Assam Anchor N , 2014 F

N OV E M BE R , 2 0 1 4
Brandon Valley
School District
Assam Anchor
Dear Parents/Guardians,
No School Dates
Tuesday, Nov. 11
Thursday, Nov. 27
Friday, Nov. 28
Early Dismissal at
Wednesday, Nov. 26
Veteran’s Day
Monday, Nov. 10
At 8:30 a.m.
American Education
Nov. 17—21
Fred Assam Elementary School
October was filled was numerous activities and learning:
* conferences: 95% over-all attendance! Your partnership with the
school is critical to the success of every student.
* PTA sponsored roller skating event!
* Character Counts – kickoff week Oct. 20-24 to introduce the 6 Pillars. Respect will be the pillar during the month of November.
* of course . . . Halloween. Thanks to all parents who helped with
classroom parties.
We have many upcoming November events at Fred Assam Elementary:
* Veteran’s Day ~ Nov. 11 ~ NO School; however, we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day on Monday, Nov. 10! Look for more details about November 10 in this newsletter.
* November 17 – 21: National Educational Week. We will be celebrating South Dakota’s 125th Anniversary! We will return “to the olden
days” with numerous activities and special guest Marian Cramer. Marian has
been involved with the Laura Wilder pageant in De Smet, SD for many years
and will be doing portrayals of Laura Ingalls Wilder throughout the entire
day on Tuesday, Nov. 18. Parents are welcome to join us!
* 3rd Grade music program on Nov. 24.
* Thanksgiving break ~ Nov. 27-28.
I would like to thank those parents who have followed my requests
about afternoon pick up: Drop-off/pick-up lane: this lane has stopping,
moving up, and students entering/exiting vehicles; students enter/exit on
curb side only; do not linger – move to allow others to drop-off/pick-up behind you. DO NOT leave your car unattended. Driving lane: continuous
movement to parking lot; do not have students enter/exit vehicle; yield to
allow vehicles leaving the drop-off/pick-up lane. Parking lot: parents should
park and walk over to/with students. Signs are posted for no parking areas.
We know that there is congestion at the entrance/exit, but if all drivers
would follow this procedure ~ I believe traffic would flow much smoother.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
November 17 -21 has been designated as American Education Week.
This week, observed since 1921, spotlights the importance of providing every child in America with a quality public education from kindergarten through
college and the need for everyone to do his or her part in making public
schools great. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff
at Fred Assam Elementary for the incredible job they do every day to create
a positive learning environment that results in success for all of our students. They sincerely care about each student and give their professional
best to see that students make academic progress and develop good character traits.
This November, develop an “attitude of gratitude” and give thanks!
Life is good!
Susan Foster ~ proud principal of Fred Assam Elementary School
The staff of Fred Assam Elementary would like to say “thank you” to the
PTA and the volunteers who provided dinner during conferences. It was
delicious, as usual, and we appreciated it very much!!
Boys 5 – 8 grade
Looking for some extra basketball time in the gym? Sanford Basketball
is doing shooting workouts again but this year they are taking place in
the Brandon gyms.
Check out
basketballcamps and click on BVHS workouts to register.
We are off to a beautiful art year, if you have not had a chance to see the art work in the halls
please do so. The students have been creating some great works. We have visited artists such as
Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Wassily Kandinsky, Chuck Close, Britto Romero and
many more both past and present. With the upcoming holidays we have begun working on some
themed art. Kindergarten is making Jack-O-Lanterns, 1st grade made Candy Corn Mosaics, 2nd
grade made Moonlit Silhouettes of Creepy Trees or Haunted Houses, 3rd Graders are drawing
Scarecrows, and 5th grade is making a Fall Mosaic. Each art project gets more complex and
challenging and the students have accepted the challenge and are doing great.
Mr. Iverson
If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all
means paint, and that voice will be silenced ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Notes from the Band Room
It is hard to believe that the first quarter is over already! The 5th grade band students are off to a wonderful start on their musical careers! Thank you to all of the
parents/guardians for supporting your child as they begin this exciting journey on
their new band instruments. Your support is one of the most important factors in
their success.
Progress Reports
All of the band students had an opportunity to play for me individually during
their lessons over the past few weeks and I was able to accurately fill out their
progress reports. Please take a few moments to go over this report with your
child and discuss their strengths and the areas that need attention. They should
have received their progress report with their report card. Many of the students
are making or surpassing their practice goal of 90 minutes each week and it really
shows in their progress. I am so proud of their hard work!
Holiday Concert
The students have received their Holiday Concert sheet music and we have begun
working on it during our full band rehearsals. It is always exciting to begin working on the sheet music as the students are able to play actual songs incorporating
the concepts and techniques that they have been learning in our full band rehearsals and small group/private lessons. Please make sure that you put our first concert date on your calendars:
Thursday, December 18 – Holiday Concert at 7:30pm in the
Performing Arts Center.
This will be an exciting concert featuring familiar holiday tunes and other seasonal selections!
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding our instrumental program. ([email protected]) Also, check out our band blog
( for weekly updates as well!
Until next month,
Mr. Hubers
The planning committee for the PTA Fall Carnival would like to express our
sincere gratitude to everyone who helped make the carnival a huge success. We could not have done it without our volunteers, sponsors, donors,
organizations and attendees. There are way too many people to thank individually, but if you participated in any way, whether by helping with a carnival game, donating to our silent auction or classroom baskets, bringing cupcakes for the cupcake walk, helping set up and take down, or just attending, we thank you! We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Fred Assam Elementary School family. Thank you for support! Mark your calendars for
next year's carnival, which will be held the Monday after Homecoming 2015.
The FAE Fall Carnival Planning Committee:
Erin Bisbee, Shanna Howe, Gretchen Jepperson, Kelli Moeller, Paula Timmons, Stacey Sonju, and Amy VanEs
Thank you to the following volunteers who helped provide the staff meal
during fall conferences:
Lori Bangasser, Lauren Botticella, Sarah DeWald, Shannon Gray, Carin Griffith, Amy Hieb, Ryan Hofer, Shanna Howe, Jennifer Klein, Brittni Punt,
Wendy Quam, Josie Reekers, Jill Reindl, Jeanna Rieff, Shellie Rowberry,
Elizabeth Rus, Dawn Schleis, and Linda Schoby.
Gretchen Jepperson
How can I help my child read?
Encourage your child to “read another one” by finding ways to
keep reading. If he or she likes one book, find another book with
a similar subject or by the same author. If your child has a special
interest, ask a librarian or teacher for book suggestions.
Take turns reading. Once your child can read, have him or her
read aloud to you every day. You can take turns – you read one
page and your child the next. Talk about what happened in the
story. Encourage your child to retell what happened in his or her
own words.
Try different types of books and reading materials. Encourage
your child to read different types of books, articles, or stories.
Some kids prefer nonfiction books while others like children's
magazines or online research articles.
If your child comes to a word they do not know, have them try
different reading strategies they have learned: skip it and come
back, stretch out the word, look for smaller words within the
word, etc. If they still can’t figure it out, tell them what it is.
Happy reading!
Please call or email:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
FAE 582-1500
Margie Hanson. RN
We want to keep our school healthy and functioning normally during this flu season. But, we need your
help to do this.
PROMOTE….a strong immune system!
Get adequate rest
Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day
Choose a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole
PROTECT…..yourself against germs!
Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water, or use an alcohol
based sanitizing gel or wipe.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Germs are often spread hand
Get an annual flu shot to protect yourself from seasonal influenza.
PREVENT…..the spread of germs!
Cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm, not into your hands.
When you are sick, stay home….from work, school, or errands to help
prevent infecting others
Our essential question: How does a spider eat it’s prey?
First it injects it’s victim with venom or wraps it in silk so it can’t move.
Here we have our prey (sugar cubes) caught in our webs (cups). We are sucking venom
(water) into our fangs (eye droppers).
Then the spider turns the prey into goo by dissolving it with it’s digestive juices.
Here we are dropping digestive juices (water) onto our prey (sugar cubes) and turning it into goo.
Finally the spider eats it’s prey by sucking it up.
We sucked up the spider (water and dissolved sugar) through
our pedipalps (straws).
1st Grade’s
Character Pumpkins
The 1st graders were given a challenge to paint/decorate a
pumpkin at home based off a book or movie character of their
choosing. We received many wonderful, creative pumpkins and
would like to share a few with you! Thank you to those who participated in this activity! We’ve enjoyed having them here at school!
October in 2 Grade—2P
The students helped carve a pumpkin and then wrote “How to Carve a Jack-o-Lantern”.
We also wrote directions for “How to Make S’mores”.
The 2nd Graders loved their first AR Party! We played outdoor games and ate s’mores. Here the
students are getting a chance to be “ninjas” on the obstacle course!
Students in Mrs. Livingston’s class recently studied patterns as part of their
number sense unit. Check out their
cool patterns!
It’s that time of year! Time to
carve pumpkins! We wrote “How To”
stories using sequence words about
how to carve a pumpkin. Then we
used our written directions to actually
make a jack-o-lantern. The best part
was cleaning out the guts!
Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Hunsaid
Mrs. VanLeur and Mr. Ganschow
November 2014
Special Points
Of Interest:
Spelling pre-tests are
Mondays and tests are
Fridays! Remember to
study your words at
Reading Selection
Tests are on Friday,
also! Remember to
study your vocabulary
words at home. Be
sure to practice using
the words in sentences
as the vocabulary tests
are tough! Reread the
story online at Think
Check out the 3rd
grade websites at:
http:// and
http:// . Vocabulary & Spelling
As the weather turns
colder, please make
sure your student is
dressed appropriately!
Keep working on reading books for AR
points! To look up the
level and point amount
for a book, go online to
It’s very easy to use!
You can check your
student’s AR goals and
points by logging onto
the FAE webpage and
clicking on Students,
WebLynx, and Accelerated Reader.
3rd Grade Review
Let the Adventure Continue!
Congratulations to the following 3V students who completed their Addition
Mission: Ethan, Ben, Cooper, Hayden, Max, Gabby, Jax, Meron, Raygin,
Greyson, Carmen, Cade, and Keaton.
Congratulations to the following 3J students that
completed their Addition Mission: Ellie, Michael,
Hunter, Alexa, Ella, Taielar, Cole, Sam, Austin,
Christian, Lucas, Logan, and Emily.
3rd grade classes read the
folktale “Stone Soup”. All
students brought in an ingredient or supply to make
our own version of soup.
Students chose an animal to
do a mini report. They looked
up facts and information on
their animal using Pebble Go
and books.
4th Grade Science News
The 4th graders at Fred Assam Elementary have been busy studying Living Things and
Ecosystems in science. Here the students are making models of cells. The students were very
excited to see how different all their cells looked. We can’t wait to see what our next experiment teaches us!
Veteran’s Day Program
November 10th
8:30 a.m.
5th Grade Science Happenings!
*In science we have been learning all about Ecosystems. We have
covered genetics, food chains, habitats, types of consumers, adaptations, and biomes!
*We dissected owl pellets to find out about their food chains!
*Miss Pechous, our student teacher, brought out her Zebra Kenya to visit.
We were able to see his adaptations, and he did awesome tricks! Special
thanks to Jared Lynch for sharing him with us!
The National Education Association’s 93rd annual American Education Week –
November 17 – 21, 2014 – presents all Americans with an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring every child receives a
quality education. Our AEW tagline, “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility,” reflects NEA’s vision of calling upon all Americans to do their part in making public
schools great for every child so that they can grow and achieve in the 21st Century.
According to experts, parents need to take an active and assertive role in their children’s education on a daily basis for optimal success at school. Ongoing research shows that parental involvement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores confidence among parents in their children’s education.
Parental involvement means reading to your children, checking homework every night, limiting television viewing on school nights, developing a relationship with his or her teacher, and
simply asking children about their school day. Whatever the level of involvement, it is important to be consistent in order to make a difference in your children’s lives.
Monday, November 17: “We Love Our School!” Day
Celebrate excellence at Fred Assam Elementary School!
Wear Red & Black/Lynx clothing
Tuesday, November 18: “Thank-You, Parents” Day
Parents are welcome to visit classrooms, have lunch, and/or see a portrayal of Laura Ingalls
Dress like a Pioneer
Wednesday, November 19: “Saluting School Support Staff” Day
They keep our schools running and students safe, healthy, and ready to learn!
Wear Super Hero attire
Thursday, November 20: “Successful Students” Day
If you believe . . . You will Succeed!
Dress for SUCCESS!
Friday, November 21: “Excellent Educators” Day
THANK A TEACHER today! Let them know they are appreciated!
Wear RED to show you care!
“Real education should consist of drawing the goodness and the best out of our own students.
What better books can there be than the book of humanity?
~ Cesar Chavez
Experiences and language development go hand-in-hand when enhancing verbal reasoning ability and communication skills. These
skills are essential throughout our lives. One way that parents can
foster the growth in their child’s language development is to play
games with them. “Family Game Night” is a great way to enhance
vocabulary development and problem solving in children, not to mention how much it may enhance your child’s overall social skills as well
as your parent-child relationship.
Some of the family games that are great for language development
and communication building that can be purchased at local stores
such as Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us include:
Headbanz for Kids
Word on the Street Jr.
Backseat Drawing Jr.
Apples to Apples for Kids
Mad Gab Jr.
5-Second Rule
The Game of Things
Sounds Like a Plan
Don’t Say It
20 Questions for Kids
Buzz Word Jr.
Last Word
Guess Who
Sequence Jr.
Guess What I Am
Reverse Charades
Bubble Talk
Wordplay-family edition
The International Society for Technology in Education has developed National Education Technology Standards (ISTE NETs).
Below is Standard #2
2. Communication and Collaboration
Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.
On November 10th, Fred Assam Elementary will honor Veterans in our community. During the ceremony lots of pictures will be taken. Afterward, students will use those images to create slide show presentations complete with patriotic
music, transitions and animations. This activity gets them
thinking about what it means to honor someone and how we
might use technology to show that honor.
Take A Veteran to School Day
Who: any Veteran
What: Veteran’s Day program
When: Monday, November 10 8:30am
Where: Fred Assam Elementary School
Why: To honor the men and women who
have served and are serving in the U. S.
Armed Forces.
All Veterans are invited to join us for donuts/coffee that morning 7:30am – 8:15am.
EA News
One quarter down, which means the cold weather is rapidly approaching. Make sure you are
sending your child to school with the appropriate amount of clothes (coats, hats, gloves, snow
pants and snow boots). We would also like to remind you some of the rules for out on the playground.
No running on the spongy black top around the equipment.
In the morning before school and during shared recesses, the smaller green playground
equipment is for the Kindergarteners/1st graders. The larger red playground equipment is
for 2nd-5th graders.
The slides are meant to go down, feet first and on your bottom. There is no walking up the
slide or climbing on the outside of it. (if you could help us by reinforcing this while you
are with them we would appreciate it).
The swings are to be sat in while holding on with both hands. Also no jumping off or swinging side to side.
The tire swing has a limit of 2 people riding with their legs on the inside while 1 person
pushes them and no trying to swing the other person off.
There are NO electronics (including cell phones), toys or trading cards out on the playground. We also ask the kids to put them away when they get in and leave them until the
end of the day. If this rule is broken we will take them and bring them to the office. They
will be able to pick them up at the end of the day in the office.
The playground balls, jump ropes, or items brought from home are not allowed on the playground equipment.
We would also like to remind you to check the lost and found, it is located in the commons on
the west side wall as soon as you walk into the building.
November 2014
BOE Meeting
@ 6:30
Veteran’s Day
Program at
8:30 a.m.
2nd/3rd grade
attend High
School matinee
@ 8:45
3rd Grade
Vocal Concert
@ 7:00 PAC
BOE Meeting
@ 6:30
AT 2:00