Natasha Hamilton reveals she's been eating her baby's placenta — INFO — INFOT

Natasha Hamilton reveals she's Iggy Azalea mocks Snoop Dogg in
been eating her baby's placenta ‘White Chicks’ Halloween costume !!
90's pop band Atomic Kitten member Natasha Hamilton
She's just become a mother for
the fourth time. But Natasha
Hamilton says she's doing
things a little differently this
time around.
The Atomic Kitten star,
who's just had her first
daughter with fellow popstar
Ritchie Neville, has revealed
that this time she's been eating her baby's placenta to
combat the side effects of
breast feeding.
Natasha and Ritchie welcomed their first baby Ella
Rose in September but already has sons Josh, 12,
Harry, ten, and Alfie, four to
contend with.
With her fourth child, the
singer admits she had the
placenta made into capsules
after the birth so that she can
maintain the correct balance
of nutrients for the Ella Rose.
Speaking exclusively to
MailOnline on Thursday,
Natasha said: ‘If it was me
chopping up my placenta and
eating it, I would be violently
ill. But I had it made into
pills, it cost me £175 and it's
best money I ever spent. 'I
would have been taking some
kind of breast feeding supplement anyway so why not
Cops slam Selena Gomez
just to lock her door !!
Someone give Selena Gomez a
Kleenex, because she cried
wolf again after cops responded to yet another false
Law enforcement sources
tell TMZ an alarmed Selena
called police a few days back
saying she thought someone
was inside her house because
when she got home the door
was unlocked. Cops raced
over but found no one inside.
This is the third time
Selena made calls to cops
fearing an intruder where
there was none. Selena had
gates installed around the
house earlier this year after a
stalker repeatedly showed up
at her $3 million Calabasas
mansion. Here's another idea.
Lock your doors and turn
your alarm on. —TMZ
Eliza Dushku robbed
by costumed bandits
Eliza Dushku was robbed blind
Saturday morning in Rhode Island by two guys in costume and
the scary part, she had to sleep in
the same hotel as them afterward.
Providence police officials
tell us Dushku was unloading
items from her vehicle around
3:45am when she set her Louis
Vitton bag on the curb and the
jerk thieves snatched it up.
One was dressed as Caesar,
the other was wearing a random mask. Cops says they
scoured security footage and
saw the purse snatchers get
into an elevator but they
couldn't tell where they got
Dushku tweeted saying,
"Really upset. It's been a long
night. The 2 men are in my
hotel currently & "nothing can
be done."
take something natural.
It's believed that in the placenta, nutrients that are passed
from mother to foetus during
its nine months in the womb
are still packed inside when
the child is born. Besides
eating the placenta at the birth,
the raw placenta can be turned
into a smoothie or cooled and
tuned into pills to help the
mother recover from the birth
and give the nutrients back
that the baby will need during
And the new approach
seems to be working well for
the singer, who admits that
she's been pregnant longer
than she's not been pregnant
while with 5ive bandmember
Ritchie. 'I have been feeling
fantastic and breast feeding
has never been easier so
whether it's all just in my
head or not I think it's working.’
Ritchie and Natasha, who
started dating in September
2013 knew each other when
they were at the height of their
fame between 1997 and 2001.
The couple became romantically involved when they
rekindled their friendship on
The Big Reunion television
show and found themselves
both single.
At the start of the show,
Natasha was pregnant with
her third child and was married to spouse of six years,
Riad Erraji.
Now, Natasha admits that
she wants a fifth child before
she's finished with pregnancy. And while Natasha
and Ritchie are yet to get
engaged, Natasha admitted
that the couple were discussing marriage a lot but hope
that Ella will be old enough
to be a flower girl at the
Iggy Azalea seems to be getting
the last laugh. The ‘Fancy’ rapper
Chicks’-inspired Halloween
costume, two weeks after
Snoop Dogg dissed her, comparing her makeup-less look to
Marlon Wayans’ movie character. See the pic!
Iggy Azalea sure has a
great sense of humor! Instead
of wallowing in self-pity after Snoop Dogg mocked her
appearance and compared her
to Marlon Wayans‘ White
Chicks character, the “Fancy”
rapper turned the joke around
on him.Iggy dissed Snoop
Dogg by dressing up as
Marlon Wayans’ White
Chicks character. “Happy
Halloween!” she captioned the
photo above. While her five
million followers likely appreciated the photo and
accompanying message, we
Kylie Jenner & Tyga dresses
up as killer doll Chucky
Korean actor, singer and model Lee Hyori
Lee Hyori revealed it's been 3-4
years since she last talked to
Fin.K.L members.
She was a guest on 'Infinity
Chellenge' on the 1st, where
Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Hyung
Don went to Jeju Island to get
her as a guest for the show.
They found Lee Hyori picking
beans in her yard, and joined
in to convince her to appear on
the show.
When Yoo Jae Suk said he
wanted to see all of the Fin.K.L
members on stage together, she
answered, "Some of them
decied to become actors, and
they might not like meeting
together as Fin.K.L again.
Also, it's been quite a while
since we talked. I saw them
last at my concert, and I think
it's been about 3-4 years."
Cops warn Vegas clubs
not to let in Floyd Mayweather !
Las Vegas strip clubs are getting a stern warning from cops '
because he sexually harasses
strippers something Floyd denies.
TMZ Sports has learned
the Vice unit of the Las
Vegas Metro Police Department contacted multiple strip
Johnny Depp
plays guitar
at Halloween
Rocker Marilyn Manson had a
surprise guest guitarist during
his Hollywood concert on Halloween night.
Johnny Depp, 51, took to
the stage to play guitar for
Manson's hit, The Beautiful
People, on Friday.
Although Depp had played
and recorded with Manson in
the past, the actor's arrival on
the stage at the Roxy Theatre
was a surprise to the
audience.Also joining in on the
performance was Ninja from
the group, Die Antwoord.
That musician spent much
of the performance crowd-surfing, unlike the hard-playing
Depp has been performing
as a guitarist intermittently
since the 1990s and has collaborated with Oasis, Shane
MacGowan, and others.After
playing lead guitar and drums
for a You're So Vain cover on
Manson's album, Born Villain,
Depp joined the hard-core
rocker in a live show at the
Revolver Golden Gods Awards
in 2012.
All of this music doesn't mean
an end to acting for Depp, an
actor so in demand that he has
four films already slated for 2015
and 2016 releases. —Agencies
have a feeling it was directed
at the “Drop It Like It’s Hot”
Iggy even posted a video,
featuring herself dancing —
in character — to Vanessa
Carlton‘s “A Thousand
Miles.” Alongside the clip,
h a t e r z z z z z . ” A s previously reported, Iggy and
Snoop engaged in a Twitter
war of sorts earlier this month
when the rapper insulted her
makeup free look. And on
Oct. 13, Iggy took to twitter
to defend herself.She wrote
in a tweet, “@snoopdogg
why would you post such a
mean pic on insta when you
send your body guards to ask
me for pictures every time we
are at shows together?” My
bodyguard stopped the fire
truck that saved your friends
life in canada when he almost
burnt down the hotel.”Snoop
eventually reached out and put
an end to his feud with Iggy.
He posted an apology video
on Instagram and captioned it
with: “It’s over I’m bac on
my cool shit no harm no
Clearly, Iggy wanted the last
laugh. And we applaud her for
having such a kick ass sense of
humor! —Hollywoodlife
Lee Hyori reveals it's been
3-4 years since she talked
to Fin.K.L members
clubs in Sin City telling them
Floyd and his crew have run
roughshod in various clubs,
manhandling the girls.
We spoke with honchos
from multiple strip clubs who
tell us they will NOT heed
the warnings, because they've
never had a problem with
Floyd. Plus, everyone knows
he spends a TON of cash.
As one law enforcement
source put it, "He [Floyd] goes
in and does inappropriate things
with some of the women."
Sources close to Floyd tell
us the boxer is adamant he has
NEVER done anything wrong
at a strip club particularly with
women and has no idea why
cops would have him in their
SHINee to hold concert at the
Tokyo Dome for the first time
Kylie Jenner and Tyga went all
out for Halloween together!
The close friends dressed up as
the scary killer doll Chucky and
his very sexy bride.
All the celebs in Hollywood donned their best and
scariest costumes for the special occasion, and Kylie
Jenner, 17, and Tyga, 24,
decided to make their costumes a package deal! Tyga
transformed into the horrifying and murderous doll
Chucky, while Kylie opted to
be his hot bride, Tiffany.
Tyga looked like he came
straight from our nightmares
and Kylie was downright sexy
Kardashian and Jenner girls
headed out for Halloween, but
Kylie’s costume may be the
sexiest one of the bunch!
For Halloween, Kylie was
Tiffany, the bride of killer
doll Chucky, who was first
introduced in the 1998 film,
Bride of Chucky. The 17-yearold wore a sultry white corset
that emphasized her boobs, to
say the least. The Jenner teen
had tattoos drawn on her body,
including one right on her
cleavage. She also added black
lipstick. —Hollywoodlife
SHINee will have their first
Tokyo Dome concert!
The boys will be at the
Tokyo Dome on March 14th
and 15th next year for the
'SHINee World 2015 ~I'm
Your Boy~ Special Edition
in Tokyo Dome'. The boys
have had various Japanese
promotions and tours, but this
will mark their first entrance
into the Tokyo Dome.The
performances in March is a
special version of the Japa-
nese tour they will be holding
until December 14th, and they'll
be performing all the songs on
their newest album and also
perform new songs, which will
be released in Japan on March