FastPass Enterprise for multiple passwords Password self-service overview:

Password self-service overview:
FastPass Enterprise for
multiple passwords
Self-service is widely accepted as one of the recent most important steps in
modernizing IT. Password problems have long been recognized as the single
most requested service internally from the IT service desk.
Technology Release 3.5
Infrastructure support and dependencies:
This makes password self-service the first consideration in any serious selfservice strategy. Add to this the growing requirement from modern users for
non-stop access to services 24*7 from anywhere with mobile devices and selfservice becomes imperative.
FastPass is a WEB-service / IIS
FastPass Enterprise offers the complete technical solution and a best practice processes
description which helps large and diverse organizations to reach the highest levels of password
self-service. With practically all password calls being handled by FastPass your cost per password
will fall to less than a third of your present manual process.
Apple: iPhone / iPAD
For large and complex organizations FastPass is the ‘best of breed’ solution for password selfservice:
• Secure technology - even for the largest and most complex organizations
• Best practice guide to ensure user buy-in to self-service
A typical FastPass conversion rate is between 80-95% of all password related calls, converted
Windows Servers 2003 / 2008 / 2012
(Virtual server)
Windows Clients: XP / Windows 7 /
Windows8 (32 and 64 bit for all types)
Active Directory: Multiple ADs / ADforests / AD federation
Standard connectors: SAP / Oracle / SQL
/ iSeries / RACF/ Google Corp / LDAP
and others
High availability design
.NET 3 / IIS internal and DMZ / SQL for
large customers
Security certificates to secure
Languages supported
from the service desk to self-service transactions compared to 30-50% for competitive solutions.
As illustrated in this customer example, Varde City Council started a FastPass project in August
which resulted in an uptake of more than 80% of all password calls by November, and this
covered two different password types (Windows and a mainframe password).
• English
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• German
• French
• Dutch
• Welsh
• Danish
• Swedish
• Norwegian
• Italian
Fastpass functionality
The FastPass solution revolves around the end user. Even from a locked PC outside of the
network, the end user can securely authenticate themselves and generate a new password for
practically all types of corporate systems.
End-users can:
• Reset and unlock forgotten passwords (Windows /SAP/IBM i/Oracle/SQL/RACF etc.)
– Visual guidance for password policy
Illustration of Mobile Client / iPhone
FastPass Corp A/S is a public company registered on Nasdaq/OMX/Copenhagen/
FirstNorth since 2007. Distribution and implementation is done through strong and
professional local partners. Please take a look at our homepage:
Overwiew continued
End-users can:
• Authentication profiles per user-group:
– Personal questions
– SMS-PIN codes
– Code cards
– Combinations for 2-factor authentication
• Get a changed AD password synchronized to other password platforms
• Use his own local language
• Reset passwords on remote PCs!
• Use mobile devices and Apps for password reset/unlock
3 Reasons ...
3 Reasons to Implement FastPass
Password Manager:
Promotes user productivity
Reduces IT Service Desk workload
and cost
Enhances security
Proven Return
on Investment
Service desk consultants
Even with self-service, users will occasionally need to call the service-desk - for example, if a
user has forgotten the answers to their authentication questions. The FastPass HelpDesk client
assists the service desk to get users reenrolled. The Service Provider version can configure
unlimited number of Service Desks to handle different customers and users.
According to Forester Research, the
average total internal cost of each
password-reset call to Service Desk is $100.
20–50% of all calls to Service Desk are
related to password problems. FastPass
Enterprise eliminates 80-95% of these
calls allowing organizations to reassign
support staff to other tasks.
• Authenticate users
• Re-enroll users to FastPass
• Change passwords
The FastPass administrator is able to configure FastPass to conform to existing security
standards and can define each of the processes required to reach optimum productivity
levels whilst ensuring the administration is simple and easy to use.
Automated and enforced end-user enrollment process
Different enrollment processes for different user-groups
Adjustment of text and guides to fit different end-users groups
Integration to Service Management systems
Integration to other target systems (SAP, Oracle, iSeries, SQL, etc.)
Create management statistics for password self-service
The combination of FastPass and the best practices guidelines will help you implement the
improvements quickly and efficiently with low implementation costs. Resulting in rapid benefits
and an outstanding business case with a very short payback time and the lowest cost per
password reset!
The on-going platform support and monitoring of the business results to continuously improve
the process can be outsourced to FastPassCorp’s Best Practices partners. If you want a cloud
based solution for password self-service, take a look at FastPass Cloud.
Call us now at +45 4810 0410 /
(212) 419-4921 or find your
local FastPass partner at and you
will get a plan and a budget with
costs and benefits for password
FastPass Corp A/S is a public company registered on Nasdaq/OMX/Copenhagen/
FirstNorth since 2007. Distribution and implementation is done through strong and
professional local partners. Please take a look at our homepage: