October 31, 2014
Teaching character, compassion, and confidence to the youth of West Virginia for over 90 years
Dear parents and students:
In the last several months, I have had the pleasure of visiting with alumni from the classes of 1954, 1964,
1974, and 1994 as they gathered for class reunions. Several members of the classes toured the school building
to reminisce and to get a feel for the present day happenings at Charleston Catholic. How entertaining it is to
hear tales of chemistry class experiments, locker room hijinks, and class plays on the stage in the gym! What
is most heartwarming is to see the relationships and connections that still exist among these former
classmates years and years after they graduated. Many are not in contact with each other regularly, but the
ease with which they fall back into the relationships of their younger years is noticeable, interjecting over each
other to add details to a story about what the nuns caught them doing.
As we wander around the school building, I share tidbits of our current student body- 100% college
acceptance, high rates of National Merit Semi-Finalists (the class of 1964 boasted an impressive 9% of the
class earning National Merit honors!), the levels of extracurricular involvement and athletic successes, the
students’ commitment to community service. The pride in their alma mater is evident. Many of them remark
that Charleston Catholic played a significant role in where they went in life and all they have accomplished.
Many told me stories of the small, kind gestures, the “little things”, that their teachers and classmates had
done for them- things that they still remember today- 20, 40, 50, and 60 years after they graduated. We never
know what effect our words and actions will have on another person. As we interact with each other on a
daily basis, may we be conscious of the impact we have. May we treat each other in ways that we will be
proud of 50 years from now, and may we build relationships that will endure the tests of time and distance.
Colleen Hoyer
CONDOLENCES -- We express our sympathy to a number of our students and their families who have
lost loved ones recently. May the souls of the departed rest in peace: Nicole Archer’s maternal grandfather,
Payton and Mills Mullen’s maternal uncle, Madison and Lia Moore’s maternal grandmother, Samantha and
Erin Hoyer’s maternal grandmother, Evie Bastin’s paternal grandfather, Will Strickland’s maternal great
grandfather, longtime CCHS supporter and former SHGS teacher Sally Crowley, and cook Diana Reynolds’
husband. Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.
FIRST QUARTER REPORT CARDS ARE ENCLOSED – Please take note of grades and teacher
comments and discuss both with your child. Teachers have given students printouts with details of first
quarter grades. Quarter grade point averages are included on the current report card. Keep in mind that the
cumulative grade point average is based solely on semester grades. The cumulative GPA reported on the
current report card is a student’s grade point average as of June 2014. Freshmen and sixth graders do not
have cumulative GPAs at this time but will have one at the end of the first semester. Reported absences are
full-day absences, i.e., 3+ periods absent in a day.
by reviewing the printed grade sheets prepared by the teachers and sent home with your children. Do you see
zeroes or points recorded for one-half of the total possible? Zeroes often indicate that an
assignment/homework/paper/etc. was not turned in at all or was turned in more than one day late. If a
teacher accepts late work, work is accepted one day late for 50% credit of the score the student would have
earned (e.g., if a paper was worth 100 points and the student earned 80 of those points, turning in the paper
one day late turns that grade into a 40.). If work is turned in two days late, the assignment earns 0 points.
Assignment notebooks are tremendously helpful in assisting students as they manage their multiple
responsibilities. Encourage your students to write down their assignments so they are able to stay on top of
their homework!
PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES –If you haven’t already done so, please call the school office to
make your appointment. Parent conferences for all grades are scheduled for Wednesday, November 5,
from 8 a.m. to noon; 1 to 5 p.m.; and 6 to 9 p.m. There will be no school for students on this day.
Feel free to call individual teachers at school and talk to them on the phone if you cannot meet with them
during conference day or if you need to talk with them at other times. If you have serious concerns about
your child’s progress, a 5 to 10 minute conference may be insufficient. In such cases you will need to call the
teacher(s) involved and have an additional conversation via phone.
Teachers will begin conferences by asking you what you would like to know about your
child. You will have just received the first quarter report card so your questions might focus on
organizational things (e.g., is child prepared for class, submitting work on time, etc.), social aspects (e.g.,
getting along socially, asking content-specific questions, etc.), or on comments made on the report card.
1) 6th grade parents will meet with 6th grade teachers --Mrs. Park, Mrs. Hayes, Ms. Dorsey and Mrs.
Welch– during 30 minute sessions. Parents are scheduled on the half-hour, e.g., 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, etc. All
meetings will take place in the library where the teachers will set up in separate locations in the room. On the
half-hour, four sets of parents having that time period as their appointment will enter the library. Each set of
parents will begin with one of the teachers. Parents will rotate to the next teacher at specific intervals. At the
30-minute mark, those parents must leave the library and four new sets of parents will begin their rotation.
2) 7th and 8th grade parents will meet with each teacher (Mrs. Pile, Mrs. Erby, Mrs. Zboinski, Mrs.
O’Leary, and Mr. Shindle) during 30 minute sessions. Parents are scheduled on the half-hour, e.g., 8:00, 8:30,
9:00, etc. Parents will wait outside the school office until their conference time. Meetings will take place in
the Commons where the teachers will set up in separate locations in the room. On the half-hour, five sets of
parents having that time period as their appointment will enter the Commons. Each set of parents will begin
with one of the teachers. After designated intervals, the parents will rotate to the next teacher, and so on. At
the 30-minute mark, those parents must leave the area and the five new sets of parents will begin their
rotation. Mrs. Hayes and Ms. Dorsey, who will be meeting with the 6th grade parents, will provide written
information to 7th and 8th grade parents attending conferences.
3) High school parent-teacher conferences are scheduled at 10 minute intervals with individual
teachers in their classrooms.
WV SMART 529- Jonathan Matuskiewicz and Glenn English, of New York Life, and David Garcia, of The
Hartford’s SMART529 College Savings Program, will be at school to provide free consultations and advice
about the SMART529 program on November 5 during parent conference times. You do not need to make
an appointment- just stop in the second floor computer lab and touch base!
HOMEWORK CLINIC- Middle school science teacher Toni Erby offers this structured, teachersupervised time dedicated to distraction-free homework completion and study. The clinic meets in Mrs.
Erby’s room on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 3-4 p.m. The cost is $10 per
ADDRESS CHANGES -- If there are mistakes on address labels, please notify Mrs. Lovejoy in the school
office so corrections may be made.
MOODLE – Don’t forget to check the CCHS Course Extranet (Moodle) on the CCHS website! Teachers
are posting dates for quizzes, tests, and major assignments. Stay informed with this invaluable tool – you’ll be
amazed at what you can learn! Check Monday evenings and double-check Wednesday for any assignment
FIRST SEMESTER EXAM SCHEDULE – Although we’ve just finished the first quarter, it’s time to
look ahead to December’s exams. Keep in mind that we administer exams before Christmas, but the
semester does not close until January 16. From January 5 through 16, teachers will be covering new
material which will be calculated into the second quarter and first semester grade. All classes have exams and
exams must be taken at the scheduled times. If we have a two-hour delay due to weather, we will start
that day’s exams at 10 a.m. and school will be dismissed at 1:15 p.m. If school is cancelled on any
exam day due to weather, exams for that day will take place on the next day the school is open, even
if it means pushing exams to January 5. IN THE EVENT OF ANY WEATHER-RELATED
CHANGES, CHECK THE SCHOOL WEBSITE OR TWITTER FEED FOR UP-TO-THEMINUTE INFORMATION. Students should prepare for exams by reviewing past tests and quizzes,
using study guides, rereading notes and homework/class assignments, reworking math problems, and so on.
First semester report cards will be mailed no later than Monday, January 26, 2015.
Sixth grade:
Wednesday, 12/17
Thursday, 12/18
Friday, 12/19
Seventh grade: Wednesday, 12/17
Thursday, 12/18
Friday, 12/19
Eighth grade: Wednesday, 12/17
Thursday, 12/18
Friday, 12/19
High school:
Tuesday, 12/16
Wednesday, 12/17
Thursday, 12/18
Friday, 12/19
exams for periods 1 and 2; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 5 and 7; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 3 and 8; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 1 and 2; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 5 and 7; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 4 and 8; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 1 and 2; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 5 and 7; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 3 and 8; 11:15 dismissal
exam for period 1 (8 – 9:30 a.m.); 2:45 dismissal
exams for periods 4 and 6; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 2 and 7; 11:15 dismissal
exams for periods 3 and 8; 11:15 dismissal
PRIDE IN OUR STUDENTS – is a given. Expectations for them – academically and personally – are
quite high, as they should be. Students with less than satisfactory conduct grades (i.e., N’s or U’s) on progress
and report cards will be assigned lunch detention or will lose off campus lunch privileges. Administrators will
notify and work with students when such incidents occur and will set expectations needed to regain these
Kroger has started a new fundraising program to replace the Kroger Cares program. It is called Kroger
Community Rewards. The process is even simpler than before! Instead of using the pre-paid gift cards,
now all you have to do is complete a one-time online registration of your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card, use
the card when you checkout, and Charleston Catholic will receive a check from Kroger on a quarterly basis.
To register your card, go to and use the Charleston Catholic
organization number 83696. Be sure you have your Kroger Plus card available when you register. Kroger
Plus Cards are available at the Customer Service desk at any Kroger. What an easy way to raise funds for
CCHS without costing you a penny!
LOOKING AHEAD TO OUR ANNUAL APPEAL Our annual appeal letter will be mailed in
November. As you well know, a Charleston Catholic education leaves an indelible mark that pays rewards
throughout a lifetime. We ask your help in providing the quality education that is synonymous with
Charleston Catholic. As you consider charitable opportunities during this season of giving, please consider a
financial gift to Charleston Catholic. Your support is sincerely appreciated.
Loughlin China Company in Newell, WV, to offer a bit of West Virginia memorabilia. A limited supply
remains of the Fiestaware shamrock green mugs with white lettering on the inside rim spelling out Charleston
Catholic. They make wonderful gifts and cost $12. To purchase a mug, stop by the office or send $12 per
mug to the school office (attention: Corrie Lovejoy).
VIRTUS– Be sure you’re ready to help! All parents or other adults who volunteer, coach, drive students,
chaperone, etc., are required by the Diocese to complete the diocesan sexual abuse awareness training before
being allowed to work with our students. Complete the training online. On the CCHS website, go to the
“Links” dropdown menu and choose VIRTUS registration. At the VIRTUS website, go to Options, scroll
down and choose online. Allow 1- 1½ hours to complete the program. Print out the certificate of
completion and submit it to Mr. Villers. It is still necessary to complete the background check and sexual
abuse awareness statement which can be done by clicking on the PVA tab and then clicking volunteer forms
at the school website at
FLU VACCINE --The Kanawha County Health Department administered flu shots to our students and
teachers in October with a large percentage taking advantage of this opportunity. Many thanks to the Health
Department for its efforts to help keep us healthy! Hand washing is another way we can all do our part to
stay healthy this winter.
CHARLESTON CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL SKI CLUB 2014-15 (grades 6 – 12) -- Ski dates: January 14, 21, 28 February 4, 11 (February 18 make-up date)
- Optional parent information meeting - Tuesday, December 9, at 6:00 p.m. in CCHS library.
- Mandatory student meeting – Wednesday, January 7, at 3:00 p.m. Students will receive an overview
of rules and responsibilities.
- Buses will leave school for Winterplace promptly at 3:30 p.m. and return to CCHS at 10:30 p.m.
- Ski Club members are expected to be on time when leaving CCHS and when leaving
Winterplace. Students must be on the buses at Winterplace by 9:00 p.m.
- Please be on time to pick up your children. Buses drop off in front of Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral
so please do not park on this side of the street.
- The decision to cancel Ski Club because of weather will be made the day of the trip by 11:00
a.m. Additional Wednesdays will be added to the end of the season if trips are cancelled due to weather. If
school is cancelled on a Wednesday because of snow, do not assume we will cancel Ski Club. Conditions are
probably good for skiing and, if it is possible to transport the students safely, we will have Ski Club. Check
the CCHS website for the final word.
- Cost: $235 for shaped skis or, if you are bringing your own equipment; $305 for rental of blades or
snowboard. These amounts include lift tickets and transportation for all five dates. Lessons are available for
every level of skier each Wednesday at no extra cost. Students renting equipment from Winterplace
must complete a liability form in its entirety, including credit card information. This form will be
given to students after they register for ski club.
- Helmets are strongly encouraged.
- Students must submit ski club contract and a medical emergency form. These forms will be
available by November 14. Forms and fees must be returned to school by December 16.
CLAY COUNTY CHRISTMAS PROJECT— Each year approximately 500 children and their families are
served through this long-standing (27 years!) project which highlights the bond between families in Clay
County and the CCHS/ SHGS community. The entire school is involved in the project: getting stockings,
providing stocking stuffers and gifts for specific children, stuffing stockings, bagging gifts by family, loading
trucks, and on and on. Parents and businesses willing to donate goods or funds should contact the school
office -- cash donations are needed to assist with extra stocking stuffers, a special something extra for the
food boxes, and miscellaneous needs. Many thanks to CCHS alum Dickinson Gould of Buzz Products for
continuing to provide trucks and drivers to transport everything to the party site. The party will take place in
Clay County on Saturday, December 6. The timeline for the Clay County Christmas Project is:
1) Tuesday, November 18 - $2 jeans day - to raise money for photo paper and ink -- each Clay County
child gets his/her picture taken with Santa during our party!
2) Tuesday, November 25 (at the latest)- Students will receive the name and other information about their
Clay County children. Students are asked to purchase a $35 gift. Please do not exceed the $35 limit. Try to hit
right at the mark! It is very difficult on families when children within the same family do not receive
"equitable" gifts. If a CCHS student is unable to participate in this aspect of the Clay County Christmas
Project, please alert Mrs. Susan Malinoski, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs. Parents wishing to help
with gifts for additional children are encouraged to inquire in the office.
3) Wednesday, November 26 - Stockings and stocking stuffers are due to theology teachers. We try to fill
500 stockings, so we count on each student to bring in the requested items. Each student needs to bring a 1214 inch stocking (about $2 from K-Mart) along with their grade level's stocking stuffer assignment. The dollar
store is a great resource for these items. We are providing this information now so you can keep an eye out
for bargains!
Each 6th, 7th, and 8th grader: Two 12 to 14 inch stockings to be filled, 3 small boxes of crayons (8
or 16 count), 3 thin coloring books, 3 mechanical pencils, 2 chapsticks and 1 pair of stretchy gloves-one size
fits all.
Each high school student: One 12 to 14 inch stocking to be filled, 3 hairbrushes, 3 tubes of
toothpaste, 3 toothbrushes individually packaged, 1 chapstick and 2 pair of stretchy gloves-one size fits
4) Wednesday, November 26- Food items are due -- Each homeroom will be preparing food boxes. Each
student will be asked to provide specific food items. The majority of the food boxes are being provided by
Sacred Heart Grade School children. CCHS students help fill the remainder of the boxes required by the
number of families participating. Students will sign up for food items in their homerooms.
5) Tuesday, December 2 - Wrapped gifts are due with the family number and Clay County child's name
securely taped on the front.
6) Various dates -- Our student activity groups, service clubs, and other student groups are also participating
by donating cookies, candy canes, etc. These students will receive specific information from their sponsors.
Thank you for your generosity to the children of Clay County!
1) SAT and ACT testing and registration information and registration is available online at and (CCHS code: 490-205).
2) Class of 2015 (seniors) will need to complete their fine arts requirement by the end of the third quarter
(March 20) and community service hours by May 8 in order to be considered for exam exemptions.
3) Seniors wanting their transcripts and recommendations submitted to the colleges before
Christmas vacation must have their materials to Mrs. Thomas by Monday, November 3.
4) Mrs. Thomas handles college visit requests. Students should get the forms from her and return the
completed forms to her at least 2 days before the trip. Seniors are allowed 2 college visit days; juniors are
allowed 2 college visit days. College visits must be made before May 1.
5) AP tests are required of students enrolled in AP Art History, AP English 11 and 12, AP Human
Geography, AP Biology, AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Computer Science, AP Economics, AP Physics, AP US
Government and Politics, AP U.S. History, and AP World History. AP testing fees for these courses were
included in registration fees. Students wishing to take AP tests for other courses (e.g., Spanish) may do so
and must notify Mrs. Thomas in March.
6) We have had numerous college representatives visit with our high school students! So far we have had
visits from the University of Southern California, Notre Dame, University of Alabama, Washington and Lee,
Wheeling-Jesuit, Transylvania, Vanderbilt, West Virginia State, Roanoke College, Salem College, Radford,
Washington University, Xavier, and Centre College. Fairmont State will be here in November. High school
students may visit with reps at lunchtime in the library. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this
opportunity to learn more about different colleges.
7) Scholarship information will be listed on the college counseling section of the website and is also available
in Mrs. Thomas' office.
8) Wednesday, October 15 – sophomores and juniors took the PSAT (an SAT-predictor test as well as a
qualifier for National Merit Scholarship for juniors only). Wednesday, October 29 - sophomores took
PLAN, (an ACT-predictor test) and 8th graders took EXPLORE.
9) PROMISE scholarship and FAFSA deadline – March 1. Students must complete BOTH the
PROMISE and the FAFSA applications in order to be considered for the PROMISE
scholarship. Additionally, colleges and universities throughout the country use FAFSA information
to determine scholarships and financial aid. Go then Financial Aid Planning.
10) A financial aid representative from the Higher Education Policy Commission will be here to help
parents of seniors fill out their child’s FAFSA Tuesday, 13 January at 6:00. (please note date change)
11) The Governor’s School for the Arts, July 6 – 26, will be accepting applicants for the upcoming experience
at West Virginia Wesleyan College, an outstanding opportunity to help young artists develop their
talents. Current sophomores who are interested should check the Governor’s School for the Arts
website. Applications will be posted on the website ( on November 1.
The Governor’s School for Math and Science will offer a two week long summer program for current
7th and 8th graders who excel in math and science. Also, the Governor’s Honors Academy will offer a 3 week
long summer camp to current juniors who are “outstanding scholars and school citizens.” Applications for all
Governor’s School camps will be available at
12) Check the website calendar and Twitter (Twitter ID: cchscollegeprep) for important dates, e.g., college
rep visits, parents meetings, deadlines, etc.
PARTICIPATION IN SCHOOL SPORTS – To participate in athletic events, students must be in school
for the full school day on the day of the scheduled activity. If a student is late or absent for any part of the
day on a game day, that student is not permitted to play that day. This “full day” policy includes leaving
school for appointments, so students need to avoid scheduling appointments during the school day. Students
are also expected to be on time each morning following an athletic event. Students who have long standing
medical appointments, family funerals to attend, or other similar instances may be excused at the discretion of
Mr. Villers. Although suspensions are rare at CCHS, when a student is suspended at school, that student is
also suspended from athletic practices, games, etc. for the FULL DAY on the day(s) suspended (i.e., if a
student is suspended for a Tuesday, the suspension includes involvement in any school activities -- sports,
social, etc. -- for Tuesday evening also). In addition, if a student is suspended for a Friday, the suspension
holds for Friday evening but does not continue for Saturday unless the student is also suspended for Monday.
CHEERLEADING CAMP—CCHS cheerleaders and coaches are hosting a cheerleading camp! On
Saturday, December 6, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., girls in grades one through six are invited to become an
Irish cheerleader for a day. They will learn techniques, cheers, jumps, and a dance. All participants will
perform at the halftime show of the 4:00 p.m. high school girls’ basketball game that same day. The cost of
$45 per camp participant includes a t-shirt and a special surprise. For more information, please email Kari
Park at [email protected]
CCHS BASEBALL FAN GEAR 2015-- is now on sale through Friday, November 7. Order forms are
available in the school office.
BASEBALL SPAGHETTI DINNER FUNDRAISER- The high school baseball team is sponsoring a
spaghetti dinner, hosted by Paterno’s at the Park on Sunday, December 7, 2014, from 4-7p.m. Dinner
includes spaghetti, salad, bread, and drink (non-alcoholic). Take out is available, as is a cash bar. Desserts are
available for donations, as well. Dinner tickets are adults - $10, seniors - $7, and children - $5. Tickets are
available from baseball team candidates and in the school office. Please make checks payable to “CCHS”
(memo line: Baseball Spaghetti). Enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Paterno’s at the Park while supporting
our baseball program.
TRAVEL—Students may not drive to school events, such as field trips or “away” athletic events, taking
place at locations other than Charleston Catholic facilities or other designated “home” locations. Students
must ride to and from the event with adults (age 21 or older) who have met the Diocesan requirements for
field trip drivers.
HOPE 2015 – Planning is underway for our 11th summer of HOPE in Clay County, WV. Our group of 50
juniors, seniors, college age alumni and adult work crew leaders will make significant repairs at the homes of
8-10 low income families and seniors in Clay County during the week of June 14-19, 2015. We need to
raise $35,000 to purchase building materials to make these homes warmer, safer, and drier. Please consider
making a tax deductible donation, 100% of which will go toward the purchase of construction
supplies. Checks can be made payable to Charleston Catholic and sent to the school office to the attention
of Bill Mehle, HOPE Coordinator, or donate online at and search “Donate
to HOPE.”
1) On Sunday, October 26th, thirty-nine Charleston Catholic Middle School and High School students
participated in Labor 4 Neighbors. Sponsored by the Charleston Vicariate, Labor 4 Neighbors brings local
youth together in Coalburg, where they spend the whole day getting homes of the needy ready for the cold
winter months. Students were enthusiastic and worked hard throughout the day. In total, 29 houses were
weatherized. Our students were able to share the joy of service with one another as well as help their
neighbors in need. The day ended with mass and a cookout on the lawn of Good Shepherd Mission Church.
2) Charleston Catholic’s Book of the Dead, with names of deceased loved ones, will be on display in the
prayer space of the Campus Ministry Office throughout the month of November. If your family has suffered
a loss in the past year we are happy to add the person to our prayers. Please send the name with your child to
add to the book, or email Ms. Linehan ([email protected]) with the name so she can add it.
3) We already have a small handful of dedicated students and staff who attend Charleston Catholic’s First
Friday Mass in the Campus Ministry Prayer Space. Mass is before school at 7:15 on the first Friday of each
month. Our next masses will be Nov. 7th and Dec. 5th. Please encourage your child to join us!
4) Student volunteers are needed to help with babysitting for WV Catholic Radio’s evening with Dr. Ray
Guarendi: Raising Kids in the Modern World: Practical Advice for Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, & Catechists on
Nov. 6 at 6:30 p.m. The event is hosted by Sacred Heart and Charleston Catholic, and babysitting will be
provided by CCHS Students. To volunteer, students should see Ms. Linehan. Parents interested in attending
the event can contact Liz Hardy at [email protected]
5) HOPE Kids’ Night Out - HOPE participants are sponsoring a Kids’ Night Out for grade school age
children at Sacred Heart Grade School on Friday, December 12, 6:00-9:00 p.m. Donation requested per child
is $15. The evening will include snacks, games, crafts & more. Registration forms are available at Sacred
Heart Grade School.
6) We have received some questions about our students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. As the
final Sacrament of Initiation, Confirmation instruction is given at the parish level. Our local parishes have a
variety of schedules. If you live in Charleston and are members of Sacred Heart, the first workshop is Nov.
2nd. Sacred Heart’s contact person is Alyce Penniman at (304) 346-9369. If you attend Blessed Sacrament in
South Charleston, the formation begins in the spring with 8th and 9th graders and Confirmation is in the fall
(then 9th and 10th graders). Blessed Sacrament’s contact is Jeanne Haas at (304) 744-5523. St. Agnes
parishioners interested in Confirmation should contact Fr. Stichweh at (304) 876-6436.
name on all checks issued to CCHS and to any correspondence sent to the school.
ARE YOU UPDATING YOUR KITCHEN?— The science department is in need of a refrigerator/
freezer for storage of lab specimens and would gladly accept the donation of a used refrigerator/ freezer.
Please call the school office if you have one to donate!
YEARBOOK PHOTO SUBMISSIONS -- This year, all members of the CCHS community can submit
photos at (school code: goirish). DROID and iPhone users can also download the
eShare app and submit quality cell phone photos, too. The Yearbook Staff appreciates your support!
STUDENT DRIVERS – Please encourage your student drivers to be responsible, safe drivers. Talk to
them about wearing seatbelts, not reclining seatbacks, speeding in general, speeding down the street in front
of the school (showing off for friends?), pulling out of parking lots too quickly, ignoring pedestrians,
changing lanes abruptly, speeding through yellow lights, texting or talking on cell phones while driving,
fiddling with music, and so on. Tragedies happen in an instant. If you see inappropriate or reckless driving
behavior while students are involved in school, please note the license plate and make of car and notify Mr.
Villers. Otherwise, if you recognize an unsafe student driver, parents would appreciate knowing this
information from you!
1) PVA Polos and Fleece - Order forms for CCHS logo jackets (including a new, heavier weight
grey jacket and also a lighter weight black jacket, both in full zip and quarter zip) , white uniform polo shirts,
and green athletic/academic competition polo shirts are available on the CCHS website. For questions,
please contact Erika Bailey (304-941-3499) for jackets, Christi Preston (304-550-0239) for green polos, and
Marsha Hoyer (304-552-8065) for white polos. Please note that high school students who are members of
athletic teams and academic competition teams are permitted to wear a CCHS kelly green polo shirt to school
on designated dates – normally home games and other days designated by the principal.
The ordering period for logo jackets and white uniform polos ends October 31. Orders received
after this date and orders without payment will be included in the next order period (in
January). Please take care to order the correct size, as refunds are not possible.
2) CAFETERIA VOLUNTEERS – Many thanks to those of you who have volunteered to
help. It’s always fun to see the students when they’re enjoying themselves! If you know now that you’re
available to volunteer, feel free to contact Sandy Kinney (304-552-1327).
3) PVA volunteer forms are still being accepted. Our entire school community benefits from parent
involvement! The Parent Registration Packet is available on the CCHS website.
4) Athletic family passes are available through the PVA. These passes are good for immediate
family members only (not cousins, in-laws, ex-in-laws, grandparents, fiancées, etc.) to attend CCHS home
games. The passes do not cover away games, tournaments played at home, homecoming games, or any SSAC
tournaments. Cost is $150 for all home middle school games only, $175 for all home high school games only,
and $200 for all home games (both levels). A $100 student or senior citizen pass for all home games is also
available. Each adult in a family will be issued a pass that must be shown for admission to games. An order
form for sports passes is available in the PVA Parent Registration Packet. Please contact Kirsten Smith (304610-0477) if you have questions about these passes.
OPPORTUNITY – Are you looking for a new way to advertise your business? Add your business to The
Wall in the competition gym at the CCHS Athletic Facility. We already have several advertising banners on
display. If you’re interested in adding your business or well wishes to the wall, 3 foot by 6 foot customizable
banners are available. What a great way to reach out to the Charleston Catholic community! To learn more
and order a banner for your business, contact Kathy Crain at (304)541-4182.
PROOF OF ENROLLMENT FORMS -- for drivers’ licenses and permits may be requested in the school
office using the CCHS request form. It will take two school days for the forms to be completed by office
- to the CCHS varsity golf team, on winning its fourth consecutive State Championship and its sixth title in
the last eight years. With this victory, CCHS becomes the first school in state history to win four golf titles in
a row! Additionally, senior Christian Casingal won his second individual championship by a record 11
strokes, sophomore Cameron Blakley finished third, and both Christian and Cameron were named to the All
State team. The team finished the season with a record of 94 wins and 9 losses.
- to the high school drama club led by Mr. Fix and Miss Elliott for their hilarious performance of Just Another
High School Play. The extensive preparation of the cast and crew was evident in the high quality performance!
Cast members were Keirsten Barker, Kayce Boggess, Alex Canfield, Erica Cooper, Phoebe Crow, Christoph
Hart, Joy Justice, Taylor Legg, Samuel Levenson, Jessica Light, Maddie Preston, Madison Settle, Lauren
Thomas, Andrew Willis, and Christine Wirts; tech crew members were Alex Canfield, Molly Crowder, Ethan
Evers, Jay Gould, Nick Hatcher, Emily Holmes, Emma Malinoski, Liz McCown, Cindie Peyton, Elise Weber,
Maddie Weber, Anthony Wirts, and Tommy Wright. Additional thanks to alumna Kayla Boggess for helping
out and to Mike Arnold for serving as photographer.
- to the middle school Rising Stars led by Mrs. Hurt (Grace Abdalla, Amelia Allen, Rosa Beller, Grace Javins,
Kathryn Lakin, Abigail Marcinkowsky, Chloe Monk , Elizabeth Shaf, Anabella Tiano, and Emma Wirts) for
their impressive “opening act” performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” before the drama club’s show.
- to the high school girls’ cross country team who won the region 4 meet to qualify for the State Meet this
weekend while the boys’ team finished fourth sending individual runner Greg Hart to the State Meet.
- to the high school volleyball team, on a successful regular season full of heart and spirit, and good luck as
they head into sectionals next week.
- to high school girls’ soccer team, who earned a berth in next week’s State Tournament by defeating #1
ranked Sissonville in regional play. The girls will play next Friday in Beckley at approximately 6:30 p.m.
- to the high school boys’ soccer team which defeated St. Mary’s in regional competition and heads to the
State Tournament next Friday in Beckley at approximately 12:00 p.m.
- to the middle school girls’ soccer team on a terrific season, finishing with a 6-4-1 record and advancing to
the final four Kanawha County tournament.
- to the middle school boys’ soccer team who enjoyed a spectacular season, finishing undefeated on the
regular season with a record of 7-0-4 before falling in the Kanawha County final four tournament.
- to the middle school volleyball team, under the direction of first year coach and CCHS alumna Sarah
Skeens, for their hard work and growth throughout the season.
- to both boys’ and girls’ middle school cross country teams who competed well throughout the season but
particularly in the County meet. Erin Hoyer, Olivia Lewis, and Matthew Casey were named to the first team
All County and Jared Wheeler was named to the second team.
– to David Hoffmann, CCHS technology director, for his eye-opening parent seminar, “Trends in the World
of Smartphones.” The session was much appreciated by those parents in attendance seeking information to
help guide their children to use social media and technology appropriately, safely, and responsibly.
- to Lisa Dundervill for her work to create and distribute the 2014-15 Student Directory, a most helpful
communication tool for our school community.
- to the PVA for providing a delicious breakfast and getting the day started right for the faculty and staff on
our staff development day for on October 10.
- to all of our parent volunteers for the countless things they do to support our students, staff, and programs.
- to the fall coaches for sharing their knowledge, enthusiasm, and time with our student athletes, providing
them with memorable athletic opportunities and learning experiences.
- to everyone who supported the prom by purchasing foods items through the junior class fundraiser. The
items will be delivered to juniors on November 19. Juniors will deliver to customers immediately after school
the same day.
SCHOOL CLOSINGS/DELAYS DUE TO SNOW/ICE –Although it seems early to think about winter
weather, there certainly has been a chill in the morning air these last few weeks. We must be ready for
whatever comes, though it never hurts to hope for a mild winter. Here’s a brief reminder of the CCHS
weather policy. Remember that school closings and delays are also announced on the CCHS website and are
tweeted through cchsnews.
1) CCHS/SHGS will NOT follow ANY of the Kanawha County Schools’ weather-related
2) Families will need to connect to the CCHS website or listen to the radio/television for changes to
CCHS/SHGS schedules. The following stations will be notified by 6:15 a.m. if there are changes to be made:
WV Public Radio, WCHS, WCHS-TV, WSAZ-TV, V100, 96.1, Electric 102, WBES, WKAZ, and WQBE.
3) If no announcements are made for CCHS/SHGS, classes will be held on the regular schedule.
4) If a two-hour delay is announced, classes will start promptly at 10 a.m. The building will
not open until 9:30 to give staff time to get to school. Please do not drop off your children before 9:30!
5) As always, if you cannot get your child to school for health or safety reasons, notify the school.
FOLLOW CCHSNEWS—Text “follow cchsnews” to 40404 and you will receive all cchsnews tweets as
text messages. It’s easy to stay informed!
FAMILY TRIPS, APPOINTMENTS, ETC. -- Please avoid taking students out of school for vacations,
family trips, appointments, etc. If students miss school for any reason (including illness), it is their
responsibility to find out what they missed. The policies for making up work are included in the ParentStudent Handbook. If your child is ill or will miss school for any reason, please notify the school office by
8:30 a.m. In addition, at the end of the semester students will have to stay after school to make up any time
missed during excessive absences/tardies.
CALENDAR FOR 2014-15 -- Please use this calendar in your planning. Please remember that exams must
be taken on scheduled exam days and students who are absent more than 5 days in a semester will have to
make up those days at the end of the semester. Please note that, as is the case each school day, teachers
administer tests/quizzes, have assignments due, and teach lessons on the days immediately preceding and
following school holidays. Students who take extended holidays run the risk of affecting their grades.
Wednesday, November 5
Parent-Teacher conferences- NO SCHOOL for students
Monday, November 10
Veterans' Day holiday NO SCHOOL
Sunday, November 16
Junior Service Day at Trinity’s Table 5 p.m.
Tuesday, November 18
$2 jean day benefitting Clay County Christmas project
Tuesday, November 25
Clay County names distributed to students
Wednesday, November 26
stocking stuffers, food items due in homerooms
Wednesday, November 26
11:30 dismissal for Thanksgiving
Thursday/Friday, November 27-28
Thanksgiving holiday
Tuesday, December 2
Clay County wrapped gifts due in homerooms
Friday, December 5
second quarter progress reports mailed
Saturday, December 6
Clay County Christmas party in Maysel
Sunday, December 7
Paterno’s at the Park baseball team fundraiser, 4-7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, December 9
optional parent meeting for ski club, 6 p.m., library
Sunday, December 14
Freshman Service Day at Trinity’s Table 5 p.m.
Tuesday, December 16
exams (high school only): regular dismissal
Wed./ Thurs./ Fri, December 17 – 19
exams for grades 6-12: 11:15 dismissal
Saturday, December 20
beginning of Christmas vacation
Monday, January 5
classes resume
Wednesday, January 7
mandatory ski club meeting for students, 3 p.m.
Tuesday, January 13
FAFSA Night for Parents of seniors
Wednesday, January 14
ski club
Friday, January 16
end of second quarter, first semester
Monday, January 19
Wednesday, January 21
Wednesday, January 28
January 26-30
Saturday, January 31
Wednesday, February 4
Friday/Saturday, Feb. 6-7
Wednesday, February 11
Monday, February 16
Wednesday, February 18
Friday, March 20
Friday, April 3
Monday, April 13
Monday- Friday, April 20-24
Friday, May 1
Friday/Saturday, May 1-2
Monday, May 4
Saturday, May 16
Thursday, May 21
Friday, May 22
Monday, May 25
Friday, May 29
Mon./Tues./Wednesday, June 1, 2, 3
Wednesday, June 3
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday NO SCHOOL
ski club
ski club
Catholic Schools Week
Winter Waltz for high school 8-11:00 p.m., Commons
ski club
winter play 7:30-9:30, Commons
ski club
Presidents’ Day holiday NO SCHOOL
ski club (make-up date)
end of third quarter
Good Friday, NO SCHOOL, beginning of Easter
classes resume
Terra Nova testing grades 6-10
ninth grade retreat
spring play 7:30- 9:30, Commons
AP tests begin
Baccalaureate, 7:30 p.m.
Graduation, 7:30 p.m. and Project Graduation
Memorial Day holiday
exams (high school only): regular dismissal
exams for grades 6-11: 11:15 dismissal
Moving Up ceremony for 8th graders
November-December Menu
Fruit cup
Hot turkey &
Swiss ciabatta
Steak fries
Mary Supcoe
Johana Aguilar
Ronda Moore
Veteran’s Day
Lisa Lewis
Trey Lewis
Lynn Brookshire
Bacon cheeseburger
Pasta salad
No School
No School
Chicken & dumplings
Chicken Alfredo
Garlic breadstick
Taco lasagna
Chips & salsa
Kim Lough
Shawna Meeks
Betsy Cimino
Cheese tortellini
with marinara
Chicken Caesar
Sky Kershner
Lisa Hopkins
Diane Nester
Italian sausage
Kathy Atassi
Krista Black
Natalie Tennant
Tasha Agnew
Vicki White
Shannon Elliot
19- Mass Day
Buffalo chicken
Baked potato
Celery, carrots,
and ranch
Erika Bailey
Paula Durst
Sandy Kinney
Turkey, dressing,
potato/gravy, green
beans, roll, pumpkin
Mary Green
Melissa Layne
Feli McKown
All beef hot dog
Chili cheese fries
Niki Kurten
Carrie Lakin
Peggy Sadd
Baked pasta with
meat sauce
Garlic toast
Turkey noodle
Terri Moore
Julia Hurney
Kim Ewing
Cooks’ Choice
Anne Williams
Susan Shumate
Julie Lewis
Half Day
No Lunch
Shari Collias
Julie Griffith
Tracy Wheeler
Ron Rushworth
Susan Johnson Veazy
Molly Erlandson
Angela Stone
Samantha McCarty
Bill Flanery
Tracy Wilkerson
Kirsten Smith
Annette Cable
Stuffed shells
Greek chicken
Sweet &sour
chicken over rice
Egg roll
Pita & hummus
Beef Taco
Taco salad
Soup, bread bowl
Beef & vegetable
Chicken noodle
Chili (vegetarian)
Bernarda Bandak
Kim Javins
Allyn Turner
Rob Aliff
Gerogette George
Kevin Carr
Volunteers 1 and 2: 10:30- 12:45
Volunteer 3: 11:15- 12:45
Thanksgiving Break
Thanksgiving Break
Macaroni & cheese
Donna Kelly
Stacy Boggess
Natalie Tennant
Leighann Hamrick
Lisa White
Diane Nester
Tracy Zachwieja
Jaime Bowman
Molly Erlandson
Mass Day- Volunteers 1 and 2: 11:00- 1:15
Volunteer 3: 11:45- 1:15