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November/December 2014
Are You Test Ready?
So what do we do, when only a few weeks remain before the testing window opens?
By Roger Minier
The first step to doing well on any assessment is knowing WHY we are testing, and
understanding the design of the tests. This can really help prepare students – and teachers
– for Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments.
Despite some ‘rough spots’ these new assessments are poised to provide better data,
helping us to know which students are prepared for school work and ultimately prepared for
the job market, college (for those going to college) and life skills.
Test-Ready Timeline for Teachers
• Introduction to online testing
•Testing tips & strategies
•Review “Test specifications” & model curricula
•Teachers review testing procedures
•Classroom tests use ‘next generation’ strategies
•Students complete tutorial/practice test
•Students repeat tutorial
•Students repeat practice test
•Content review for ELA 1 (2 days)
•Administer ELA section 1
•Content review for ELA section 2 & 3 (1 day)
•Administer ELA section 2 & 3
•Content review for Math (2 days)
•Administer Math sections 1 & 2
•Make-up days
Example represents a typical schedule for any given grade 3-8 within a district.
Limitations on the number of devices available and other factors may well require modifications to this
timeline, but we believe these suggestions may help you and your students best demonstrate their abilities.
Above you will find a timeline suggested by NWOET – see page 3 of this issue to see a
timeline from a STUDENT’s (and parent’s) point of view.
And always, understand the focus is on learning, content, skills and strategies, not testing.
Continued on page 3.
December 12, 8 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.
Columbus, OH
More details on page 3.
Phone: 1-800-966-9638
P-20: Educating Ohio’s Future
Ohio Educational Technology Conference
February 10-12, 2015
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Go to page 4 for more details.
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.nwoet.org
Online Testing
December 17, 9 am-3 pm
Bowling Green State University
$99 per person (after Dec. 1)
Early Bird Specials (until Dec. 1):
$59 per person
$39 for groups of 10 or more
To help students do well on the test, you
need to understand how and why we have
Next Generation Assessments, including the
‘job growth’ model which forms a basis for
our new learning standards.
We will look at the history and common
misconceptions of the new learning
standards and assessments. We will also
provide information to help districts explain
Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments to
parents and community groups.
Sessions Include:*
• Introduction to Online Testing
• Tips and Strategies to Prepare Students
for Online Testing
• Special session for technology
coordinators and IT support
personnel including Q & A time
• Hands-on with Test Tutorials
• Hands-on with Practice Tests
• Testing Q & A – An Open Discussion
• Reviewing for the Tests
• INFOhio Resources to Support Test Prep
• Free Online Resources for Test Prep
5-hr PD Certificate included.
BYOD – iLaptop, Chromebook.
Lunch available for purchase on campus.
Call 1-800-966-9638 to register NOW!
Visit nwoet.org for more information
*Sessions subject to change.
2014 NWOET
Professional Development
You are encouraged to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) whenever possible.
Phone: 800-966-9638
Course/Contact Hours
Email: [email protected]
See <www.nwoet.org/coursework/prof_dev.asp > for course descriptions.
Note: Minimum registrations required for training to be held.
Web: www.nwoet.org/coursework/prof_dev.asp
(Face-to-Face: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at NWOET
Tech Lab, except as noted)
Professional Development Fees
(includes materials)
Comp. Members
Basic Members
Module 1
Module 2
15 contact hours certificate
1 sem. hr. grad. credit available for additional cost
15 contact hours certificate
1 sem. hr. grad. credit available for additional cost
$159 contact hr.
$265 grad. hr.
$159 contact hr.
$265 grad. hr.
$159 contact hr.
$265 grad. hr.
100% ONLINE –
You can register and begin work on the
modules anytime. Register for
grad. credit by March 2 (spring sem.)
100% ONLINE – Jan. 16-Feb. 27
(Registration deadline: Dec. 15)
Media and Informa- 45 contact hours certificate
tion Resources in
1 sem. hr. grad. credit available for additional cost
21st Century Schools 90 contact hours certificate
3 sem. hr. grad. credit available for additional cost
Quality Matters
100% ONLINE – March 2-30
(Registration deadline: Feb. 2)
15 contact hours certificate
1 sem. hr. grad. credit available for additional cost
100% ONLINE – Nov. 14-Dec. 8,
March 2-30
$159 contact hr.
$265 grad. hr.
$159 contact hr.
$265 grad. hr.
$159 contact hr.
$265 grad. hr.
Classroom Management Strategies in the BYO/1:1 Classroom (5 contact hrs.)
Mon., Nov. 17; Fri., Jan. 23
Chrome OS: Extensions & Add-ons for Added Functionality (5 contact hrs.)
Fri., Nov. 14
Chromebook: Teaching Tips & Strategies (5 contact hrs.)
Free Online Tools for FIP (5 contact hrs.)
Google Apps for
(5 contact hrs./
Basic Training
Tues., Feb. 3
Fri., Nov. 7
Thurs., Nov. 20; Fri., Jan. 9
Advanced Skills
$129 each
Thurs., Dec. 18; Fri., Feb. 20
Tips & Strategies for Your Classroom
$149 each
$259 each
Mon., Nov., 24; Thurs., Jan. 22
Google Forms: Creating Self-grading Tests
Tues., Dec. 9; Mon., Feb. 23
Google Forms as a Vital Part of Your FIP
Thurs., Nov. 13; Tues., Jan. 27
Google Sites: It’s Many Uses
Wed., Feb. 4
INFOhio Resources Support Ohio’s 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee
(5 contact hrs./
College and Career Readiness
Free Multimedia Resources
Wed., Nov. 12; Fri., Feb. 27
Mon., Nov. 10; Fri., Dec. 5
Tues., Nov. 25; Tues., Jan. 20
Tools for Improving Student Research
Tues., Feb. 24
iPad: Teaching Tips & Strategies (5 contact hrs.)
Fri., Feb. 6
Office 365 Basics – for Windows Users (5 contact hrs.)
Tues., Nov. 4
PARCC & Online Testing: Preparing Your Staff & Students: Full day intensive Wed., Nov. 5; Mon., Dec. 15: Thurs.,
training for administrators and building leadership teams (5 contact hrs.)
Jan. 15
The Power of a Learning Management System: Full day intensive training for
administrators and building leadership teams: (5 contact hrs.)
Thurs., Feb. 26
In each of these trainings, the cost of the technology tool is included in the training price as well as all materials.
Learn the basics of using the device in the morning followed by classroom integration strategies in the afternoon.
NWOET can offer ANY classroom technology equipment, including volume purchases, in addition to those listed below. Comp members can bring a friend for FREE!
• NWOET does not sell technology equipment without accompanying professional development. • Registration fee must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the event date.
• NWOET reserves the right to pass on any equipment price increases by vendors. • NWOET cannot be held liable for late delivery or back order of equipment.
TNT: Technology ‘n’ iPad Air OR iPad mini Retina (1, 16GB, Wi-Fi model),
1 iTunes gift card
(Other iPad models can be substituted. Call for pricing.)
iPad (Bring Your Own iPad) (Without equipment)
Chromebook – Acer Chromebook C720P (2GB SCRAM,
32GB SS Drive, 11.6” touchscreen, Intel Celeron 2955U)
Tues., Nov. 18; Fri., Dec. 19; Wed., Jan.
14; Tues., Feb. 17
Fri., Nov. 21; Thurs., Dec. 11; Wed., Jan.
7; Wed., Feb. 18
$659 (iPad Air)
$559 (iPad mini)
$689 (iPad Air)
$589 (iPad mini)
Call for pricing
Any of the above trainings can be offered at your site. Call 800-966-9638 to arrange trainings.
See catalogue with full course descriptions of all available NWOET professional development - available at <www.nwoet.org/coursework/prof_dev.asp>.
2014 Office Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Be sure to follow us on
Phone: 1-800-966-9638
and like us on facebook.
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.nwoet.org
Are You Test Ready?
Continued from page 1.
For more free resources including a more detailed version of this
chart, or to schedule professional development to help your district
prepare call 800-96-NWOET or email [email protected]
Content Review Strategies
Remember the key is to focus on helping students LEARN – not
just ‘test.’ So review key content points – as included in your
Include questions during class and as homework – focused on
YOUR content objectives – which are formatted similar to the test
questions. For example, include some multiple choice questions with
2 or 3 “correct” options.
At least two days before the test, make sure all students remember skills needed – including how to use all online tools (such as
copy & paste) expected for that section of the assessment.
Immediately prior to the test, once again remind students how
long the test will take, and to get a good night’s rest.
If students question the testing process – be honest – these tests
ARE new and may not be perfect. But also remind students,
“This test is designed to help us as teachers better prepare YOU as
a student for doing well in school, and eventually get a really good
job doing something you enjoy.”
Test-Ready: A Student’s View
I or I Can...
• Know why we are taking these tests
• Have seen examples of the questions
• Finished the tutorial (teacher guided)
• Completed a practice test (teacher guided)
MID-FEBRUARY • Can use the online tools (e.g. protractor)
• Completed a practice test on my own
• Demonstrate use of online tools
• Reviewed content!
• Discussed parts difficult for me
• Had time to practice again (if I needed it)
Additional resources including a more detailed sample testing
schedule are available by emailing [email protected] with subject
‘Preparing for Next Generation.’
Online and Blended Learning –
Quality Matters
Jim Frye, Upper Sandusky Ex. Village Schools, presented on Google Classroom.
NWOET Tech Tools Fall Conference
Over 300 attendees gathered at Hopewell-Loudon Schools this
past October 13 to learn how technology is being used to enhance
classroom instruction. Superintendent Nicole Jiran opened the
conference with a summary of the technology installed in their new
building.Tech support to presenters was offered by the HopewellLoudon student tech team under the guidance of technology
coordinator, Steve Acton. NWOET wishes to thanks all of the
Hopewell-Loudon staff and students, exhibitors, and presenters
whose participation was invaluable to making this event a success!
Advisory Meeting
March 16, 2015
Details to follow
Phone: 1-800-966-9638
In thousands of classrooms students are
being exposed to online and blended learning
experiences – and that’s good! Research
shows that most students’ learning is better when face-to-face
instruction is blended with online content. But for online content to
be effective, Quality Matters (QM) – a nationally recognized
standard for designing instruction can help. NWOET is offering
100% online K-12 Applying The QM Secondary Rubric courses in
November and March for a 15-hour contact certificate or graduate
credit (additional fee required). See page 2 for more details.
December 12, 8 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.
ITSCO’s new campus in Columbus, OH
ITIP Ohio, with generous sponsorship from Microsoft and support from the
Microsoft Education Team, will host this event that will provide you with exciting
new technology solutions for your K-12 teaching and learning needs!
Online – March 13
Registration: $45 – includes lunch & snacks
Contact hour certificates provided.
Door prizes!
Ohio EdTech Virtual
For complete details or to register go to https://sites.google.com/a/itipohio.org/itip/
Offered by ITIP Ohio in partnership with NWOET and Microsoft
Learn about online testing,
resources and more to help
YOUR students learn!
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.nwoet.org
Northwest Ohio
Educational Technology
Holiday Hours
NWOET Staff Favs
Closed on these dates:
Veterans’ Day: Nov. 11, 2014
Thanksgiving: Nov. 27 & 28, 2014
Christmas: Dec. 25 & 26, 2014
New Years: Jan. 1, 2015
Martin Luther King Day: Jan. 19, 2015
Scholastic’s Author Videos
Holiday Break (closed to public)
Dec. 22, 2014-Jan. 2, 2015
Regular office hours resume Jan. 5, 2015,
Monday – Friday , 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
A special thanks go out to Kathy Lewis,
Lima City Schools Library Media Specialist, for making
us aware of a
video streaming resource from Scholastic.
This is an especially good resource for
literacy and writing development with over
325 interviews with children and young
adult authors ranging from the late Maya
Angelou to Jeff Foxworthy. Find it at http://
scholastic.com under Teachers>Resources
& Tools (very bottom of the list).
Newsela — More than an ELA Tool
May 14 & 15, 2015
@ Kalahari Resort & Convention
Center, Sandusky, Ohio
Join us for the fifth annual Ohio
Summit featuring Google for
Education. The conference starts
Thursday, May 14 with keynote
speakers and sessions. Frday, May
15 features hands-on sessions.
Information: www.itipohio.org
These days in preparing for Ohio’s
online testing, teachers need more sources
of interesting non-fiction for their students.
Newsela (http://newsela.com) provides
nonfiction to build reading comprehension
with articles that are always relevant with
new materials daily. And the best part?
Every article is provided at five difficulty
levels measured by Lexile level. And what’s
even more awesome are the short assessments available for a large number of the
articles. The assessments are leveled to
match the difficulty level of the individual
articles. There is a PRO version of Newsela
with many more features for those who may
wish to register classes, and monitor group
or individual student progress with quiz
results exportable to Excel format. The free
version does NOT include ads and offers a
printed version of all articles and assessments on selected articles. This is a resource
of value to ALL subject areas with seven
categories: War & Peace, Science, Kids,
Money, Law, Health, and Arts.
Hours NOW
for use by
in your
40 or 80 Hours CORE PD
+ Needs Assessment
NWOET will work hand-in-hand with
your administrator(s), technology
coordinators and teachers to develop a
professional plan that will optimize
your current district technology. Once
developed, professional development
will be provided to your district,
followed by an evaluation of the plan.
The Program Includes:
21st Century Instructional
Needs Assessment
 Professional Development
Needs Assessment
 Development of District
Implementation Plan
 40 or 80 Hours in District
Professional Development
 Summary Evaluation and
‘Next Steps’ Document
Call 1-800-966-9638
for more information.
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us on twitter.
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Northwest Ohio
P-20: Educating Ohio’s Future
Ohio Educational Technology Conference
February 10-12, 2015 | Greater Columbus Convention Center
The Ohio Educational Technology Conference is the largest P-20 state
educational technology conference in the nation. Each year, more than
5,000 educational technology professionals and enthusiasts come together
to explore the forefront of P-20 learning and innovation in Ohio. OETC is
proud to welcome Danielle Feinberg as our opening keynote speaker!
Go to http://oetc.ohio.gov/ to register and for more information.
Visit NWOET at booth 243.
Phone: 1-800-966-9638
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Volume 43, Number 2
November/December 2014
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