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November 2014
Volume 6, Issue 4
Jesus the Good Shepherd
900 Good Shepherd Lane
Monroe, LA 71201
fax: 318-325-9730
Ex-Officio Members
Fr. David Richter
Mrs. Amy Lange
Mr. Mike Brodtman
(Dad’s Club)
Elected Members
Mr. Charles Taylor
Mr. L.J. Holland
Dr. Lane Eddleman
Mrs. Caron
McPherson 323-3441
Mr. Marc Vereen
Mrs. Monique Gill
Judge Alvin Sharp
Thank you to all of the grandparents that were able to come to
the JGS Grandparents’ Day Celebration!
We love our Grandparents!
NOVEMBER 24-28, 2014
Jan & Ralph Brockman, Caroline & Alan Brockman,
and Claire & Wes Brockman
Dr. Larry Danna; Brenda & Charles Marsala;
The Dallas Webb Family
Bernard Bryant & Family; Peach Tree Dental-Dr. Julie LeBell & Dr. Jay Howell
GHOULS and GOBLINS Maria & Kevin Alexander; Brennan Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep; ENT Associates
of Northeast Louisiana–Dr. Wilson Barham & Dr. Lee Miller; Homes Plus; Jim Taylor Chevrolet; Richland State Bank;
The John Savage Family; School Time Uniforms; Sparks Nissan Kia; Dr. Terry Tugwell
BLACK CAT Acme Glass & Mirror Co., Inc.; Community Trust Bank; Christie & Brian Davis; DB Real Estate/The
Toggery/Deanie & Tom Baker; Drs. Szu-Wei & Chris Domingue; Estis Compression; Rosemary & Randy Ewing; Gastroenterology
Clinic, APMC; Misti Hajj–Keller Williams Realty; Babs Oakley; Progressive Bank; Ryan Automotive Group; Skent-N-Dent; Sleepy
Hollow Furniture; Elizabeth & Kenneth Smith; Beth & Jerry Sparks; Sunquest Properties, Inc.; Dr. Justin Tarver, DDS; Brenda &
Charles Taylor; Olga & Daniel Trejo
Abell, LLC; Agnew Sign & Awning, Inc.; All Plumbing Heating & Cooling; Martha & Frederic Amman; Michelle
& Grady Brown; Century Marketing Solutions; Cherie & Harry Donias; Dr. Lane Eddleman, DDS; Joey Embanato; Flying Tiger Aviation; Friends of
JGS; Kristy & Jeff Golson; Susan & Kevin Hopper; Jack Fluck Realty; Jeff Leaumont State Farm; JGS Faculty & Staff; Patsy & Larry Jones; Rosa Lee &
Richard King; Lazenby & Associates, Inc.; Lee Edwards Mazda; Mary Taylor & Jim Lewis; Wyman Mardis; Matt’s Music; Michael Ajlani Federated Insurance; Dr. Timothy Mickel; Monroe Endodontics; Jay Morris (State Representative); Mulhearn Corporation; Ouachita Independent Bank; Lillian & Albert Paxton; Martha Powell-Personal Trainer; Haley & Micah Pulliam; Judy & Pat Riley, Sr.; Amy & Michael Sawyer; Wanda & James Sharplin; Dr. & Mrs. K.C.
Alan Brockman
Sirmon; Snellings, Breard, Sartor, Inabnett and Trascher, LLP; Dr. & Mrs. John Spence; Sunshine Pediatric TheraCaroline Brockman
py-Audrey Malloy, owner; Tuft Pediatric Dentistry; Mr. & Mrs. George M. Waggoner; Williams Orthodontics
Caroline & Alan Brockman
Claire & Wes Brockman
Jan & Ralph Brockman
Monroe Athletic Club
Cormier’s Cajun Catering
The Radio People
Choice Brands
Marsala Beverage
Southern Beverage
Peregrine Corporation (Tom Brock)
Iron Cactus
MD Minerals
Lori French
Mulhearn’s Flower Shop
Ben Hajj-Chemworks
Misti Hajj
Genusa’s Restaurant
Bishop Michael Duca
P&M Hardware
Sherri and Freeman Mowad
Betty Malson
Jott Delcambre Enterprises
Michael Ann Delcambre
Holly & Bruce Jones
Susan & Hardeman Cordell
Dr. Terry Tugwell
Saint Frederick High School
Shive Co- DeAnn & David Shively
Premier Healthcare Partners
Michael Stamper
Kelly & Tim Southern
Mosquito Authority
Allison & Greg Eberts
Skent & Dent
Trey Woods/Sanders Farm Chem.
Becky Woods
Deanie & Tom Baker
Coby & Nancy Cooper
Acme Glass & Mirror
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
Sleepy Hollow Furniture
Kindra & Eddie Neitz
Waste Management
SFHS Cheerleaders
Reddy Ice (Mike Goodson)
Dixieland Jumper (Marty Deseamus)
River Grille (Adam Hansen)
Bourgeois Sisters Gourmet Foods
Thomas Woods Construction
Bastrop Feed & Seed
Panzico’s Garden Mart
Nail Tech
Simmons Sporting Goods
Panola Pepper Company
Central Oil
Schlitz & Giggles/Roux House - Baton Rouge
Ruffino’s - Baton Rouge
Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar - Baton Rouge
The Fieldhouse (Joey Trappey)
Thurman’s Food Factory
Paper Market
Muffin Tin
Backwater Tours, LLC
Bayou Spray Foam Insulation
Randy Smith Jewelers
Sparks Nissan Kia
Assurance Financial
Avenue Shoes
The Coffee Bean
Pampered & Polished
Cara’s Boutique
Pearl Pumphries
Bayou Life Magazine
K Sera
River Outfitters
The Mohawk Tavern
Daily Press
Mr. P’s Tees
Material Things
Fabulous Fabric
H. Mickel
La. Purchases
H. Mickel Sports
Kelly Hill / Blue Sky Yoga
JPS Equipment
Russell Moore Lumber
Kindra & Eddie Neitz
Leslie Montgomery
Dusty Mardis
Simmons Sporting Goods
Linda Taylor
Thomas Morstead
Katie Morstead
Waste Management
Sr. Ann Middlebrooks
Martha Amman
Panola Pepper Company
Michelle & Grady Brown
Debbie Luffey
ULM/Brian Wickstrom
Dr. Lane Eddleman
Dr. Saidi Fahkre
Mary Beth Dickerson
Randy Smith Jewelers
Vineyard Vines
Sweet Jane Cosmetics
The Boo at the Barn Committee would also like to thank Misti Cordell and Crew for decorating the entire event! Also a huge
thank you to Alan Brockman, Kelly Clay, Ashley Hays, Mike Brodtman, and the JGS Dads Club for pick-up, clean-up and
Don Plunk
Sherri Mowad
Dawn Burgess
Perry Estis
Misti Cordell
Tess Wilkes
Becky Woods
Nikki Haynes
Denise Antis
Becky Head
Sarah Head
Susan Hopper
Kelly Clay
Holly Jones
Lillian Paxton
Shanna Marlow
Katie Dean
Rebecca Leaumont
Sarah Bishop
Lisa Patrick
Mary Taylor Lewis
Leslie Trahan
Missy McKenzie
Jennifer Sparks
JGS Dad’s Club
Mike Brodtman
Ashley Hays
Allison Sherman
Sally Ditta
Audrie Bourbon
Dusty Mardis
Kelly Rutz
Mare Brennan
Sadye Richert
Terry Tugwell
Tiffany Guillory
Kym Marsala
Allison Derouen
Amy Lange
Kindra Neitz
Eddie Neitz
Michelle Brown
Grady Brown
Gretchen Tiser
Lori Hughes
Martha Powell
Michelle Moore
Miranda Hemrick
Olga Barkley
Whew! The PTO has had a very busy October! We started the month with our annual Grandparent’s Day Celebration, and it was a big success! Thanks to the
hard work of our awesome chair, Jennifer Lord, JGS grandparents enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon with their grandchildren. Everyone enjoyed touring the campus, having cake and punch, and visiting the classrooms and Book Fair. Thanks to Mrs. Lori DiGiulian and her crew for a great musical presentation for the
grandparents, as well as JGS grandparent, Thurman Dickey, and his staff for refreshments, Jennifer & Jody Cain for setting up the photo booths, and Panzico’s
for letting us borrow the lovely mums and pumpkins. A huge thank-you to the crew of parents that worked so hard to make Grandparents’ Day a success: Dusty
Mardis, Rhonda Miller, Kym Marsala, Kelly Hill, Christie Davis, Courtney Holyfield, Sara Taylor, Perry Estis, Mary Taylor Lewis, Elizabeth
Reed, Allison Sherman.
The teachers enjoyed another wonderful Teacher Appreciation Day on October 16th! Thank you to all the parents who brought/prepared breakfast and thank you
to Monjunis for the wonderful lunch that was donated! Audrey Malloy provided the teachers with their “happy” of the month - a
super cute red tumbler with their name on it. Thank you Audrey!
Finally, the spook-tacular fundraiser Boo at the Barn was a great success. This fundraiser is a huge undertaking, and congratulations go to
Misti Hajj and Kelly Southern and their team for pulling it off flawlessly! Please pat them on the back when you see them around
school. Thanks to the Brockman family for hosting this awesome party! Many thanks to all the parents, friends, and supporters that
sponsored and attended Boo at the Barn!
Thank you all for your continued support of JGS! Feel free to call with any questions, comments or suggestions. Happy Fall!
See you at school!
Amy Lange
PTO President
Amy Fakhre
PTO Vice-President
November is upon us and we are enjoying cooler temperatures. Please make sure
that all coats and sweatshirts are labeled
with your child’s name. Girls may wear the
slacks with the red knit shirt but, girls need
to wear skirts or jumpers on Mass days.
The blue fleece jackets, the red JGS
sweatshirts and navy sweaters are the only
ones allowed in the classrooms.
Our parent-teacher conferences were
held on October 16th and 17th. A big
thank you to PTO President Amy Lange
for organizing the delicious lunch for our
teachers to enjoy that Thursday. We also
appreciate the effort made by all of our
parents that attended these conferences. I
know that you are all proud of the quality
Catholic education offered at JGS.
Our basketball season is in full swing.
Thanks to our coaches who have volunteered their time this year! Basketball
season provides a great opportunity for all
families of JGS school to support our athletic program. Please consider attending
the games, volunteering to work the concession stand or the clock at some point
during the basketball season. If you would
like to volunteer, please contact the
school office or Lane Kincaid, Athletic
I must say that Boo at the Barn was a
huge success! Many thanks to Jan &
Ralph Brockman, Caroline & Alan
Brockman, and Claire & Wes Brockman
for graciously offering the use of their beautiful property. More thanks go to Misti
Hajj and Kelly Southern, co-chairs of
our event, for countless hours of work with
Boo at the Barn. Thank you to all of the
volunteers, teachers, sponsors, guests,
donors, vendors, families and friends of JGS
for making this year’s event such a huge
In order for our school to remain a leader
in our community with qualified teachers and
excellent students we need to remember to
get involved. There are many opportunities
to get involved by giving of your time, talent
and/or treasure. The fundraisers at JGS
enable us to keep tuition affordable while
offering extra money for teacher bonuses
and extra money to make necessary repairs
on our campus. Our parent and community
volunteers are the best and we appreciate
you! May Jesus the Good Shepherd continue
to bless our wonderful school and school
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Lisa Patrick
JGS Principal
JGS had over 30 students par cipate in the Cedar Creek Cross Country meet. All the par ci‐
pants finished the mile run and did an awe‐
some job! JGS won the following team awards: 3rd and 4th grade girls and boys won 3rd place, 5th and 6th grade girls won 1st place and 5th and 6th grade boys won 2nd place. We also had some students place individually in their age division. 3 &4 boys: Anthony Jackson‐
2nd place, 5&6 girls: Victoria Frusha‐8th place, 5&6 boys: Nelson Sparks‐2nd place, Alex Right‐
sell‐4th place, Collier Barham‐8th place and Thomas Marsala‐9th place. Way to run JGS!! The JGS Book Fair was a huge success and thank you to
everyone that helped and participated. We will receive over
$4000 from the Scholastic Books. Kudo’s to Audrie Bourbon who organized all of our volunteers. Our great
volunteers were: Caroline Brockman, Vicki Mellino, Kindra Neitz, Christy Davis, Lisa Hammett, Tiffany Guillory,
Nicole Creighton, Lillian Paxton, Brooke Hogue, Meghan Foote, Katie Dean, Christie Echols, Rebecca Leamont, Martha Harrell, Jennifer Haneline, Holley Jones,
Sadie Richart, Kym Marsala, Jennifer Cain, Jere Anthony, Cherie Donias, Lori Hughes, and Marie Jo Norris.
This year we will continue with
three new artists in our Meet the
Masters program. PreK 4 through
6th grade will be introduced to Van
Gogh, Renoir, and Degas. It begins with a Powerpoint presentation with voices, stories, and
music where the children learn about their lives and see
famous pieces of their art work. We then experiment with the
featured artist's techniques. After learning about each Master Artist, the children are led on an art project using similar
techniques and mediums as the Master Artist being studied.
The kids really enjoy it!
was a success! We received a
check for $369.46 from
Johnny’s. Thank you to
everyone that participated.
Jesus the Good Shepherd School is pleased to announce the 2014‐2015 student council members: President: Nelson Sparks, Vice‐President: Jillian Burkhart Secretary: Elise Venable, Treasurer: Cameron Oglesby, Chaplain: Reagan Patrick Class Representatives: Elli Grace Houser, Grayson Surles, Julia Barkley, and Jackson Landry Jesus the Good Shepherd's 5th and 6th grade
cheerleaders, had the opportunity to cheer during half time
at the LSU vs New Mexico game in Baton Rouge. The JGS
cheerleaders participated in the half time show with other
cheerleaders from surrounding areas but were the only
ones from an elementary school. The girls did an great job
and had a wonderful time.
KUDO’S to our Cub Scout Pack 1, who, along with their families, volunteered to serve 350 burgers at Restaurant Nonna to those with out power, as well as vol‐
unteers and workers working to clean up a er the tornado. JGS is very proud of these boys! Wednesday, November 5th 8:05 Gym