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Saint Gregory the Great Parish
85 Great Plain Road
Danbury, Connecticut 06811
203 797-0222
Rev. Raymond M. Scherba, Parochial Vicar
Rev. Otoniel Lizcano, Parochial Vicar
Deacons Robert Blankschen, William Murphy, Daniel Myott, Richard Kovacs
The Eucharist
Saturday Vigil: 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday: 7:45 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 noon
Daily: 7:00 a.m., 8:45 a.m.
By appointment; call the Parish Office. Arrangements
must be made at least 9 months in advance for proper
Ministry to the Sick
Please inform us about parishioners who are hospitalized
or homebound; Communion for the homebound can be
arranged by calling the Parish Office.
Saturday from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m.
By Appointment, anytime.
Please stop by the Parish Office during business hours to
complete a registration form and be sure to introduce
yourself to one of the priests after Mass.
2nd Sunday of each month.
Prior registration is necessary.
Parish Membership
November 9th, 2014
Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome
Please pray for all the victims of violence and
all sick and deceased members of the parish.
Mon. Nov.
Tues. Nov.
Wed. Nov.
Thurs. Nov.
Sun. Nov.
10 7:00am For All Parishioners
8:45am Special Intention
11 8:00am Special Intention
12 7:00am Special Intention
8:45am Special Intention
13 7:00am Special Intention
8:45am Special Intention
14 7:00am Francesco Delli Carpini
8:45am Special Intention
15 4:30pm Daniel Higgins
7:30pm Mary Alice Anderson
16 7:45am Salvatore Paonessa
9:00am Joseph C. Moffa
10:30am Special Intention
12:00pm William S. McDermott
Tuesday, Nov. 11 Veterans’ Day
Mass at 8:00 a.m. - Parish Office Closed
Sat. Nov. 15 4:30pm Fr. Angelo
7:30pm Fr. Otto
Sun. Nov. 16 7:45am Fr. Angelo
9:00am Fr. Ray
10:30am Fr. Otto
12:00pm Fr. Ray
Fr. Angelo
Fr. Otto
Fr. Angelo
Fr. Ray
Fr. Otto
Fr. Ray
Mon. Nov. 10 7:00pm Holy Name Society Mtng
Wed. Nov. 12 11:00am Weekly Rosary
4: 15pm Faith Formation Classes
Thurs. Nov. 13 6:00pm Sewing Group
Sat. Nov. 15 9:30am Prayer Shawl Ministry
3:00pm Reconciliation
Sun. Nov. 16 10:00am Faith Formation Classes
8:00pm AA
We hope that all parishioners
will sign up for Online-Giving.
.CHARITY—The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are quickly approaching.
Once again we ask if you can help those who are less fortunate than most during this
holiday time, please place your donation into an envelope and mark the envelope
“CHARITY”. All money collected will be used to help parishioners during this holiday
season. Last year we supplied more than 15 winter coats and help with heating costs as
If you find yourself in need, please contact Fr. Angelo
WeCare is up and running thanks to several parishioners who have
volunteered for this important ministry.
We are now looking for individuals that may like to avail themselves of WeCare’s services.
If you know a parishioner that is house-bound or infirm and could use some personal help, by
way of a visit, light housecleaning, needs shopping or errands to run, or temporary meals please
contact the office (203-797-0222).
If you would like to be a member of our WeCare please contact our office as well. The
more volunteers that we have the more individuals we can serve.
Family Heirloom
Bibles: $60.00
Leather-bound Bibles:
Paperback Bibles:
Thinking of becoming a
St. Gregory’s has been fortunate to have 7 men ordained to be deacons. A
new class for Deacon formation is being planned.
If any man of the parish
is thinking about becoming a DEACON, please contact Fr. Angelo.
Pre-K--Grade 8
Phone # 203-748-1217
E-mail: [email protected]
Mission Statement: St. Gregory the Great
School, in cooperation with the parents, was
established for the purpose of giving the students a God-centered, Catholic outlook on life.
We are committed to academic excellence,
self-discipline and Global Service.
Tuesday, November 11th there will be no
school for Veterans Day.
Friday, November 14th is our Autumn Nights Celebration at 6:30 in
the school gym.
St. Gregory’s makes a homily from Fr. Angelo available each week on the internet.
Please check out our parish website: or at
Dedication of John Lateran
Today we celebrate the dedication of the basilica of St John Lateran in Rome.
We celebrate it to remind us of the importance of the church building as sacred space
set apart for personal and collective encounter with God. Historically, the basilica of
St John Lateran is the oldest church of Rome and the highest ranking church in the
world, followed by St Peter’s basilica in the Vatican. As such it is the mother of all
churches. When we celebrate its dedication to God, therefore, we celebrate the mystery of God’s special presence whenever we gather in Jesus’ name.
We know that God is everywhere. Yet when the people of God erect a building and dedicate it totally to
God’s service, God’s glory comes to dwell in that building in such a way that the building can now be called the
house of God. So, while we celebrate God’s special indwelling in a temple, we must remind ourselves that God’s
presence is not confined in the temple or a church. God is still everywhere.
In earlier days, a temple, church or shrine was revered so much as to suggest that God dwelt exclusively
in such places. People went to church, participated in service, received communion and went home without
knowing who was sitting beside them in church. Spirituality was very individualistic and the man or woman sitting next to you was rather seen as a distraction in one’s intimate communion with God. Worshippers forgot that
we are brothers and sisters, and that we come to church to worship God as family.
To discourage this self-centered religiosity, Vatican Council II introduced some changes in worship such
as the priest facing the people at Mass and worshippers exchanging the sign of peace. The building is only as
holy as the people who gather to worship and thank God.
May our lives be a living proclamation to the world of God’s Love.
Faith Formation classes for grades 1-6 and
Jr. High have begun.
More information will be mailed to
families who are registered. If you have not
registered, please call the Office of Faith
Formation at 203-743-5168 for further information.
Public School children entering 1st grade
should begin Faith Formation classes. Diocesan guidelines require two years of formation
prior to reception of First Reconciliation and
First Holy Communion. At this time, we do
not have a kindergarten class. If you are interested, contact Janice in the Office of Faith
Celebrating the Lectionary is for all children at
the 10:30am Mass.
The Youth Group will not
meet this Sunday. See you
next week for the Rake N Bake.
Bring your rakes!! Please contact Rene Hellmann at 203-797-1641 for information.
For info, call Cub master, Philip
Adams at 203-546-0843.
If you are a boy between the ages of 11-17
and would like to join Scouting, call Armen
Stauffer at 203-791-0727.
The Holy Name Society is our parish men’s group.
Meets the 2nd Monday of the month.
Next Meeting: Monday, November 10th
Time: 7:00pm, Parish Office Community Room
All men of the parish are asked to attend
Please volunteer to become an USHER.
For information, contact William Houser at
203-743-6125 or [email protected]
Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults
If you or someone you know:
Were never baptized, Were baptized Catholic
but never received First Eucharist or Confirmation, Were baptized in another Christian
Church and now wishes to join the Catholic
Church, Would like to learn more about the
process of becoming Catholic as an adult, Are
a practicing Catholic and would like to participate in the process as a sponsor, please call
Mary-Ann Houser at 203-743-5168 x108
for information.
The Women of
St. Gregory
We will continue to have our Monday at 11am
& Thursday at 7pm weaving sessions in the
Parish Community Room. Anyone can attend
even if it is only occasionally. For information,
call Rosemary Bouffard at 203-744-6998.
HUNGRY? Want a day out of the
kitchen? Help support the Women of St.
Gregory's by dining out at Bertucci's of
Danbury. Tuesday Nov. 18th, from 11am
to 8pm. Present the flyer located at all the
doors of the church and Bertucci's will donate 15% of your
total check ( before tax and tip )
to the women's group. So mangia! mangia! Hope to see many
of you there!
The Prayer Shawl Ministry
will meet in the Parish Office Community Room Saturday, November 15th at
9:30am. For more information, please contact Stephanie Martin at
203-743-3783 or
[email protected]
Christmas Pageant
Our Annual Christmas Pageant For the
children will be Dec.
12:00PM MASS. All
Children in grades 1
to 8 are asked to
pa r ticip a te .
need: Mary & Joseph, Inn Keeper,
Inn Keeper’s wife, Narrators, 3 Wise Men,
Shepherds, Angels, Animals, and children
to sing! Very importantly; we need parent
volunteers to help with dressing the children in costumes, supervising and singing. Parents are needed to help with rehearsals and for refreshments after the
12:00 Mass.
REHEARSAL DATES will be Tues, Nov.
17th 5:00PM-6:30PM, Tues, Nov. 24,
5:00PM -6:30PM & Sat, Dec. 6th 10AM
-11:30AM. Sign up to be part of Our
Annual “Celebrating Advent” Christmas Pageant.
To sign up, call Janice Rudisill at the
parish office, 203-797-0222,ext. 114 or
[email protected]
St. Gregory’s Food Drive
Wednesday, November 19, 2014,
410 families in the Danbury
area are signed up for
Thanksgiving Food Baskets
this Thanksgiving. Please help
St. Gregory’s provide to those
who are less fortunate.
The following items are
needed: Frozen turkeys, Instant mash potatoes, Canned
yams, Canned veggies, Cranberry sauce, Stuffing, Cake mix, Cereal,
Soups, Pork and beans, Meals in a can,
Tuna, Canned fruits and vegetables,
Juice, sugar, coffee, Rice, pasta, spaghetti sauce, Peanut butter, toilet paper,
Paper towels, Toilettes, tissue, etc.
Rake n’ Bake
Plans are underway for our annual Rake
n’ Bake scheduled for Saturday, November 15th, 8:00am-12:30pm. Lunch will
follow. Rain date is Sun, Nov. 16th from
12:00-4:30pm. (No refreshments) If you
are a senior or disabled person
needs to have your yard raked, contact
Robin Maynard at 203-775-9203 or at
[email protected] Sign up sheets are
in the main entrance of the Church. It is
important to sign–up early so we know
how many are participating. Thank you.
Join Our Prayer Group!
We meet one Tuesday a month, pray together and share our journey in God with
one another. As a background for our
sharing and praying, we will read An Altar
in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor.
Contact Suzanne Dale Wilcox at 203730-9172 or at [email protected]
Men’s Spirituality meets
every Saturday morning at
8 a.m. in the church.
Come join us!
Hospital Visitations & Home Visits
Due to the Federal health privacy laws (HIPPA), hospitals
can no longer issue names of
admitted patients to area parishes unless it is requested by
the patient. You or a family
member must let the Admissions Office
know of your desire to have us visit during your hospital stay. If you would like a
visit at home or a rehab center, call the
Parish Office at 203-797-0222.
By Fr. Angelo S. Arrando
Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
November 9, 2014
The Liturgy of the Eucharist is as central to our worship as Catholic Christians as is the Liturgy of the
Word and both offer us an opportunity to be renewed in our faith as we celebrate the mystery of our faith.
However, like the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist cannot be understood if we remain solely
on what seems to be apparent. Properly understood, the Liturgy of the Eucharist has a wealth of experiences
as well as a wealth of challenges.
As we understand and truly grasp the reality that we are the Body of Christ in the world today our ongoing
challenge is to enter into the very “sacrifice” thereby making Jesus’ sacrifice truly our own. This can only be
done by Jesus’ Spirit, that very Spirit that was given to us in baptism and confirmed in us at Confirmation.
This may sound very much like semantics but once understood it clarifies the wonder of God’s love and the
challenge of entering into and being engaged in the very “sacrifice” that we celebrate and make present. Here
we move from being mere spectators of the celebration into being the very agents that continue and make present the wonder of God’s ongoing love sealed and celebrated in His Son, Jesus and in Jesus’ self giving to God
the Father.
We then begin to see that in truth there is truly only one sacrifice - the obedience of the Son to the Father,
and all of humanity to the Father in the Son. The Father gifts us with His very Son, Jesus, to unite us with
Him and to unite us to one another. United with us Jesus offers Himself to the Father in love, thereby solidifying the covenant relationship offered by God Himself to us. This is what took place on Calvary; it is made
present in the “breaking of the bread”, a faith proclamation by our God of His unequivocal love for us and our
acknowledgement of that love.
As an Assembly and as individuals within that Assembly the celebration is a proclamation and an invitation for ourselves to become that very sacrifice in our dedication and service to our God, united with Christ
Jesus. This very living out of our worship in time and deed is consummated in the final coming of God’s kingdom. The Assembly indeed is not a bunch of spectators but rather these individuals become a community of
brothers and sisters celebrating God’s tremendous and magnanimous love for us, His family lived out and celebrated through His beloved Son, Jesus, the Christ.
Ancient Israel’s understanding of God slowly matured from the very first revelation of God in the Exodus
event, whereby He entered into the lives of insignificant slaves who had absolutely no worth, as far as the
world was concerned. From Israel’s first encounter with this God to the time of the prophets of the Hebrew
Scriptures their relationship with God changed and grew. Their worship also began to become more mature
and more accurately mirroring God’s relationship with Israel.
As Israel’s understanding of Who their God is became more authentic and accurate, they came to understand that “sacrifice” was primarily a conversion of heart and was represented symbolically through gifts. A
person or the community’s conversion of heart was celebrated interpreted through ritual prayer thereby seeing
“sacrifice” not as a means of placating God or trying to influence God. The prophet Isaiah reveals that
“sacrifice” of a righteous life is what is most pleasing to God as exemplified by the suffering servant. This
notion of “sacrifice” puts a new understanding of “sacrifice”. This very understanding of “sacrifice” is applied to Jesus, the Christ in our Christian tradition.
St. Gregory the Great Church Very First Cookie Walk
December 14th 12:30PM-3:00PM
Here’s how it works- We are calling on all parishioners to bake 8 dozen or more of your
favorite Christmas Cookies. This can be a great opportunity to get together with friends
and have a baking party, or if you prefer solo bake.
You will be asked to sign up as a baker with your cookie type listed.
(This will avoid too many of the same cookie.)
Cookies must be dropped off to the parish office on Saturday, December 13th from
12:00PM to 3:00PM. Please plate cookies on a non–returnable platter to be displayed.
At the Cookie Walk … Priests & Deacons will walk by our cookies and lead us in prayer
- giving a blessing to all present. Then the fun begins. You will walk by the cookies; pick
out what you want to purchase. You will be assisted by our servers; your cookies will be
boxed and you will go to the checkout counter.
The cookies will be weighed and paid for by the pound. Cookies will sell for $6.00 per
We encourage as many of you to participate and tell your friends. This fundraiser has
been proven to be very successful with other churches around the New England area.
Let’s have this be a tradition that will be successful to our parish the first time and for
many years later. Any questions please call Janice Rudisill in the parish office 203-7970222 ext. 114. Or contact Patty Passarelli @ 203-792-0610
Please use the bottom form to sign up to bake, serve or be a cashier
Name__________________________________________ Phone_______________
I’m baking cookie #1._________________________________________________
I’m baking cookie #2._________________________________________________
I will help as:
Server_________ Cashier_____________
News around the Parish…….
Mark your Calendars!
November 15 Rake & Bake- A great day to help the sick & elderly families in our
parish by raking the leaves on their properties. What a great way to show an act of
kindness. Many volunteers are needed to rake. Please mark your calendars and commit to this needy cause. Please call Robin Maynard to sign up @ 203-775-9203.
November 23 Family Game Board Night. Families come and reserve a table to
eat at and have a board game night. Meet other families. Make friends and get to
know each other. More details will follow…….
November 27 Thanksgiving—9:00 a.m. Mass (Office will be closed today and
December 7 Children’s Christmas Pageant 12:00 Noon Mass.
Characters wanted. Celebrate with us in the Story of: “Oh Holy Night”
December 8
Feast of the Immaculate Conception Masses at 7:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m. &
5:30 p.m.
December 14 Christmas Cookie Walk. Volunteers are needed to make their best
Christmas Cookie Recipes. Father Angelo will lead the walk in prayers and you shop
to buy the cookies you like for your Christmas table.
Volunteers will also be needed for the checkout counter. This will be a fundraiser for
our parish. Start looking for those family recipes.
December 21 2PM Lessons & Carols hosted by the Choir.
December 21 7 PM Communal Penance Service
December 24
9:30 p.m.
Christmas Eve Masses 4:30 p.m. and 10:00 P.M.—Concert at
December 25 Christmas Day Masses 7:45, 9:00, 10:30 and Noon (Office
closed December 26)
For information or on how to get involved & volunteer or if you have other ideas to bring to
our parish; please call the parish office 203-797-0222 and speak to Janice @ ext. 114. We
look forward to hearing from you!
St. Gregory the Great Information Center
Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome
Ez 47:1-2,8-9,12 Ps 46; 1 Cor 3:9-11,16-17, John 2:13-22
The wisdom of God is like a desirable woman. Those
who covet her should seek her. We should watch for her
at dawn, looking wherever she may be found. Every moment, every person, every place can be a place for the
revelation of God’s wisdom. Wisdom “makes her rounds”
and appears graciously to those who are worthy of her.
When we find her, we should love her and be grateful for
Paul says that we should look to divine wisdom for the
answers to life’s mysteries and not depend on human
wisdom. When we lose hope, we should not succumb to
grief. If we believe that Jesus died and rose from the
dead, we should not be like dead and lifeless people. We
should have confidence that we will be raised to new life,
too. With faith, we can survive life’s tragedies. We should
console one another with the good news that we shall be
with the Lord unceasingly. This isn’t mere foolishness; it
is the wisdom on which our faith depends.
Jesus tells a story about wise and foolish people. He
compares them to ten bridesmaids who take their torches
and go out to welcome the groom. He comes to claim his
bride in the dead of night and the bridesmaids’ lamps will
lead the way. But some of them are foolishly unprepared.
They neglect to take the necessary oil that will keep the
fire burning. When the bridegroom appears, they come to
their senses, but it is too late. We cannot borrow someone else’s grace. Each of us must procure it for ourselves.
We are given time to get ready, but eventually the time
and the oil run out. When we plead with the Lord to open
the doors, we would feel really foolish if we heard Him
way, “I do not know you.” For Reflection: Do I seek
God’s wisdom and grace? Am I prepared every day for
the Lord’s coming? How has God come to me today?
Right to Die: Only five states (Vermont, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico) recognize the right to
die, Assisted suicide has been legal in a few European
countries for years. In 1997 the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the constitution does not include the
right to suicide. Aid-in-dying has ideological affinities with
other issues where personal autonomy and liberty are at
stake. This seems to be changing. Now more than twothirds of Americans support aid-in-dying laws for the terminally ill and mentally competent. Death with dignity
legislation is now pending in seven states. A guaranteed
right to an easeful death is a complex matter, made trickier still by religious doctrine. Gary Holder-Winfield, who
was elected to Connecticut’s state senate earlier this
year; his mother’s death moved him to actively support
the state’s death-with-dignity bill during his campaign. Some Americans still worry that aid-in-dying sets a
dangerous precedent for defining which lives are worth
living. But it’s hard to see how the authority for defining a
worthwhile life can fall to anyone except the individual
whose life it is. Many believe that their lives are not theirs
to take. John Locke, a father of liberalism, bequeathed
Americans a troubling legacy on this front. While he
helped to promote American ideals of independence and
individual rights, he also argued that humans are the
property of God, and therefore lack the right to end life.
If you’re interested in Social Concerns, please contact Stephanie Martin at 203-743-3783 or at [email protected]
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Corporate Trustees:
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Office of Faith Formation—203-743-5168
Mrs. Mary Ann Houser
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Youth Ministry:
Mrs. Rene Hellmann, 203-797-1641
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Catholics Coming Home:
Celebrate the Lectionary:
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Altar Servers:
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