Can we
Pray for Ray and Anne Robinson as
they enjoy their holiday.
Pray for the people who provide
supper each week.
Give thanks for the opportunities
God gives Robyn to chat with
parents during the week. Pray for
wisdom for her, and that her words
would always be full of grace,
seasoned with salt...
Pray for musicians who provide
music each week. Those who
choose the songs and those who
play and/or sing.
Pray for AV people who look after
the sound and overhead equipment.
Pray for Michael Wells and Michelle
Seers as they work among us.
in any of the following ways?
find out more about Jesus
doing ‘Christianity explained’
having a pastoral visit
making St Hilda’s my church
youth and children’s ministries
joining a bible study group
developing my ministry
Special comments, requests,
prayer needs or thanksgiving;
November 9, 2014
You are
welcome at
St Hilda’s today.
Please feel free to fill in the
comments slip attached to this
bulletin, tear it off and place it in
the offering bag or the church
mail box at the church front
door. We’d love to hear prayer
points, news, or if you are new
we’d love to get in touch and
get to know you better.
Church Info:
Ray Robinson 4782 1608
Assocate Minister:
Mike Wells 0415 159 865
Family Worker:
Robyn Glindemann
Please send my prayer needs to
the prayer chain.
0438 401 088
Our Link Missionaries
Date ______________ 8am 10am 5.30pm
Kingsley & Veronica Box
[email protected]
Leon & Lee Hribar:
[email protected]
Kelvin & Roslyn Nicolle:
Andrew & Sarah Lubbock:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Peter & Joy Palmer: [email protected]
Shine & Jessica Thomas: [email protected]
Parish Assistant:
Michelle Seers 0421 313 898
Email: [email protected]
Home Groups:
Vince Williamson 0408 289 784
Parish Secretary:
Gordon Albert 4757 4847
Wisdom from
It was too foreign for them to understand.
Luke 9:43-50
Reference: But they did not understand what this
meant. It was hidden from them, so that they did not
grasp it, and they were afraid to ask him about it.
(?Luke? ?9?:?45? NIV)
Explore: On a recent overseas trip for work we took
some people who had never been to this particular
country before. We ran our standard pre-trip training
explaining the culture, currency and what they could
While the group were very attentive to our training, I
could see they did not fully understand what the trip
would be like. However, once we flew 20 hours and
landed in a country with a different language, different
climate and different culture, the team was very quick
to learn and be attentive to what we said.
It wasn’t until we were flying home again at the end of
the trip that I repeated some of our pre-trip training to
the group and they laughed and said they understood
what it meant now!
Application: Sometimes we have to see it to believe
it. It was the same when Jesus spoke about his
impending death.
(continued on page 2)
Home Groups
9.30-10.30am Home open for prayer.
2 Warialda St. 4782 1279
7.30 pm Katoomba. Heather Mitchell.
10.30 am Katoomba. Kristen Burke,
6.00 pm Leura, Sue Stones
7.30 pm W. Falls. Richard Smith
7.30 pm Katoomba. David Pettett
Wed: 10.30am Katoomba. Anne Robinson
7.30 pm Katoomba. Trevor Rath
9.30am the church. Myra Russell
7.00 pm Katoomba. Vince Williamson
10.00am [email protected]
Join us at Bing’s BAMBOO BOX
Sunday Services Nov 9
8 am: Holy communion
10am: Holy communion
Bible Readings:
Colossians 3:17- 4:18
2 Corinthians 9: 6-15
5.30pm: Evening Service
Sunday Services Nov 16
8 am: ——
10am: Anniversary service
Bible Readings:
Proverbs 21:20-31
2 Corinthians 10
5.30pm: ——
Finance Matters
Weekly Offertory Budget: $3144
Offertory (November 2) $ 3348
Missionary Giving (November 2) $80
Building fund donations for Oct: $180
(from front page)
A number of times He tried to explain to
His disciples what was going to happen,
but they just didn’t get it. It was too foreign
for them to understand.
Bank Name: Glebe Income Accounts
Account Name:
St Hildas Anglican Church Katoomba
BSB Number: 704-998
Account Number: 100 009 830
Reference: offertory
It’s a good reminder for me not to be too
arrogant in what I do. I need to listen to
other people, especially those who are
wiser and older than me, who may have
some greater knowledge to what I have.
Bank Name: Glebe Income Accounts
Account Name:
St Hildas Anglican Church Katoomba
BSB Number: 704-998
Account Number: 100 009 967
Reference: DONATION
Prayer is
available for you:
If you'd like someone to pray with you
after the service today....
The latest sermon and weekly bulletin
are also available on our website
along with lots of information about
our church and its ministries.
Sure, I may not fully understand things
until I go through them myself, but maybe I
can be open to what others have to teach
Prayer: Lord, reduce my stubbornness
and thinking that I know it all. May I heed
the wisdom offered to me by others. Amen.
Bible verse of the Month:
Philppians 1:27-30
v 27: Live in a manner worthy of the gospel.
The church is a colony of heaven, an outpost claiming Lordship of Jesus over all things,
working out what that looks like in everyday life
Mike Wells can be contacted on 0415 159 865 or email at [email protected]
A Funeral service will be held for Susan McLoud - a member of St. Hildas - on Monday
November 10, 12.45pm.
The burial will be at Blackheath cemetery.
St Hilda's Day Service
November 16 Lunch
Following the combined service to celebrate
St Hilda's Anniversary, we will gather together
for some lunch.
Please bring some finger food to contribute to the meal.
Guess who's coming to Lunch –
Sunday 30th November.
It is becoming increasingly hard to get to know all our brothers and sisters at St Hilda's. What
we need is an oportunity to spend some time with those we don't yet know well. Introducing
the inaugural event “Guess who's coming to lunch” an oportunity to show hospitality
schrouded in a little mystery.
Each person and family will be matched with others according to the information provided on
the form. Hosts will provide lunch (or perhaps some other meal, or even go out on the town),
guest will ask what they can contribute … but you won't know who is coming until a few days
before. Will you be guest or host?
For more information ask at the “Welcome Desk”.
Safe Ministry
Anglicare and ‘HOPE’
‘Christian families who have fled overseas countries from dreadful atrocities now face new
fears here in Australia. One such young woman is Yasmin who was brutally gang raped
before being left for dead in her home town in Iraq. She moved to Australia only to feel alone,
ostracised and in a constant state of anxiety and stress.
The Hope Counselling program aims to address a range of issues that refugees may face
while transitioning to life in Australia. Without Anglicare, where will they go?
Without your support, this critical program is in danger of closing due to a lack of funding. With
a recent surge in demand, we must not let these Christian families and others from
persecuted minorities continue to suffer in isolation.
Phase One.
All members of St Hildas currently working in our children's ministries are now compliant with
the new Working with Children Check and Police clearance. Thankyou!
Be Prepared for
Phase Two
Which begins from now to 31st March 2015.
* Phase 2 includes those employed in the Children's Services sector (i.e. school teachers
and others in long term employ)
* Anyone interested in assisting in KIDZARTZ, (our school holiday program in July 2015).
* Young people turning 18 years (or 17 years 11 months) early in July 2015
Please supply your information to me, Shirley Seers, as soon as possible - by mid March
To support this appeal, call 13 26 22 or donate at ’
* Anyone new to St Hilda's wishing to assist in children's programs please speak to me,
You want a miracle? I'll give you a miracle.
RANDOM AUDITS will be made on churches at any time. Anyone found to be involved in
child related ministries without clearance will cost the parish a five figure sum fine.
Thankyou everyone who leads or assists in teaching our children and young people of God's
love for them. Jesus said "Let little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the
kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Mark 10 vs 14.
Shirley Seers (Safe Ministry Representative) 4782 7829
According to the Bible, Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Palestine.? A country where people
are named Mohammed, Abdul, Mounir, Aziz, Ahmed, Farid, Omar, Youssouf, Mouloud, etc.?
And yet He managed to find 12 friends called John, Peter, Paul, Phillip, Mark, Thomas, Luke,
Mathew, Andrew and Simon . . . who all drank wine!
Now that's what I call a bloody miracle!
Phoenix Choir
Missionary prayer point
Leura: Sunday 9th November, 3.00pm,
St Alban’s Anglican Church
Peter Palmer plans to visit all four mines this month. He is planning his Christmas and
New Year visits, and budget cutbacks mean that this year Joy may not be able to
accompany him.
Many miners need to be reconciled with God, and know his power and love. Please pray for
all of these things.
Our final concert for 2014 consists of three
performances featuring the gorgeous
Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem
The program includes other masterworks
of the French Romantic tradition: the
hauntingly beautiful Pie Jesu by Maurice
Duruflé, sung by well-known local mezzosoprano Lyn Phillips; Leon Boellmann’s
spectacular Suite Gothique for organ, played by Tim Kaye, who is returning to organ playing
after a very long break since he was organ scholar at Wadham College, Oxford; and what
must be one of the most universally loved final-year assignments by a student of musical
composition, Cantique de Jean Racine, composed by Fauré when he was just 19 years old.
This concert is dedicated to those who were lost in The Great War. Its Belle Epoch program
showcases an artistic period of great beauty and creativity which came to an abrupt end
with the war’s outbreak. Join us in remembrance of this historic event.
Book online at:
Tickets at the door: $20.00 adults, $15.00 concession
Jessica and Shine update
The big event of this month is Shine’s paper on the missional nature of the Church of Christ
in Thailand, which is due on 1 December. Please pray for him to be focused and diligent, to
have fruitful reading and interviews, and to be able to organise and express his thoughts
well. Shine is also preaching at our church, Chiangmai Christian Fellowship, for the first
time on 23 November. He has just been made an elder of the church and this is quite a
significant honour, as the church is large and mostly populated with experienced and
mature Christians.
Jessica’s Greek, Theological English, and Hermeneutics classes conclude on 20 November. Please pray for the students as they sit exams on 24 November, and wisdom for
Jessica as she marks and submits grades. Jessica will also begin tutoring Hebrew for an
M.Th. student from Vietnam for 4 weeks.
The children have just begun 2nd term of their academic year and they are both thriving.
Oswin is enjoying soccer training and piano lessons. Pray for ongoing good relationships
with the families of their friends.
Pray for our involvement with the Interserve team: Shine has a Country Leadership Team
meeting on 8 November, and Jessica is helping to prepare for our conference which is in
April next year.
We have two dear friends, David & Jan, coming to visit us from 22-27 November. Please
pray that they would be safe and healthy in their travels in SE Asia. Pray also that we can
have a blessed time seeking their counsel, as we have both been feeling in need of
encouragement for our ministry here.
Let us know how we can be praying for you too!
Love Shine & Jessica.
Rosemary Albert would like to start a small prayer group, to share our concerns and pray for
the persecuted church. Call 0414 944 012.
Ladies Christmas Craft Night @ St Hilda's
Put the date aside and invite you're friends
Friday, 28th November 7pm
Come and relax, make something
low cost! low stress! lots of craft! lots of coffee! meaningful message!
More craft helpers, supper suppliers and crowd makers required.
See Kathy Powell 4784 1117