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The Official Publication of the Knights of Columbus, Msgr. James R. Jones Council
3303 and Kenneth I. Parker Assembly 1820, New Bern, NC
3, 10, 17, 24 - Bingo 6:30
PM, Hall
4 - 3rd Degree Meeting 7:00
PM, Chamber.
4 – Fraternal Benefits Night,
8:00 PM, Hall
6 - Widows Dinner, 6:00 PM,
9 – Memorial Service, 9:30
A.M., St. Paul Church
11 - 2nd Degree
Exemplification, 8:00
PM, Hall
12 - 4th Degree Meeting, 7:00
PM, Hall
13 - Bingo Appreciation
Dinner, 6:00 - 7:00 P.M.,
25 - 3rd Degree Officer
Meeting, 7:00 Pm - 8:00
PM, Hall
Volume: 2014. 08
Editor: Michael Haynes
[email protected]
Our Yard Sale could not have been as organized and as successful
without the help of the many Marines that assisted over the last days of
the preparation and sale. Not only did they move furniture and load
cars, but some proved that they could sing by performing the “Marine
Grand Knight’s Knightlighter Comments
We welcome new Brothers: Charles “Chuck” Havens, Brian Benard
Benard, and Gunny
Sergeant Konrad Kleczek to our Council. We also welcome back Brother William
Sears. Our First Degree for the three new Brothers was held in the Chambers on
Tuesday October 14 and the Honoree was James A. “Jimmy” Downs, a long
standing Member of our Council and a wonderful example of an “Exemplary
Catholic Gentleman”. Congratulations Jimmy on a well
well-deserved Honor.
In these turbulent times with the ongoing threat of ISIS or ISIL we need to pray for
those fellow Christians and Catholics who are being
being persecuted and in some cases
executed for their Faith. These people are true martyrs and need our prayers.
Please add them to your daily prayer list.
Speaking of prayers, let us not forget our Holy Father and all Religious who are such an important part
p of our
community and our lives as they bring the Word of God to us in all that they do. As Fr. Tully has reminded us
several times, we need to take time to listen for God’s Word. It may come in a thunderstorm or a gentle
breeze—but it’s there and we need
ed to be quiet and listen. This is very hard to do with our busy schedules, but
certainly an important part of our lives.
As more and more legislation is proposed and pro-life
pro life decisions are challenged, let us continue to support and
pray for pro-life decisions
sions and actions. Consider joining Brothers Bart Spano and Jim Bottcher in their protest in
front of the Jacksonville abortion clinic on Wednesday mornings
I hope some of you have answered Fr. Tully’s call to be Eucharistic Ministers. This is a very rewarding
We have a very busy
usy schedule in front of us. Your help and participation is needed and appreciated:
• Annual “Honor our Knight’s Widows” Dinner November 6
• Third Degree in Goldsboro on November 8
• Memorial Service for departed Brothers - November 9 at 9:30 A.M.
Again, God Bless you for all you do for our Church, Community a
nd the less fortunate among us.
Vivat Jesus!
Dick Dodson
Knight of the Month
This month I am proud to announce that Robert “Chick” Natella has been selected as our Knight of the Month.
Chick as he is called by all his friends has been photographing pictures of installations and other events for the
council and the assembly for many years. When we see Chick at an event, we have all become accustomed
to seeing him with a camera.
Quarterly at a pot luck dinner or ice cream social, Chick is calling numbers for the 300 Club Drawing that he
took over many years ago to help the Council raise some needed funds. Many of us who participate in the
300 Club drawings have found
ound this to be a worthwhile and fun project with all proceeds after expenses flowing
back to the Council.
Chick can also be seen on the Bingo floor on some Monday nights selling additional books and verifying
numbers of our bingo winners.
In past years, Chick served as an Usher and as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Paul for many years.
In the community, Chick works with the Burmese community helping them find housing and clothing.
On a personal note, while Chick pretends to be a UNC fan, it is believed he is a true Duke fan.
Chick is a working member of Council 3303, our church and our community.
Jim Whetzel, DGK
Sir Knight of the Month
Have you ever been to the Knights of Columbus Hall and not seen Walt Sierocki working. Well I certainly have
not and I also see him at the business meetings, whether it is for the Council, the Assembly or the Columbus
Club. Walt can be found during the day or evening tending to those things that keep our club working as well
as it does. He is also on call for maintenance issues, working with other volunteer workers at the hall.
In addition to these duties, he is a bingo worker, yard sale worker, and a club sitter when we rent out hall and is
always there when needed. He is always there for our Lamb collections helping out counting money that’s
collected; he is a money counter at St Paul Church , usher at 8:00 AM Mass. Be sure to congratulate Walt on
being selected SK of the month for October 2014
Patrick Rocco, Faithful Captain
Knight’s Benefit Night
On Tuesday, November 4, at 8:00 P.M. (after the regular Council meeting) the Msgr. James R. Jones Council
will sponsor a benefits night. If you answer “NO” to any of the following questions you need to be there:
• Is your retirement plan at risk?
• Are you making mistakes with your money?
• Do you know what Medicare will not cover?
• Have you protected your biggest assets?
• Are your loved ones protected?
• Is your income in danger of not lasting your lifetime?
Come learn some of the many benefits available to you and your family with membership in the Knights of
This meeting is open to ALL parishioners, Lady’s Auxiliary, and Knights of Columbus members. Be sure to
bring your wives.
Robert Leonardo
910-708-1404 [email protected]
Another GREAT Yard Sale
As predicted, we had the best yard sale of the year as well as the most successful financially on record. None
of this would have been possible without everyone who worked in any way; our workers in every dept.,
marines, cooks & bakers, and especially those Tuesday workers and pick-up crews who donated a lot of time
and energy every week year-round. In 10 years, we have more than doubled our work force; however, what is
so amazing is there are still 22 of our 54 workers who worked in 2004 that are active now. During the hectic
week of this last sale, these were our daily figures: Tues. 89, Wed. 60, Thurs. 63, Fri. 82, and Sat. 97.
This yard sale was extremely organized. All of our workers made sure the inside depts. were ready and then
they came outside where we had an overabundance of merchandise that needed to be organized. Our ladies
especially did such a fabulous job with Christmas decorations, clothes, books, pictures, etc. that we even
started selling outside on Thursday. By 12 noon on Saturday, we made over $5,000 outside - twice the
amount we usually make! A lot of the items had been packed up from inside after our June sale, and we sold
them outside at the prices already marked on them which goes to prove it is worth holding on to older items
and relocating them for a different clientele. Many of our customers just prefer an outside sale and never go
As usual, our meals were fantastic! Vince had chili on Tuesday, Priscilla prepared seafood salad and
sandwiches on Wednesday, Gennantonio's friend, Bert Nye, prepared hearty chicken and vegetable soup for
Thursday, Friday was leftover sandwiches and soup, and DeLessandro's prepared a delicious hearty Italian
meal on Saturday. We can't forget to thank all the ladies who baked our desserts: Joan Campbell, Lois
Fragnito, Margaret Lalonde, Marge Pederson (2), Dena Sierocki, Rita Casem, Sandra Mattingly, Becky Evans,
Hannah French, Joan LaCasio, Maureen Zackmann, Margaret Colbert, Marlene Corkery, Aggie Derda, Mary
Jane Jaskolka, Judy blust, Nancy Tomasik (2), JoAnn Webb, and Rosemary Whetzel.
Father Tulley visited us on Thursday and we celebrated Father Bill's birthday on Friday with Aggie's HUGE
chocolate cake. Father Bill froze the leftovers so he and Father Tulley could enjoy it when he returned from
California. Father Tulley's birthday was Monday, Oct. 6.
Our Marines from MCAS CNATT CO at Cherry Point really outdid themselves this time! We had 19 on
Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, 6 on Friday, and 21 on Saturday, and 9 worked two or more days. They must
have enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed and appreciated them. They have a new CO at Cherry Point and we
have sent him a detailed thank you letter of appreciation with pictures letting him know how much his marines
did to make our sale so much easier. A special thanks to Konrad Kleczek for getting so many volunteers for us
and to all our volunteer drivers for driving them to and from our sale.
Mary Spano, our PR Chairman must have done a fantastic job as usual because we had over 1300 customers
on Friday and another 1,239 on Saturday.
I don't know all the individual totals for each Dept.; however, I'm sure all had great success since this was our
most successful sale ever. Our Electronics Dept. even sold those two incredibly huge T.V.'s. Daphne kept up
with our outside picture sales so we were able to add that to our inside total showing how much we really do
make in pictures. We even sold those two large wooden work tables outside and didn't have to take them to
the dump. Kit sells a lot of our better merchandise on line and on “Cool, Cheap, Stuff” between sales so we
can get what they are worth instead of the reduced amounts we sell them at our yard sales. This time he also
did well with all the Christmas Snow Villages even after we pulled some for our State Convention & the SPCC
Even with all our sales outside there was still a lot left outside for the poor in our area to take home. Also, on
Oct. 8th Marie & Cindy took 23 pictures to the Kinston Veteran's Home because they heard from the Elk's they
needed some for the bare walls in their individual rooms. As usual, we also donated a lot of medical supplies
to Merci Clinic and others who needed them. Also, you already have a head start on your next sale with the
$1300 we made the week after our sale.
We are especially thankful to God for keeping the rains away and giving us such beautiful weather. It is no fun
trying to sell rain-soaked merchandise as we have in the past.
God Bless and keep up the good work!
Danny Gennantonio, 2014 Yard Sale Chairman
Annual Widows Dinner
The Knights of Columbus council 3303 will be holding their annual “Honor our Knights Widows Dinner” on
Thursday November 6th. A social will begin at 6:00 pm and dinner will be served at 6:30.
Tickets for this event will be sold after all Masses this weekend or by contacting Danny Gennantonio at 6372322 or Nick D’Alessandro at 637-3550. Ticket prices are $8.00 per person, $15.00 per couple and a
maximum of $20.00 per immediate family. We look forward to seeing our fellow Brothers joining us to honor
these wonderful women.
Nick D’Alessandro, Family Director
LAMB Report
The LAMB fall collection is now complete. My sincere thanks to all the Knights who donated their time to help
this most worthy cause. Special thanks to “Iron Man” Bob Cisco who worked 6 hours on Friday and 4 hours on
Saturday. Also special thanks to Walt Sierocki and Jerry Boyle who worked all day Thursday Friday and
Saturday in the Lounge counting the donations. At Walmart we collected $ 3,290 and the Church collection
was $ 319. Total for the weekend was $ 3,609 and added to the spring collection and a contribution from a
Bingo player we have a total of $ 6,932.50. I have several grant requests outstanding so hopefully we still
have a chance of reaching our goal of $ 10,000.
Jim Kelly, Chairman 2014 LAMB
Kinston Veterans Home
Attached is a picture of two K.I.Parker Assembly yard sale
workers (Cindy Gennantonio & Marie Senzig from the Yard Sale
Picture Dept.), who traveled to Kinston on Oct. 8th and delivered
23 pictures to the Kinston Veterans Home. We heard from our
local Elks Lodge that they needed pictures for the bare walls in
their individual rooms.
Danny G.
K of C Soccer Challenge
The Knights of Columbus Msgr. James R Jones Council # 3303 held their annual K of C Soccer Challenge.
Fifty students in grades 5 thru 8 participated. All students received a soccer ball hacky sack. The winners
received an official size soccer ball and will have an opportunity to participate in the District Competition in
October. Thanks to the Knights and Brother Knight Jeff Ross for sponsoring this event.
Picture: l to r winners by grades Mike
Hamby, Piper Little, Skye Davis 5th;
Bruno Pizani, Owen Rose, Will Hamby
7th ; Jim Anderson, Principal, Margaret
Audilet 7th Adriana Lewis and Paul
Blain 8th and Coach Dan Mowry.
Sandy & Nancy Stewart, PR
Annual Memorial Service
Just in case you missed it, we will be celebrating our Annual Memorial Service for deceased Brothers on
Sunday, November 9 at 9:30 a.m. in the Church. This will be a separate Service and not part of the 8:00 A.M.
or 11:00 A.M. Mass. Please wear your blue blazer and grey slacks. The Catholic Daughters will be serving
breakfast in the Family Life Center after the Service.
I look forward to seeing you at the Service.
Golf Winners
And the winners are:
1st place - Lou Colombo, Kevin Blust, Jack Webb, and Ed Kearney
2nd place - Andrew Townsend, Patrick Townsend, Richard Gilbert, and Dave Toler
3rd place - Rich Tomasik, Paul Tomasik, Paul Masotta, Charlie Hendricks
Thank you to everyone you participated in this event. We look forward to another rematch next year.
Officers and Program Chairmen of
Msgr. James R. Jones, Council 3303
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Financial Secretary
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Outside Guard
Trustee (1 Yr.)
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Dick Dodson
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Ray Savage
Sandy Stewart
Larry Spallanzani
Larry Winsor
Mikie Casem
CJ Brooker
Nick D’Alessandro
Bill Bottcher
Dean Reynolds
Rich Tomasik
Leo Minervini
Pat Rocco
Jim Anderson
Membership Director
Hispanic Membership
Operation Lamb
300 Club
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Special Olympics
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Walter Bock
Nick Dalessandro
Jeff Ross
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Richard Mora
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Jim Kelly
Michael Haynes
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Chick Natella
Chick Natella
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Officers of
Father Kenneth I. Parker Assembly 1820
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Faithful Purser
Reverend William J Upah
SK Vincent A. Fragnito
SK Patrick Rocco
SK David Rose
SK William Camp
SK Ralph Aviles
SK George Halyak
Faithful Admiral
Trustee 3 Year
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Trustee 1 Year
Lounge Manager
Yard Sale
SK Doug Uhland
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SK Rich Tomasik
SK James Whetzel
SK Sandy Stewart
SK Ignacio "Budd" Rancatore
SK Ralph Aviles
SK Danny Gennantonio
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