Who does God cause everything to
work together for?
Define “good”. Who determines
what “good” is? What is the chief
“good” of man? (Romans 8:30)
(Isaiah 43:7)
Read Genesis 37-39 , Romans 8
Family Memory Verse
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of
those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28
Family Discussion
1. Often reading Genesis we overlook
chapter 38. It is important of us to know
that things are included in the Word for
a reason. If you feel comfortable with
your family, discuss the importance of
this chapter and what it tells us of God
and his plan?
Why is Judah’s linage important to
God’s plan for redemption of man?
What is significant about one the
child that is born first over the one
that almost was? (see Matthew 1:3)
What does this tell us about God?
2. Discuss Romans 8:28-8:30
Examine Joesph’s story nothing
“good” has happened yet. Make a
list of all the bad things that has
happened to him- Yet God not only
allowed this to happen, he authored
it was apart of his plan.
Forestville Welcomes
Will Graham
all of our Special Guests
We often make the mistake of
separating our good from God’s
Glory- If we are followers of the
Lord, they are the same. When God
is Glorified my good is achieved.
3. What does the word predestined
(found in most translations) mean?
What does it tells us about who God is in
this passage? What Does it tell us about
4. There is so much freedom in
Romans 8. What does Paul tell us to
encourage us about our Relationship
with God now?
TOTALS for October 26, 2014
Ed Brannen
On-Campus: 491
Off-Campus: 98
TOTAL Sunday School: 589
Louella Wilson
416 Fairhaven Dr
Taylors SC 29687
8:00 AM Worship: 91
10:45 AM Worship: 550
TOTAL Morning Worship: 641
6:00 PM TOTAL: 309
Today’s Worship Intercessors:
CoEd 60C Al Snyder & Carl Melton
Giving Totals:
www.forestville.org · 864-834-4276 · [email protected]
Date: October 26,2014 Year to Date:
Tithes/Budget Receipts $
Building Fund
Missions Fund
Designated Fund
Mission Trips
Total Receipts
Monthly Payment: $20,353.06
Received This Month: $18,865.16
Joining by transfer of letter:
Gayle Bocharski
Public profession of faith:
Olivia Roberts
There will be a Thanksgiving meal after our service today.
We would be honored to have all of our guests
to share in this meal with us!
Note: Seating for the meal
Ages 40 & under with their families will eat under the Tent located behind
the Worship Center
Ages over 40 with their families will eat in the Gym
If you brought a special guest please take them with you regardless of age
Classes eating in the GYM
 CoEd 40A (Fox)
 CoEd 40B (Sullivans)
 Men’s 40A (L. Johnson)
 CoEd 50A (J. Little)
 Men’s 60A
(Zercher & Cothran)
Ladies Class
(Norris & Duffin)
 Overcomers
Worship Class (T. Bowen)
Classes eating in the TENT
College & Career
 Ladies A (J. Winfield)
Singles (G. Mathis)
 Sanctuary Class (B. Mathis)
CoEd 20A (Jacksons)
 CoEd 60C
(Snyder, Melton, Bayne)
CoEd 30A (K. Burton)
CoEd 30B (Joel Powell)
 Ladies 60A
(Coggins & Lawrence)
No Evening Service
Classes getting food in the
GYM & then eating in the WELL
CoEd 50B (P. Fleming)
CoEd 50C
(Martin & S. Powell)
Operation Christmas Child
Boxes are available today at
Guest Service
Boxes are due
November 16th
If you miss drop off here you can deliver
to Reedy River Baptist Church
Ladies Craft Class
Tuesday, November 4th
Date: November 15th
9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Class fee: $75
Sign up and pay at the Ticket Kiosk
Make checks payable to:
Sharpshooters Firearms Training
Forestville Opportunities . . .
Monday, November 3
5:30 pm FAITH Dinner
6:30 pm FAITH Visitation
Tuesday, November 4
10:00am Craft Class
Election Day
Sunday, November 9
8:00 AM Security Desk: David Phillips
8:00 AM Nursery Wing: Jon & Mar Pinner
8:00 AM Service
Pager Desk: Kathy Hawkins
Must bring $50 for SLED fee
the day of the class.
Wednesday, November 5
A portion of your class fee
will help support Forestville Missions.
Thursday, November 6
Yellow Room: Sheryl Manges
6:00 am Men’s Breakfast
6:00pm 50-Up Fellowship
9:15 AM-Preschool Security:
Ray & Ruth Kickasola
10:00 AM
5:00 pm Meet Our Pastors and Staff Dinner
Purple Room: Dot Metcalf, Pat Brown
For more information:
9:15 AM Pager Desk: Nikki Haley
Contact Natalie Bowers
10:45 AM Service
Blue Room (0-11 Months):
Linda Little, Sara Little & Mandy Loftis
Prayer & Encouragement Ministry would
love to pray and send a card to your
military personnel.
Please provide their names and
addresses to Kathy Johnson 864
2462271 or email [email protected]
If you are a visitor or considering joining
Forestville you are invited to
Meet Our Pastors and Staff
Sunday Evening,
November 16th
If you would like to dedicate your
child please contact
Sasha Conway no later than
Sunday, November 9th
303-1715 or [email protected]
Apples of Gold
A mentoring ministry for
women college age and older
Please contact Becci in the office by
Monday November, 3rd
834-4276 or 517-3796
[email protected]
Music by
“Wooden Nickel”
Sign up at Guest Services
For more information Contact Gene Richards
834 - 8601
Baby Shower
Mandy Loftis
Begins Thursday
January 8th - 6 PM
Wednesday, November 5th
5:00 PM
Bluegrass and Gospel
Please sign up as soon as
possible with Tami Jackson
Text or call @ 918-4481 · Email:
[email protected] or find in
person at church
Sunday, November 9th
3-5 pm
Family Life Center
Registered at “Babies R Us”
It’s a Girl!
Purple Room (1 yr olds):
Cassie Burdette & 1 servant needed
Green Room (2 yr olds):
Jason & Kim Ray
Yellow Room (3 yr olds):
Brett & Tasha Smith
Red Room (4 yr olds):
David & Christi Beavers
Children’s Church: Team 7
Children’s Church Security:
Brian Wardlaw
6:00 PM Service Security:
Van Bennett
6:00 PM Service
Pager Desk: Nikki Haley
Birth - 1yr Kayla Mills & Kristin Fowler
2-4 yr-Toddler Choir