The GameDay Wristlet A Free Pattern & Tutorial

The GameDay Wristlet
A Free Pattern & Tutorial
This wristlet is great on those game
days when you don’t want a bag with
you. Roomy enough for a large
smartphone, money and your ID, the
swivel snap easily attaches to your
car keys or even a belt loop! This is a
simple and fast sew for any level of
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014
Before you begin:
* ALL SEAM ALLOWANCES will be 1/4” unless specified otherwise. Finished size: 5”x8”
* Please read the directions carefully before you begin.
* All cutting measurements are length x height.
* This pattern does NOT have a printable pattern. You will need pattern paper to draw the
Materials List
1/4yd *EXTERIOR* home decor OR quilting weight cotton or linen/blend fabric
1/4yd *INTERIOR* home decor OR quilting weight cotton or linen/blend fabric
1/2 yard of Pocket Fabric ( 1/4yd & 1/4yd if choosing two different pocket fabric)
1/2 yd of Pellon Interfacing SF101 * for interior main, and pocket pieces*
1/4 yd Fusible Fleece *exterior main*
NOTE: This is the combination I used above. You can use fleece for interior & exterior main piece, but stick to the
SF101 for the pockets or it may be too bulky.
1/2” magnetic snap or 1” x 3/4” sew-in velcro
3/4” metal D-ring
3/4” metal swivel hook
Sewing Machine
Iron & Pressing Cloth
Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat
Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker
Seam ripper
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014
Measure & Cut Fabric
(Tip: Use little post-its or sewing pin/paper to label each piece)
Exterior Main Fabric
1 rectangle ! 5 1/2” x 12 1/2”
Interior Main Fabric
1 rectangle ! 5 1/2” x 12 1/2”
Wrist Strap & Connector Piece - Coordinating Fabric
1 2” x 3”
1 2 1/2” x 14”
Front Pocket
1 rectangle 8” x 14” (you can also do 14” on fold x 8”)
Secondary (Back) Pocket
1 5 1/2” x 16” (you can also do 8” on fold x 5 1/2”)
Measure, Cut & Fuse Interfacing
Pellon SF101
1 rectangle ! 5 1/2” x 12 1/2” (Interior)
1 rectangle ! 5 1/2” x 8”!
(Back Pocket - Fuse to front half)
1 rectangle ! 14” x 8”!
(Front Pocket)
Fusible Fleece
1 rectangle ! 5 1/2” x 12 1/2” (Exterior)
1. To fuse both SF101 and Fusible Fleece,
place the fusible/bumpy side against the
wrong side of the fabrics. Fuse all pieces
above according to manufacturer
instructions. (I use a damp cloth over the
interfacing as I fuse).
2. You will fuse SF101 to Interior Main
Piece, Front Pocket Piece and Back SlipIn Pocket (1/2 of this will be interfaced
only). You will fuse the Fusible Fleece to
the Exterior Main Piece.
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014
3. Before you start sewing take out your
Exterior and Interior Main Piece (5 1/2”
x 12 1/2”)
4. With a round plate/bowl, curve both of
the TOP short sides (see picture). It
doesn’t need to be a huge curve, just
enough to make it nice and rounded on
the sides.
5. With your marking pen, trace around
the curve your bowl made. Cut off
excess fabric.
6. Take Primary and Back Slip-In Pocket
fabric out. Fold it in half lengthwise
then press to create a finished pocket.
7. Topstitch both pockets at the top
folded edge 1/4” to finish. Press.
Magnetic Snap Installation:
8. Take out the front pocket piece. Make a dot
measured 2” down from top finished edge
and centered width on exterior front. Mark
with a dot.
9. Place the metal disc that comes with the
snap over the 2” mark. Mark the two slits with
your fabric pen.
Only exterior front!! Use your seam ripper to
make a tiny opening on each slit to insert
magnetic snap. (Use the female component.)
11.Flip pocket over so you can see the prongs. Add a piece of fleece or thin foam over disc to
reinforce magnetic snap, then add disc over prongs and for stability. Hammer prongs facing
outwards. (You may wish to add a bit of seam sealant near prongs to prevent fraying.)
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014
Put the front pocket aside for now. Take
out the Interior Main piece right side up.
Take the Back Slip-In Pocket piece right
side up and place it on top of the Interior
Main Piece. Match up sides and bottom
and pin.
Baste stitch 1/8” around both sides and
bottom to secure these pieces together.
We are now going to add the male part of
the magnetic snap. You will center it
widthwise again and 1” down. Mark
and install it the same way you did for
steps 7-9. Once completed, set aside.
Making The Front Pocket - Adding Pleats
Take Front Pocket out and baste stitch
1/8” on both long sides and bottom. This
will keep the fabric from moving around.
Flip pocket so it is right side down. Take
each long side and fold it over 1 1/2’” on
the wrong side. Press and pin along
folded side a few times with steam and/or
starch to set the fold.
*** This is the pleated width I was going for, but
you may opt to make your pleats closer
together than mine. Just make sure your
magnetic snaps line up correctly. **
17. Before you flip the pocket over, decide if you’d like to topstitch along the fold to finish. I
did not do this, but you may opt to for a more polished look. If you choose not too, press
the fold again before moving on.
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014
18. Open up pocket flat again on the cutting
table. Line up the right side of the pocket
on top of the right side of the Interior
Back/Back Slip-In Pocket piece. Pin.
Stitch 1/8” down right side only. Repeat
the same step for the left side, leaving
bottom unstitched.
19. Gently press the Front Pocket piece flat,
the fold should lie flat easily. Pin along
bottom, then stitch using a 1/8”
seam allowance. Press.
20. Create the Strap and Extender
Take your small strip (3" x 2") and fold the
wrong sides together lengthwise and
press. Open strip again, then fold the
outside edges in to meet the pressed line
you created, then press again.
Repeat this step for the strap piece as
21. Take the smaller strap extender and fold it
again lengthwise. Press. Stitch 1/8” on
each side to finish.
** I stitch even lines across whole piece for
strength. **
22. Take out your D-Ring and Swivel Clip.
Take the D-Ring and slide it through the
small strip and fold the strip in half. Stitch
1/4” on short end to enclose the ring.
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014
23. Take the finished D-ring piece and place it
on the inside (D-ring facing in) on the 1”
space between the secondary and front
pocket piece. Leaving a little of the end to
hangover the side, stitch 1/8” to attach.
24. Now get out your folded strap piece. (It
should look like a strip of bias tape.)
Press. 25. Thread the strap through the swivel clip
and let it sit in the middle for now.
26. Take the short ends of your strap, unfold
them, and with right sides touching and
lined up, pin.
27. Stitch along edge 1/2”. Press seam open,
then re-fold again. You should now have
closed strap.
28. All you need to do now is stitch 1/8”
along both sides of the strap, starting
with the open edge. Move the swivel out
of the way when needed. Again, you may
want to stitch in even intervals to make
the strip more durable.
29. Lastly, stitch across the strap near swivel
clip to keep it from moving around. Set
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014
30. Take your completed main exterior and
main interior panels out. (The 2 curved
31.Place both panels RIGHT sides together,
making sure everything is lined up. Pin
around all sides and curves.
32. You are going to want to leave a opening
somewhere around the upper left side,
right above the secondary pocket. You will
need a good 2-3” opening to turn.
33. Stitch around all sides using a 1/4” seam
allowance. I like to double stitch this step.
Clip corners and turn right side out. Press.
34. Close up opening by hand stitching, or you
can do a 1/8” topstitching all around the
You’re Done!!! Congrats!
When you have completed your bag, I’d love
for you to share it with me!
Head over to my Flickr page at:
and post your completed bag!
If you have any questions or need help, you
can e-mail me at
[email protected]
Created by Cynthia Guch ~ Raspberry Sunshine, LLC.
© 2014