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Mental Illness
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Bountiful High Parking Lot
Student Approval*
By Dallas Guymon
The new school year begins and
the controversy never ends. This
time the controversy is over the
new Bountiful High parking lot.
The line has been drawn in the
parking lot with a few red pillars,
some honking horns, and the sweet
smell of new asphalt.
Safety is the goal of every school
administrator. According to Vice
Principle Sue Baylis the safest option for Bountiful is having pillars in
between the North and South parking lot.
“The safety factor of not driving through where people are walking is great,” said Vice Principle Sue
Baylis. She does acknowledge that
it is not convenient; however, she
feels that the safety factor prevails
the convenient of the students.
An example she gives of the lack
of safety between the north and
south Parking lot last year is “(the
school) almost had an incident last
After the poles were removed:
year were Coach Wall actually had
to throw a student out of the way
of a car.”
Bountiful High School student,
Ben Phan, agrees with Baylis:
“When I walk between the main
school building and the field house,
I do feel safer with the pillars there.”
However, Bountiful High School
Student Jordan Scott disagrees
about the pillars. He feels that it
gets congested in the parking lot
because of the pillars and the solution is to take the pillars out.
Scott gives an example of a situation he had were he felt like his
safety was in jeopardy: “I almost hit
a guy, he cut me off pretty hard, I
took a smart route heading North
on Orchard and I was turning right
into the front entrance and a driver
turning left pulled in front of me
and I almost whacked him.”
Scott doesn’t blame the driver
for almost hitting him; he instead
blames the parking lot: “It’s the
parking lot’s fault because probably
half of the kids turning left are worried that there are not going to be
spots on the other side and it would
Teachers Before They Were Teachers
By Janessa Boynton
Cowboys, grave robbers, belly
dancers. Teachers weren’t always
teachers. They had some odd jobs.
Sometimes it takes starting out in a
weird, interesting place before getting to where one really wants to
be. Most of the teachers at Bountiful High had jobs that might surprise.
History teacher, Mr. Harris, grew
up in Wyoming living the ranger
dream. He would have to get up
at the crack of dawn to milk cows,
bail hay, and sometimes even blow
up beaver dams with dynamite. He
was a horse breaker as well, and
was always working on getting the
best prize horse. He still owns the
ranch, and will be there during
breaks. Listening in his class one
will hear stories all about this.
Mrs. Gardener, English teacher,
was quick to tell about her past:
“I took belly dancing lessons.” She
also revealed that she was a dishwasher. If Gardener wasn’t a teacher she would definitely be in the
FBI, working for the circus, being a
bouncer, or on the normal side, a
Photo Courtesy of
Spanish class has been known
as being extremely fun and Mrs.
Nelson is to blame for that. She
started out being a lifeguard but
becoming a Spanish teacher was
always her dream. “Now, what
would I be doing if I wasn’t a
teacher? I would be a bartender.
On some beach in…Nicaragua,”
She said. She has a very strong
love of the Spanish language and
There is one teacher at Bountiful High that worked in an eerie setting. “After high school I
worked at the cemetery raising
sunken graves.” Mrs. Hathaway,
history teacher, had to pull back
grass and lift headstones as they
would settle into the ground.
It is safe to say that no matter
how small and random one might
see their job, it could just be that
much more exciting. The crazier the
job, the better the character. If Mr.
Harris can go from being a rough
and tough cowboy to being a mildmannered teacher, and Hathaway
can go from spending time with the
dead to being with live and learning
students, anything is possible. May
the memories of these jobs always
be remembered.
Student Approval*
be a huge waste of time,” he said.
SBO Melany Chavez’s gives a solution to Scott’s problem: “The thing
I do to avoid the congestion in the
parking lot is wake up ten minutes
earlier, and because I do this I avoid
the congestion in the parking lot.”
The parking lot has its conflict and
it seems that no one is willing to
budge from his or her opinion and
that includes the red pillars.
Update: The red pillars budged.
The students complained and the
administrators caved with a little
help from fire codes. September 24,
2014 is the date when the students
of Bountiful High rejoiced when the
north side, and the south side could
Photos by Adam Reid and Hayden Hamblin
Before the poles were removed:
hold hands at the parking lot. Many
people dreamed of this, but it finally became came true. It seems as if
Jordan Scott won and the emblem
between the field house and the
main building lost. Maybe it wasn’t
meant to be to have pillars in the
parking lot.
*Percentages based on survey of 162 BHS
We Are One
As the sun goes down you see the outline of a BRAVE with his feather
As the moon rises the warrior sits by the fire with his heartbeat and tomahawk.
The tribe is peaceful and spiritual as they stand determined in unity.
Our hearts beat as one as we go into battle strong.
A strong valiant warrior fighting for his land.
The red we bleed is the color we wear.
Vibrant red burns through my veins.
Protecting with peace and primitive purity.
Live to be courageous.
Honor the tribe with hope and boldness.
Braves are strong with many numbers we ride along.
We are ready for war; ready for anything that comes our way.
We are forever strong.
Straight as an arrow.
Protector of the people
Strong and sturdy like a storm of wind and thunder.
Our enemies flee before our might.
Gentle and smart and never afraid.
The best that we can “B”.
Together we are brave; we have honor and pride.
You can truly be a BRAVE.
A noble savage and guardian of the land.
Hand in hand with his brothers.
We are all part of one tribe.
The warriors of the tribe: relentless, proud, elegant, powerful.
Choosing to be a brave forever with bravery and strength as our light.
Once a brave; Always a brave.
Fight like a Brave with powerful mighty warriors.
Life in the tribe is where we belong.
Together we live in harmony.
We are ONE!
Written by Mrs. Hedberg’s 2nd period class.
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Sleeping In
Class: The
Pros And Cons
Feminism’s Importance
at Bountiful High School
By Shayla Ballard
Bountiful High has a strict dress
code for all genders, yet there have
been different standards for students, noted by students.
Girls are being sent home for
wearing a shirt that exposes their
chest more than what is deemed
“proper.” However, a young man
was seen in a shirt with a photograph of a women’s exposed chest
on it on his way to the media center.
So what is the difference between a young woman’s display of
her own body being inappropriate,
yet a man’s tee shirt is not surprising?
The Brave staff welcomes
letters to the editor. Letters should be submitted to
the editors with both the
author’s name and signature. All letters are subject
to consideration in regards to
space available and may be
edited for objectionable content. Please submit letters to
Although many students believe
that feminism is no longer an issue
in today’s society, people still see
things like this happening everywhere, from the portrayal of women in advertising, or the standards
either gender are told to uphold.
A few days ago, a student was
walking past a group of boys playing basketball when she heard one
of them say, “You throw like a girl.”
Women are often portrayed as
“the weaker sex” in media, and sexism gets to the point where comparing a boy to a girl is considered
degrading, and men must be held
to a higher standard of strength
and level-headedness. If not, they
are called “feminine.”
room 513 or to the Editor-inChief. Letters may be printed
“Name Withheld” upon the
request of the writer. The
Brave newspaper welcomes
suggestions, comments,
questions, and student participation.
Bradlee Harle
By Jatime Medrano
Why is being a woman considered shameful? In ancient times
and places, such as Sparta, women
held positions of equal power to
men fairly often. As the middle ages
came about, women were shunned
even more and were given fewer
rights than men.
Three of the four young men
interviewed at Bountiful said that
women are now equal to men in
society, but is this really the case?
And does it only affect women?
Each and every young women
interviewed had said that they had
faced harassment and embarrassment, only because they were
Men also face poor treatment,
although on a different scale, due
to the objectification
and belittling
of women.
Men are expected
be “macho,”
and must always remain
strong and
An anonymous
student said that
he has a fear
but had to
“play it cool”
when he saw one in a classroom.
Men are respected at a higher level
than women in society, and feel
pressured to maintain a cool, confident air that they may not naturally
There are many types of feminists, but many of them believe in
“equal but different,” such as the
excuse, “You can’t hit me, I’m a
In order to understand feminism, one has to understand that
in order to be equal, women will
need to give up certain rights they
have come to possess; for example, women are allowed to scream
when confronted with a spider—
in fact, it may be expected. Men,
however, cannot do something so
In order for all sexes to be equal,
people must first understand that
while there are some benefits to
being a man or woman, there are
hindrances. Everyone can
begin understanding and
all sexes by
reaching out
right here,
Bountiful High. By
treating all
students as
equals, the
spread, benefitting
genders in the long run with completely equal rights.
Shayla Ballard
Lauren Barnes
Janessa Boynton
Leah Higginbotham
Dallas Guymon
Emma McKee
Hayden Hamblin
Jarred McDaniel
Jatime Medrano
Noah Bean
Greg Wilkey
Courtesy of Commons.Wikipedia.Org
Photo by Jarred McDaniel
Welcome back Braves!
I’m Leah, and I am this
year’s Bravewalking
poller! It’s October, so this
month, I asked how the
Braves feel about Trickor-Treating. Is it for
kids only or is everyone welcome? Here
are the results!
21% of Braves
think that you are
never too old for
trick or treating,
34% say that 18
is the cut off age,
17% will cut you off
at 16 years old, and
a whopping 28% say
once you hit 13, you
better drop the candy
bucket and take off the
Tristin Hanson
Tyler Bohn
Sheree Springer
Spectrum Press
Napping. Hands down, it is the
best cat invention ever. As high
school students, catching a few
winks after an eventful day can be
a heaven send. But between homework, sports, and social expectations, it is very hard to enjoy those
few moments to examine the backs
of eyelids.
So where do teens fit in their
extra sleeping time? In the middle
of class. Is this a smart thing to do?
Many, like sophomore Natalie
Hopkins, thinks it’s not, but also
admits, “It’s stupid, but I still do it.”
So how are teens supposed to
manage their time between all of
their activities and still get eight
and a half to nine hours of sleep
as recommended by the National
Sleep Foundation?
High school student Lindsay
Misener shares her daily schedule:
“As soon as I get home, I get started on my homework. That usually
takes about an hour to five hours
depending on the type of homework I have.”
“Then, if my homework is done, I
call my friends and set things up for
the weekend. I try to go to sleep
at ten, but sometimes that doesn’t
happen because I get worried that
my homework is wrong. So I wake
up and double or even triple check
it, so I usually get to bed around
If Lindsay woke up at six, she
would have slept for only seven
hours, well below the minimum of
the eight and a half hours of recommended time a normal, everyday
teenager needs to sleep.
But, to be fair to all of the teenagers napping in class at this very moment; is a lot easier to say that they
should go to bed at a reasonable
time than to actually do it.
Some pros to napping in class?
One, napping. Two, if it’s not the
student that is sleeping, they would
get to watch someone else get in
trouble for sleeping in class. Is that
still a pro? Yeah it is.
As most would expect, there are
quite a few more cons in this category than there are pros. One, the
sleeper will get made fun of when
they wake up. Two, they will miss
important middle-of-class stuff.
Three, they will get in trouble for
sleeping in the middle of class.
There are many more cons that
include drool, embarrassment, and
the like but if those were included,
this would go on forever and ever.
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Coping with Common Mental Illnesses in High School
Mental illnesses are much more
prevalent in high school than one
would expect.
Most students would not expect
to hear that someone that they
care about has a disorder—someone that they see every day could
be struggling with something like
According to, the sad
truth of the matter is that 5% of
girls will suffer from an eating disorder, about 40% of people will live
in constant fear due to a hefty diagnosis of anxiety disorder, and one
third of people will have some form
of diagnosed depression in their
Although it may seem that a person may be the only person different or abnormal in high school, one
is never alone.
In this day and age, most people
have a mental illness, whether they
know it or not.
For now, here are some tips to
get through high school with three
of the most common mental disorders.
The high school years provide a
perfect breeding ground for an anxiety disorder to develop, since large
amounts of homework, hormones,
and insecurities pile onto students’
workloads, leaving little time to
cope with these issues.
However, three out of four students were still surprised to learn
that about 20% of people have an
anxiety disorder, when in reality,
the number is closer to 40%, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.
Others expected it, such as Addy
D., a senior, who said, “My family
always overthinks or overreacts to
An anxiety disorder is defined
as a mental illness that causes persistent feelings of anxiety and fear,
such as panic disorder or posttraumatic stress disorder. Anxiety is
common among students, with approximately half of students knowing someone who was diagnosed
with anxiety.
These statistics don’t include
those who have not yet been diagnosed, whether out of fears of
being judged, doctors, therapists,
or medications, or they just don’t
understand why they’re so scared
Often, people with anxiety disorders are told to avoid what causes
stress; however, avoiding what
makes them anxious leads one to
feel demoralized and dangerous.
People with social anxiety just can’t
avoid going to school or hanging
out with friends. If people worry
constantly, they may have an anxiety disorder.
It doesn’t help to tell someone
with anxiety to “just relax” and
stop worrying. Often, all that this
leads to is a thought process along
the lines of, “I worry too much? I’m
so stupid. I need to stop worrying.
I can’t stop! What if they think I’m
an idiot for worrying? I’m so annoying!” All that happens is that they
feel worse, and the worrying gets
annoying to everyone.
If someone has a friend with anxiety, that person can try to support
them. It’s difficult to live with any
disorder, and anxiety is one of the
most common mental illnesses.
When something goes wrong, try
to help friends through the issue
by giving them constant moral support. Having any disorder can make
everyone feel isolated, but with a
good friend to be there, it will make
them feel much more relaxed.
When an anxiety attack happens
to someone, people around should
keep a calm head in the situation.
A friend should quietly escort them
to a safe place, ask what the person
may need, and be predictable by
speaking in brief sentences.
One should try to be there when
the person with anxiety will need
him or her most, which is near the
end of the breakdown.
If someone is having an anxiety
attack, that person won’t be able
to do much in the situation; what
someone can do is keep calm before anything else happens, and
learn ways to boost their morale
after a long day. There are coping
methods so one can calm down in
an intense situation.
Tapping the back of your ear is
a strange but efficient way to relax, and the same goes with worry
stones and playing with clay. Develop a good group of supportive
friends to help you through hard
times, and be sure to relax every
day. Try researching meditation
methods, talking to a counselor,
baking cookies, listening to good
music, or watching a TV show!
If you need help, support, or information at any time or in any situation, contact the Crisis Call Center
Hotline. Their number is 800-2738255, or you can text “ANSWER” to
839863. If you are feeling suicidal,
call 911 or 800-784-2433 immediately.
“I’m depressed” is a common
thing to say, but what is depression? It is not just feeling sad, it
is like living in a black hole. Most
people know what it is like to feel
sad and its last for a few days; with
depression, it’s a feeling of emptiness, worthlessness, every day for
months, or years.
Nine percent of all Americans
will have some form of depression
in their life, a third will face major
depression in their lifetimes, according to
Depression isn’t something that
people can snap out of; depression
is a mental illness or disorder. It is
just like diabetes or a broken bone;
not only can it be hazardous to people’s heath, it has effect on everyday life. Depression can be made
worst if someone says, “Just snap
out of it.”
Symptoms of depression are loss
of appetite, irritability, and anxiety.
Depression goes hand and hand
with many disorders; it isn’t just
having one or the other.
It’s a common misconception
that when somebody has depression they talk about it all the time,
they like to bring attention to themselves. When they talk about it,
they trust that person they believe
that person can help them in some
way. That’s what is happening when
people talk about their depression
it not for attention it is for help.
Coping with depression is not a
task that should be taken on alone.
People with depression can begin
to self-harm, develop eating disorders, can have troubles with substance abuse, and attempt suicide.
If someone close to you ever begins
to have these symptoms of depression, talk to a trusted adult, or even
a close friend.
Writing and drawing about what
they feel can be a huge help. Music
can also be an escape, as it speaks
to a person, especially when they
are depressed. Songs that have
helped people are: “Bleed Like Me”
and “Beautiful” by Eminem, “Hurt”
(cover by Jonny Cash) and “Iris” by
the Goo Goo Dolls
People face depression every day
and live normal lives even in BHS.
Please, if someone is having a hard
time with depression or any other
mental illness, just talk to them.
Although invisible, mental illnesses are just as painful as physical ailments.
Taken by Lauren Barnes
Mental illnesses are issues that are frequently overlooked and often trivialized.
Sometimes all they need is someone to show that they care.
These aren’t the happiest songs,
but they relate to people how it can
feel to have depression, suicidal
thoughts, major depression, and
even self- harm.
If you don’t trust anyone, you
can call a hotline. If you choose to
remain anonymous you can, you
can just talk. Depression and Suicide Hotline Number (the Trevor
project) 866-488-7386
Eating Disorders
Imagine a girl, a fellow Brave, 17
years old, with her whole life in
front of her. That girl is a friend,
a classmate. She is one of a few
who spend their lunches getting as
little food as the cafeteria workers
will let them, shuffling their lunch
around their plates to make it look
eaten, whilst discreetly throwing
the uneaten food away. She has a
secret, a secret of inner shame and
self-loathing, as she laughs away
the envy of thin waistlines, short
skirts and tight shirts. She has a
secret, no one sees or hears it, and
as she chats and smiles, no one notices her empty lunch tray. Despite
her outer cheer and mask, she has
a secret. She has an eating disorder.
The teen years are already a
time of inner turmoil, and with thin
friends and impossible role models,
some girls are trying harder and
harder to shrink away to nothing.
Eating disorders run rampant in
junior high and high schools and
have become frighteningly normalized. “I know that it has crossed my
mind before, to not eat, but I never
did it,” said senior Alison Woodward. “I think there are a lot of girls
where it crosses their minds.”
While boys sometimes suffer
from eating disorders, 91% of the
time girls are the ones who deal
with it, according to the National
Association of Anorexia Nervosa
and Associated Disorders (ANAD).
There’s a reason many girls aren’t
surprised by eating disorders, and
it’s because so much of a woman’s
worth is based on her appearance
in American society. “I think it’s a
lot more common than people like
to imagine it is,” said BHS student
Monica Fernandez.
Unfortunately, eating disorders
are often treated as a phase more
than a mental disease. The girl’s
feelings of drowning inside herself are written off as a “teenage
girl thing,” while she desperately
tries to force herself to eat something without crying. But it’s “just a
phase,” she’ll get over it.
“I didn’t know about it until afterward, but she was anorexic,” Woodward said, in regards to a friend
who dealt with an eating disorder
in junior high. Though it may seem
like it would be an obvious thing
to spot, it’s actually really hard to
see. Fernandez said, “You have to
earn the trust of someone to learn
if they are having these problems.”
Though some people think only
stick-thin girls suffer from eating
disorders, all body types have potential to develop them. This stereotype of size-zero girls being the
only ones that have eating disorders not only draws attention away
from those who actually need help,
but it also affects those who don’t
have one.
“I have this friend,” said Woodward, “and she’s just naturally a really skinny girl and a lot of people
think she has an eating disorder.
They ask her about it and I know
it really hurts her feelings a lot
because that’s not something you
want people to think about you.
That’s something that’s really hard
for her. There are a lot of people
that are just thin and people think
that they have an eating disorder.”
Dealing with an eating disorder is
a horrible thing. It tears away at the
girl’s self-confidence, reducing her
to a shell of the person she once
was. Woodward advised those
dealing with anorexia and similar
diseases to “Seek help, because
it’s not a good thing to put yourself through. If you’re eating for
comfort, or not eating to look better, you need help and you need to
stop, because that could hurt you
really bad in the long run.”
If you, like the hypothetical girl in
this story, suffer from an eating disorder, you’re not alone. Call 1-800931-2237 for help.
Back To School
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Waking Up:
Football for Dummies
A Student’s Greatest Triumph
By Hayden Hamblin
By Jared McDaniel
Photo by Noah Bean
Autumn, the best part of the whole
year. There’s cool air, changing
leaves, and most of all football.
Football is one of the most popular
sports in America. But how exactly
is this sport played? Football is played with 22 players on a 100 yard field. There are 11
per team on the field at one time.
Half are on offense and the other
are on defensive. The offense’s goal
is to run or pass the football down
the field to get into the end zone. If
the offense succeeds they will score
6 points. Followed by a PAT (Point
after Touchdown) kick which is only
1 point.
The defense’s goal is to stop the
offense any way possible. There are
an array of rules called penalties
that cause players to be more careful. These penalties could vary from
5 to 15 yards in which the referees
will move the ball backwards for
the offense or forward for the offense. Now, let’s get to the important stuff. Braves Football.
The real question, how are the
Braves different? Bountiful has
been conditioning since the beginning of July. The Braves woke up every morning and lifted weights for
an hour and a half. The sophomore
team came when the JV and Varsity
had finished lifting. They met up as
a whole then started their conditioning.
Conditioning for those who don’t
know, is basically just tons and tons
of running to condition your body
into shape.
The Braves know this more than
most, they are one of the most con-
This is where the games are played: it’s called a field
ditioned teams in the state.
The main event of summer conditioning were the famous Brave
Quarters. Brave Quarters vary from
one to four laps around the track.
The goal is to run the entire length
of the track in under sixty seconds.
Every season there is an elite group
of players that can run four quarters, and each time makes it under
the sixty seconds.
Now the Braves are different
than average high school teams.
Braves stay classy, on the field and
off. Their goal is to do everything
they do with class. They want everyone to know that they are going
to give it their best effort no matter what, and that they show up to
games ready to win. Whether the
game goes Bountiful’s way or not,
they will be good sportsmen.
This has been Bountiful’s tradition for decades, with some impor-
tant rules making sure the team
keeps their grades up. If an athlete
is caught ditching, or having unacceptable grades they will not play
the next game.
Bountiful is always going to be
this way, because they are different. They keep everything they
do classy, and always get better in
whatever they do.
Welcome Back to School Braves! A Word Search
Getting up for school is not
an easy task, sometimes getting
out of bed is hard enough. Many
people have been late to school
Many students use alarms
to get up, but there are varying
strategies; Alex Davidson said,
“I need to use an alarm on my
phone that won’t let me turn it
off until I solve a math problem.
It at least gets me awake enough
so I don’t fall back asleep.” An
alarm is almost always a good
idea for someone who needs to
get up in time
Staying awake when getting
to school is important so many
students had strategies for that
too, Sean Mitchell said “I get on
the internet in the mornings to
stay awake; I usually go to Reddit
or Memebase if I have any spare
time.” Whereas Meghan Chen
said, “I drink at least one cup of
water before getting to school.”
And Cal Sieverts said “I usually
talk to my friends once I get to
school.” Everyone has their own
way of staying awake before
But sometimes staying up too
late or doing something overnight can be a problem, waking
up and staying awake can be a
problem by that point. But even
on those days knowing what to
do is essential. Mark Angelbuer
said, “I usually drink something
with caffeine and eating bananas
helps me strangely enough.” Alice Miller says “I have to drink
something with caffeine to stay
awake.” Although caffeine can
help sometimes, it’s best to not
depend on it, because once it
wears off it can lead to being
sleepy or tired during school.
These are just a few ways people wake up and stay awake for
school and strategies for doing
so. The most popular strategies
were alarm clocks, showering,
drinking water, internet or video
games, and caffeine. These seem
to be the most recommended
ways of getting up in the mornings.
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Band Room gets Jazzed up
Construction workers work
hard against the heat of the bright
summer sun to begin another day.
However, this project is something
that hasn’t happened for a long
Over 2014’s summer there
were a lot of construction projects around Bountiful. One such
place included the one and only
Bountiful High School As incoming
sophomores, returning juniors,
and graduating seniors arrive on
the first day of school, something
is new.
Where uneven steps once
stood, wider walking spaces now
stand, with plants surrounding the
middle and new steps on the sides.
On another side of the building,
the Band and Fine Arts floor has a
make-over as well.
Art teachers prepare classrooms, while Mr. Turnblom the
band instructor works tirelessly to
Picture By Jatime Medrano
By Emma McKee
begin another great year of music.
“The Bountiful High band program
has already outgrown the space
they have been given to work
with,” Mr. Turnblom states.
Playing music in a small room
with a lot of instruments and bodies wouldn’t be an easy task to
accomplish, “but Mr. Turnblom has
done a really great job in managing
to do that for sixteen years,” Jarom
McKee comments.
“[The band room] looks a lot
nicer, has a much cleaner look,
cleaner air, a nice sound system,
and easier access to some of the
band instruments,” Mr. Turnblom
New Teachers Join Brave Staff
Having add-ons such as those
must be exciting for the band and
Mr. T! As that is what most of the
band students call the fantastic
director. Also added onto the
Band Room’s construction list was
another exit door.
“It was required by the Fire
Marshal to have a second door in
both the band and choir rooms”
Mr. Turnblom says. If the Fire
Marshal wants another door, then
a second door there’ll be. If there
was a fire, one door isn’t going to
make evacuations faster, but two
doors, now that’s something. A
faster way out makes it safer.
And speaking of survival, hearing in the band room does pose a
little problem. “The sound levels in
the band room causes a hazard for
hearing loss,” Mr. Turnblom comments. Luckily, most everyone in
the band comes out of class with a
normal amount of hearing.
“The district, Brave school
administration, contractors,
and construction workers have
been professional and courteous
throughout the remodeling process” Mr. Turnblom finishes.
And as the day closes, construction workers pack up dusty equipment, stand back, and view the job
with satisfaction.
New Students Arrive at BHS
BY Lauren Barnnes
This year we welcome a new
teacher who’s name is Mrs. Jones.
She is a medical anatomy teacher
and she used to teach at Woods
Cross. This is her 2nd year of teaching. Before she taught she was a
nurse at Primary Children’s Hospital in the pediatric wing. She loved
being a nurse, and she has seen
several severe medical cases. She
chose to teach Medical Anatomy
because she knows this subject
very well.
We also have a new Police Officer. He has been a policeman for
16 years. His name is Christopher
Witte. He’s 42 years old. He will
be here at Bountiful high for the
next 4 to 6 years. Before he started
working here at Bountiful High, he
worked at Meadowbrook Elementary for 3 hours only aside from his
regular police job. He’s dealt with
major crashes on our roadways
here in Utah. He has also served
Picture By Trisin Hanson
By Tristin Hanson
time in the National Guard 2 times.
During this time he was sent to Afghanistan, his main job was usually
in an office speaking with different
military personnel. Although his
job seemed pretty safe, he had to
also keep guard in the area he was
in, in case of any attacks. We are
very excited to have him here at
bountiful junior high and we are
looking forward to a great new
year with him.
Inspirational Music for One Tribe
By Jatime Medrano
Studying, homework; school
overall, they are probably the best
things a young-adult can do with
their time, right?
Most likely, the resounding answer was no. It is not a secret that
anything that doesn’t have to do
with the latest social media center
is not a number one activity on a
teens’ favorites list.
All right, that was a bit stereotypical, but hopefully, the point has
been made.
The remedy to the brain-numbing stupor that these things bring?
No, that is not a cue for anyone
to burst into song. Life is not High
School Musical, as much as some
people would like it to be.
So when people need a little
push, or a very large one, to get
important school or any other
stressful-type work done, listen to
some of these amazingly catchy
songs to get some much-needed
thinking fluids going;
“Eye of the Tiger”- Survivor
“We are the Champions”Queen
“We Will Rock You”- Queen
“I Believe I can Fly”- R. Kelly
“Walking On Sunshine”- Katrina
and the Waves
“Man in the Mirror”- Michael
“Beautiful Day”- U2
“Chariots of Fire”- Vangelis
“I’ve Got the Power”- Snap
“Bad Day”- Daniel Powter
“Beat It”- Michael Jackson
(Okay, let’s admit, anything by Michael Jackson is motivational.)
“Born This Way”- Lady Gaga
These aren’t, by any means, the
only motivational songs to listen
to, but just a few to start with.
Use them when trying to
translate some hieroglyphic notes
on multiplying matrices, getting
psyched up for an incredibly hot
date, or just when sitting around
with nothing at all to do.
Motivational music is also a really nice attitude boost to listen to
whenever and wherever. Hopefully,
these songs will be helpful in any
situation that isn’t the most entertaining. Enjoy!
Think back to the first day of kindergarten or when you moved to a
new school, remember that anxiety that was there. Now imagine
coming to BHS as a junior or senior,
without friends.
Sports are huge here at BHS.
Most students have played a sport
in their life. For new students,
sports can help make new friends.
Some of the new students are very
excited for their sports teams.
That is confidence and pride for
the school coming from a new student in the school and for the girls’
soccer team.
The most important part of
high school is learning. Well, that
and friends. Most people wouldn’t
survive a few days without talking
to their friend. So If having to pick
one thing to go to a new school,
what would you want to keep your
entire life or just your friends?
Marsaylis Patrick says “My friends
have been with me since I moved
to my old school they always had
my back.”
Some of our new students have
transferred from other schools
to Bountiful from other schools
in Utah. Merrick Graham is one
of those, but given the choice
between BHS and Woods Cross
he chose BHS. Why? Merrick said
“teachers like Mrs. Gardner make
the school have a great learning
environment.” Teachers are a huge
part of BHS, but to have a new
student in the school is great.
All of the new students are
coming for reasons whether it is
their family moving to a different
state or even across Utah or maybe
there we problems with the other
school. The stress on students
moving to a new place is pretty
high, Jocelyn said “Everybody is
pretty much is friendly. When you
first move here everyone is like
‘new person’ but once they get
used to you they are really cool.”
Students are always a little curious
and apprehensive with a new student but that is really normal.
To students new and old
we are a tribe and whether you
lived out of Utah or just down the
street… Welcome back students.
Local Places
The Fantastic Ms. Jensen
Snails are a weird food, but there
are plenty of good foods to go
around, thank goodness.
This amazing teacher is a talented Spanish speaker, but also a talented knitter! “I love to knit. I was
on a competitive knitting team (in
a competition called “Nerd Wars)”,
Ms. Jensen states.
A professional Spanish speaker,
knitter and traveler; What hasn’t
Ms. Jensen done? Besides those
terrific talents Ms. Jensen has,
some things haven’t been shared
about this teacher.
If Ms. Jensen could only eat two
foods the rest of life, they would be
“Pizza, because it has all the food
groups, and potatoes, because I
can make everything with them I
will never resist a French fry.” Ms.
Jensen adds.
“When I was younger, grandma
took my siblings and I to the library,
and afterwards to get ice cream.
I love to read, and going to the library helped me find my love for
books. Reading helped me become
who I am today,” Ms. Jensen concludes.
ing, then Game Haven is a good bet.
Rockin’ E Country store
Address: 1201 West 500 South
Woods Cross, UT 84087
There’s a country store relatively
close to Bountiful but what some
people may wonder is “What can
you get at a country store?” Well;
various gardening things, jerky, and
all sorts of tools to name a few. As
well as having lots of clothing leaning towards western wear and tons
of things for pets including pet toys,
treats, foods, shampoo, and various
other things not only for dogs or
cats but for various other animals
as well such as bunnies or Guinea
pigs. It’s an all purpose store for
pets, gardening, and western wear.
Mo’ Bettah’s
Address: 273 West 500 South Bountiful UT, 84010
Mo’ Bettah’s is a Hawaiian style
steakhouse and is one of the only
places in Utah to get Hawaiian style
food. It’s famous for the ribs and
sauces and with very reasonable
prices to for both lunch and dinner.
The food is very sweet and savory
and the atmosphere is as close to
authentic Hawaiian as it can get
right down to the “Aloha.”
Address: 390 North 500 West,
Bountiful UT, 84010
GrayWhale is an all purpose entertainment store with music, movies,
and video games (both new and
used). With all the trade in/used
items there is a large selection of
vintage items like vinyl records, cassettes, VHS’s, books, comic books,
various collectibles, old video game
systems and video games. There is
also trade-in’s to take in old or new
music, movies, or video games.
There are many items in the store
and they’re all very organized so
finding things is easy, plus the staff
is very helpful and nice and are always willing to help out.
Places to Check out in Bountiful
By Jarred McDaniel
There are many places nearby
Bountiful that may not be well
known but deserve to be known
about, many nearby places are interesting and worth visiting and
here are just a few.
Game Haven
Address: 273 West 500 South, Suite
6 Bountiful UT
Game Haven is an all-purpose gaming store for all the other odds
and ends besides video games,
this store sell all sorts of different
games including: board games,
card games, and various table top
games. Game Haven also sells food
and drinks there for people who either want to snack during a game or
during an event, plus there’s a café
that includes all sorts of different
coffees. Ever looking for that special edition of World War 2 or Halo
Risk or maybe you want to get into
the card game Magic: The Gather-
Photo By Hayden Hamblin
Upcoming Sporting Events
By Hayden Hamblin
Cross—Oct. 23rd
1. BHS vs East @ Bountiful—Oct.
2. BHS vs Highland @ Highland—
Oct. 24th
3. 1st Rd. State Playoffs—Oct. 31st
1. BHS vs Cyprus @ Bountiful—
Oct. 21st
2. BHS vs Woods Cross @ Woods
By Emma McKee
Food is one of the main essentials that people need. Sometimes
all someone needs is a quick snack.
Below are just a few snack options
that are quick and easy to make.
Fruit Smoothie:
5. BHS vs Clearfield @
Clearfield—Oct. 30th
Soph. Region Tournament—
Nov. 1st
Cross Country
1. Cross Country State Finals—
Oct. 22nd
in the milk, egg and melted butter;
mix until smooth.
Heat a lightly greased griddle or
frying pan over medium high heat.
Pour the batter onto the griddle, using about ¼ cup for each pancake.
1cup vanilla yogurt
Brown on both sides and serve.
1cup frozen strawberries
1frozen banana and ¼cup orange
juice in a blender until smooth
Quick OREO Cheesecake:
recipes/articles/50-after-schoolsnacks/50-quick-snack-recipes.html - 1 tub ready-to-eat cheesecake
Oreo Cheesecake
Fast and Easy Chocolate Chip
-1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
- 3 ½ teaspoons baking powder
- 1 tablespoon white sugar
Photo Provided By Hongkiat
4. BHS vs East @ Bountiful—Oct.
After pouring the batter, sprinkle
chocolate chips on each pancake
(only one side gets chocolate chips)
the road to the many great places in Bountiful
3. JV Region Tournament—Oct.
Super Easy-To-Make Recipes
Photo Provided by Flickr
By Emma McKee
It’s the first day of school. Incoming sophomores, returning juniors,
and leaving seniors start to crowd
the halls and wait to begin another
year of classes, friends, and fun.
As students flood the halls, the
Brave Staff see familiar faces and
new faces. Meanwhile, another
teacher who’s fairly new is getting
ready for the best year yet. Bountiful High School proudly presents
Ms. Emily Jensen.
Ms. Jensen is a Spanish teacher
who has a wonderful personality. Ms. Jensen became a major in
English, minor in Chemistry, took
French in college, and got hired to
teach at the one and only Bountiful
High School.
At the age of 16, Ms. Jensen
traveled to Hong Kong. “It was my
first time out of US (unless you
count Niagra Falls, Canada) “,Ms.
Jensen states.
However, if a trip to Hong Kong
took place, the food would be just
a little bit different. “Food is my favorite, and the weirdest food I’ve
ever eaten was at La Caille restaurant. Snails there taste like garlic
boogers,” Ms. Jensen finishes.
Besides visiting Hong Kong,
Ms. Jensen has also been to Spain.
“Snails there were huge, black,
curly lumps that were impossible
to eat.
They came with tough,
boiled yucca and the spiciest sauce
I’ve ever tasted,” Ms. Jensen ends.
Photo By Hayden Hamblin
Get to Know Ms. Jensen
- 1 ¼ cups milk
-12 OREO cookies, coarsely
chopped, divided
- 1 OREO pie crust
Spoon cheesecake filling into
large bowl. Remove 1-3 cup of the
chopped cookies; set aside. Add remaining chopped cookies to filling;
stir just until blended
Spoon into crust. Smooth top lightly
with back of spoon to form even
layer. Sprinkle with the reserved
chopped cookies.
Serve immediately. Or cover and
refrigerate until ready to serve.
- 1 egg
- 3 tablespoons butter (melted)
about 60 seconds in the microwave
will do the trick
- Chocolate chips
In a large bowl, sift together flour,
baking powder, salt and sugar.
Make a well in the center and pour Fruit smoothie
Photo Provided by wikipedia
Page 6
By Jarred McDaniel
Page 7
Recently, Comic Con was held
at the Salt Lake Convention Center.
Comic Con is a convention held for
comics originally, but over the years
it has been turned into a convention for a much more wide range
of interests and hobbies such as
videogames, anime, TV, books, and
Thousands of people from
around the state come to this to
see all of the booths and celebrities
that come to comic con. This year,
even Hulk Hogan came and had his
own panel to visit.
What people typically do at
Comic Con is see the booths where
many forms of merchandise is sold,
like concept art, figures, movies,
games, plush toys, apparel, and
weapons. Another interest that
people enjoy is seeing the celebrities that visit and getting autographs and pictures from them.
A large part of Comic Con is cosplay. The term “cosplay” means
to dress up as a character from a
book, movie, video game, etc. Almost every attendant at Comic Con
will be engaging in cosplay of some
sort. What makes this cool is that
anyone can dress up however they
want from anything and be socially
accepted and won’t be judged as a
creepy weirdo. Besides by people
outside the con watching cosplayers go in and thinking about how
geeky they are. “My favorite part
was getting to express your inner
nerdiness without being judged.”
said Hayley Turner.
If one considers them to be a
geek or a fanatic of something,
then going to comic con is perfect
for them. “I can’t decide what my
favorite thing there was. Can I just
say everything was my favorite?”
says Alex Davidson.
Here is a few things everyone
should be prepared for before their
first visit to Comic Con. First, they
decide on how much money they
want to spend. Once that they
have determined that amount, do
not bring a penny more than that
amount. There are so many awesome things that drive temptation
to the point where resistance is
Next is how to spend time at
Comic Con. The best way is to go
all three days to have enough time
DC Comic cosplayers having fun posing for the camera at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014.
to see everything at a steady pace.
Spend the first day quickly skimming through the booth aisles and
visit the entire building. After it
closes, it is smart to decide which
parts of the building are most interesting and that how much time
should be spent there. Planning out
the next two days on how much
time should be spend on areas of
the building is the best way to get
as much out of a visit.
Be ready to be crowded. Not
so much on the first two days, but
on the last day (Saturday), mov-
Guardians of the Galaxy
is Out of This World
By Janessa Boynton
The Avengers, Thor, Star Wars,
and Star Trek fans will love Guardians of the Galaxy. It made a lot of
Marvel fans happy this past summer.
After Peter Quill (Chris Pratt),
steals a mysterious orb from the far
corners of space, he becomes the
top target in a manhunt led by villain Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace).
Quill teams up with other space
criminals to try to fight Ronan and
save the galaxy.
When Marvel teamed up with The
Avengers director, Joss Whedon,
most people were unsure what this
would be about. The comics were
never really top of the charts. This
summer and all the months leading
up to this film, it was heavily publicized to make sure everyone would
want to see it. According to IMDB it
certainly sparked an interest bring-
ing in almost ninety-five million
dollars opening weekend. Directors
are saying, “It sometimes pays off
to be a little strange.”
This blockbuster keeps people
interested all throughout the movie with beautiful special effects,
humor, and music, which plays a
heavy role in Quills life. He carries
around a mix tape that he holds
very dear to his heart. The mix tape
includes “Hooked on a Feeling” by
Blue Swede and a lot of other classic 1970s songs.
Rocket, Groot, Peter Quill (who
likes to be called Star-Lord), and
Gamora are the four Guardians of
the Galaxy. They seem like an odd
group to be put together, but they
work great.
The movie is full of jokes made
by Quill that are centered on metaphors from earth. Most of those
who are from the galaxy don’t
ever understand what he is talking
That’s everything everyone should
know before they go to Comic Con.
If people believe that they would
enjoy Comic Con, they most likely
will. If they think it would be totally
lame then that’s probably the kind
of experience they will have. Salt
Lake Comic Con is held every year
at the Salt Lake Convention Center
at the Salt Palace.
Buy merchandise, meet celebrities, dress up, and share interests
with others. “You can meet other
people who like stuff you like,” said
Carl Quist.
Shocking Summer
Movie Reviews
Photo by Commons
Guardians of the Galaxy opening title art, fans cheer as it appears on screen.
ing through the building at a good
speed is nearly impossible. On Saturday, they literally filled the capacity of the building to the point
where no one was let in for a few
hours. One will find themselves
standing in one spot for several
minutes to wait for a wave of people to pass. A solution to this, however, is to hug the wall of the building’s interior and travel behind the
booth aisle where a significant less
amount people are located. This is
basically the Comic Con highway
when it gets too busy.
“I loved Rocket and Groot. They
were the best part of the movie,”
said Jacob Evans who is a big fan
of Guardians of the Galaxy and
thought Rocket and Groot were the
funniest characters. “My favorite
part was when Rocket wanted the
fake leg just for the heck of it.”
This movie was really awesome.
The characters are hilarious and
kept me laughing the entire time.
I loved all the music; it matched
the movie perfectly and set an extremely fun mood. The special effects are amazing, with real pictures
of the galaxy. It was beautiful and
kept me visually intrigued. When it
comes to favorite characters, Groot
was definitely it. He was the heart
and soul of the whole movie. If you
haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy I highly suggest it. It has something for everyone to like.
Photo by Clipart
By Tyler Bohn
Photo By Comic Con
Comic Con: Release Your Inner Geek,
Explore New Worlds, and Be Unique
Lights, Camera, Action!
By Dallas Guymon
It’s fall and it’s time to recap the
summer movies.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2- Just
put Spider-Man in the Avengers.
Please. Please. Please!
Godzilla (2014) - 2014 GODZILLA!!
Is much better than 1998 godzilla 
X-Men: Days of Future Past-It’s like
Back to the Future, but with superpowers and death.
Maleficent- This movie should
have just stayed in bed.
Edge of Tomorrow- If you want
to see bodily harm done on Tom
Cruise buy yourself a ticket-I bought
Fault in our Stars- Mascara and
this movie don’t mix -I would know.
How to Train Your Dragon 2- It
took two movies for the characters
to train a dragon and I still can’t stop
my dog from peeing in my house.
Transformers 4: Age of ExtinctionMichael Bay, fool me once shame on
you, fool me four times, &%[email protected]#.
Earth to Echo- This movie is ok ok
ok ok ok .
Dawn of the Plant of the ApesWhy should you see this movie because APES ON HORSES!!
Guardians of the Galaxy- I am
Groot-Translation: It’s awesome.
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesThis movie is like stale pizza. Very
stale pizza.
The Giver- This movie gave me
heart burn or was that the nachos?
Either way, both were too cheesy.
Get Your Hands On
Some New Upcoming
Video Games
By Noah Bean
High school can be very important. It can determine future jobs,
successes, and lives. Students at
BHS will always remember their
time here for the rest of their life,
whether it’s enjoyable or not. It
can be a lot of fun, but it can also
be very stressful. With all the things
going on in a teenager’s life, it’s
near impossible to concentrate in
high school. Students need to relax
or unwind every now and then.
There are a lot of ways to do so,
like taking a nap or hanging out with
some friends. But the most popular
way is by playing video games. A
lot of people say that video games
distract students from school work,
others say it’s a great pastime.
The subject of whether video
games are good for you is very controversial. But for the people who
do play video games, there are a
lot of choices for entertainment.
Here’s a list of new and upcoming
video games.
Traveler had an ancient enemy. The
darkness. The Traveler saved earth
at the cost of its life. The darkness
is returning and it’s up to the player
to defend the last city on earth.
“Assassin’s Creed Unity”
The next line of the Assassin’s Creed franchise from Ubisoft
comes “Assassin’s Creed Unity.” In
this role-playing game, player plays
as the assassin Arno Dorian in Paris,
1789. Also known as the French
Revolution, a corrupt and deadly
time to live. The action packed
game comes with a new experience, an online mulit-player campaign. This is something that Assassin’s Creed has never done before.
Players can play with up to 3 friends
in the streets of Paris.
Lead the people to their glorious future. Ubisoft said that they
have improved the player’s ability
to maneuver through the city with
increased parkor efficiency, new escape routes and a new combat system. Players also wield a new tool
to the assassin’s arsenal, the phantom blade. This new blade comes
with the ability to use the blade as
a projectile. Have fun!
“Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel”
From 2K and Gearbox Software
comes Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel. The setting is in between the
games “Borderlands”, and the hit
game “Borderlands 2”, the games
that are known to have millions of
guns. New characters, skills, and
of course guns, means endless
hours of fun. Players can also play
as ClapTrap, everyone’s favorite
Hyperion robot. The players are
staged on the moon and WORKING for Handsome Jack and into his
descent into villainy. The game has
new additions too, such as oxygen
tanks and freeze weapons and antigravity. This game is a great game
for laughs with friends with its four
player game play.
Loving The Bad Guys
By Janessa Boynton
Everyone loves a good hero, but
no one ever forgets a villain. A hero
without an excellent villain behind
them isn’t much of a hero at all.
There have been some fantastic
villains throughout the years. Some
are automatically hated, but some
work on gaining sympathy and then
crush all of it by the end of the movie. They always remain in memories
and are the first thing that comes to
mind with really good movies.
The first all-time favorite villain
is none other than the Joker in The
Dark Knight. No one can compare
to Heath Ledgers performance as
the Joker. Everything about it was
haunting and will forever stick out
Photo by
Page 8
as being the best antagonist.
Next comes Darth Vader. When
thinking of Star Wars he’s usually
the first to come to mind. Dave
Prowse gave this villain life.
The Wicked Witch of the West is
third. Not a surprise seeing as she
is green with envy and wicked as
ever. The Wizard of Oz is a classic
that holds a lot of people’s hearts.
Snape from the Harry Potter series comes up number four. Yes he
appears to be one the good guys
by the end, but it’s hard to erase
ten years of villainous deeds out of
The fifth villain is The Queen
from Snow White and the Seven
Dwarves. She is everything evil.
From the way she looks all the way
down to her evil deed of wanting
Snow White dead.
Villains help make a story great.
These top five are just the beginning. There are so many more.
From typical horror movie psychos
to a bully in a high school film, villains are everywhere.
Time to Get to Know
Your Fellow Monsters
By Shayla Ballard
From red skinned demons to
sharp-toothed seducers to shimmery angst-machines, vampires,
along with other monsters, have
changed over time
According to The Encyclopedia
of Things That Never Were, vampires have been around ever since
the fifteen hundreds as an attempt
to explain open sores found on the
necks of plague victims, but had
merged with the infamous succubi
and incubi to form the beginnings
of the beautiful, sultry vampires
known today.
The creation of Twilight, the Vampire Diaries, and other paranormal
romance novels beautified them
from wicked and soulless demons
to unfortunate and swoon-worthy
creatures. As time goes on, fewer
people are attracted to these creatures of the night, with more wannabe hunters than lovers
Werewolves, which were common in Egyptian hieroglyphs and
legends, became unlucky victims
of dog bites who would transform
into half-wolf, half-human destructive creatures, who in turn became
shape shifters with perfect control
over changes. Students preferred
the Lon Chaney Jr. Wolman over
modern adaptations and ancient
There are many more monsters
where they came from! Others have
hardly changed over the years, such
as ghosts, witches, and zombies.
Three of four interviewed students had a plan for the zombie
apocalypse, and an idea of how
zombies would come to be.
A very smart plan comes from
Kin Cade May, a junior, who plans
to plug all sinks and bathtubs for a
supply of water.
His friend Derrick Neeley, a senior, pointed out, “You’d have to
clean them first.”
Zombies are famous for shuffling
around and craving brains, but the
origins of this is nearly untraceable,
although there are many theories.
Witches have also undergone
several changes, from slaves of
the devil in Salem trials, to greenskinned creatures with a passion
for fashionable shoes, to the witches and wizards seen in the famous
Harry Potter series.
Ghosts have not undergone
many changes, surprisingly enough,
besides becoming less or more of a
threatening force, depending on
the person.
Most students believe in ghosts,
but never had a personal encounter with them. Ghosts are spirits
that are believed to be trapped on
earth, waiting to be avenged, or
simply lost on their way to heaven.
Poltergeists are a type of ghost
or spirit with the ability to interact
with physical things on earth, such
as making doors and floorboards
creak late at night.
Monsters have become more
human as time has gone on, with
their roots with devils turning into
lost souls, briefly becoming love
interests in teen romance novels.
Although, in most cases, it seemed
as though the average student preferred the grand, old-fashioned,
black-and-white monsters, neither
modern nor ancient.
Kristina Higginson
Seth Anderson
Kacie Toalei
Mr. Burton
If you could have any super power, what would you
“Super smell.”
“Ability to switch powers.”
If you could meet anyone,
real or fake, who would you
“Johnny Depp.”
“Perry the Platypus.”
“Lil’ Debbie.”
“Michael Jordan.”
“The Fault in our Stars.”
“The Fault in our Stars (duh).”
“Let’s be Cops.”
“How to Train Your Dragon 2.”
From the creators of “Halo” and
“Call of Duty” comes a new online
first person shooter where the player choose their future, your destiny. This amazing game has already
gotten over 120 awards. There
are some really popular voice actors in the game, such as the ghost
who is voiced by Peter Dinklage
who plays as Tyrion Lannister in
“Game of Thrones” and Bill Nighty
who played Davy Jones in “Pirates
of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”
“Destiny” has an intense storyline
about the near extinguish of the
human race by a force called The
Darkness. We would have become
extinct if not for The Traveler. “Everything changed with the arrival of
the Traveler,” says The
traveler created new life in the solar
system; on Mars it rained. Fresh air
covered the skies of Venus. But the
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