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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
Delivering Value
Across the Enterprise
4 The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
What is the Enterprise Agreement
How the Enterprise Agreement Works
The Enterprise Platform
Enterprise Agreement Subscription
Enterprise Agreement Benefits
Software Assurance Benefits
Enterprise Agreement Technologies
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Softchoice Corporation is the leading
source of service and support for
Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs.
Softchoice combines more than 15
years of software industry experience,
award-winning customer service,
and powerful online tools to help
organizations lower acquisition costs,
improve productivity, and reduce the
risks associated with purchasing
and managing Microsoft technology.
The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
(EA) provides a simple business
solution for software acquisition and
management. Softchoice expertise
in licensing and asset management
complements and enhances the value
of the EA. In tandem with Microsoft,
Softchoice offers organizations in need
of an enterprise license solution a
compelling value proposition.
The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
Enterprise Agreement Benefits
What is the Enterprise Agreement
The Microsoft Core CAL Suite encompasses four
fundamental Microsoft server products that provide your
organization with identity management, directory services,
enterprise communication (e-mail, calendar functions,
and scheduling), collaborative workspaces, and asset
management. The Core CAL Suite includes Windows Server
CAL, Exchange Server 2007 Standard CAL, Office SharePoint
Server 2007 Standard CAL, and System Center Configuration
Manager CML.
A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement creates value by
supporting your business in these fundamental ways:
The Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite brings together 11 of the
latest Microsoft products to provide your organization with
the newest innovations in communication, collaboration,
and compliance, and enables presence functionality and
synchronous communications (IM), enterprise content
management, information rights management, client
security, server and web security, client and server realtime monitoring and updates, conferencing, web-based
forms solutions, and business data connectors. The
Enterprise CAL Suite will be a superset of the Core CAL
Suite and thus includes the Core CAL Suite plus Exchange
Server 2007 Enterprise CAL, Office SharePoint Server
2007 Enterprise CAL, Office Communications Server
2007 Standard CAL, Office Communications Server 2007
Enterprise CAL, Windows Rights Management Services,
System Center Operations Manager Client OML, and
Forefront Security Suite.
The right to the current version of the products is built into
the price of the products available. Your organization can
reduce its overall costs by 10 – 15 percent by implementing
technology standardization.
The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a software volume
licensing program designed for medium- and large-sized
customers with 250 or more desktops who are interested
in standardizing on some or the entire Microsoft Enterprise
platform of products. An Enterprise Agreement makes it
easy to acquire Microsoft software licenses at discounted
prices based on a three-year agreement term.
How the Enterprise Agreement Works
Enterprise Agreements are a direct contract with Microsoft
in conjunction with Softchoice as your Enterprise Software
Advisor (ESA). The Enterprise Agreement simplifies license
administration by only requiring a single transaction to
acquire licenses across the entire enterprise and thus
helps ensure compliance. You will have immediate access
at all times to the most current versions of the Enterprise
platform products elected in the agreement.
Throughout the term of the agreement, you also have the right
to immediately run software on additional desktops without
having to acquire new licenses. Instead, a true-up order will
be processed once a year to account for any new desktops.
The initial term of the Enterprise enrollment is three years.
At the end of the third year, the Enterprise enrollment may
be renewed (upon mutual agreement) for one- or three-year
terms continuously. Renewal pricing will be based on the
price of Software Assurance at the time of your renewal.
The Enterprise Platform
Enterprise Agreements offer a flexible way to standardize
your company on the following Enterprise platform of
Microsoft products:
• Microsoft Office Professional Plus
• Microsoft Office Enterprise
• Microsoft Windows Professional Desktop Upgrade
• Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL) Suite
• Microsoft Enterprise Client Access License (CAL) Suite
Microsoft Office Professional Plus includes Word 2007,
Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, Outlook 2007,
Access 2007, InfoPath 2007, Integrated Enterprise Content
Management, Electronic Forms, Advanced Information
Rights Management and Policy Capabilities, and Office
Communicator 2007, which is scheduled for release in Q2
of 2007.
Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 is the most complete
Microsoft solution for people who must collaborate with
others and work with information efficiently, regardless of
location or network status. Office Enterprise 2007 builds on
the strengths of Office Professional Plus 2007 and provides
two additional tools: Microsoft Office Groove 2007 and
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.
There are four price levels for each of the Enterprise
products. They are based on the number of qualified
desktops in your enterprise.
Enterprise Agreement Subscription
A variation of the Enterprise Agreement is the Enterprise
Agreement Subscription – it provides all the advantages of
an EA with an additional 15 percent discount. Under the EA
Subscription, you do not own the product licenses, but rather
are subscribing to the rights to use the software for as long
as you continue to maintain your subscription. If, at the time
your Enterprise Agreement Subscription expires, you elect
not to renew with either the one- or three-year option, then
you relinquish your rights to continue running the software
unless you choose to buy out of your agreement.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
By standardizing on the Enterprise platform, your total
cost of ownership is reduced and workplace productivity is
Stay Current with Technology
Simplified License Tracking
There is no need to track license usage or software
versions during the agreement term, which reduces
the overhead normally associated with ongoing license
tracking and administration.
Ensure Compliance
All desktops are considered as “in compliance” during the
term of your enrollment. This removes not only potential
upfront fees based on estimated growth or fines for not
being in compliance, but also the costs associated with
compliance audits, which can start at $50,000.
Simplified Budgetary Planning
Cost is amortized in annual payments over a threeyear term, thereby simplifying budgeting and providing
predictable software costs for the term of your
enrollment. This takes much of the guesswork out of a
budgeting process and can save you the cost and time
associated with budget approval processes. Simply tell
us the total number of desktops within your organization,
and your annual payment will be based on the number
you indicated plus any additions to your organization,
reported just once each year.
Discounted Pricing
Deep discounts with a fixed, annual price based on the
number of eligible desktops in your enterprise.
Premier Support
Maximize uptime and minimize support costs with
Microsoft Premier Support for the Enterprise platform.
Microsoft’s Premier Support, in conjunction with your
Enterprise Agreement, gives you the proactive planning,
technical expertise, and skills transfer that large
enterprises need to boost availability and to reduce
management and support costs. It maximizes the value
of your Enterprise Agreement by delivering support that’s
synchronized to your licensing decisions, customized to
your precise needs, and managed conveniently as part of
your overall contract.
Single Microsoft Agreement with Easy
Renewal Option
The three-year term of the Enterprise Agreement
enables you to plan and implement technology needs
without managing new agreements every year. It takes
considerable business and legal resources to complete
agreement reviews. Under the Enterprise Agreement, you
have the option of extending the term for an extra one or
three years, further reducing agreement review costs.
Extends Benefits of Volume Licensing to All
Affiliates Within Your Organization
This enables you to capitalize on your total volume
purchasing power, whether your affiliates are in a single
country or located around the world.
Build a Flexible Infrastructure
An Enterprise Agreement helps your organization more
easily build and maintain its infrastructure so it can
respond rapidly to changing business needs.
Streamlined Ordering Process
The method of making three annual payments under
an Enterprise Agreement significantly reduces or even
eliminates administrative requirements for processing
ongoing transactions. This in turn reduces costs associated
with generating purchase orders.
Software Assurance Benefits
In addition to the benefits of an Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft delivers additional services and technologies to
the EA through Software Assurance benefits.
Software Assurance helps your company maximize the value of your software investment. By increasing worker
productivity, providing technical support and tools, and offering the training your employees need to use your
software more efficiently, your company can gain the flexibility it needs to keep your business edge.
DESKTOP: For every $200K of Software Assurance spend for Microsoft Office Applications
and Windows Client, you are entitled to one phone incident.
24x7 Problem
Resolution Support
Enterprise Agreement customers receive the maximum Software Assurance benefits offered by Microsoft. Below
is a list of these benefits and how they can be of value to your organization.
Software Assurance Benefits Entitlement Chart - Commercial Offerings
Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Agreement Subscription
New Version Rights
Every license covered under Software Assurance may be upgraded to the newest version.
Spread Payments
Payments for license and Software Assurance can be spread into equal annual payments.
Desktop Deployment
At $600K in Microsoft
Office Applications
SA spend, you
qualify for a five day
For every Windows Client license covered under Software Assurance, you are eligible to purchase
one subscription. Subscription is coterminous with the agreement.
Windows PE
For every company-wide enrollment that includes Windows Client or Windows Server licenses
with Software Assurance, you are eligible to receive one media kit.
Windows Vista
For every Windows Client license covered under Software Assurance, you are entitled to one
Windows Vista Upgrade license.
Windows Vista
Enterprise, Virtual PC
For every Windows Client license covered under Software Assurance, you are entitled to one
Virtual PC Express license.
Windows Training
At $1.25M in Microsoft
Office Applications SA
spend, you qualify for a
ten day engagement.
Desktop Optimization
Pack for Software
Office Training
At $60K in Microsoft
Office Applications SA
spend, you qualify for a
one day engagement.
At $150K in
Microsoft Office
Applications SA
spend, you qualify
for a three day
250 SA licenses = 20 days/enrollment
50,000 SA licenses = 250 days/enrollment
2400 SA licenses = 30 days/enrollment
100,000 SA licenses = 400 days/enrollment
6000 SA licenses = 50 days/enrollment
200,000 SA licenses = 600 days/enrollment
15,000 SA licenses = 110 days/enrollment
400,000 SA licenses = 800 days/enrollment
30,000 SA licenses = 160 days/enrollment
600,000 SA licenses = 1,400 days/enrollment
250 SA licenses = 10 days/enrollment
50,000 SA licenses = 125 days/enrollment
2,400 SA licenses = 15 days/enrollment
100,000 SA licenses = 200 days/enrollment
6,000 SA licenses = 25 days/enrollment
200,000 SA licenses = 300 days/enrollment
15,000 SA licenses = 55 days/enrollment
400,000 SA licenses = 400 days/enrollment
30,000 SA licenses = 80 days/enrollment
600,000 SA licenses = 700 days/enrollment
For each Office Application license covered under Software Assurance, you are entitled to one
license for Information Worker Software Assurance eLearning.
For each Windows Client license covered under Software Assurance, you are entitled to one
license for Client Software Assurance eLearning.
For each Server license covered with Software Assurance, you are entitled to one license for
Server Software Assurance eLearning.
Home Use Program
For each Office Application license covered with Software Assurance, the primary user of the
licensed device is entitled to one copy of that product for use at home.
Employee Purchase
Enterprise Source
Licensing Program
Company-wide; 1,500 desktop minimum.
Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Agreement Subscription
SERVER: For every $20K Software Assurance spend for servers and CALs, you are entitled to
one phone incident. Additionally, a complimentary phone incident is awarded to customers
who have at least one server license covered with Software Assurance. Unlimited web
support is included for all servers covered with Software Assurance.1 Premier customers
will be able to transfer their SA incident into their Premier contracts.2
Corporate Error
You are entitled to one media kit per enrollment.
Cold Backup for
Disaster Recovery
For each Server license covered with Software Assurance, you are entitled to run one
instance of the software on a “cold” server for disaster recovery purposes.
TechNet Managed
For each Server license covered with Software Assurance, you are entitled to one user ID
Open Value options: A minimum of five Server licenses covered with Software Assurance
must be acquired. ID’s are received by customer, starting with the fifth server.
TechNet Plus:
You are entitled to one kit and user ID per enrollment for use company-wide when at least
one Server License is covered under Software Assurance.
Open Value options: A minimum of five Server licenses with Software Assurance must be
acquired to receive TechNet Subscription Media.
Fundamentals for
Legacy PCs
For each Windows Client license covered under Software Assurance, you are entitled to
install one copy as the Windows Client license.
Extended Hotfix
SERVER: 90-day enrollment not required. Annual contract fees for Exchange, MOM, SMS,
SQL and Windows Server are included as part of Software Assurance.
DESKTOP: 90-day enrollment not required. Annual contract fees for Windows Client and
Office Pro are included as part of Software Assurance.
Please consult your Softchoice Account Executive for access to an SA Benefits calculator to determine your company’s SA
Benefits eligibility.
Further Software Assurance Benefits information and complete chart available for download at:
Not applicable to Open License customers. Web support is for low severity (Severity C) cases only. Any call-back via phone will be decremented against
the customer’s Software Assurance or Premier incident balance.
24X7 support is for Severity A cases only. Default language after business hours will be English. Translation services will be used where available. SA
incidents will be eligible to be exchanged for Premier incidents on a 1:1 basis. Transfer incidents for Premier Problem Resolution hours will be allowed.
The conversion ratio will depend on local Premier list prices and will vary by country.
Note: Benefits entitlements for commercial and government offerings are identical.
Enterprise Agreement Technologies
Microsoft is working to deliver new generations of software
that will help companies use their IT budgets to realize
strong returns while using the fewest resources. Microsoft
software can help your business remain connected and
productive, offering the highest dependability and the best
economic investment available today.
EA Add-On Products
Most Microsoft products available under Volume Licensing
can be added on to your Enterprise Agreement with the
same terms, conditions, and pricing discounts that an EA
offers. Following is a sample list of available products.
Please speak with your Account Manager to discuss which
products can most benefit your organization.
Microsoft Office OneNote
Microsoft Office Project
Microsoft Office Visio
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
MapPoint and MapPoint Web Service
Visual Studio
Microsoft Solution Developer Network (MSDN)
Application Center
Operations Manager
Systems Management Server* – migrating to System
Center Configuration Manager 2007 scheduled for release
in 2007
Windows Storage Server
*Client Access License included with Core CAL Suite.
Softchoice - recommended EA add-ons
To realize the greatest productivity across your
organization, Softchoice strongly suggests that you
consider adding the following products to your
Enterprise Agreement.
SharePoint Server (SPS)
Web portals are a popular way to aggregate information
from several different sources into one convenient place.
Microsoft SPS provides an easy way to create scalable
web portals with integrated document management
services and search capabilities. This allows you to
connect people and teams with the information they need
to work more efficiently.
Windows Server*
Virtual Server
Internet Security & Acceleration Server (ISA)
Windows Rights Management Services (RMS)
Windows Identity Integration Server (MIIS)
Exchange Hosted Services
Forefront Security
Communication and collaboration
Exchange Server*
SharePoint Server*
Live Communications Server – migrating to Office
Communications Server 2007 scheduled for release in
Q2 of 2007
Live Meeting
Data management
SQL Server
Commerce Server
Host Integration Server
BizTalk Server
Systems Management Server (SMS)
Microsoft SMS is a strategic solution for addressing
information technology and business issues in the software
management of Windows-based desktops, laptops, and
servers. This is addressed through application deployment,
asset management, security patch management, mobility,
and Windows management services integration.
Microsoft Office Live Meeting
Live Meeting is a hosted web conferencing service that
will help your organization meet, present, train, and
collaborate with employees, prospects, customers,
partners, and global audiences – in real time and at a
moment’s notice. With Live Meeting, teams can swap
ideas, share information, mark up files, and collaborate
with whiteboards. Sales reps can demonstrate products
and negotiate deals more easily and quickly with anyone,
anywhere, using only a PC with Internet connection and
a phone. Use Live Meeting to communicate with more
people, more often, and more effectively, without the time
and cost of travel.
Microsoft Live Communication
Server (LCS)
Live Communications Server will provide your
business with enterprise-ready instant messaging
(IM), presence awareness, and an extensible platform
that connects people, information, and business
processes – enabling better decisions faster. With a
familiar user experience integrated into the Microsoft
Office System, LCS allows people to communicate
without the constraints of geography, office location,
or time zone. LCS users also have the ability to
connect to public messaging services, such as AOL
Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Live
Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger).
Microsoft Enterprise Project
Management (EPM) Solution
The Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management
Solution is based on Microsoft Office Project Portfolio
Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.
This solution enables organizations to better manage
projects and resources, collaborate across the entire
enterprise, and effectively analyze and report on
both projects and programs. Web-based portfolio
management tools help executives align people and
projects with business objectives, quickly identify
problems, and take corrective actions. Team members
easily update project information, collaborate, and
stay informed through e-mail and web-based tools.
An extensible architecture enables organizations to
integrate the Office EPM Solution with existing line-ofbusiness systems.
Forefront Security Suite
The Forefront Security Suite is a comprehensive set
of security products designed to protect your entire
environment from threats with a layered approach.
This suite includes Forefront Security for Exchange,
Forefront Security for SharePoint, Forefront Security
for Office Communicator, Forefront Client Security,
and Exchange Hosted Filtering. With EHF, your
incoming messages are “scrubbed” even before they
hit your gateway for any malware, viruses, or spam
and the FSE adds an additional scan with multiple
scan-engines at your Exchange server. To provide
additional security, FSS and FSOC provide scanning to
prevent documents, links, and any other undesirable
content from being passed through your network
while the FCS protects your server, desktop and
laptop operating systems.
Microsoft Office Visio
data, are easy to refresh, and dramatically increase
your productivity. Use the wide variety of diagrams
in Office Visio 2007 to understand, act on, and share
information about organizational systems, resources,
and processes throughout your enterprise.
Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
MOM is the event and performance management
tool for Windows Server System that helps your
enterprise reduce the cost and complexity associated
with managing your infrastructure. MOM allows
IT administrators to view and monitor servers and
applications from one location and provides thousands
of pre-defined events, alerts, and reports from the
product experts themselves. MOM simplifies the
identification of IT issues, helps determine the root
cause of a problem, facilitates and automates quick
resolution to restore services, prevents potential IT
problems, and ultimately increases IT service levels
while driving down costs.
Microsoft Solutions Developer Network
(MSDN) Subscriptions
The Microsoft Developer Network is a set of online
and offline services designed to help developers
architect, write, and test applications using Microsoft
products and technologies.
SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server is the complete database, data
analysis, and reporting offering for rapidly delivering
the next generation of scalable e-commerce, lineof-business, and data warehousing solutions. It
dramatically reduces the time required to bring these
applications to market while offering the scalability
needed for the most demanding environments.
EA Essential Support
EA Essential Support is an affordable, prepackaged
support offering that complements the Software
Assurance incident benefits to enhance the
customer’s support experience and increase the
business value of your IT investment. With Essential
Support you have priority, phone-based access to a
team of Microsoft technical account professionals who
offer far more than reactive problem resolution. These
highly skilled experts focus on providing you with
valuable proactive “how-to” guidance to keep your
systems up and running smoothly all of which helps
to increase the efficiency of your IT staff — and the
productive use of your Microsoft technology.
Microsoft Office Visio 2007 makes it easy for IT
and business professionals to visualize, explore,
and communicate complex information. Go from
complicated text and tables that are hard to
understand to Visio diagrams that communicate
information at a glance. Instead of static pictures,
create data-connected Visio diagrams that display
Why Choose Softchoice?
When choosing your Microsoft Enterprise Software
Advisor (ESA), please keep in the mind the following
Softchoice offerings that will enhance the value of your EA
as well as improve your software licensing experience.
We Have Experience
Softchoice is the leading Microsoft Enterprise Software
Advisor (ESA) in North America, managing more Enterprise
Agreements in both Canada and the United States than any
other Large Account Reseller. Softchoice’s EA retention
rate is second to none in the industry, and a high number of
customers who initially signed with another ESA have made
the switch because of the award-winning customer service
and value-added IT asset management services we provide.
We Save You Money
Softchoice prides itself in taking a consultative approach
with our customers. This starts with analyzing your true
needs and identifying the best licensing program for
your organization. We help you save money by providing
a detailed cost analysis of an Enterprise Agreement
compared with other Microsoft licensing programs.
Softchoice is also pleased to offer the TechCheck, a
consultative IT asset management service that helps
you identify under-utilized or unnecessary technology to
ensure you only buy what you need. Softchoice’s excellent
relationships and reputation with Microsoft, service
providers, and other vendors allow you to get the best
value for the best price.
We Save You Time
Softchoice prides itself in having the fastest response time
in the industry. We promise a live, knowledgeable response
every time you call. Give us a call at 1-800-268-7638 to see
for yourself. Softchoice will also save you time by ensuring
proper contract and order processing. After your contract
has been processed, we will assist with your Software
Assurance benefit activations and Microsoft Volume
Licensing Site registration. Throughout the term of your
agreement, we help you take care of the annual EA true-up
process, and provide a cost analysis when it comes time to
determine whether to renew your licensing agreements.
We Minimize You Risks
Softchoice is recognized as the industry leader in license
compliance and software asset management. With ongoing
customer license reporting, purchase history reports,
and software asset management services, Softchoice
minimizes your risks. You can customize purchase history
records for all of your licensing agreements through the MY
AGREEMENTS feature on Our reports are
secure, accurate, and recognized as official proof of license
by the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA).
Our Customers Love Us
Our Management Services
Softchoice’s passion for customer service has made
us the largest Microsoft reseller in Canada and among
the fastest growing in the United States. Softchoice was
named Large Account Reseller of the Year for top volume
licensing sales in Canada. We are also a repeated winner
of the Northern Lights Award, recognizing customer
license compliance leadership and software asset
management initiatives.
The Softchoice TechCheck is a consultative IT asset management service that delivers clear systems management
analysis while respecting your most valuable resource — time. Utilizing a proprietary analysis process, our accredited
IT asset management consultants will give you actionable insights into your IT environment, regardless of what type of
inventory tool you may have. Through the Softchoice TechCheck, we can help you pinpoint the gaps between corpo-rate
policy and infrastructure reality in critical areas like OS/office deployment, desktop security, infrastructure security,
personal use software, and PC lifestyle and support. Through a Licensing TechCheck, we can also perform a full gap
analysis of your soft-ware licensing situation, including a statement of the costs associated with the licenses you are
over- or under-buying. The data is delivered to you through a one-hour consultation with one of our resident IT asset
management experts in addition to an executive report summarizing the findings. With reporting that focuses on
everything from software compliance and platform migration to security policy risk analysis, the Softchoice TechCheck
allows you to truly maximize the benefits of your enterprise agreement. Softchoice is a repeat winner of the Northern
Lights Award, recognizing customer license compliance leadership and software asset management initiatives.
Softchoice was also award-ed the Microsoft Canada software asset management solution of the year in 2006 for our
TechCheck services.
In addition to our Microsoft accolades, Softchoice was
voted “Call Center of the Year” based on a detailed
analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty by IpsosReid. Also, Softchoice was named one of Canada’s 50
Best Managed Companies for the fifth consecutive year.
In 2006, Softchoice was named “Software VAR of the
Year” by VARBusiness Magazine. Ninety-three percent of
Softchoice customers say that we are “customer focused”
and 80 percent indicated that Softchoice “saves me time
and money” with regards to selecting and acquiring the
right technology for the job.
We Support You
By selecting Softchoice to manage your Enterprise
Agreement, you will be supported by an entire team of
resources. You will be directly supported by a Local Account
Executive as well as an Inside Sales Account Manager. In
addition to your personal account team, a team of seven
dedicated Microsoft Sales Specialists, an immediate
response team, a licensing team, and a technical sales
team are working to satisfy your every need.
Our Service Partnerships
Softchoice is pleased to offer a full suite of deployment,
consultation, and implementation services through our
national network of IT service provider partners. We
offer turnkey implementation of technology – network,
hardware, and software – within the desktop, LAN,
and WAN arenas. Our partners employ best practices,
proven migration methodologies, and end-to-end project
management to assist you in deploying Microsoft solutions.
Softchoice helps you leverage the extensive experience,
large-scale migration expertise, and nationwide delivery
capabilities of the best service providers across Canada.
Our Training Partnerships
Softchoice is pleased to partner with the leading education
and training providers for the corporate marketplace. Our
Enterprise Agreement customers can redeem training
vouchers on select Microsoft training courses through any
Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS)
in Canada or the United States. A unique partnership
with a National Learning Solutions Partner in Canada,
for example, provides Softchoice customers with FREE
training vouchers beyond those included with your EA.
Our Solution Sites
Softchoice gives you access to product information, special offers, free trials, news, demos, and more from our Microsoft
Solution Sites. These sites can be accessed at your leisure from and are constantly updated to keep
you informed.
EA Customer Testimonials
Here is just a sampling of what our Enterprise Agreement customers have said about the level of service received from
Softchoice throughout the term of their EA.
“Our long-standing relationship with Softchoice has been built on their ability to exceed our
service expectations. Their support extends beyond software license purchases or annual
renewals of maintenance agreements. Softchoice provides us with value-added services, such
as requirements analysis, providing alternatives and creative solutions that best fit our needs.”
“We rely on Softchoice for many aspects of the acquisition process, from the cost-analysis of
licensing agreement options to helping manage budget allocation and compliance across our
global sites. Our Softchoice team backs up their advice with impressive legwork and expertise.
It’s clear that they’ve saved us time and money along the way.”
- David Jamieson, Director, Information Technology
Barrick Gold Corporation
“I have a lot of things to manage, from desktop migration plans to software compliance and
security threats. Like an extension of my IT staff, Softchoice helps look after our IT environment.
And with the LiveInventory service, I have an analysis tool that gives me peace of mind. Overall, I
have much more control and confidence in our IT infrastructure management.”
- Helen Polatajko, Chief Information Officer
CIBC Mellon Trust Company
- Michael Cullen, Director of IS/IT
Yellow Pages Group
With knowledgeable Account Executives
in more than 30 sales offices across North
America, we can help you determine whether
an Enterprise Agreement is appropriate for
your organization. Visit us on the web or give
us a call today! 1•800 •268 •7638
IT Enlightenment.
The truth is that what you don’t know about your IT environment can cost you.
That’s why Softchoice created the Softchoice TechCheck™ services. Through this
unique set of consultative engagements we’re enlightening organizations about
the hidden opportunities to improve productivity, reduce expenses and avoid
unnecessary security risks. And we GUARANTEE valuable results – every time.
Here’s a snap shot of what an average Policy TechCheck has typically uncovered*:
• 39% of PCs are older than their stated retirement age.
• 23% of PCs are missing the last major OS service pack.
• 6% of PCs are missing anti-virus altogether.
* Findings are based on 210 individual TechCheck assessments that formed the basis of the Softchoice Services study entitled:
“Unnecessary Expenditures, Unnecessary Risks: Trends and Opportunities in IT Policy Management”.