Agenda First Sundays at The Mill Works Series Sunday, November 2

First Sundays at The Mill Works Series
Sunday, November 2nd
Noon ~ 5:00p.m.
Suite 2104: Carol Mackiewicz - Painter and Art Therapist
Suite 2202: Christopher Gunderson - Design and Illustration
Suite 2206: Jack Broderick - Plein-Air / Studio Painter
Suite 2302: David and Pam Lussier - Plein-Air Painters
Suite 2303: Mary Saville Studio - Fine Art, Vintage Clothing &Textiles
Visit working studios and meet members of our Creative Community throughout the day.
Noon ~ 5:00p.m.
2nd Floor ~ Bldg-2
Noon ~ 5:00p.m.
Suite 2204
Friends of The Mill Works
The Friends of The Mill Works and upcoming events at First
Sundays at The Mill Works
Learn about the Friends of The Mill Works organization, mission, membership, more. Details and
schedule for upcoming First Sundays at The Mill Works series will be provided. Inquire about
participating in our First Sundays series!
Friends of The Mill Works
Preview ~ The Gardiner Hall, Jr. Museum at The Mill Works
The Friends of The Mill Works will offer a preview of the Gardiner hall, Jr. Museum at The Mill
Works. The intent of this permanent collection is to examine the historical impact and
contributions this company has had on the Town of Willington and its residents over a period of
more than one hundred years. The Museum offers an opportunity for the residents of Willington
and surrounding towns to learn about the technical innovations, production methods, and the
application of unique management practices that shaped the local area.
156 River Road ● Willington, CT 06279 ● 518-791-9474 ● [email protected] ●
Noon ~ 4:00p.m.
2nd Floor ~ Bldg-2
Tom Buccino
Factory Tour
A brief walking tour of The Mill Works facility. Q&A.
We will depart from the Friends of The Mill Works station on the 2nd Floor of Building-2. Tours
will be available throughout the day to any folks interested in experiencing our facility. Just ask
at the Friends station!
Noon ~ 5:00p.m.
1st Floor ~ Bldg-2
Melanie Johnston and Joan Blade Johnson
Opening Exhibit: Art Quilts for the Wall
Melanie Johnston and Joan Blade Johnson are Connecticut based quilt artists who have
exhibited nationally and internationally. Melanie Johnston is a fiber artist focused on
fabric surface design enhanced and finished with stitch. Her subject matter ranges from
the realistic to collage and abstract. Her primary fabrics are her own hand dyed cotton,
linen and silk. Joan Blade Johnson is an artist interested in all things fiber. She enjoys
the entire creative process involved in composing fiber art pieces using non-traditional
methods and materials to achieve her vision. Her work is inspired by nature and her
original photography.
Art Quilting is an art form that uses both modern and traditional quilting techniques to
create art objects. Like other artists, quilt artists draw from their experiences and ideas
rather than traditional patterns. These artists use many different processes to create their
artwork, including painting, dyeing, stamping, piecing, collage, printing (often
incorporating a photograph printed onto fabric), and other complex cloth processes. Art
quilts have more in common with the fine arts than with traditional quilting and are
either wall hung or mounted as sculpture.
Join Melanie and Joan on November 2nd for the opening of this unique exhibit on display
at The Mill Works through December 7th .
1:00p.m. ~ 2:00p.m.
Suite 1301
Distinctly Dancesport
A Demonstration of Dance with Rachael Surridge
Rachel Surridge started dancing at the age of 3 with Ballet, Modern and Jazz. She trained as a
pre-professional ballet dancer for 14 years at the Northeast Academy of Dance, in both the
Vaganova and Chechetti methods of dance. Rachel started her professional teaching/competitive
career in 2011 and with her first professional partner, Andrew Kerski, had the success of being a
Regional Pro Rhythm Finalist as well as Eastern US Dancesport Pro Rhythm Finalist, and Tri
State Challenge Rising Star Pro Rhythm Finalist. She continues to compete and perform all over
the country, and is currently training to start competing in Cabaret/Showdance. She is certified in
FADS curriculum, is qualified to teach ProDVIDA curriculum, and is a member of the National
Dance Council of America, the US representative of the World Dance Council. She considers her
own dance training an imperative part of competition, and a way to gain constant information to
pass onto her students. She takes great pride in making dance fun and enjoyable, and making her
students leave their lessons with a good workout...and a smile.”
Preview an assortment of dance demonstrations with this very talented instructor. Bring your
dancing shoes as there may be a surprise group activity!
156 River Road ● Willington, CT 06279 ● 518-791-9474 ● [email protected] ●
1:30p.m. ~ 3:00p.m.
Suite 2302
Pamela Lussier
A Demonstration of Painting…
Pamela Lussier is a contemporary Impressionist. A 1978 graduate of the Art Institute of Boston,
Pamela has been painting and teaching classes and workshops for more than twenty years. Her
paintings and workshops have been featured in CT Magazine and American Artist Magazine. She
is also currently president of the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society.
Pamela Lussier will be offering an oil painting demonstration of one of her beloved animal
paintings. For this demo she will be painting chickens moving about in a barn yard. Come watch
her paint and hear her talk about her process as she works from start to finish. Pam teaches
classes on oil painting in her studio at The Mill Works throughout the year on Tuesday mornings
from 10-1PM.
1:30p.m. ~ 3:00p.m.
Suite 2202
Carol Mackiewicz, Whalesong Paints and Pastels &
Christopher Gunderson Design and Illustration
An Artistic Collaboration:
Thanksgiving Activity Corner-copia!
Carol Mackiewicz is an oil painter and pastel artist. She utilizes color dynamics to alter an
environment through bold and blended application of paint or pastels. Carol works as a family art
therapist in Central Massachusetts, where she uses her passion for art to help families heal
through the art making process.
Christopher Gunderson is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, born and raised in
Northeast Connecticut. He was educated in the arts at Eastern Connecticut State University, and
is currently employed as a Junior Art Director at Avid Marketing Group in Rocky Hill, CT. In
addition, he is also an active member of The Mill Works community and the Free Artists of New
Haven; and serves as a Board member of the Friends of The mill Works.
Carol and Chris will be hosting a Thanksgiving-themed activity station where participants will
join them in making crafts for the holiday table! Projects include cards, placeholders, centerpieces
and various other creations for a fun display for Turkey Day. Fun for all ages!
2:00p.m. ~ 3:00p.m.
Suite 2208
Joe and Trish Froehlich
The Making of Images of America: Willington
Joe Froehlich, 54, graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree
in Justice and Law Administration and was a law enforcement officer for over 30 years. He
currently works full time as law enforcement coordinator for a non-profit organization.
Trish Froehlich, 56, is the State’s Attorney for Connecticut’s Judicial District of Windham. They
have collected Images of America books about a variety of towns as they have traveled
throughout the country in an effort to fulfill their long term goal of visiting all 50 states.
Through photographs, Willington captures how a small community that once had 11 one-room
schoolhouses has managed to grow into a modern community with two schools for students from
kindergarten through eighth grade, all while maintaining elements of its original historic charm.
Authors Joe and Trish Froehlich conducted research and gathered images from private residents’
collections in order to create the book. They state, “The book is about the people who shaped
Willington, many of whom are current residents’ ancestors.”
Joe and Trish will share their experience with their research process, treasures found, and
challenges faced in the creation of this important photographic record of the Town of Willington.
Autographed copies of Images of America Series: “ Willington” will be available
156 River Road ● Willington, CT 06279 ● 518-791-9474 ● [email protected] ●
3:00p.m. ~ 4:30p.m.
Suite 1301
Quiet Corner Fiddlers
A Musical Collaboration
The Quiet Corner Fiddlers is a group of eastern Connecticut amateur fiddlers, supported by guitar
and bass. Organized in 2005, the Fiddlers play weekly, traditional fiddle tunes mostly reels, jigs,
and waltzes, but also rags, Finnish and Klezmer tunes. Their weekly sessions are traditional jam
format, with all taking turns and sharing and leading tunes. Sessions are scheduled at member’s
homes on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month, and the group also appears at local venues such as Dog
Lane Café, Midway Restaurant, Lefty's Landing, Hank's Restaurant, The Lucky Frog, and
others. All are invited to come play!
Come listen to this organic group of talented musicians at The Mill Works! If you have a fiddle –
learn how you can participate!
Artisan Crafters
Noon ~ 4:00p.m.
1st Floor, Building-2
Kathie VanderWeide
Beading Creations
Kathie acknowledges her late grandma to be the source of her creative roots. She has been
involved in the creative process for over forty years designing and producing textiles, calligraphy,
stained glass, and beading. Kathie is currently a resident of Grand Rapids, MI where she has lived
most of her life.
VanderWeide’s jewelry and unique gift items range from bold designs to delicate recreations of
period artifacts. She blends colors, reflections, and textures to produce uncommon results. Come
see these very different and affordable handcrafted pieces!
156 River Road ● Willington, CT 06279 ● 518-791-9474 ● [email protected] ●