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NOVEMBER 9, 2014
“I believe,
I give.”
- Retired Archbishop
Douglas Hambidge
A warm welcome to those of you visiting us this weekend. We
are pleased to worship the Lord by your side. Thank you for
joining us. If you are a new member of our worshiping
community, please take the time to register with the parish. Pick
up a registration form at the Parish Office, fill it out and return it
in the collection basket or by mail.
We are a Roman Catholic sacramental people led by the Holy Spirit, seeking
to grow together in faith, love and charity. We are called by God the Father
to be a welcoming presence of Jesus Christ in our parish and community
through worship, fellowship, and service. Somos un pueblo católico
sacramental guiados por el Espíritu Santo, que buscan crecer juntos en
la fe, el amor y la caridad. Somos llamados por Dios Padre para ser
una presencia acogedora de Jesucristo.
St Mary Mass Times:
St Anne Mass Times:
Monday, Thursday and Saturday: 9:00 am
Wednesday and Friday: 7:30 am
Sunday: 8:00 am, 10:00 am & 12:00 pm (Spanish)
Eucharistic Adoration 1st Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Reconciliation Saturday: 10:00 am
Wednesday: 9:00 am
Thursday: 9:00 am
Friday: 9:00 am
Sunday: 10:00 am
Saturday Vigil Mass: 5:30 pm
Fr. Dwight’s
“Sunday is the Lord’s DAY; not the
Lord’s HOUR!”
It has been thoroughly refreshing for me to visit the land of my birth and to see the many people who were
absolutely instrumental in teaching me how to love God from a child, who helped in so many ways to give me
multiple examples of holiness and then in turn, instructed me in the forming of my own faith. And though some
have passed onto glory now, many of them are still around - older, wiser and even more faithful, if that is even
possible! I owe them everything for each of them were instruments of the grace of God in my life.
They made me see that I am, NO! that we are all a mosaic of faith made up of many lives and
experiences that touch ours that eventually becomes OUR unique story - an emerging solved puzzle of faith
with countless different configurations all WITH ONE GOAL- to make it to heaven and to enjoy eternal life.
And I sang - using this big operatic baritone voice the Lord has given me in the concert last Friday. I forgot the
true joy I feel when I sing at full voice the praises of God and let my voice go in worship of my Lord Jesus
Christ. I was told years ago by my late Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago, Anthony Pantin, to let it go and
sing for my sanity and my sanctity. I had forgotten the gravity of that statement and it's impact on my life and
so I have vowed to the Lord that I will sing much more and again - as in times past and give God the glory in it
all! Oh! We will never fully comprehend the impact we can have on people's lives if and when we reach out.
That which we say can either break down or build up. Our words can either hopefully heal or irreparably hurt.
Our attitudes can either be a magnet to others drawing them deeper into Christ or a closed door that can repel
anyone who might want to "try Jesus on for size." And our example of good Catholic Christian living can be so
generous, so rich, so fertile as to inspire others to fall in love with Our Savior Christ and give their lives to Him
just like we have - and even more than we have!
The living out of our Christianity is indeed the crucible were vocations are born and nourished, where healing
happens, where love of God is strengthened in Adoration, where true praise and worship is manifested, and
deep forgiveness realized in our own lives and then practiced by us to others.
This is what it truly means to be stewards of our Catholic Faith - stewards with the intent purpose of giving
away the LOVE we have each received as pure gift and not merited.
We, stewards of the mysteries of God, all benefit from the purposeful living out of our Catholicism - not only
sharing the light of truth to the ignorant, but heat of the Holy Spirit to the cold of heart.
God Bless,
Fr. Dwight
St Mary’s News
Sabados de 10 a 12:30. Clases de Catecismo en espanol para ninos. Registraciones abiertas!
Clases para Bautismo en espanol. Contacte a la oficina parroquial.
Monday, November 10th– St. Vincent de Paul Meeting at 7:00 pm in Room 3.
Monday, November 10th– Pastor’s Dinner Planning Meeting at 6:00 pm.
Tuesday, November 11th– Veteran’s Day! OFFICE IS CLOSED! OFFICE IS CLOSED!
Wednesday, November 12th– Finance Council Meeting at 7:00 pm.
Thursday, November 20th—Boy/Cub Scout Meeting at 5:00 pm in Hall.
Thursday, November 20th– Parish Council Meeting at 7:00 pm.
Saturday, November 29th—El Shaddai Meeting from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm in Room 5 & 7.
Sunday, November 30th—First day of Advent!
“The very gifted, Charismatic Preacher,
Fr. Dr. George Kintiba, SVD
From Washington, DC, will be our Advent Preacher
2014 who will fire us up and lead us in this year’s Advent Mission entitle,
Please mark all your calendars from
December 14—17, 2014.
Pregnancy Aid of Snohomish County thanks all of our
supporters, particularly fellow parishioners, for joining us
at our auction held at St. Mary's Nov. 1! Your support will
benefit so many women, children and families by enabling Pregnancy
Aid to continue providing clothing, peer counseling, car seats and
emergency supplies of diapers and baby formula to those who come to us
for help. Your support is so much appreciated!
- Parishioner Roberta Wolcott, Board Vice President
Make a joyful noise and be a Music Minister!
Teen Choir - Grades 6 to 12; Rehearsals Wednesdays 5:30-6:15 Church
Angels of Light - Grades 1 to 5; Rehearsals Wednesdays 6:30-7:15 Rm 3
Adult Choir, Filipino Choir - Rehearsals Wednesdays 7:15 - 9 Rm 3
Questions? Contact Terri Mudd
Instrumentalists and vocalists welcome!
Knights of Columbus
We will be on a spiritual HIGH
as we enter the great celebration Charity is the first principle of the Knights of Columbus.
Knights are practicing Catholic men, 18 years and older, who
of Christmas.
volunteer their time to serve our parishes and our communities.
And by working together, we were able to share to the worldwide
donation of more than $1.4 billion and 664 million volunteers hours to
worthy causes in the past decade. If you’re interested in helping those in
need, serving your parish, and growing in your faith, then the Knights of
Columbus is the organization for you.
November 5, 8, 14, 15, 26, 28, 30—Fundraising event at Comcast Arena.
Contact Pat Acuario (425) 501-8259 or Rudy Vital (425) 330-9362
Readings for Daily Mass
November 10
November 11
November 12
November 13
November 14
November 15
Titus 1:1-9;
Titus 2:1-8, 11-14;
Titus 3:1-7;
Philemon 7-20;
2 John 4-9;
3 John 5-8;
Luke 17:1-6
Luke 17:7-10
Luke 17:11-19
Luke 17:20-25
Luke 17:26-37
Luke 18:1-8
Jeremy Williams, Mary Beth Mantow, Bea DuFor, Pat & Mark
Mantow, Pam Stephenson & Family, Hadsell Family & their
unborn child, Bill & Connie Stolcis, Chris Stoles & Family, Cheryl &
Troy LaBrum & Family, Clifton & Stacy Cowin & Family, Anna M.
Diner, Carlefa Sjodin, Beca Hertzog, Richard Jacobs, Rosie Nash, Carol
Dollar, Shirley Dockendorf, John De Polo, Crisatomo De Leon, Egidio
Paquera, Mary Taylor, Jules Sicotte, Caiden Selia, Jody Labrum, Jules
Sicotte, Rosario Storm, Dianna DeCaro, Dixie Radcliffe, Tania Seyler.
Brian, Joe Abrenilla, Beverly Hill, Salvador Perez, Teresa Puckett, Sabina
Cerny, Nicolasa Cantu, Connie Desrosier, Ervin Leuze, Carlos Felix, Arturo
Gomez, Michael Vincent Selden, Amado De Leon, Vincent Meno, Juan
Sicotte, Robert Sicotte, Rita Sicotte, Jim Pfeifer, Jim Pfeifer, Dennis Mehar,
Jeanette McGourty, Juan Ocaya, Maura Ocaya.
St Anne Mission
Fr Emmanuel Iweh
(360) 386-7425
Email: [email protected]
Sunday 10:00 am
Saturday 5:30 pm Wednesday 9:00 am
Thursday 9:00 am
Friday 9:00 am
We continue to build and nurture healthy spiritual relationships with our Tulalip family and to support those in need through
prayers, outreach and good works of service.
Baptismal Classes
Classes are held every 1st Saturday of the
month at 3:00 pm.
Upcoming Developments at
St. Anne Mission
Bell Restoration Project-in
Re-place windows/doors
Gravel the parking lot
Cover between church
and hall
Faith Formation Classes
Faith Formation classes are held every Tuesday evening
from 5:30—6:45pm.
Clases de formacion en la Fe. Contacte a:
Please call Lesa Roerich at 360-581-8212 or contact
Father Iweh for more information.
We will keep you informed on
projects as they are being developed.
St Anne Needs More Participation!
In the after Mass Potluck’s both Saturday and Sunday, as
well, as in cleanup. Please bring your favorite DISH to Share
and in the fellowship of others in the community.
Healing Mass
St. Anne’s has a Healing Mass on the 1st Friday of
every month at 7:00 p.m. Family and friends are
Please Include the Following Names
in your prayers:
Larry Negretti, Larry Martin, Stan Kleisath, Elaine Ruddell,
Jules Sicotte, Don Francisco, Costa & Carol Ann Lazzaretti,
Jose & Edlin Narvaez.
Psalm 46
Dear St. Anne,
United in Christ, parishioners of St. Mary offers support,
love, and prayers for the families affected by this tragedy.
We are here for you.
Free Health Check
Tulalip Tribe will continue free health check’s the 1st Friday of every
month at 10:00 am in the Sterling Hall. Have your blood pressure and
blood sugar tested.
This is open to the public! Please bring family & friends!
Stewardship of Treasure
November 2, 2014
Sacrificial Donations : $ 935.00
Thank you!
From our
Holy Father,
Pope Francis
Vatican City, Nov 4, 2014 / 7:09 am
In his homily on Tuesday Pope Francis cautioned not to be too self-reliant, saying that this attitude can lead to a self-centered egoism that is afraid of
God and refuses to hear or accept his generosity.
“It is so difficult to listen to the voice of Jesus, the voice of God, when you believe that that the whole world revolves around you: there is no
horizon, because you become your own horizon,” the Pope told mass-goers in the Vatican’s Saint Martha residence on Nov. 4.
The pontiff centered his reflections on the parable Jesus told in the day’s Gospel, taken from Luke, in which the master of a house prepares a feast
and invites his friends, who refuse and give excuses as to why other things are more important.
While most people like being invited to dinner, there was something about this one that the guests didn’t like, the Pope observed, saying that the
three who gave their excuses in the Gospel passage are an example of many of us.
He pointed to the first one who says he needs to tend his new field so that he can feel “powerful, vanity, pride and he prefers this to sitting at table
among others,” while the second uses his oxen as an excuse not to waste time with others.
The third guest uses his wife as an excuse, the pontiff noted, saying that the man was selfish because he wanted all of her affection for himself,
rather than bringing her to the dinner with him.
“In the end (they) prefer their own interests rather than sharing dinner together: They do not know what it means to celebrate,” the Bishop of Rome
said, noting that if the dinner had been a small gathering for business, everyone would have come.
“But what shocked them was the gratuity. Being one among the others, there…this form of egoism of being at the center of everything.”
Pope Francis explained that this form of egoism is often rooted in a fear of God’s gratuity, saying that when Jesus offers something so great that
“even the saint is suspicious,” like he did to the disciples of Emmaus or to Thomas who wanted to touch his wounds, we think it’s better not to get
“We feel safer in our sins, in our limitations, but feel at home; leaving our home to answer God's invitation, go to God’s house, with others? No. I'm
afraid,” Pope Francis said, observing how this is a fear that all Christians have hidden deep inside.
The Roman Pontiff then noted how after the guests refuse to come, the master sends his servant to the streets in order to invite the poor and crippled,
trying to compel them to come to the dinner.
Many times the Lord must do the same with us, he observed, saying that the Lord must compel our own heart and soul “to believe in God's gratuity,
that God’s gift is free, that salvation cannot be bought.”
God’s gift of love and gratuity is the greatest thing he can give us, the Pope explained, saying that when we become afraid and think that we can
obtain holiness on our own “we become a little Pelagian.”
Pope Francis concluded his homily by drawing attention to Jesus’ death on the cross, by which he paid for this banquet with his humiliation and
“And this is the great gratuity. When we look at the crucifix, we should think of it as an invitation to the banquet. Yes, Lord, I am a sinner, I have
many things, but I look at you and go to the banquet of the Father,” he said.
The Pope encouraged attendees to trust, and to have faith that they won’t be disappointed if they allow themselves to attend the banquet of the Lord.
Rather than being afraid of God’s gratuitousness, he said, the Church is asking that we keep our hearts open and do our own part the best that we can
so the Lord can prepare the banquet for us.
A big THANK YOU to Archbishop Sartain for visiting our St. Mary and
St. Anne community on Friday, October 31st.
The St. Mary and St. Anne community appreciates your love and support.
Please pray for the souls of:
Shaylee Chuckulnaskit
Jaylen Fryberg
Zoe Galasso
Gia Soriano
Please pray for the recovery of:
Andrew Fryberg
Nate Hatch
Written: Sun, Nov 02
You are cordially
invited to attend a
“Formal Event”
The Pastor’s Dinner
On Saturday, the fifteenth of November Two Thousand and
at seven o’clock in the evening at the
Pastor’s Garden Parish Hall.
We will wine, dine, and dance.
Tickets are as follows:
$50.00 per person
$75.00 per couple
$100 for a Table of Four
Thank You!
Remember...WE ARE GOING LIVE!!!
January 1, 2015, our Mass will be
“LIVE” on the Internet!
Faith Formation Stewardship
November 2, 2014
Children Faith Formation/Sacrament:
(Kindergarten through 5th grade)
Debra Hart Ext 104
Email: TBD
Marriage Requirements:
Registered with the Parish
Appt: Fr Lewis 6 months prior
Clase de Formacion para los ninos:
Sabado con Hector Paz
Email: [email protected]
Baptism/ Bautismos y Quinceanera:
Athena Galdonez
(360) 653-9400 Ext .108
Youth Minister:
Amy Traugott Ext 103
Email: [email protected]
Sacrificial Donations:
$ 9,302.79
Thank you for responding in giving
back to God the gifts of your treasure
for his Church, the family of God.
** Always remember, we can never
out-do God in generosity.
Parish Staff
(360) 653-9400 Fax (360) 658-7439
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am– 4:30pm
Priest Administrator:
Fr. Dwight Lewis
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Parochial Vicar:
Rev Emmanuel Iweh
360 386-7425
Email: [email protected]
Thirty Minute Appointments:
Wednesday 1:00 to 4:00 pm & Thursday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Deacon: Antonio Cavazos
Pastoral Assistant for Administration:
Christian Spencer
Email: [email protected]
Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper:
Gloria Valdez-Guillen
Email: [email protected]
Liturgy & Special Event Coordinator:
Athena Galdonez Ext: 108
Email: [email protected]
Facilities Manager II:
John Hodgins
Email: [email protected]
Music Director—Teen & Children’s
Terri Mudd
Email: [email protected]
Spanish Choir Director
Amadeo Miramontes