1. Supervisor Cook suggested the BLC work the shopping center management/leasing

INFORMATION: Ms. Winslow provided copies
of Administrative & Policy Resolution #6-3 C from
1979 that provided some background on how trips for
seniors started in the community, and why they were
supported by the Homeowners Association (HOA).
She also provided a list of past trips for seniors, dating
back to 1980. The Board agreed to vote on a request
from the Burke 55’ers to carry over trip funds ($800)
from the 2014 budget into the FY2015 budget since
the seniors decided not to take their annual trip in
Supervisor Cook suggested the BLC work
with the Board to establish a meeting between
the shopping center management/leasing
agents and an individual who can help
develop restaurant tenants. Trustee Lukas
indicated she would like to participate in
such a meeting. Trustee Engler stated that
he would discuss this with Mr. Courter
when he returned from vacation, and ask
him to set up a meeting.
Promote Burke Centre at George Mason
Participate in the Fairfax County
Economic Development Authority.
continued from page 4
CAS PROPOSAL: A proposal from CAS was
distributed to the Board of Trustees by Mr. Gloyd. The
company has indicated a willingness to retain current
year pricing for 2015, with options for 2016 and 2017,
if the Conservancy would agree to extend the current
contract. Following a brief discussion, the Board
agreed to proceed with the proposal.
ADS Proposal: An email from American Disposal
Service (ADS) explained that based on the CPI-U
increase of 1.7% they will plan to increase the rates
for attached and detached homes for the 2015 contact.
This will result in a minor increase per quarter.
The CPI-U is the same metric used by the staff in
determining what the appropriate percentage to use is
for the calculation of maximum assessments per the
governing documents.
Atlantic Pools Proposal: As explained in the budget
discussion, the Atlantic Pools contract for the 2015
pool season will extend one extra week. This is
situation occurs every seven years. As a result, they
need to add $19,900 to the management fee contact.
Had this not occurred, they would have increased the
fee by less than 1% for the coming year.
Draft Strategic Plan: Trustee Lukas indicated that
she will update the strategic plan draft and provide it
for the next Board meeting.
October Meeting Agenda: Ms. Winslow distributed
a draft agenda for the October 9, 2014 meeting.
After a few adjustments were discussed, there was
a consensus that the agenda be approved. Trustee
Flaster requested that he be excused from the October
meeting due to travel.
New Business/Future WS Items/Pending Items:
Trustee Flaster asked for a report on the Election
Committee’s plans to continue 2013 practices that
allowed Board candidates to have an option to declare
candidacy in November. Ms. Winslow indicated that
she would follow up with the Election Committee.
Following further discussion, this item was added to
the agenda.
Trustee Engler provided information from the
Business Liaison Committee (BLC) related to three
follow-ons from their work session briefing on
September 17:
BCC Web Access:
Request online access at www.burkecentreweb.com
using eForms under the HOME tab.
There was a brief discussion about Burke
History Day. Mr. Gloyd commented that the
commemorative sign for the Woods Community
Center was complete and that the Board would
need to set a date for an unveiling ceremony.
Trustee Schmidt raised two items from the Open
Space Committee’s review of ARB applications.
The first was whether or not fines could be
imposed for dumping on common areas. A cluster
committee wishes to place “No Dumping” signs
on common area within the cluster.
Secondly, Trustee Schmidt asked if there was a
policy on the memorials dedicated to deceased
residents. For example, the placement of a
memorial bench on common area. Trustee Lukas
suggested that impromptu
memorials on Burke Centre
Parkway and Roberts
Parkway could also be
replaced with more lasting
recognition pieces should
this become a policy.
Ms. Winslow discussed the
upcoming volunteer event
to be held in December,
and has suggested hosting
a Game Night as something
different. This concept will
be further developed if
agreeable to the Board.
Trustee Engler mentioned
the Fairfax Regional Library
Jubilee to be held October
A question on the
Streetscape plans and costs
was raised. Mr. Gloyd
indicated that this item
will be presented at the
November work session.
At 8:45 PM, Trustee Flaster
moved to adjourn into
Executive Session to discuss
legal and personnel issues.
The motion was seconded
by Trustee Engler, which
passed unanimously. At
8:59 PM, the Board returned
to the Regular session and
immediately adjourned.
Safe Driving
Submitted by SUSAN LUKAS
Board President & Trustee At-Large
aylight Savings Time ended on November
2, 2014, which means we will see daylight
occurring one hour earlier. Unfortunately, that
is short lived since each morning we are also losing
one minute a day. By the end of November it will be
dark once again when our middle school and high
school children are at their bus stops.
Pedestrians can be hard to see in low light conditions,
and my observation is that is compounded by many
teenagers wearing dark colors. On November 30,
Sunrise will be at 7:07 AM and Sunset will be at 4:48
PM. Please drive slowly in the morning and help
keep our children safe by sharing these school bus
Getting on the school bus
 When waiting for the bus, stay away from
traffic and avoid roughhousing or other
behavior that can lead to carelessness. Do not
stray onto streets, alleys or private property.
 Line up away from the street or road as the
school bus approaches.
 Wait until the bus has stopped and the door
opens before stepping onto the roadway.
 Use the handrail when stepping onto the bus.
Behavior on the bus
 When on the bus, find a seat and sit down.
Loud talking or other noise can distract the
bus driver and is not allowed.
 Never put head, arms or hands out of the
 Keep aisles clear -- books or bags are
tripping hazards and can block the way in an
 Before you reach your stop, get ready to
leave by getting your books and belongings
 At your stop, wait for the bus to stop
completely before getting up from your seat.
Then, walk to the front door and exit, using
the handrail.
Getting off the school bus
 If you have to cross the street in front of the
bus, walk at least 10 feet ahead of the bus
along the side of the road, until you can turn
around and see the driver.
 Make sure that the driver can see you.
 Wait for a signal from the driver before
beginning to cross.
 When the driver signals, walk across
the road, keeping an eye out for sudden
traffic changes.
 Do not cross the center line of the road,
until the driver has signaled that it is safe
for you to begin walking.
 Stay away from the rear wheels of the
bus at all times.
BY SUSAN LUKAS, Board President
hen 2014 started out it seemed to go slow
and then all of a sudden it accelerated
and now the year is almost over. With
that perspective, the board is trying to finish as many
projects as possible. One project in particular, the
streetscape project that included signage, was put on
the backburner as we addressed the cell tower issue.
We are all motivated to get it done.
STREETSCAPE: The board decided to look at
establishing design standards for signs so they could
become part of the Architectural Review Board
standards review occurring this year. The board hopes
to finish the review and community comment period,
in order to line it up for contract in the spring, if that
is the decision. We initially decided on the material,
and looked at the entrance/reader boards and then
BOARD PRESIDENT - continued on page 11...
-Provided by rockvillemd.gov
continued from page 10
asked Urban, Ltd. to apply those same concepts to
the community centers, neighborhoods, clusters
and pipestems. Urban, Ltd. will be at the November
meeting to discuss the designs and we invite you to
hear the discussion firsthand.
Do Parking Policies
Impact You?
he Conservancy Office continues to receive
complaints regarding cars being parked along
private streets and within a few inches of
the entrance to such streets, making it difficult for
some drivers to safely navigate to and from their
properties. Residents are encouraged to use driveways
and garages for parking, leaving the street open for
vehicles entering or exiting the street.
Numerous calls regarding residents parking in Visitor/
Guest spaces are also routinely received. Most
townhome clusters have assigned parking spaces for
residents and designated visitor/guest spaces. Other
clusters have unmarked spaces that are available for
resident parking on a first come basis. Residents are
asked to respect the assigned spaces of others and
not park in the visitor spaces. Residents having more
vehicles than assigned parking spaces should park the
extra vehicles in open spaces along VDOT streets.
As stated in the Burke Centre Parking and Towing
Policy Resolution #7-2013-PT, adopted by the Board
of Trustees in October 2013, a parked vehicle must
not block access to mailboxes, block ingress/egress to
driveways or pipestems, and prohibits double parking.
As defined in Policy Resolution #7-2013-PT, vehicles
found to be improperly parked are subject to towing
(at the owner’s expense). Your cooperation in
ensuring all family members and guests adhere to the
established guidelines is greatly appreciated.
Elections: With the year coming to an end it is already time to start thinking about running for election as a
Neighborhood Trustee, At-Large Trustee or Cluster Committee candidate. The board has taken some extra
steps in the last few years to start the election cycle earlier to give candidates more time to complete their
application and get signatures. We realize many folks are juggling the demands of the holidays and it takes
time to get all the required signatures.
This year open season for candidates begins November 1, 2014. That means election materials and packets
will be available at the Conservancy office and online under the COMMUNITY tab at www.burkecentreweb.
com. Completed applications must be submitted by January 21, 2015. The first week of February ballots will
be mailed, and as in the past, homeowners will have the option of voting electronically or submitting a paper
ballot. All votes must be completed by March 7, the designated Election Day.
Please consider running for the Conservancy Board of Trustees or your cluster. There are still many clusters
that have no representation. This is one of the most important volunteer positions we have because it directly
affects the area where you live. As for myself, I will once again be running as an At-Large Trustee. I believe
there are still many things we can do in the coming year to make Burke Centre a great place to live! - SL
Viva Volunteers!
If you have questions, or wish to report a problem,
please call the Conservancy office at 703-978-2928.
If your vehicle has been towed, call 703-691-2131 for
NOTICE: Festival Volunteer Drawing
Awards that have not yet been picked
up must be claimed by November 15th.
After November 15th, all awards will be
redistributed for other volunteer activities.
• Burke Centre’s Annual Volunteer Recognition • Friday, December 5, 2014 • 7 PM • Woods CC (10100 Wards Grove Cir)
atch for your invitation in the mail. If you are a Burke Centre Conservancy volunteer and have not received your invitation by the third week in
November, please contact us at 703-978-2928. Featuring a Vegas theme with casino-style games using “CAS* cash”, a live DJ, heavy hors’Dourves,
desserts, drinks and exciting raffles this year. RSVPs will be mandatory this year to ensure there is enough CAS cash, food and beverages for
everyone. Suggested attire – cocktail party. *The Burke Centre Conservancy’s landscaping company, CAS, has generously sponsored the casino-style games for this
event. A big thanks to CAS for their support! Thanks also to American Disposal Service and Five Star Hair (Safeway Shopping Center) for great raffle prize donations!
Volunteers needed
for Erosion and
Drainage Study
he Open Space Committee is seeking
volunteers this fall and winter to help conduct
the inspection of our streams as part of the
Burke Centre Erosion and Drainage Study. We are
looking for individuals who can walk our streams and
conduct inspections of designated areas documenting
the conditions and photographing serious issues and
items of concern. Walking in wooded and stream
bank areas is part of the effort. Please spend some
quality time outside this fall and winter and help your
community and Open Space Committee in presenting
a consolidated plan to the BOT this spring.
Eagle Scout Project
he Open Space Committee wants to thank
Scout Michael Mullarky and the 33 scouts and
adults from 1346 who constructed a new 20
ft. long boardwalk foot path off of Freds Oak Road
and Oak Leather Drive. Using their own funds, these
scouts built a new boardwalk on concrete supported
pilings and spread 11 cubic yards of stone to solidify
the walk and provide a dry walk along a path routinely
submerged after storms.
Open House Thursday,
November 6th
BY ADEL REZK, Burke Toastmasters
he Burke Toastmasters is hosting its annual
open house on Thursday, November 6,
2014 at 6:30 PM. It will be held at the Oaks
Community Center on Oak Leather Drive. The
purpose of the open house is to allow non-members to
visit the club and learn about Toastmasters in a warm
and friendly environment. It is a form of a condensed
meeting with enough time for interactions with current
club members over light refreshments. It is also an
excellent opportunity for visitors to experience how
the actual meetings go and what people gain at Burke
To make this event even more exceptional, special
guest speaker and a former president of Burke
Toastmasters, Sam C., will talk about “How to Write a
Great Speech”. Sam is an excellent speech writer and
speaker. His presence will make the event even more
special and valuable to both the members and visitors.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and every
family will gather for
dinner to celebrate
and give thanks. Are
you ready to say thank
you and make a toast
this Thanksgiving?”
Feeling gratitude and
not expressing it is like
wrapping a present and
not giving it. God gave
you a gift of 86,400
seconds today. Have you
used one to say “thank
you?” These are quotes
by William Arthur Ward.
 Make your open line clear you are expressing
 Speak from the heart and make it memorable.
 Use a relevant quote if you can.
 Keep it short – two to three minutes is
 Practice a few times until you memorize it by
If you wonder what Burke Toastmasters is, why
people join, and how it can help you, come see us in
action. The Burke Toastmasters Club meets the 1st,
3rd, and 5th Thursdays of every month for 90 minutes,
from 7:30-9:00pm. The club is scheduled to meet
Thursdays November 6th and November 20th at the
Oaks Community Center, 5708 Oak Leather Drive.
Visitors are always welcome.
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.
For more information, please contact Membership VP
Rob Paine at [email protected] You can also
visit our website at http://www.burketoastmasters.org,
and now on Facebook and Meetup.
Friend Request...
oin us on Facebook at https://www.
“The best way to deliver
a message of gratitude is
to speak from the heart.
Thank people you care
about, share personal
examples of what you’re
grateful for, and perhaps
offer a quote if the
words seem relevant.”,
said George Yen,
Toastmasters’ 2013-2014
International President.
To get you prepared for
the Thanksgiving toast,
here are some quick
tips from the Burke
Burke CARES Serving
Our Community
urke CARES is a non-profit organization
helping the underserved in our immediate
Burke Centre as well as the larger Burke
community. The purpose of this organization is to help
members of our community who have resources to
come to the aid of members who need those resources.
Our team is made up of all volunteers. We are open
to everybody and are determined to help create a
community of residents aware of each other’s needs
and helping to meet those needs. With support
and financial contributions from our community,
Burke CARES is able to provide discounted pool
memberships, distribute backpacks and school
supplies, and distribute holiday toys and Easter
baskets to underserved children living in Burke
Centre. In addition, we provide support to Facets, a
local organization helping Fairfax residents overcome
poverty and homelessness, by donating Thanksgiving
food baskets and holiday gift donations.
To find out more about our programs or join our
volunteer team, please contact Linda Cottrell at
[email protected]
SHARE the Holiday
ach November and December, Burke Centre
SHARE actively solicits donations to help
families in need that live in Burke Centre.
The following packages are available for ordering
for the November 22 SHARE Distribution. Please
note that anyone, rich or poor can participate in the
SHARE program. If you eat, you qualify! If you are
buying the package for yourself and not donating a
package, each Value Package also incurs a two-hour
volunteer service obligation, which you may already
be performing. Please contact our new SHARE
coordinator, Stacey Carroll, email at [email protected]
gmail.com, if you would like to order. Cash, credit
cards, money orders and EBT are accepted.
dishes: Candied Yams, Corn, Green Beans & Sweet
Potatoe Pie.
recognized for her special efforts volunteering and
supporting the Burke Centre Library.
10-14 lb. Turkey with fresh seasonal produce such
as Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, Onions, Celery,
Apples, Oranges, Stuffing Mix, Elbow Macaroni, a
Holiday Pie, and 4-5 lbs. of meats/fish to stock the
Upcoming Events at Burke Centre Library:
There are many great events planned in November at
Burke Centre Library. Check out the upcoming events
board in the library for more information. Most of
these programs require preregistration, visit www.
fairfaxcounty.gov/library for more information. Just a
few of the events planned include:
Fresh seasonal items such as Sweet Potatoes, White
Potatoes, Onions, Celery, Apples, Oranges, Stuffing
Mix, Elbow Macaroni, a Holiday Pie, and meats/
fish to enjoy a variety of ways: Chicken Drums,
Harvestland Kielbasa, Ground Turkey, Cod or other
Fish Filets.
A 10-14 lb. Turkey with generous, traditional side
dishes: Candied Yam Patties, Corn, Green Beans &
Sweet Potatoes Pie.
10-14 lb. Turkey with fresh seasonal produce such
as Sweet & White Potatoes, Onions, Celery, Apples,
Oranges, Stuffing Mix, Elbow Macaroni, a Holiday
Pie, and 4-5 lbs. of meats/fish.
9-10 lbs. - $28; SHRIMP, Ready to Cook, Raw or
Breaded, 3 lbs. - $20
Holiday & Gift
Used Book Sale
ome to Burke Centre Library on Friday,
November 21, 2014, from 10 AM-6 PM,
and Saturday, November 22, from 10 AM-5
PM, to find all types of books for giving during the
A 10-14 lb. Turkey with generous, traditional side
Read! Build! Play! Storytime November 5, 2014
Classic Tales Storytime November 7, 2014
Teen Creative Writing Workshop November 8,
39 Clues Book Club November 10, 2014
S.T.E.M. Storytime November 12, 2014
Grandparents & Me Storytime November 13,
2014 (at Pinn Center)
My Gym - Babies, Toddlers & Preschool
November 14, 2014
Ancestors Tutoring November 14, 2014
Teen Fan Fiction Group November 15, 2014
Teen Writers Group November 15, 2014
“Gazpacho for Nacho” November 15, 2014
(features Virginia children’s author Tracey C.
Magic Tree House Club November 17, 2014
Create Holiday Cards November 18, 2014 (adult
PJ Library Book Buddies November 19, 2014
Small Wonders Storytime November 26, 2014
Donate Your Gently Used Books to Burke
Centre Library: We encourage Burke Centre
residents to donate gently used books in good
condition during regular hours at the Burke
Centre Library. The drop off point is a bin right
inside the entrance by the ongoing book sale.
Proceeds from your donations go directly to
support Burke Centre Library and the Fairfax
County Library Foundation in the form of the summer
reading program, new materials and collection
enhancement, programming support and more. We
appreciate the community’s ongoing support and
Join the Burke Centre Library Friends: An
individual Lifetime membership is just $50 and
Regular membership is just $5 a year per individual.
Forms are available at Burke Centre Library. All
money raised helps to promote the library system. It is
a small amount for a large benefit – join today – and
make sure you can attend the special preview day at
the Fall Book Sale!
Fresh seasonal items such as Sweet Potatoes, White
Potatoes, Onions, Celery, Apples, Oranges, Stuffing
Mix, Elbow Macaroni, a Holiday Pie, and meats/fish
to enjoy a variety of ways: Chicken Thighs, Premium
Bacon, Ground Turkey, Pollock Filets.
Fairfax County Public Library Friends Choice
Award: Friends of the Burke Centre Library
congratulates Rita Hoskins as the 2014 winner of the
Friends Choice Award for Burke Centre! She was
Interested in helping us out on Facebook? Contact
Kristy Weinshel at [email protected] for
information on how you can volunteer to help update
the Friends of the Burke Centre Library’s Facebook
5 9 3 5 F r e d s O a k Ro a d , B u r ke , VA 2 2 0 1 5
Scouting for Food
his is an annual event organized by the
National Capital Area Council for collecting
food for those in need. The food the Patriot
District collects goes directly to the Capital Area Food
Bank for distribution to various other food banks and
On November 1st, Cub Scout Packs 16 and 1346 will
be delivering bags in the Burke Centre/Fairfax Station
neighborhoods. Please consider filling them with
non-perishable food items to share with the nearly
700,000 people in our area who go hungry. Here is
a link listing the most needed items: http://www.
For those interested in helping, just fill supplied bags
with food then leave them out (or give to Scouts) on
November 8 by 9 AM. Boy Scouts from Troop 1346
will be coming by to pick up the bags for delivery to
the food bank. Scouting for Food has been helping
those in need for the past 27 years-won’t you join us
this year?
h N’ Life
re You 50 or Better? Please join us for
the next Lunch N’ Life sponsored by the
Shepherd’s Center of Fairfax-Burke on
Thursday, November 20, 2014 (12:00-2:00 PM) at
Lutheran Church of the Abiding Presence, 6304
Lee Chapel Rd, Burke. The program will feature Jari
Villaneuva, a Bugler, speaking on The History of Taps.
For reservations, call Faye Quesenberry, (703) 6200161, by November 14th. The cost is $10.00; checks
payable to SCFB. If transportation is needed, call the
SCFB office (703) 323-4788. See www scfbva org for
more information.
Twenty-five percent (25%) of the money raised stays
in the local community to support the important
anti-hunger and emergency assistance provided by
Ecumenical Community Helping Others (ECHO) and
Western Fairfax Christian Ministries. Details available
at www.burkecropwalk.org. For more information,
contact Janet Smith (703-455-9025 or BurkeVA.
[email protected]).
i walks
lk to
help those in need
n Sunday, November 23, hundreds of
residents in Burke and surrounding
communities will participate in the
22nd annual Burke Area CROP (Communities
Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger
Walk to raise funds and awareness to combat
hunger and provide disaster relief.
This free local and global outreach is familyfriendly, not a race, and fun for all ages.
Participants may choose either the 3.7 mile or
shorter Golden Mile option. The walk begins at
2 PM at Living Savior Lutheran Church, 5500
Ox Road, Fairfax Station and ends at Fairfax
Presbyterian Church on Main Street with a
water break mid-way. Shuttles will be available
at both the starting and ending locations. Dogs
and strollers are welcome. Upon completion,
participants will enjoy refreshments, awards
and live entertainment.
Facilities &
Resources Report
t the request of the Open Space Committee
(OSC), the following is a list of projects
addressed by the Facilities &
Resources (F&R) Department during the
past month. There are approximately 350
acres out of 1700 acres that are deeded
Conservancy Open Space; which includes six
(6) ponds and wooden structures, eighteen
(18) tennis courts, eight (8) multi-purpose
courts, three (3) sand-ball courts, eight (8)
play fields, forty-eight (48) tot lots, five (5)
community centers, and twenty-one (21)
miles of trails. Maintenance for these areas
and facilities is funded by the Conservancy
General Fund. To report a problem or concern
with an open space area in Burke Centre,
please contact Neil Broadbent, Conservancy
F&R Assistant, (703) 978-2928; email: [email protected]
Open Space – Bridges behind Wood Flower Court
and Hemlock Woods Lane were raised up and
reset due to erosion of the stream embankment, and
new hand rails were installed. Hand rails were also
replaced on a bridge in New England Woods.
Trees – Due to safety reasons, twenty-one (21) trees
were cut down.
Work Orders – Fifty-six (56) work orders were
generated in the last month.
Dumping – The following item(s) were
removed from open space by Conservancy
staff: a shopping cart on Georgian Woods
Court; a pile of tree debris on Reeds Landing
Circle; various household items including a
hot water heater on Heron Pond Court; an old
car hood on Meyers Landing Court; a used
tire and cardboard on Walnut Woods Lane;
a kitchen stove and concrete slabs on Apple
Wood Court.