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Friday October 31, 2014
(From left) Acting CEO of ZIMCHE Dr.Chikuya, Dr.Nhembaware–
ZIMCHE, P/VC of CUT Dr.Kuipa, Amai Chinembiri—ZIMCHE and
CUT’s Director of Quality Assurance & Graduate Studies Dr.Jingura
gramme Accreditation Physical Assessment function was
attended by the University Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr.Pardon
Kusaziwa Kuipa, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of
ZIMCHE who is also a former Dean at CUT Dr.Hilton Hakurotwikufa Chikuya , the Dean of the School of Business
Sciences and Management Professor Zororo Muranda, the
Director of GBS Mr.Denis Nikisi, the Director of Quality
Assurance Dr.Rapheal Jingura, the Acting Librarian
Mr.Bright Nyagwaya, the Registrar Mr.Thomas B.Bhebe and
the Financial Director who is CUT’s Bursar and part time
Financial Accounting for Entrepreneurs lecturer - Mr.Obert
Sifile, administrators and senior academic staff from both the
Graduate Business School and the School of Business Sciences and Management. Accompanying Dr.H.H.Chikuya
were Dr.Makura(from Women’s University in Africa-a peer
reviewer) , Amai Chinembiri, Dr Nhembaware and Mrs
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Chinhoyi University of Technology Quality Assurance and
Graduate Studies and Graduate Business School (G.B.S.)under
the School of Business Sciences and Management will soon
offer a new post-graduate degree programme, CUT Weekly
learnt during the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education
(ZIMCHE) Programme Accreditation Physical Verification
held in the University Boardroom on Tuesday October 28,
The University will unroll its fourth taught Masters degree programme after successfully launching the Master of Science in
Strategic Management degree programme (MScSM) which is
very popular in Industry, Commerce and Corporate management, Master in Business Intelligence(MBI) and Master in Post
Harvest Technology(MPHT). The new post graduate degree
programme, Master in Applied Entrepreneurship (M.A.E.)
which will be done over twenty-four (24) months will begin
with an enrolment of about fifty(50)students sometime next
year once the programme is approved by ZIMCHE.
The Accreditation Visit was meant to verify the Higher and
Tertiary governing board members the physical preparedness
of the University to host this degree once approved. The Pro-
The Acting Librarian Mr.Nyagwaya shows ZIMCHE Accreditation
team members Dr.Makura(in specs & holding a book in hand) and
Dr.Chikuya(on Mr Nyagwaya’s left) how to find a book in the University Library during a tour of facilities. Accompanying them also
are CUT staff members Mr.Rashidi(in white shirt & red tie)
Mr.Dikito(behind Mr.Rashidi),Mr.Bhebe(in light grey suit)Mr
Muchenje ,Mr Nikisi(partly obscured )& Mr Chitimbe(in white shirt
& light green tie behind Mr Bhebe)
Credit facility is available to all CUT staff members payable over (2) two months!
HURRY!HURRY!WHILE STOCK LASTS! Visit the Chinhoyi University of
Technology Marketing Shop at CUT Hotel from Monday to Friday between
0800hrs and 1630hrs and buy yours and for your beloved ones. There are also
boys’ shorts, Journalist Jackets, t-shirts and memory sticks ranging from 2Gig to
(contd from page 1:CUT’s GBS TO OFFER NEW POST GRAD.)
In his opening remarks, Dr.Chikuya commended the University for
introducing such a degree programme and he said,” We are not here
to stifle your intentions but to ensure that quality degree programmes
are offered. I am also happy that the involvement of the Director of
Quality Assurance and Graduate Studies and the entire Directorate
ensures that the degree programme itself will be the best and meets
the Quality Assurance standard required by ZIMCHE. When we hear
students report negatively that this is happening at CUT, you can
stand on top of a hill to dispute that this does not happen at all confidently.”
The Physical Assessment Visit also involved a tour of lecture venues,
the University Library, the Computer Labs and the GBS Shankuru
Complex where members of the ZIMCHE team were impressed by
the progress made there so far which included the on-going refurbishment of the GBS Library, an immaculate but board room, lecture
rooms and offices.
The ZIMCHE Accreditation team said that they were also impressed
by the alignment of the qualifications to the lecturing staff presented
who will be in charge of teaching the programme. In fact, Dr.Chikuya
said that Chinhoyi University of Technology was becoming a torch
bearer to other Institutions because of its high quality staff and “…
not lecturers with non-aligned qualifications while others boast of
doctorates from fictitious and collapsed Universities.”
The Master in Applied Entrepreneurship degree programme will for a
start have only one intake in a year and will be taught on blockrelease. The Bursary assured the evaluation team also that there was
enough funding for the programme to commence. The Librarian informed the team that the University “nerve centre” was capable and
geared to serve the programme while the ICT director Mr.Anesu
Dikito boasted that the computer student ratio in the new programme
will be 1:1 and drew a teaser when he said that even if it was possible
to provide ten computers per student they would stand the heat because the computer population was boosted by the acquisition of an
additional 500 more, some of which are housed at the Orange Groove
Motel Computer Hall. To this, the Pro-Vice Chancellor also reminded
the ZIMCHE by supporting Mr.Dikito that all conventional students
would be on vacation and the University teaching venues and its facilities would be at their(MAE students) disposal without any hindrances and or disturbances.
At the end of the mission, both the PVC, the Dean of the School of
Business Sciences and Management, the Director of Quality Assurance and Graduate Studies, academic staff, administrators, the University Management and even members of the ZIMCHE Accreditation team were optimistic that the degree programme will be approved
as it met the criteria which included the duration of the programme,
the enrolment, funding for the new programme, infrastructure for academic use, hard volumes for the programme, ICT, Programme administration services and staffing.
The University is indeed moving in the right direction and continues
to be a University of choice that offers unique degree programmes
tailor-made to suit the economic environment and what industry and
commerce requires. Offering this post graduate degree programme by
CUT shows that the Institution is gearing itself to be really “…a world
class centre of excellence for technological innovation and entrepreneurship.”
The Chinhoyi University of Technology students who
have not completed paying for the August – December 2014 tuition fees risk the prospect of deregistration and may not sit for the sessional examinations. This was announced in a communiqué released to the student body by the Bursary on
Wednesday October 30, 2014. The defaulting students have been given a five(5) day ultimatum to settle their outstanding debts which expires on Tuesday
October 4,2014.
Part of the statement reads: “The University allowed
students to register on a payment plan in the hope
that the written commitments would be fulfilled before commencement of end of semester examinations.
The university wishes to inform all students who
were registered but have outstanding fees that they
will be de-registered and will not be allowed entry
into the examination venues during the August – December 2014 examinations.”
Students who have not paid are advised to seek financial assistance from many such organizations like
Educare, FMC and even banks as the University has
been left with no option but to take that stern action
because its operations have been heavily compromised. Universities are non-profit making organizations and they depend on fees to run examinations
and purchase other teaching accessories. With the
liquidity crunch currently obtaining in the economy,
Central Government has only been assisting with
salaries and all other expenses were being met by the
The Chinhoyi University of Technology Management
team are however commended for unveiling such a
generous payment plan to its students which other
institutions do not have and their very own students
then abuse the facility by not honouring their
pledges. At some institutions no students are allowed
to register without full payment of fees at all. To be
forewarned is to be forearmed and as advised by the
Bursary students can ignore this ultimatum at their
The BOOST/Enactus CUT team took part in the 2014
Delta Ethics & Transparency Initiative competitions on
Thursday October 23,2014 held at the Rainbow Towers
in Harare where they won two shields, a certificate and
cash vouchers worth over six hundred dollars. They beat
all other Institutions on the thematic thrust competition
hence they got a shield of the thematic award. Another
shield was for overall second runner-up and the certificate was for attendance. The Delta Corporation sponsored event is an annual competition that brings together
all Universities in the country.
The team set-up BeerView Mirrors, a project which targeted students from Chinhoyi University of Technology
and those from high schools within the province. “This
initiative was tailor-made to equip students with knowledge based on the available harmful substances, the dangers of taking alcohol and drug abuse and the health and
social effects associated in doing so,” said the President
of the Club Stewart N.Mupaya in an interview with
CUT Weekly.
The second project was more technical and it critically
aimed at reducing drunken driving, a social risk that
often leads to premature and/or unprecedented mortality.
Members of the BOOST/Enactus team went on air at
Star FM, SFM, ZiFM and ZTV. The live interviews
were structured to allow for interactive discussions with
the listeners.
The year’s theme for the Ethics and transparency Initiative was: “Fighting alcohol and drug abuse and the risky
social behaviours.” The projects impacted on lives in a
tremendous and unforgettable manner. The Club president also paid tribute to the Club’s Faculty advisor
Mr.Chenjerai Muchenje for being an astute and keen
leader in student-centred activities. He also took the opportunity to thank the University management for the
BELOW(The BOOST/Enactus team, Stewart Mupaya on
air at ZiFM,the discussion,the certificate & the shields)
exemplified by the fallen direction bill board along the main road
close to the Administration Car Park. The bill board was damaged
by a storm that ravaged during one Wednesday afternoon, to be
specific ,on the 8th October 2014 when Professor Robson Mafoti
was delivering an inaugural public lecture titled: “ Of serendipity
and discovery”. As at the time of writing this folks, it is helplessly
lying down yet the supporting poles were repaired and what is
needed is only to dig holes and erect it. It has been looking quite
clumsy and out of place by being left lying there where everyone
comes in and out of this beautiful University.
Culture of not finishing tasks and… things
of the sordid matter…
To those of you who were always looking forward to their
weekly meal of this section, my apologies for not dishing out the
usual observations-meal the past two weeks. I heard and read
your complains with a nostalgic guilt-conscience any mother
would feel when she fails to serve her children their daily meal.
Thank you for appreciating this section as I bring to the fore realistic issues that affect us as members of the University community.
The Observer is only worried by this culture and I have it on good
record that some of the times you find materials are left unattended
and without due care. There is a need to make sure we cultivate a
culture of” safekeeping” and accountability while at the same time
finish all tasks that need no cash attached but only human input. I
can hear some voiceless voices murmuring their disapproval of
this observation and I’ve put pictures to support this.
The Religious Corner has been absent for a very long time and it
is not that I’m not a Christian or do not subscribe to any religion
but the writer of that section who I know for sure is a guru in the
area has not been too available to do so. The University Chaplain
Reverent Amos Mateva has promised to revive the section with
consistent submission of articles to the Editor of this publication.
It is my hope that our esteemed readers will get the benefit of his
wise counsel.
Buses and their time tables need to be put in order before the Insider-on-the-outside says something about their time-tabling,
routes, cleanliness and carrying capacities. Also drivers should
know that when they drive those buses, their duty is to carry workers and students to work and/or to the campus. They don’t need
this reminder. Over-loading these buses where standing passengers
travel so crammed is no good at all as there is a risk of spreading
of airborne diseases because of close breathing of the unsuspecting
people. Till I bring other observations again, let me remind some
of the students to be respectful of any members of staff especially
those who may share the same bus with them at any given time.
Foul language will not do any good to humanity. After all,” tiri
vanhu vanobva kuvanhu vane hunhu”!Yours Truly… the Insideron-the-outside.
“Hordes of dogs” are marauding the campus scavenging for food
in quite a threatening manner. There are other people on campus
who have a dog-phobia and, animals as animals are very unpredictable hence they can do anything. Students and staff alike risk
being bitten by these dogs should they attack them or when they
feel they are threatened. Some of these pets might be infected
with rabies and the University should definitely find a solution to
this problem of dogs that feely roam around the entire campus as
if this University is a dog-college! Putting them down will send a
message to their owners that they should secure them and that
they are not wanted on campus. The(Special Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) SPCA should also play a part here. The Works
& Estates Department is hereby called on to mend the security
and perimeter fence. Any frail cry of unavailability of funds is
out of the question as a visit by the Observer around the entire
perimeter fence yielded encouraging results. There is no need to
buy any fence at all but it can be repaired by stitching it together
again so that holes created by intruders and occasional animal
invaders are closed. These are the entrance points of these stray
For as long as the fence remain damaged, we are not guaranteed
total security as miscreants can use these areas to scale in and out
undetected. It renders the searches made at exit points by our ever
alert security personnel futile and a routinely useless job activity
as laptops, tap-heads and hosepipes disappear in broad day light.
The pic.collage shows a hole in
the fence, a fallen billboard & a
dog takes a nap while students are
The Insider-on –the-outside has it on good record that sometime
this year CUT Weekly highlighted this and other issues which the
department should look into and to date they haven’t done anything. This culture of not finishing tasks seems to be creeping as
“In order to have
friends, you must be
In a ZIFA Division 2A match played at CUT Sports grounds on
Sunday October 26,2014, the CUT Football team –“Football
Technocrats” continued to improve when they held the highly
fancied Kariba-based outfit by a nil all draw. The crocodile farmers Padenga F.C. are seasoned campaigners and within the reach
of current log leaders of the Division, Zatex F.C. According to
sources privy to the team’s technical strategy, there are improvements in the team as they adopt to the new coach’s style of play.
The coach himself, Dr.Crispen Murungweni, a senior lecturer in
the University was unavailable for comment but it seems he is
now getting his act together as he aims to restore
some pride in the undergraduate team.
APOLOGY; In the issue
of Friday October 24,2014, we
erroneously published that Mr
Desderio Chavunduka is the
Deputy Dean of the Business
School. In fact, he is the chairperson of Business Management
& the Deputy Dean is Dr Marian
Tukuta.The inconvenience
caused is regretted.
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The annual Chinhoyi University of Technology Vice Chancellor
Students Soccer Tournament Finals will be played this Saturday
November 1, 2014 starting at 0930hrs at the University Sports
grounds. There will be men and women soccer matches to be
played. Entertainment will be galore and students are encouraged
to attend and be part of the fun before they seat for end of semester examinations in a few weeks time. There will be cash prizes to
winning teams. The winning men soccer team will walk away
with a cash prize of US$300,00 ; the runner-up will be awarded a
cash prize of US$200,00 while the third placed team will walk
away US$100,00 richer. The female teams winners will be
awarded a cash prize of US$150,00 ; the runners-up will get
US$100,00 and the third place will be awarded a cash prize of
US$50,00. The Director of Sports Mr Petros Musiwacho told the
Sportsview desk in a telephone interview that the disparity in
prizes was arrived at on the realization that men play more time
than their female counterparts.
“There is no discrimination at all,” said Mr.Musiwacho,” but
men’s game is more physical and it is played for 45minutes each
half while females don’t last that time hence the need to have
different cash prizes. However, I encourage all the students to
participate and come in their numbers to refresh from books.”
Each hostel will build a team and the non-residential students
who are the bulk of the students will have more teams. Competi6
tion is likely to be stiff because of the cash incentives.