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A Message from Our Rabbis
Rabbi Mendel
Senior Rabbi
of Stanmore
Community. Kehilla. Congregation.
These are all words (among others)
which define a group of like-minded
individuals. The great Moses was
the first to harness the power of the
Kehilla - Vayakhel Moshe [Exodus.
35:1]. He did so in the context of
erecting the first Shul - a community
centre where all could come and taste
the Divine. To pray, to study and to
Communities have continued to
build on this model. Throughout the
centuries, and across the globe, Shuls
have been beacons of inspiration and
comfort. A place to rejoice, to cry, to
meet and to create new friendships.
Where births and marriages are
celebrated. Where mourners, and
those who are unwell, are comforted
and supported.
Stanmore has always been, and
continues to be, an outstanding
Kehilla. A place where all of the above
happens on a daily basis. And so
much more besides. A place where
toddlers and children mingle with
those of more advanced years. Where
moms and dads feel at home with
great-grandparents. There is so much
on offer - and to be a part of.
This beautiful, colourful and
informative brochure contains a wealth
of detail about our programs and
activities. It has been formatted with
ease in mind. Its colour coding and
clear outline should make it simple
and straightforward for anyone to
discover something relevant to them.
We look forward to welcoming you to
our Shul - to our Kehilla. Step right in!
Colour Key to the Guide
Chagim programmes & events
Student & young professionals
Youth programmes
Shabbat events
Kids events
Community events & trips
Youth trips
For more information
Rabbi Andrew
Educationally we are looking forward
to the launch of the 70 days for 70
year programme in January and the
phenomenal opportunity the project offers
Development Rabbi in terms of widening our knowledge and
of course remembering the six million.
of Stanmore
Stanmore prides itself on its heritage trips
– and in 2015 we will be hosting trips to
This booklet contains information
Poland in February, Berlin in March and
about everything going on in our
Israel in July. These really are not to be
shul from the toddlers to the seniors
missed experiences and we look forward
and everything in between. We have
to many members joining us.
been working for months to put this
brochure together and I am sure
We have a very active Seniors group
you will agree there is something
whose menu of events is diverse and
for everyone. The guide is split into
interesting. There is also a multitude
various sections and each is colour
of activities for our youngest members
coded. (see Colour Key below).
from Chanukah Parties to Purim
entertainers, not to mention days out for
We have community events which will
all the family. Our pre teens and teens
bring everyone together for wonderful
have a fantastic year ahead with events,
experiences such as Mitzvah Day on
clubs, trips and more including inspiring
November 14th and our Community
trips to Prague, Poland and Israel.
Weekend Away in May. How can
Our young adults are also catered for
anyone forget the international
with regular learning evenings, Friday
response to Les Miserabbis last year!
night dinners, Festive gatherings and a
Well it is coming back for three nights
weekend away in Berlin.
for a pre Purim extravaganza.
As I said on Rosh Hashanah, this year
For Shabbat we have Friday night
should be all about engaging with
Onegs around the community in the
our Judaism and our community and
winter and Shabbat in the Park in the
celebrating the remarkable heritage
summer. Then there are the festivals,
that we possess. Whether you want to
amazing events from Chanukah
learn, pray, play, sing, laugh, cry, travel,
Chesed evenings to Drum Café at
celebrate, listen, speak or just relax –
Purim and a very special Shavout
we have something for you.
programme this year.
Looking forward to seeing you around
the community this year.
go to - www.sacps.org.uk
We have loads of weekly,
fortnightly & monthly events
throughout the year.
Inters service
Youth service
Oneg Shabbat
(yrs 8 – 13)
SHED (yrs 9 – 13)
Shabbat Club
(yrs 5 – 8)
Club 56 (yrs 5 and 6)
Club 78 (yrs 7 and 8)
Challenge (yrs 7 and 8)
Learn 2 Lead
(yrs 9 and 10)
GCSE (yrs 9 and 10)
Shwarma and Shmooze
(yrs 11 – 13)
To see
on, when
& where,
check out
the website
For more information
or call
the office
Art Club
Friendship Club
Adult education
Rabbi Lew’s Gemorrah shiur
Rabbi Bloom’s Mishna shiur
Rabbi Shaw’s monthly shiur
Shelley Morris ladies shiur
Monthly shiur for YP’s
Saturday night Yeshiva (winter)
go to - www.sacps.org.uk
Limmud Service
Sephardi Service
TnT Service
Womens Learning
Explanatory Experience
November 2014
Mon 3rd - Simcha Event - FSH
Come and see the Freeman
Susman Hall decked out. Meet and
talk to Simcha suppliers and have
some canapes and drinks too
Thu 6th - Seniors Outing
A trip to Bentley Priory Museum,
to see a beautiful Grade II listed
country house and it’s Italian
gardens. The outing includes a
guided tour of the museum and
transport to and from Stanmore
Sun 16th - Mitzvah Day
Anyone can get involved in Mitzvah
Day - Stanmore have a number of
activities that you can join. Please
sign up and take part in the annual
global action day, that is all about
donating time - not money
Fri 7th - Friday Night Oneg
Monthly ‘get together’ at a
member’s house to celebrate
Shabbat together - 9pm
Sun 9th - Bowling Trip
Year 5 & 6 go for a strike with your
favourite Youth Team
Thu 20th - Seniors - Funny Guys
Geoff Bowden recalls some of
Britain’s funny men from the 1930’s
Fri 21st - 23rd - Prague Trip
Year 11 Tribe trip to Prague
Tue 11th - Jewish History in a Flash
An interactive presentation
showing the 6000 years of Jewish
history in a dynamic interactive way
Sha 22nd – Year 8 graduation
A special Shabbat where we
graduate our year 8’s into the youth
service. Special Kiddush for all the
family and Shabbat lunch for our
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
December 2014
Fri 12th - Friday Night Oneg
Monthly ‘get together’ at a
member’s house to celebrate
Shabbat together - 9pm
Wed & Thu - 17th & 18th Community Chanukah
Chesed event @ the shul
Join the community in making
something delicious and distributing
it to those who are less fortunate
Wed 17th - New Members
Get together in the shul and see
our vibrant community in action
Tue 18th - Seniors Chunakah
Details to be confirmed
Thu 18th - Chanukah Party
Young Professionals
Meet like-minded people and
celebrate the festival of light,
donuts, drinks and dreidels
Thu 18th - Tribe Chanukah Party
For Years 9-13, details to follow
Sat Night 20th - Kids
Chanukah Party
Motzei Shabbat fun in the community
centre for all our youngsters!
Sun 21st - Kids Chanukah
For years 5-8 in the Community
Centre. 21st Chanukah Olympics
– sporting challenges for great
prizes…and donuts of course!
17th & 18th December
a little sweeter.
For more information
go to - www.sacps.org.uk
January 2015
Fri 9th - Friday Night Oneg
Monthly ‘get together’ at a
member’s house to celebrate
Shabbat together - 9pm
Thu 15th - Mon 19th - Mission to
Israel / 70 Days Israel Launch
A once in a life time experience for
all US members to visit Israel with
our Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis,
accompanied by Rabbi Shaw. The
trip culminates in the launch of the
70 Days for 70 Years Project in a
central Jerusalem venue with Chief
Rabbi Mirvis and Rabbi Yisrael
Lau, former Chief Rabbi of Israel,
President of Yad Vashem and
youngest survivor of Buchenwald
concentration camp
Mon 26th - 70 Days for 70 Years
70 years ago a nation rose up
to gather us together to destroy
us. 70 Years on we are gathering
together to learn in memory of
those who were murdered and to
learn for our future. It is vital that
families of all ages take part in the
global, commemorative project.
Following the launch of the 70 Days
for 70 Years project, Stanmore will
be holding their own launch event
for the community. Screening of
the 70 Days video, guest speakers
and an opportunity to engage
in this global project. Please
help us encourage the younger
members of our community to
take part and understand the
importance of learning about our
Jewish heritage and the importance
of remembrance. Every week (for
10 weeks) Rabbi Shaw will lead an
educational evening based on the
essays in the book
Fri 30th - 70 days - Friday Night
For Year 9 - 13 a very special
Friday night with a special guest
Shoah survivor as a our speaker.
An inspiring event not to be missed
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
Launch Dates
Sunday 18th Jan - Jerusalem
Sunday 25th Jan - St. John’s Wood
Monday 26th Jan - Stanmore and Canons Park
February 2015
Wed 4th - 8th - Adult
Poland Trip
Join us on a life affirming
trip to Poland to remember a
world that once was
Fri 13th – Israel Trips
10 years On
Friday night dinner 10 years
ago on Sunday 13th February
2005, Stanmore began their
Israel trips. Over the last 10
years Rabbi Shaw has taken
over 200 youth and adults for
a memorable time in Israel.
Join us for a special Friday
night dinner to remember how
it all began.
Sun 15th - 22nd - Jerusalem Trip
Year 10 Tribe Learn2Lead Jerusalem
Experience trip - a unique spiritual
experience leave students feeling
inspired and engaged. For the tenth year
running Stanmore will be taking their
Youth to explore their heritage. It has
been our most successful programme
in involving our youngsters in the
Community. Don’t miss out
Thu 26th – Sun 1st March
Grease and Les Miserabbis
For three nights only. It is back by
popular demand!
Les Mis - Over 75,000 hits on YouTube
but you can see it live! With 3 more top
musical numbers including ‘I Dreamed
a Dream’ and ‘Lovely Ladies’.
Also including the 1980s hit show
Grease, the Jewish version. It certainly
will be an evening to remember
Thu 26th February – Sun 1st March
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
Stanmore are going to Poland
Wednesday 4th
– Sunday 8th
February 2015
Join us on a life affirming trip to
Poland to remember a world that
once was, while spending time
being inspired by our past, present
and future.
Tour led by Rabbi Andrew Shaw
Price to be confirmed
Price covers transfers, entrance fees,
guide, meals and hotels.
To register your interest or for more
information please call Nomi Goldberg
on 8343 5696
e: [email protected]
March 2015
Wed 4th - Drum Café for Purim
Join us a for lively evening of food
and fabulous drumming as well as
songs from all your favourite shows
Thu 5th - Purim Seudah
For Young Professionals @ Rabbi
Shaw’s (8.30-10pm)
Thu 5th - Purim Seudah Chez
Drucker Years 5 & 6 4.30-5.30pm
Years 7 & 8 5.45-6.45pm,
Years 9 7pm-8pm
Years 10&11 8.15-9.15pm
Years 12&13 9.30-10.30pm
Sun 8th - Purim Party for Kids
Tots to 10 year olds
Tue & Wed 10th &11th - Haim
Potter and the Megillah of Fire
The Purim event not to be missed!
Thu 19th - Sun 22nd Berlin Trip Adults
Rabbi Shaw explores the city
which was once the HQ of the
final solution and is now one of
the fastest growing Jewish cities in
Europe. Part of the 70 Days for 70
Years experience
Fri 13th - Friday Night Oneg
Monthly ‘get together’ at a
member’s house to celebrate
Shabbat together – 9pm
Sun 22nd - Quasar Trip
Years 5 & 6 send your kids to get
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
Thu 19th to
Sun 22nd
Rabbi Shaw
explores the city
which was once
the HQ of the final
solution and is
now one of the
fastest growing
Jewish cities in
Europe. Part of
the 70 Days for 70
Years experience.
April 2015
Sun 5th - Communal Seder
Celebrate Pesach with your
community with our seder for all the
family and mark the End of the “70
Wed 22nd - Yom Hazikaron &
Yom Ha’atzmaut
Our annual commemoration to
remember the Israeli soldiers
who have fallen in battle and a
celebration of Israel’s 67th birthday
Shabbat 11th - Shabbat in the
Spring is here, time to return to
our monthly Shabbat afternoons in
Canons Park
Wed 15th - Yom Hashoah
End of “70 Days” community event,
details to follow
Sun 26th - Paintball Trip
Years 7 & 8 trip, join your youth
team and get messy
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
May 2015
Thu 7th - Lag B Omer BBQ
Years 8-13 @ The Druckers
Shabbat 23rd - Community
Shavuot Tikun Leil
This year we have a very special
opportunity as Shabbat leads into
Tikun Leil. There will be a special
Havadalah service leading into
a Community Yom Tov dinner.
Followed by inspirational learning
from Rabbonim, special guests and
Community members
Shabbat 9th - Summer Seudahs
Make the most of the longer
Shabbat,with a pre-shul seudah
and learning session 7pm - hosted
by a local family
Sun 24th - Tea and Torah
Gila Shaw is hosting a learning
session for our women in the
community on the afternoon of the
1st day of Shavuot
Thu 14th - Sun 17th - Berlin trip –
Young Professionals
Rabbi Shaw will lead a group for an
inspirational Shabbat in this vibrant
city, an historical themed weekend
Shabbat 30th - Shabbat in the
Our 2nd in the spring/summer
series of monthly Shabbat
afternoons in Canons Park
Fri 1st - Sun 3rd - Stanmore
Community Weekend Away
Join the community for a
magnificent break at a top hotel,
great food, company and fun. An
inspirational Shabbat and facilities
to refresh your body and soul
Thu 7th May
Lag B Omer BBQ
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
Stanmore Community
Weekend away
join us!
Fri 1st - Sun 3rd May
June 2015
Sun 7th - Chessington World of
Year 5 and 6 day trip - go wild with
the animals and fun at the fair
Shabbat 13th - Summer Seudahs
Make the most of the longer
Summer Shabbat by joining up with
others, to have a pre-shul seudah
and learning session. 7pm start hosted by a local family
Shabbat 19th - 21st - Graduation
For year 13 - post
exam stress getaway
to revive your mind
and body. A great way
to look back on your
time at Stanmore Shul
Shabbat 27th - Shabbat in the
Summer is here and we have
Shabbat afternoons in Canons
Park to fill your day
Sun 28th - Kids Fun Day
Followed by Parent Only BBQ
Tots to 10 year olds. A fun filled
day at Willows Farm for the whole
family and then join us for a parent
only BBQ in the evening.
Tue 30th - End of Year Stanmore
Tribe Banquet
Black tie event to celebrate the end
of a fantastic year for Stanmore
Finish the year in style...
Stanmore Tribe’s
End of Year
Tuesday 30th June
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
Come join us for a fun filled day
at Willows farm...
Family Fun Day
Sunday 28th June
...Then leave the kids at home and come
relax in the evening for a bbq
July 2015
Wed 8th - 13th - Adult Israel Trip
Join Rabbi Shaw’s 6th trip of
this kind. An amazing five day
experience, where you’ll cover way
more than you would on a family
Fri 17th - 21st - Europe Trip
For Years 7-10, this summer
spectacular, promises theme parks,
city tours, a fantastic Shabbat
experience… and too much fun to
Shabbat 18th - Summer
Make the most of the longer
Summer Shabbat by joining up
with others to have a pre-shul
seudah and learning session
7pm - hosted by a local family
Tues 28th - Thu 6th August TRIBE SUMMER CAMP
Get ready for a summer of fun
and inspiration with Tribe. More
details to follow.
Rabbi Shaw’s
Adult Israel Trip
Wed 8th - 13th July
For more information go to - www.sacps.org.uk
Europe Trip
for Years 7-10
Fri 17th - 21st July
Stanmore & Canons Park Synagogue
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