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Nov. 14: Phoenix SUNS GAME
SHARE WITH ONE: My Hope @ Billy Graham
WORSHIP Sundays @ 9:30 a.m.
in our midst!
Experiencing His Presence, Power & Purpose.
LCF is committed to experiencing the living Christ
organically in friendships, small groups, & ministries!
Spirituality of the Cross BOOK STUDY
@ Chandler 7th Day Adventist
1188 W. Galveston, Chandler, AZ. 85224
Nov 2nd
Nov 9th
Call Todd Baio #602-741-7911 for info
►Sundays 9:50-10:30 am during Sermon time
Call Karla Emerson #480-753-9243 for info
Youth Group (5th thru 12th Graders)
All Saints Sunday — @ Holy Communion
Religion Is Not Enough! @ Pastor Todd
Persecuted Church Sunday!
Christianity Is Dangerous!
Acts 19:21—20:38 
Nov 16st
23rd Sunday of Pentecost
Acts 21-22  Witnessing At Home
Nov 23th
THANKSGIVING Christ The King Sunday
Love That Never Lets Us Go!
►Sundays 8:30-9:15 am before Worship
Children’s Church
Acts 18:18-19:20 
Acts 22:3--23:11 
Nov 30th
First Sunday in Advent
Acts 24, 25 & 26 
Continuing Series: ACTS
@ Pastor Todd
Who’s On Trial?
►Wednesdays 6:15 - 7:30 pm
Chandler Presbyterian 1500 W Germann Rd
►Mondays Revelation 7 - 8:30 pm in So Chandler
1821 W. Lynx Way—Karthik #765-413-8831
►Thursday BIBLE 6:30 - 8:00 pm in East Mesa area
4039 E Harmony Ave--James #480-234-4457
Ladies Romans Bible Study
►Thursdays 9:30- 11 am @ Ella’s Home
Call James Hoefer, #480-234-4457 for info
Ladies THE STORY Bible Study
►Tuesday at 3 pm in Chandler area
Call Karla #480-753-9243 for location
ANGEL TREE: We will have 19 children
who will need sponsors this Angel Tree Sunday, Dec. 7. A special service is being
planned, and Sonny will do an exclusive
PICNIC at 11 am for all our FAMILIES!
Nov Birthdays (3) Bruce Bergeson (5)
Michelle Eisenhawer (6) Clarence Golden
(11) Hannah Wright (14) Ryan Weise (15)
Kyle Tygret (16) Cristian Bergeson, Tiffany & Trinity
Thibideau (17) Mary Larrison (20) Michael Mancini
(21) Ruth Wilson (25) Stephanie Alamond (26)
Alicia McNeill
Phoenix SUNS GAME: Pastor James some Phx Suns
Basketball game tickets for Friday, 7pm, Nov. 14 against the Charlotte
Hornets. The tickets are only $16, on a first come, first serve basis.
HOPE FOR HORN OF AFRICA: Keep Negest and Shoan Zeleke in your prayers as
they continue to lead this vital ministry. Currently they are supporting 16 orphans in
Ethiopia. Amazingly, 4 are in college and an additional girl has a scholarship to the
University. We hope to have them with us soon to share more.
SHARE WITH ONE! Order a DVD today, or simply play it on-line!
Share this outstanding Billy Graham’s evangelistic program entitled
‘HEAVEN’ in your home, or even at a Starbucks, to your unsaved friends
or any seeker who wishes to know the truth of what the Bible teaches. We are asking
everyone at LCF to share this with at least ONE PERSON!
We had a wonderful
opportunity joining Joe’s Team to feed up to 150 hungry men and women
and children at 5:30pm Tuesday Oct 21 at MY FATHER’S HOUSE (3030
W. Van Buren), plus sharing the Gospel. Kyoko and Erin were there with
their special gifts! Joe especially thanks the Sisters of Mary at Canaan for
hundreds of BRATS, and Lloyd at "Biscuits" Restaurant on Elliott and
McClintock for their help storing the brats and letting us buy the sauerkraut
at their cost. Thanks to Carolynn, Erin, Jeff, Kyoko, Joe’s two friends from
work, Geoffrey and Tim along with all the others who contributed behind the scenes to help
those that need our support and need Jesus in their lives, as we all do.
MEN are welcome to join to share
and pray for one another on the FIRST Wednesdays. Join us Nov
5 @ 6:30—8pm at VILLAGE INN on Southern and Dobson Our
WOMEN have a similar group starting at 6:30 p.m. at COCO’s on the NE corner
of Dobson and Baseline.
LCF Newsletter
November 1th 2014
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Dr. James Lyman Hoefer 
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Not everybody has a great marriage. Starting with Adam and Eve’s Blame Game leaving the Garden of Eden, marriages between two sinners get pretty complicated. It's like the young bride who called her pastor three weeks after her wedding day. "Pastor," she wailed, "George and I had a dreadful fight!" "Calm down, my child," said the pastor, "it's not half
as bad as you think it is. Every marriage has to have its first fight!" "I know, I know!" said the young woman, "but what am
I going to do with the body?"
So not everybody has a great experience with marriage, and God doesn’t intend everyone to
marry—but still marriage is the norm. In fact a poll in the L. A. Times of 2,000 adults revealed that
the overwhelming majority of single adults, when asked about their main goal in life, responded "to
be happily married." Deep down, God has put a strong and healthy desire in the depths of most of
us to experience the fascinating joy of connecting heart and soul with a someone so utterly different
in sex, temperament and basic needs, and yet strangely complementary and supportive. The Bible
makes it clear that marriage is God’s good gift. My father used to say that the marriage relationship
was the one thing that Adam and Eve were able to take out of Paradise with them when they
goofed up! God intends our homes to be a little taste of heaven on earth!
That doesn’t mean it is easy! Studies have shown that the five basic needs of a woman are totally different from the five
basic needs of a man! Marriage is difficult! It’s no secret that women can relate much easier with another woman, and men
with another man. But as George Jessel once said, "Marriage is a mistake that every person ought to make." What he
meant is that yes, it’s difficult, and will thoroughly challenge us, but it will also help us grow up! Martin Luther advised many
monks who wanted to become self-denying disciples of Jesus leave of the quiet solitude of monasteries and get married!
For thousands of years our societies had laws and customs protective of this sacred institution, supporting the public
vows of a man and a woman committing to stay together to raise their children—but that has changed. Pornography and
sexual abuse are a plague! Our entertainment media seldom depicts marriage in a healthy light. Many young people have
simply given up on marriage altogether. Lots of couples cohabite because they don’t believe it is possible to maintain a
lifetime commitment. With our “No-fault divorce laws,” marriage is the only legal contract a person can break without the
other party’s consent and without facing any legal repercussions! And now our U.S. Supreme Court (which just in April,
2013 ruled that individual States had the final word on marriage law), cowardly chose last week not to overrule the decision of lower federal courts striking down marriage in a host of States, including Arizona--based upon “the times are achanging” interpretation of the Constitution (not “original intent”)!
Instead of seeing marriage as a sacred gift from God, protected by one of His Ten Commandments, this world regards it as a sociological experiment, to alter at will. Teachers are instructed to replace the words “father” and “mother” with
parent. “Let’s get government of the bedroom,” is the cry. “If three people want to get married, let them. Marriage
is an entirely private affair.”
But that is just the point. Marriage is not merely a private affair. Children suffer the most
when marriages die. It is the most essential social institution we have, and history is full of dead civilizations that forgot that. Governments should be supportive of it, because God’s plan works! Thousands of expensive scientific studies tell us overwhelmingly and conclusively what common sense already knew--that children do best when raised by a biological mother and father cemented by marriage.
Today this is being denied, and we shouldn’t be surprised! It is what inevitably happens when “men love darkness
rather than light” (John 3:19). But don’t think for a moment that any court, or congress, or commander-in-chief can redefine
marriage! Marriage will always be what it was created to be, God’s good gift for those who discover it. As Dr Frank
Beckwith said, “You can eat an ashtray, but that doesn’t make it food.” In fact, history demonstrates that the truth of
God’s Word shines brightest when the contrast with the world is most severe. Today the Church is being called upon to
teach and model what marriage is according to God’s plan. That means taking a strong stand against divorce, just as God
does, and honoring the sanctity of human life, fleeing immorality, and seeking healing for our own sexual brokenness.
This will take courage, and the power of the Holy Spirit. When Pastor Rick Warren was challenged recently on the
Piers Morgan Live show about his views of “same-sex marriage,” he appropriately responded, “I fear the disapproval of
God more than I fear your disapproval or the disapproval of society.” We will be asked also, and now is the time to be
ready with words and actions to testify to God’s greatest earthly gift!
Pastor James