St Brigid’s Marrickville One Family, Alive in Christ

St Brigid’s Marrickville
In the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia
One Family, Alive in Christ
Est 1886. Under the Pastoral Care of the Passionists since 1887
392 Marrickville Rd (PO Box 237), Marrickville NSW 2204
Tel: 02 8577 5670
Fax: 02 8577 5679
Email: [email protected]
FaceBook: St Brigid’s Marrickville
Parish Priest: Fr John Pearce CP ([email protected])
Associates: Fr Peter Gardiner CP ([email protected])
Sr Elena Daton CP ([email protected])
Parish Secretary: Ms Terrey Trethowan (9.30am - 4pm)
We stand at the Crossroads of life for many people
For All the Saints & Holy Souls
Table Talks, St Brigid’s
& Sydney Alliance
In the beginning of Sydney
Alliance, it looked like another one of
those “justice” actions to add to our
bucket list. As time went on, we
found it trained us training in community organising, ways to engage
better as parishioners with one another, to and build a more connected
society. It was a tool to help us be a
“Church in the Modern World” as the
Vatican Council documents encouraged us to be.
We have been part of the
Archdiocese of Sydney’s engagement
with Sydney Alliance from the beginning, at the request of the Archdiocese Justice and Peace Office.
Cardinal Pell in Sydney and
Bishop Anthony in Parramatta have
financially supported it.
What is Sydney Alliance?
The Sydney Alliance is a diverse coalition of community organisations, religious organisations, unions and schools that uses the tools
of community organising to make the
city a better place to live.
The idea of building a Sydney
Alliance was first raised in May 2007,
and by November that same year
was financially supported by 13 organisations. The Catholic Archdiocese
of Sydney was one of these.
The Alliance launched with 45
partner organisations on 15 September 2011. St Brigid’s was there.
The Alliance has three goals.
We work with our partner organisations to:
Leadership: Increase and strengthen the leadership capacity of their
members, their leaders, and staff.
Relationships: Deepen the relationships across civil society by strength-
ening the relationships between our
partner organisations.
Action: Act for the ‘Common Good’.
Why is St Brigid’s Involved?
Because we were asked to and
because we said yes. St Brigid’s has
a long history of involvement in social justice, and of parishioners involved in political engagement at
Local, State and National levels.
And, because training and
practice helps us to build better relationships and to be a Church that
grows and reaches out to the market
Who Are our Partners?
Some partner organisations:
Arab Council of NSW
Baptist Union of NSW
Cancer Council NSW
Catholic Dioceses of Sydney,
Broken Bay & Parramatta; C
Climate Change Action Network
Granville Boys High School
Inner South West Community
Development Organisation
Metro Migrant Resource Centre
Muslim Women’s Assoc
NSW Jewish Board of Deputies
Settlement Services International
Unions: Rail Tram & Bus;
CFMEU; NSW Nurses & Midwives; United Voice
UnitingCare; CatholicCare;
Uniting Church Synod of NSW
Our Three Campaigns:
Transport: Remove Airport link access fee; Create an M4 Park & Ride
at Olympic Park; make train stations
accessible, the greater the need for
better transport.
Housing: Needs to be more affordable; make easier for first home buyers.
A Story from St Brigid’s
re Housing in Marrickville
Can you still afford to live in
Marrickville? Some of our parishioners can’t. We have had a big turnover of parishioners who can’t afford
the rent, in particular new arrivals
from overseas. They have moved
One of our choir members had
to move west due to high rent increases. After 3 temporary homes,
they now live in Macquarie Fields,
disconnected from their spiritual
home and friends.
Table Talks
Like all other member organisations, we are inviting our members
(parishioners) to join us today at table and share stories they have of
At this time we can add other
issues that Sydney Alliance members
can take up collectively.
Working Start: the need for more
apprenticeships to get our young
people into work.
Newsletter No. 44. 1/2 November 2014
(See over)
Programme: St Brigid’s Table Talks
Come to the Table:
Today after Mass, join others at a table.
Depending on the weather, it will be in front of the Church or in Shrublands.
Choose a Note Taker. Hand notes back to one of Leaders, so we can collate responses.
The Three Issues & Our Stories our Response:
Jobs, Transport, Housing. What are our and stories around one or more of these?
What other issues we you feel the next State Government needs to address to make Sydney more
liveable? Why are these issues important for us?
Let us know if you would like to host a Table Talk at home before the end of November with
neighbours, family or friends.
Let us know if you want to help move these actions forward.
Follow Up:
We hope to have a Parish Assembly around these issues and more.
Last week there were District Assemblies of member organisations in Parramatta District & the
Northern Beaches District. Last month it as in St Geroge & Sutherland District.
There will be an Inner West District Meeting at a date to be advised. You will be invited to be part
of this.
St Brigid’s continues to be a leader for a better way forward
Parish News & Information
Passionist Outreach
Frs John & Peter, at St Brigid’s
Frs Phil & Michael, at Bossley Park
Fr Lex, weddings.
Nov 1-2: Table Talks
We have rescheduled the Table
Talks to this weekend. Please join a
table after mass and share your stories on the identified needs for Sydney of Transport Access, Affordable Housing and More Jobs for
Youth. Handout sheet available.
November Mass Intentions
Envelopes available at back of
the Church. Masses celebrated during November and names presented
at the memorial mass on Nov 26.
Hand in on a collection plate or to
one of the Parish Staff.
Nov 5: CanCare
Our CanCare group is a support group for anyone living with or
who has survived cancer. It’s in Parish Centre Meeting Room at 1.30pm
Nov 8-9: Charitable Works
Fund Appeal
Envelopes available for next
weeks appeal to support Diocesan
agencies to serve us.
Nov 12: Installation of
Archbishop Anthony Fisher
Nov 28: St Brigid’s School:
Celebration of Cultures
at St Mary’s Cathedral
7pm Sung Vespers. 7.30pm Mass
In the grounds of St Brigid’s School
from late afternoon with great food
for sale before the entertainment.
Nov 13: Reconciliation Service
Celebrating together: first Reconciliation with children; Pre-Advent
Reconciliation Service for the Parish.
Before the year ends, let’s stop, reflect, confess & receive the Sacrament. Everyone is welcome. Please
come, even if you haven't been for
Nov 20: Mass of Thanksgiving
for 150 Anniversary of the
Death of Fr John Therry
@ St Mary’s Cathedral @ 5.30pm
Dec 6: Boarding Houses
Christmas Party
It’s on again in Shrublands
Hall, 12-2pm. Christmas gifts will be
requested, and volunteers. It’s a
great outreach organised by Margaret Huuskes, Carole & Michael Price.
More information next weekend.
Dec 13: Peace on Earth: Community Carols
Carols @ St Brigid’s are on
Nov: 26 Memorial Mass for all again. We expect a bigger crowd after last year’s successful night. Marwho have died this year.
We give thanks for our loved
ones who have died this year. Please
submit all names and an electronic
photo by email to the Parish Office
before 9am Monday. On the night as
names are read, please place a flower on the altar rail. At then end of
Mass, these are gathered and placed
in vases.
rickville Council gave us a grant of
$700 (down on $2,000 last year).
Our costs are covered mostly by sale
of food and drinks. This year we will
have to ask for donations on the
night to cover the shortfall in funding. John Jacobs from Casimir will be
the MC and Programme Director.
Maria Barlow & the Cultural Committee are co-ordinating food stalls and
Information Directory
CatholicCare Family Help Line
1300 1300 52
St Brigid’s Primary School
9558 6926
Casimir Catholic College
9558 2888
Catholic Church Marriage Tribunal
9390 5120
Preparation: 1st Sundays 10am
Presentation: 2nd Sunday Masses
Baptisms: 3rd & 4th Sundays 12pm
or at Masses
Preferably 6 months notice
Contact: Parish Secretary
Liturgical Timetable
Masses: 6.45 am, 9.00 am; Wednesday 7.00 pm
Eucharistic Adoration: 7.15-8.45am. Benediction: 8.45am
Public Hols: Mass 9.00am
Mass 7.30 am; Reconciliation 9-10 am; Marriages 10-3 pm;
Reconciliation 4-4.45 pm; Mass: 5 pm; & 6.30 pm (Vietnamese)
Mass at 7.30 am, 9 am, 10 .30am (multilingual); 4.30pm (Viet); 6pm
Ministry of Care & Support to Aged and Infirm
Mass is celebrated monthly in all the Nursing Homes in Marrickville.
Communion is taken to sick residents in Nursing Homes & in their homes on a
weekly basis, either by Ministers of Care or family members.
Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is offered after Masses on First Fridays, and
at the 10am Italian mass on 4th Fridays. Also available on request and
recommended before attending hospital for major surgery.
We Remember
Recently Deceased:
Pastoral Ministry Contacts:
Anniversaries: Victoriano Sapong; Sr Mary Canisius Lussick RSM; Vincent Dinh Tu Vu; Wilson
Adult Sacraments
Sr Elena
Ojeda; John McInerney; Felicisima Caringal; John Francis Entriken; Garnet Braybrook; Maureen
Fr John, Jenny, Maree
Pearce; Laurence Belle; Giuseppe Anastasi.
Care of Sick & Aged
Sr Elena
Recently Ill: Teresa Mazzeo
CCD in State Schools
Sue King
Children’s Sacraments
Fr John
Cultural C’tee Maria Barlow-Sawaszenko
Ecumenical & Interfaith John McGrath
Parish Collections
Mass Texts: All Souls
Sr Pat Bowthorpe FMM
Family Groups
Carole Price
Isaiah 25:6-9
Counters: This week (3/11) Jim/
Finance Council
Michael Curran
Response: The Lord is my light and my
Justice & Peace
Fr Peter, Peter Jennings
Counters: Next Week (10/11)
Liturgical Ministries Fr John, Sr Elena
Second Reading: Romans 5: 5-11
Men’s Club: Arthur Kassis, John Skinner,
Gospel: Matthew 11: 25-30
Mick Ward
18/19 October
Intercession Response:
Pastoral Council John Skinner, Paige Bullen 1st (Passionists): $ 2,120
Lord graciously hear us
PPC Committees:
2nd (Parish):
$ 4,949
- Communication/Engagement:
Cash & Envelopes: $ 3,666
Mass Texts: Sunday 32
- Infrastructure:
John Skinner
Credit Cards: $ 1,283
- Nurturing Liturgy:
Paige Bullen
- Social Justice:
Peter Jennings
18/19 October
Second Reading:
- Spiritual Growth:
1st (Passionists): $ 1,720
- Strong Community:
Michael Ward
2nd (Parish):
$ 4,621
Intercessions Response:
Lord graciously hear us
Sunday Mass Ministries:
1/2 November
5 pm Sat
8/9 November
Sunday 30 & All Souls
Communion Ministers
1/2 November
8/9 November
Altar Servers
1/2 November
8/9 November
Karen Whitby
Robert Whitby
Paul Cloran
Leila Walsh
Liz Buchel
Kalala Sakopo
Carmel Cloran
Leila Walsh
Michael Price
Carole Price
Jo Young
Paul Hurst
M Dos Santos
Jack Houssarini
Susie Houssarini
William Metlej
Liz Carnabuci
Leon Tupola
Gary Tupola
Visesio Siasau
Joseph Kula
Alicya Young
Leon Tupola
Gary Tupola
Visesio Siasau
Joseph Kula
Alicya Young
Janice Schubach
Marg Barrett
Maree Doyle
Carolan Ibbotson
Mary Entriken
Maree Doyle
Michael Dillon
John Freeman
Teresa James
Michael Dillon
Michael Dillon
Michael Dillon
9 am Sun
Pedro Moreira
Diane Moreira
Trish Ferguson
Christina Day
Sue King
Peter Jennings
Kath Walton
Frank Cowell
Francis Seufale
Sue King
Christina Day
Judith Flett
Frank Wassef
Pedro Moreira
Diane Moreira
Antoinette Grigg
Malia Amatuanai
Trish Ferguson
Xavier Rego
Naomi Rego
Natasha Rego
Olivia Moreira
Ivy Bullen
Fergus Bullen
Theodore Bullen
Michael Moreira
Claude Walton
Louis Walton
Jacqueline Flett
Nicholas Sourlas
10.30 am
Ant Naticchia
Maria Barlow
Adrienne Harverson
Bernadette Yammine
Alfred Schiavo
Maria Barlow
Ant Naticchia
Alb Naticchia
Mely Siasat
Ever Landero
Fiona & Jessica Paul
Angie Chiapoco
Elvie Chiapoco
Rosa Travia
Alfred Schiavo
Kalala Sakopo
Albert Naticchia
Anthony Naticchia
John Dorrington
Geoffrey Lean
Aldrick De Vera
Alfred De Vera
William Crocombe
James Poonan
6 pm Sun
Arthur Kassis
Dominic Manansala
Jacquei Hicks
Michael McGrath
Thomas Hill
Alycia Nasic
Pei-Pei Coa
Jackie Kassis
Arthur Kassis
Jackie Kassis
Noelene Fernandez
Violette Kozme
Maria & Catrina Fuller
Tony Hayek
John Collins
Tony Hayek
John Collins
Parish Calendar 2014 & Coming Events
1 Nov
1-2 Nov
5 Nov
6 Nov
7 Nov
7-9 Nov
MoVember Project starts
All Souls Day Masses
CanCare Group (1.30pm)
Family Group Leaders (7.30pm)
Reconciliation Reflection Day
St Brigid’s School Father’s/Kids Camp
8-9 Nov
12 Nov
11 Nov
Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
Sharing a Passionist Spirituality (7.30pm)
Installation of Archbishop Anthony Fisher in
St Mary’s Cathedral (7.30pm)
Celebration of Reconciliation (7pm)
Children & Parish
13 Nov
15-16 Nov 33rd Sunday of the Year
19 Nov
Justice & Peace Archdiocesan Co-ordination
Team ( 6.45pm)
21 Nov
Berne School Graduation
22 Nov
Set Up Crib
22-23 Nov
Feast of Christ the King
Parish News & Info (con)
December Guest Speaker
Fr Jacques Philippe of the Community of the
Beatitudes in France will be speaking at various events
in Sydney on Dec 5-11, including Retreat Days, Youth
Catechesis and a public talk. For specific details visit or call 9307 8422
Dec 20: Kids Choir to Visit Nursing Homes
Parents who would like their children to be involved in this and Christmas Masses for Children,
please connect with Sr Elena, or supply details on a
clip board at back of the Church.
Marrickville on Face Book2020
Local FaceBook pages are Marrickville 2020
and Nabo Australia are work looking at. St Brigid’s
Marrickville. Has been complimented by the Archdiocese Communications Office for our FaceBook page.
Adult Sacraments (RCIA)
Do you know of Catholic adults who have not
completed Christian Initiation, still to be Confirmed?
Why not suggest they speak with Sr Elena about being
Last Sunday’s
Harmony Day Walk
A small but enthusiastic group from the
Marrickville Multifaith Roundtable did
the Harmony Day Walk last Sunday; included were Jim Yeo & Fr John, an members of the Inner West Jewish Community,
Church of Christ Marrickville & Balmain
Uniting Church. It was an easy walk
around the Cathedral Block, and time to
meet and chat with others who desire true
peace ion earth between our religious and
non religious people. Catholic Communications Sydney have complimented
St Brigid’s on our Parish use of FaceBook, and republished this item.