Junior School Individual Learning Teacher

Ruyton Girls’ School
12 Selbourne Road Kew 3101 Victoria Australia
+61 3 9819 2422
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.ruyton.vic.edu.au
Junior School Individual Learning Teacher
Commencing Term 1 2015
Approx 0.8 FTE
1 year contract
We are seeking a suitably qualified teacher with experience teaching students with special
The successful applicant will be skilled in the development of personalised learning programmes,
dynamic, innovative and creative in their approach to teaching, with a passion for their
discipline. Highly competent in utilising digital technology in the classroom, they will also
demonstrate a strong commitment to the education of girls.
The Individual Learning Teacher is responsible to the Director of Individual Learning. The
responsibilities of the Individual Learning Teacher include:
 ensuring ongoing oversight of students requiring adjusted or modified programmes at
either end of the ability continuum
 writing appropriate long and short term goals
 writing, implementing and evaluation Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
 participating in the establishment, co-ordination and documentation of Programme
Support Groups PSG’s for identified students
 overseeing the learning programmes of Individual Learning students
 liaising with parents regularly to ensure they are informed of their daughter
 Managing the referral process for individual students
 assisting teachers with differentiating the curriculum (content and materials), for Learning
Support and Gifted students
 assisting teachers in sourcing and developing materials as required
 observing students in the classroom as required
 analysing student work samples
 maintaining accurate records of student progress
 assisting the Director of Individual Learning with forming student support groups
 maintaining relevant student resources, including digital resources
 assessing referred students and developing appropriate strategies
 organising appropriate external referrals as required in collaboration with the Director of
Individual Learning and Counsellor where appropriate
 receiving, summarising and distributing information from external and internal
assessments in collaboration with the Director of Individual Learning
Ruyton Girls’ School
12 Selbourne Road Kew 3101 Victoria Australia
+61 3 9819 2422
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.ruyton.vic.edu.au
forwarding to School Counsellor for summarising, and distributing as relevant, individual
Cognitive assessment reports of Junior School students
monitoring and analysing standardised testing in collaboration with Individual Learning
and teaching staff in order to identify individual student needs
 presenting research findings/ learning strategies to teaching staff for the support and
development of student learning
 providing advice on relevant professional learning activities for staff
 maintaining relevant digital staff resources
 participate in the development and presentation of professional learning in the areas of
Learning Support and Gifted and Talented pedagogy to the Ruyton teaching community
 liaising with relevant teaching staff as required
 attending relevant meetings to provide information and advice re student learning
 liaising with other Individual Learning staff across the School
 organising and/ or liaising with specialist professionals required to meet student needs
 generating meaningful reports/letters to parents and other professionals.
In meeting his/her professional obligations, a Ruyton Individual Learning Teacher:
 holds qualifications in teaching students with special needs
 operates within a Response to Intervention, evidence based construct
 demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of Special Education practices, and relevant
State and Federal Education policies and laws that affect the practice of Special Education
demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the development of basic literacy (and
numeracy) skills
 demonstrates a knowledge of current trends and programmes for the development of
literacy (and numeracy) skills
 demonstrate a knowledge of test materials available in areas of gifted and general ability,
literacy and numeracy
 demonstrate an ability to interpret test results and formulate instructional
recommendations relevant to the School including the formulation of ILP’s
 shows a flexible approach to classroom methodology - uses a variety of strategies, and
subject curricula, in the development and consolidation of literacy skills
 adapts materials to cater for individual differences, allowing access to the curriculum of
relevant subjects
 demonstrates knowledge of relevant materials/ resources available within and outside
 undertakes professional learning
Ruyton Girls’ School
12 Selbourne Road Kew 3101 Victoria Australia
+61 3 9819 2422
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.ruyton.vic.edu.au
provides constructive feedback to the students
provides a supportive, caring and challenging learning environment incorporating direct
and focussed instruction
incorporates ICT meaningfully into the curriculum
plans lessons effectively to meet the needs of all Individual Learning students
models effective organisational skills
uses formal and informal assessment to monitor student progress
uses effective classroom management strategies
 contributes to the collegiality of Ruyton
 supports the programmes in place and participate in the wider, co-curricular life of the
 attends required meetings and school fixtures
 uses assessment procedures in line with the School’s policy on Assessment and Reporting
 employs a wide range of teaching and assessment strategies
 engages in self-evaluation of professional performance
 monitors student progress and record this accurately and comprehensively
 generates meaningful reports/letters to parents and other professionals
 supports the School’s Philosophy and the promotion and marketing of the School
 maintains positive and respectful relationships with students and establishes an
environment conducive to learning
 is mindful and informed in relation to the students’ welfare
 works collaboratively with colleagues
 communicates effectively with colleagues, parents and students
 is an exemplar to students in terms of conduct, fairness and personal integrity
 contributes to a range of school activities and working groups
 completes required supervisory duties
 ensures administrative tasks are accurate and up to date
 fulfils the teacher’s duty of care and other pastoral responsibilities with discretion and
Applications, including the names of two referees, to be emailed to [email protected] by
9am Monday 10 November 2014. No hard copies please.
Enquiries should be directed to Mrs Nicole Ginnane, Head of Junior School on
[email protected]