend Run of RundMC is 50.
actor Patrick Warburton (“The
Tick,” ‘’seinfeld”) is 50. singer Jeanette Jurado of Expose is 49. Bassist
Brian yale of Matchbox Twenty is 46.
singer Butch Walker (Marvelous 3) is
45. actor Josh duhamel is 42.
drummer Travis Barker of Plus44 and of Blink-182 is 39. drummer
Robby shaffer of MercyMe is 39.
actor Brian dietzen (“NCIs”) is 37.
Rapper shyheim is 37. Bassist Tobin
Esperance of Papa Roach is 35.
“People’s Court” judge Joseph
Wapner is 95. Actor Ed Asner is 85.
Singer Petula Clark is 82. Comedian
Jack Burns of Burns and schreiber is
81. actor yaphet Kotto (“Homicide:
Life on the street”) is 75.
singer anni-Frid Lyngstad of
aBBa is 69. Rapper E-40 is 47. Country singer Jack Ingram is 44. drummer david Carr of Third day is 40.
singer Chad Kroeger of Nickelback
is 40.
drummer Jesse sandoval (The
shins) is 40. actor sean Murray
(“NCIs”) is 37. singer ace young
(“american Idol”) is 34. Hip-hop
artist B.o.B is 26. actress shailene
Woodley is 23.
The Bestseller List
Mallery (Harlequin)
7. “Prince Lestat” by anne Rice
8. “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult
9. “Pegasus” by danielle steel (delacorte)
10. “smiley” by Laurann dohner
(Ellora’s Cave)
1. “yes Please” by amy Poehler (dey
street Books)
2. “Killing Patton” by Bill O’Reilly and
Martin dugard (Henry Holt and Co.)
3. “The Last stand of the Tin Can soldiers” by James d. Hornfischer (Random
4. “The Boys in the Boat” by daniel
James Brown (Viking Press)
5. “Unbroken: a World War II story”
by Laura Hillenbrand (Random House)
6. “Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena
dunham (Random House)
7. “Being Mortal” by atul Gawande
(Holt, Henry & Co.)
8. “Tales Behind the Tombstones” by
Chris Enss (Globe Pequot Press)
9. “How to Quiet your Mind” by Marc
allen (Empowerment Nation)
10. “Lies They Teach in school” by
Herb Reich (skyhorse Publishing)
Continued from page T4
tarist andy Partridge of XTC is 61.
Actor Stanley Tucci is 54.
Actress Demi Moore is 52.
Actress Calista Flockhart is 50.
actor Philip McKeon (“alice”) is 50.
drummer scott Mercado of Candlebox is 50. TV personality Carson
Kressley (“Queer Eye for the straight
Guy”) is 45.
actor david deLuise (“Wizards of
Waverly Place”) is 43. actor Leonardo
diCaprio is 40.
Playwright-actor Wallace shawn
(“The Princess Bride”) is 71. singer
By The Wall Street Journal
1. “Gray Mountain” by John Grisham
2. “Rush Revere and the american
Revolution” by Rush Limbaugh (Threshold Editions)
3. “The World of Ice and Fire” by
George R.R. Martin, Elio Garcia and
Linda antonsson (Bantam)
4. “The slow Regard of silent Things”
by Patrick Rothfuss (daW)
5. “Prince Lestat” by anne Rice
6. “Havana storm” by Clive Cussler
and dirk Cussler (G.P. Putnam’s sons)
7. “Pegasus” by danielle steel (delacorte)
8. “The Blood of Olympus” by Rick
Riordan (disney Press)
9. “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult
10. “dork diaries 8: Tales from a Notso-Happily Ever after” by Rachel Renee
Russell (aladdin)
1. “Make It ahead” by Ina Garten
(Clarkson Potter)
2. “Killing Patton” by Bill O’Reilly and
Martin dugard (Henry Holt and Co.)
3. “yes Please” by amy Poehler (dey
street Books)
4. “Minecraft: Construction Handbook” by scholastic (scholastic)
5. “The Motivation Manifesto” by
Brendon Burchard (Hay House)
6. “dreamers and deceivers” by Glenn
Beck (s&s/Threshold)
7. “Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena
dunham (Random House)
8. “Jeter Unfiltered” by derek Jeter
9. “Minecraft: Combat Handbook” by
scholastic (scholastic)
10. “Guinness World Records 2015”
by Guinness World Records (Guinness
World Records)
1. “Blood Magick” by Nora Roberts
2. “Gray Mountain” by John Grisham
3. “The slow Regard of silent Things”
by Patrick Rothfuss (daW)
4. “Havana storm” by Clive Cussler
and dirk Cussler (G.P. Putnam’s sons)
5. “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn
(Broadway Books)
6. “yours for Christmas” by susan
Nielsen BookScan gathers data
from about 16,000 locations, representing about 85 percent of the nation’s book
sales. Print-book data providers include
all major booksellers and Web retailers,
and food stores. E-book data providers
include all major e-book retailers. Free
e-books and those sold for less than 99
cents are excluded. Audio books are
excluded. Refer questions to john.
Andrea Rose, the daughter of
Mark and Karen Rose, became the
bride of Beau Salyers on Saturday,
October 11, 2014. The ceremony
took place at Caryonah Hunting
Lodge in Crossville, TN.
The family celebration was
attended by close family, with a
reception immediately following.
The bride was attended to by her
Maid of Honor, sister, Marisa Rose.
The Groomsmen were Buck Salyers,
oldest brother of the groom, and
younger brother, Mitchell Salyers.
The newly married couple
celebrated with a honeymoon in
Pigeon Forge, TN for the week
following. The couple resides in
A wedding celebration will be
held November 15th in Findlay for
family and friends.
Gh][email protected]]Kh][aYdk
9\Y,)1%.+,%(+-) C]flgf,)1%./-%*/)0
KJ*+-*Ead]Fgjl` KJ./=C]flgfHdYrY
Lost parrot returns
after 4 years
having learned a
new language
TORRaNCE, Calif. (aP) — a pet
parrot that spoke with a British accent
when it disappeared from its home
four years ago has been reunited with
its owner, and the bird now speaks
The reunion was brought about
by a southern California veterinarian
who mistook Nigel, an african grey
parrot, for her own missing bird, the
daily Breeze reported.
Teresa Micco tracked Nigel’s
microchip to darren Chick, a Brit who
lives in Torrance.
“I introduced myself and said,
‘Have you lost a bird?’” Micco told the
newspaper. “He initially said, ‘No.’ But
he thought I meant recently.”
When she verified Chick’s name
and said she had his african grey
parrot, “He looked at me like I was
He said his bird went missing four
years earlier.
Little is known about Nigel’s
whereabouts the past four years, but
Chick says the bird’s British accent is
gone, and it now chatters in spanish.
Chick says last week’s reunion
brought tears of joy to his eyes, despite
the fact that Nigel bit him when he
first tried to pick him up.
Micco said the behavior was not
unusual and that Nigel would settle
back in soon enough.
“He’s doing perfect,” Chick told the
newspaper. “It’s really weird. I knew it
was him from the minute I saw him.”
It’s the fifth parrot reunion facilitated by Micco, who has been running
ads for her own missing bird for nine
months. That parrot, Benjamin, flew
the coop in February when it darted
out a door that was left open.
Julissa sperling found Nigel outside her home and brought him to
Micco after seeing one of her ads.
But first, she took Nigel to her doggrooming business.
“He was the happiest bird. He was
singing and talking without control,”
sperling said. “He was barking like
the dogs. I’m from Panama and he was
saying, ‘What happened?’ in spanish.”
Coin flip
looking for determines
bar finds
police station
PaW PaW, Mich. (aP) — One
is a building with bars. The other is
a building with a bar. a very drunk
woman apparently had trouble telling
them apart and ended up in a southwestern Michigan jail cell.
The Van Buren County sheriff’s
department says a 39-year-old woman
mistook the Van Buren County jail for
the bar where she was trying to pick
up her boyfriend.
The department says deputy
Robert Miersma spotted the Hartford-area woman backing into the jail
parking lot in Paw Paw, and noticed
she smelled of alcohol and appeared
It says a breath test showed her
with more than twice the 0.08 percent blood alcohol considered drunk
in Michigan. she’s expected to face
drunken driving charges.
Paw Paw is about 15 miles westsouthwest of Kalamazoo.
Dee Simons
featured in
amateur photographer Barbara
Brodbeck had one of her photographs
selected to appear in the 2015 Thrivent Financial photo calendar.
The former Findlay woman’s
photo, featuring a gold finch perched
on tall grass, was taken at the Ottawa
National Wildlife Refuge, Oak Harbor.
For the competition, Thrivent
members were invited to share their
blessings. Brodbeck said both she and
her husband, Mark, enjoy going birding.
The photograph will be featured
on the November page of the calendar.
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 11, 2014
on your retirement from
Blanchard Valley Center
Your Hancock County Board of Developmental Disabilities
LIMa, Peru (aP) — a coin
toss has decided the mayoral race
in small town high in the Peruvian
andes after two candidates tied at
the ballot box.
Wilber Medina was chosen
mayor of Pillpinto near the tourist center of Cusco recently after
he and his rival each garnered 236
votes in municipal elections.
Peru’s electoral law allows for
tied races to be decided by a coin
The 40 -year-old teacher said
he’ll work to earn voters’ trust.
His rival Jose Cornejo accepted
the results.
AP reports Lincoln re-elected
EDITOR’S NOTE: This series
celebrating our heritage during the
150th anniversary of the Civil War
draws primarily from wartime dispatches credited to The Associated
Press or other accounts distributed
through the AP and other historical
Union states patiently awaited final
ratification this week of President
abraham Lincoln’s re-election 150
years ago in the Civil War.
The New york Hearld, a day after
the voting concluded in November
1864, trumpeted: “The Result of the
Great National Contest. aBRaHaM
The newspaper reported voting
proceeded calmly despite rain in many
Union states and that based on early
vote tallies, Lincoln’s re-election was
at hand.
The associated Press reported
Lincoln was serenaded by well-wishers from Pennsylvania a day after
the vote, delivering a speech from a
window stating he had worked “for
the best interests of the country and
the world, not only for the present, but
for all future ages.”
He added that he would abide by
the outcome once it had been duly
TUEsday, NOVEMBER 11, 2014
Poetry Corner
Raking Leaves
Raking leaves comes with fall
some people really think it’s a ball.
Kids love to jump in a big heap
They just run and jump and take a leap.
Leaves will make some mulch for you
To put around a plant that’s new,
Mulch protects the plants and trees
That are visited by the cool breeze
Leaves may be bagged for insulation
To keep out cold from the foundation
There are many ways that you may use
This gift of beauty God sent you.
People press them in a book
and when they’re dry they take a look.
Colored with orange and gold and red
The ground looks like a quilt on a bed.
While you are raking leaves in the yard
and dreading the job you think so hard,
Look at the leaves and the colors they
Watch as the wind makes them blow
God made them colorful and bright
and gave them beauty just for our sight.
so don’t be a complainer while you take
Pile after pile out with your rake.
Sue Gratz,
The Seasons
Flowers peeping from the ground
The snow has disappeared
The trees are filling up with leaves
It’s my favorite time of year
I stop and touch a flower
Pluck it gently from the ground
I stop and take in all the warmth
and the beauty all around
summer time is over
and fall has now appeared
The colored leaves are falling
I love this time of year
Winter is upon us
and soon the snow will fall
Only thing I like about winter
Is I get to watch football
Guana Morehart,
A Thank You To My Heroes
Veterans and active duty military women
and men
Each and every one is a HERO to me —
The dangers they face and sacrifices they
make — as
Each serves voluntarily to keep america
Roughing it without the comforts of home
And being so far from their loved ones
each day — some
Never have been thanked for what they’ve
gone through
So as we honor all of you this Veterans
day, I for one want to say
a big thank you —
For what your service has meant to the
Doris J. Ladd,
West Leipsic
A Great Thanksgiving
a great Thanksgiving,
What a treat!
all the things
I love to eat.
Too much sugar,
Too much salt,
Too much fluid,
Bad luck’s fault!
Heed the warnings,
Ears are deaf,
It will lead
Hard to breathe,
Lungs are tight,
Must sit up
another night!
The lucky ones
I am told
Have great Thanksgivings
When they’re old!
Wayne Carpenter,
Featuring over 40
artisans and collectors
Unique gift ideas!
Gray Mare
& Co.
114 E. Findlay Street Carey, Ohio 419-396-1144
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Open Sundays in Nov. & Dec. – 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
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Local Businesses!
This Week’s Club Half
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TUEsday, NOVEMBER 11, 2014
We’re in the market for a better community.
Improvi a
lives is !
November 13, 2014
Letttucee” show
sh you how your
payroll deduction improves lives
in Hancock County.
5-9 p.m.
A self-guided, walking tour celebrating the cultural
cuisine in downtown Findlay. Event includes one sample
of food from each restaurant. Thank you, restaurants,
for your donation to this event!
$104 PER YEAR /$2.00 A WEEK
Provides one case of nutritional drink for a
cancer patient at Cancer Patient Services.
An average patient drinks between 2-3
cans per day. This contribution would
supply a client with about 8 days worth
of drinks.
Redeem at United Way of Hancock County
To learn more about how your local United Way investment
improves lives and advances the common good, please visit
Provides materials for 10 adults to
participate in a basic budgeting or home
buyer education class with Hancock Saves.
It also provides materials for 100 seventh
graders to complete the five to eight day
financial education series.
Redeem at United Way of Hancock County
$52 PER YEAR /$1.00 A WEEK
Provides emergency food and shelter to a
person during a disaster for one day through
American Red Cross. This service includes
preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner,
the costs to mobilize and distribute a cot, two
blankets and a comfort kit as well as the costs
of Red Cross workers to provide this service.
Redeem at United Way of Hancock County
West End Tavern
Adrianna’s Riverfront Cafe
Tavern at the Inn
Greek Garden
Buggy Whip Bakery
Bistro on Main
Waldo Pepper’s
Trans Am Meatballs & Subs
We Serve. Coffee
Baker’s Cafe
Main Street Deli
Wine Merchant
Bread Kneads Downtown
Logan’s Irish Pub
Coffee Amici
$20 Passports on sale now at:
Coffee Amici, 328 S. Main St.
Buggy Whip Bakery, 111 E. Crawford St.
United Way of Hancock County,
245 Stanford Pkwy.
Event sponsored by:
High School Seniors in Hancock County!
Apply today.
United Way of Hancock County’s Secor Scholarship
electronic application is now available at
Deadline for submission of application and references is
December 1, 2014.