Newsletter Message from Your Board of Directors November 2014

November 2014
Message from Your Board of Directors
By Simi Ahluwalia, PMP
As Director of the Public Relations Portfolio for our chapter, I’m very excited to provide an overview of the portfolio as well as some initiatives we have underway for
the 2015 fiscal year. Prior to doing so I’d like to provide
some background of myself and my involvement with
With a Project Management background in Manufacturing and due to
industry shortfalls, a number years ago I made a decision to transition
out of manufacturing and into an industry that would support my passions towards project management. I had the experience but knew
that I needed more to prove myself worthy of such a transition. As
such I pursued a Post Graduate in Project Management through
Humber College and immediately followed through with obtaining the
valuable PMP certification. Doing so led me to transition my Project
Management expertise to the Financial Services industry. In my current role as Project Director, I lead a group of Project Managers and
Business Analysts to execute portfolio objectives for the Individual Life
and Health line of business.
It was during that transition when I was introduced to the PMI Southern Ontario Chapter. At the time, the support I received by the chapter officers was a large part of my success in transitioning industries.
As the President of the Post Graduate Project Management Program
for Humber College, I became very much involved with chapter activities and liaised between chapter officials and the student body. After
completing the program, obtaining the PMP and completing my industry transition, I continued my work with the chapter as a volunteer by
participating in events and was an original member of the Communications Committee. Since then I’ve had the privilege to act as VP of
Marketing and have recently been voted into the Board of Directors…
leading me to my current role, Director of Public Relations.
The title ‘Public Relations’ is new to the chapter this year and combines functionality from both Marketing and Communications. Our
objectives for this fiscal year is to increase brand awareness and
chapter visibly, communicate chapter benefits and continue to support
portfolio partners with their communication needs. With a number of
initiatives underway, our success in achieving those objectives is
largely driven by a team of volunteers that are passionate in providing
value added services. In recognition of their efforts I would like to
take a quick opportunity to show my appreciation for their dedication
and commitment to the chapter…THANK YOU!
As we look to an exciting year ahead, I’m certain the initiatives we
have planned will support our objectives for this fiscal year.
One of which we have underway is to develop relationships with external entities to broaden our
chapters market presence. We’re also streamlining
our marketing process to support scheduled events
throughout the year. The two initiatives combined
will allow us to expand on our current communication channels as we find innovative ways to engage
our valued members and deliver chapter benefits.
With changes in communication over the years and
how we use of social media, we’ll continue to
optimize all our social media assets and further
improve chapter visibility on sites such as
LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. As our members
increasingly direct their communication needs to
the Web, another initiative we have underway is to
seek opportunities to improve and modernize the
PMI-SOC Web site. We look at these initiatives to
maintain our brand, improve our Web presence,
expand our target audience and better communicate to chapter members.
In closing I would like to personally thank our
members and volunteers for supporting PMI-SOC
over the past 39 years.
Simi Ahluwalia, PMP®
Director, Public Relations
PMI Southern Ontario Chapter
Message from Your Board of Directors
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Discover, Learn, Connect
by Joseph Fernandes, PMP ...…..…………………………………………..2
Professional Development Symposium ….…………………………...3
Mentors & Masterminds
by Jim Czegledi ………………………....………………………..………………5
You Must Know Your PM Plan for Your PMP Exam
by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM .………………………..………………6
New Members .……………………………………………………………………...7
SOC Executive List ……………………………….……………………………...8
From the Editor...
Discover, Learn, Connect
Carol Donohue, PMP, DTM
Joseph Fernandes, PMP
November is an exciting month for professional development opportunities! The first
one this month occurs on November 6th. It
is International Project Management Day -IPM Day is always the first Thursday in
November. You can visit for a
wealth of information for IPM day. The website to register for
this year’s edition is
eid=1022&seid=1425 – registration is free, and you have the
opportunity of earning up to 12 PDUs for attending the webinars, either on the day or at your leisure.
‘Discover, Learn and Connect’, that’s just
what I did at the PMI North America Leadership Institute Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona,
until this past Saturday. And when I returned, I got into a PM War!
The second event is our SOC-PMI Professional Development
Symposium on November 8th. 2 keynotes and 2 deep dive
sessions are on schedule for the day. Visit http:// for more details and to register
for the event, in which you will receive 8 PDUs.
One last event this month I would like to call your attention
to. This November’s monthly meeting on the 27th will also
be the Annual Members Meeting. As such, the event will be
FREE for all SOC-PMI members. I encourage you to come out
to the meeting and participate in the chapter business activities.
Upcoming Events
SOC Professional Development Symposium (8 PDUs)
Innovation and Leadership in Project Management
with renowned keynote speakers and industry experts
on Saturday, November 8, 2014
SOC Webinar (1 PDU)
Integrating Project Management into the Innovation Process
with Dean Bellefleur
on Wednesday, November 19, 2014
SOC Monthly Meeting and Annual Members Meeting (1.5 PDUs)
Success Is Not a Spectator Sport - How To Take Action and
Achieve More! with Charles Marcus
on Thursday, November 27, 2014
Joint Event - GTIS Branch and BA Community (4 PDUs)
Navigating through Agile Requirements for Project Success
with Perry McLeod, CBAP, PMP
on Saturday, November 29, 2014
GTIS Branch Event (1.5 PDUs)
How to Survive a Project Management Audit
with Rakhi Henderson
on Thursday, December 4, 2014
SOC Webinar (1 PDU)
Surviving Long and Complex Projects
with Alexander Hay
on Wednesday, December 17, 2014
What’s a PM War and how do you get in it you ask? It’s a fun
virtual opportunity to go head-to-head with a co-member in
a battle of Project Management wits. You have 90 seconds to
answer as many questions as possible. You get +2 points for
a correct answer and -1 for a wrong answer. If you're not
sure, you are allowed to skip, but only three times. You get
challenged to a war or you start one online.
It’s just one of the many features of the new Integrated
Online Community, also a Knowledge Portal, accessible by
project management practitioners all over the world, at
How does one get into a PM War on the site? Either you start
one or you get invited to one. Imagine my excitement when
I got an email yesterday, from a member of the Moscow
Chapter who challenged me to a PM War. I had already won
and lost several, and enjoyed having so much fun! Get going
on your own war story by interacting with any PMI member
who you find online that you wish to go against.
This new world is a positive and exciting change that is different from the current has improved enhancements and provides information on membership, certifications, events, training and development, education and resources and PMBOK Guide and Standards. However, it is different from ( in
short), and complements it in many ways.
The portal provides some of the above components,
i.e. knowledge content, thought leadership, but is more than
a repository of education and learning. It empowers us to
interact, network, collaborate and learn and share with each
other on a global scale. A new world to discover, but not to
fear. This quote reminds us that we should be open to jump
into challenges and not fear failure:
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein.
So try something new! The change this new portal brings is
an evolution that I champion because I see so much value
add in it for all of us, as individuals and as teams, to develop
personally and professionally. We can contribute individually
or collaboratively to share, learn, gain visibility, build bridges
and become influencers and trailblazers!
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PMI-SOC Professional Development Symposium
Saturday, November 8, 2014
Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre
89 Chestnut Street, Toronto
Last Chance to Register!
With renowned keynote speakers like Seamus O'Regan and Mike Lipkin, and Symposium emcee David Barrett; as well as a great
line-up of industry experts who will share their knowledge at deep dive breakaway sessions, a lunch time networking experience,
the Professional Development Symposium is a fun-filled learning and networking opportunity you can't afford to miss.
All delegates enjoy...
A copy of Mike Lipkin's bestseller - "Star Power - How to be Unstoppable"
Hot breakfast!
End of day reception with exhibitors
Great education sessions
Can you afford not to be there...?
7:30 - 8:30
Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30 - 8:45
Welcome & Opening Remarks — David Barrett
8:45 - 9:45
Keynote Presentation: Leadership — Mike Lipkin
- Star Power - The Power to Persuade
9:45 - 10:15
Nutrition Break & Exhibits
10:15 - 12:15
Morning Deep Dive - Tracks A-E
12:15 - 13:30
Lunch & Networking Session & Exhibits
EAR s!
8 PD
Hosted by: Emcee David Barrett
- Building and Managing the Relationships in Your Life
13:30 - 15:30
Afternoon Deep Dive - Tracks A-E
15:30 - 16:00
Nutrition Break & Exhibits
16:00 - 17:00
Keynote Presentation: Innovation — Seamus O'Regan
- Handling Change in Crazy Time-Canada Needs to Think Big
17:00 - 18:00
Reception - Mix & Mingle with Exhibitors
Kenote Speaker - Leadership - Mike Lipkin, Business Coach and Motivational Speaker
One of the world's leading motivators, Mike Lipkin excels at helping people enhance their personal productivity and build strong teams around themselves. He reveals the latest social value trends that shape how
people think, act and buy ... and shows how to leverage those trends to maximize success.
Keynote Speaker - Innovation - Seamus O'Regan, Canadian Broadcast Journalist
Seamus O’Regan is well known for his roles on CTV as news correspondent and famed co-host of CTV’s
Canada AM, national morning show leader. Hailing from Newfoundland, he has interviewed such newsmakers
as former U.S. president Bill Clinton, prime minister Paul Martin, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Shania Twain,
Conrad Black and Prince. He is one of the few journalists to have interviewed four former prime ministers —
Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, John Turner and Joe Clark — together.
Official Emcee - David Barrett, Professional Speaker and Leadership Expert, and Networking Lunch
David Barrett is a professional speaker who specializes in inspiring leaders at all levels and from all industries.
He is a master in the art and science of getting work done -- execution leadership, project leadership and
personal leadership. He is also the National Program Director for the Centres of Excellence in Project Management and Business Analysis at Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York
University and University of Toronto.
Discover, Learn and Connect… continued from page 2
Knowledge & networking has a new home in the portal. It is the new home for PMI knowledge, networking and
community. Connect with over 1 million project managers,
access over 14,000 answers to questions, earn digital badges
for your contributions, and so much more.
This is some information I pulled from several weeks
ago, about what the new portal will sport:
Over 4,000 articles from industry experts who help you
jumpstart your projects.
Over 1,000 Deliverable Templates to save you time and
Over 550,000 peer connections and experts to offer
specific advice.
The Perks
● Connections to others who are managing projects like
● A place to get started processes that you can customize
for your needs
● Instant productivity boosts deliverable templates &
● PDU opportunities from videos to webinars, with tips
from experts
● Access to experts real people who understand what you
are going through
● News that matters stories that relate to what you are
trying to accomplish
● Advice you need tips on the art of managing your effort
Now let me continue to inform readers about the portal’s
features, functionality and benefits in this 2nd in the series of
articles. Below is information critical for the reader to begin
contributing, collaborating and building influence in the new
community model, if not already done so.
The steps below are taken from a LIM workshop (Oct 25)
delivered by Danielle Ritter, Manager, Communities of Practice (PMI Staff) on ‘Be a Trailblazer!’
Tune up profile
Share an experience
Produce a template
Flesh out an idea
Start a project
In this article, allow me to focus on the first step in order to
encourage and motivate you to start it. I will speak to the
other remaining steps in the next newsletter edition.
Tune up profile. Here’s what’s involved:
Set up your Public Profile The Public Profile is part of every
membership. It's there waiting for you to set it up and show
the rest of our community who you are. Once you create
your profile, you'll have the option to keep your it private to users, or to people in your Network. You can hide it completely if you
First you enter identifying information as your Public Profile
and that allows you to share that information-and more-with
your fellow PMI members who have also registered with You will find a new link on the left navigation bar of that will take you to it. You can introduce yourself, post your resume, tell everyone what your
special skills are and what kinds of projects you're working
on. Your contributions will also be tracked on, so you can see your questions, answers, discussion postings, article reviews and more.
You should set this up because the more people with profiles,
the stronger the network will become. already has a
thriving, active community and by launching a Public Profile,
you'll be helping PMI build the project management network
that the whole industry can benefit from. It's win-win
350,000 times over.
Find people to connect to Once your Public Profile is set up, you can invite other members to join your network and exchange profile information.
You can find other members posting
in discussions, writing blogs, editing wikis, writing reviews
and comments. Clicking on other members' names will take
you to their personal profiles, where you can request to connect with them. You can also search for members by name, location, industry, job function
or project management expertise. You can see what projects
they've been doing and their interests and site activity.
There's also a place for you to post a recommendation for
someone you know or may have worked with before. And
they can recommend you, too.
A message system Yes, there’s a messaging system
through which you can contact members directly. Your profile
gives you access to an Inbox on the portal. This is just for
messages among you and other members. It's a convenient
way to invite people to join your network, send personal
messages to each other, and ask a specific question to a
specific person.
Earn "pmPoints" (you see these next to your name) –
Now when you participate on, by
leaving comments, reviewing content, posting on discussions
and stuff like that, you'll get points that will give you the
recognition you deserve. As you get more points, you move
up the levels.
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Mentors & Masterminds
By Jim Czegledi
A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor. It is usually someone more senior in position than you and someone who will listen to
you and give you some quality advice.
The first thing I encourage first time managers
or new salespeople to do is to get a mentor.
Find a person you trust and respect and who
will help you improve your odds of success.
I have had one or a series of them for more than 25 years in
my professional life and they have proven to be invaluable to
me. I have also served as a mentor to a junior colleague and
to one who was new to the organization in which I worked.
Mentoring can help you feel connected in a special way to
your mentee on your team. It will also help you develop your
own skills, explaining how to move forward and how things
work. It also builds your abilities at the same time.
A Mentor is...
● Supportive and constructive
● Available and prepared
● A good listener and sounding board
● Challenging (Mentee)
Mentoring has its benefits, according to the Center for Creative Leadership, not only for the one being mentored, but
also for the manager who does the mentoring. Managers who
provide career-related mentoring to their direct reports are
actually rated as better performers in their job by their boss.
It can be a win/win.
Management can be a lonely occupation. Why not run some
new ideas by them, share successes and failures, seek advice from potential advisors and sounding boards, either in
your own company or through professional associations.
Reverse Mentoring: Often, mentoring relationships go in
one direction: from senior to junior. For the first time in
many years, younger employees can switch it up, adding
value (through Social Media or IT knowledge) back to their
older colleagues. This is also a great way to boost morale
and team spirit, especially with new and younger employees.
If mentoring is not your thing, consider joining a mastermind
Mastermind Groups are groups of different people who
contribute to each other’s development through brainstorming ideas, challenging, supporting, and providing feedback
and accountability by keeping you focused and on track.
Mastermind Groups ...
● Work on solutions/ideas with energy
● Gain experience, skills and confidence
● Overcome feeling isolated
Do you currently mentor?
Do you have a mentor?
Are you a member of a mastermind group?
If not, why not?
About Jim Czegledi
Dr. Jim, The People Skills Guy, helps skilled people develop
their people skills. Call or email me to talk about your or
your team’s needs. I will send you my People Skills self scoring assessment so you can determine for yourself how my
[email protected], or call me at 416-799-9590.
Discover, Learn and Connect… continued from page 4
Once you enter the information as indicated above, or as
much as you want to, these links will display:
Resumé/Bio, PM Expertise, Network, Contributions, Projects,
The information will be automatically displayed appropriately
in these different sections.
I hope the above has helped to get you started. is a community, your community, for project
managers in various industries and sectors. It is your onestop shop for PM answers, helping get you "unstuck" — and
confidently meet every new challenge that comes your way.
Please go ahead and take this hands-on opportunity to begin
contributing, collaborating and building influence in the new
community model.
About Joseph Fernandes, PMP
Joseph Fernandes, PMP is a member of PMI-SOC and the
immediate Past President of Project Management Toastmasters Club. He is a regular contributor of a monthly
column on practical examples of tools, tips and techniques.
You Must Know Your PM Plan for Your PMP Exam
By Cornelius fichtner, PMP, CSM
Are you in the process of studying for
the Project Management Professional
(PMP)® Exam? Have you read through
what the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK ®
Guide) says about the Project Management Plan? Confused?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are
in the right place. In this article we are going to discuss what
the Project Management Plan is, why fully understanding the
Project Management Plan is essential to both project success
and PMP Exam success, what subsidiary plans and documents are, and once approved how changes are made to the
Project Management Plan.
What is the Project Management Plan?
According to the PMBOK® Guide, the Project Management
Plan is “the document that describes how the project will be
executed, monitored, and controlled.” Objectives of the Project Management Plan include documenting assumptions and
decisions, communicating how the project will be executed,
and documenting high level goals, costs, and milestones. The
Project Management Plan is much more than a single document that is created and set aside. It integrates subsidiary
plans and documents, it is created during the Planning Process Group and is expected to be updated as the project progresses. It is a living document.
Why is understanding the Project Management Plan essential to both project success and PMP Exam success?
That is because it is the “go to” document used to answer
questions during the project, and understanding what kinds
of questions it may answer is vital to both project and PMP
Exam success. The Project Management Plan should be able
to answer why a project was sponsored and what problem it
is expected to resolve or what value the project is expected
to add. It should describe the work to be performed and what
the major deliverables or products are. It should identify who
is involved in the project and what their responsibilities are
and how they are organized. It should define how the work is
to be executed in order to meet project objectives and how
any changes will be monitored and controlled. If all of these
are included in the Project Management Plan, then you will be
able to answer the why, what, who, when, and how type
questions that may arise during a project.
What are subsidiary plans and documents?
These are most often outputs of the other Planning Processes. For example, the Cost Management Plan is an output
of the Plan Cost Management Process. It describes how project costs will be planned, structured, and controlled. It is
considered a “subsidiary plan” to the overall Project Management Plan. Subsidiary plans are all of the “plan” outputs from
the Planning Processes that include Scope Management, Requirements Management, Schedule Management, Quality
Management, Process Improvement, Human Resource Man-
agement, Communications Management, Procurement Management, and Stakeholder Management. The subsidiary plans
may be defined at a high or detailed level depending on the
type of plan, the specific needs of the project and the requirements of the performing organization.
Subsidiary documents are the baselines developed as part of
the Planning Processes. They include the schedule baseline,
cost performance baseline, and scope baseline. Don’t forget
that the scope baseline also includes the scope statement,
WBS, and WBS dictionary.
How are changes made to the Project Management Plan?
Changes to the Project Management Plan are made through a
Change Control System. This system consists of methods to
request, review, and approve changes. Requests are typically
made using a form, either paper or electronic. Requests are
then reviewed by the project manager, project sponsor, select set of stakeholders, a change control board, or by whoever is tasked to review requests by the performing organization. Once a change is approved the Project Management
Plan is updated. Changes that are not requested through the
Change Control System or approved should not be implemented. Including unapproved changes will let the project go
out of control.
The Project Management Plan is a vast topic and this article
has only scratched the surface of a few aspects. There are
many other facets such as the other inputs besides subsidiary
plans and documents, how it is used to communicate how the
project will be executed and controlled, the importance and
usage of a Project Management Information System, and the
formality of the Project Management Plan all of which are
vital to know and understand for the PMP Exam. A few additional aspects to keep in mind when studying the Project
Management Plan are that it is typically a formal written
document, that it guides project execution and control, that it
is approved by the project stakeholders, and that the project
cannot start until the Project Management Plan is approved.
In order to understand this topic completely read the Develop
Project Management Plan section in the PMBOK® Guide. Then
explain what a Project Management Plan is, how it is developed, and how it is changed to a friend who is not a project
manager. Because if you can explain it clearly to them, then
you fully understand it yourself; and use a Project Management Plan for your projects because practice makes perfect
when it comes to the PMP Exam.
About Cornelius Fichtner
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM is a noted project management
expert and trainer. He has helped over 26,000 students prepare for the PMP Exam with The Project Management PrepCast, and The PMP Exam Simulator.
Welcome to our October New Members
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Volunteer at PMI-SOC
Opportunities To Volunteer
PMI SOC is always looking for volunteers to support the
Chapter’s objectives. There is a number of positions in each
portfolio for the upcoming year.
Our volunteering opportunities are created through our
Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS)
and we encourage you to check it often. (Use your
login credentials to access the VRMS.)
Your Chapter would like to better understand the interest in
volunteering amongst our members, and expedite the
selection time through the matching of skills offered and
interests expressed with the ongoing projects.
Thank you to our
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We are looking for articles of interest relating to
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Long or short articles are welcome.
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