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welcome to
You are on your way to building your own business, and everyone at
Thirty-One is excited to have you as a Consultant. The months to come
will be filled with new and exciting opportunities as you begin to build
your career with Thirty-One. This guide will help you establish your
goals and create a successful business.
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The name Thirty-One is derived from the Old Testament, where
Proverbs 31 describes a virtuous woman who exhibits hard work,
wisdom, encouragement and care for others. Because of these qualities
she is worthy of reward, honor and praise. It is our intention to celebrate,
encourage and reward women for who they are as individuals. Through
God’s strength, we’ve built a family of individuals who are committed to
providing women with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience,
whether as a Customer, a Hostess or a Consultant.
The Path
To Success
In this training guide, you will learn the essentials to a successful Thirty-One business.
Knowing Your Products........6
Hostess Coaching..............9
Presenting Your Party.........12
Booking Parties................18
Customer Care................27
First, Set Your Goals
“Goals are the pathway to your dreams.”
Write your goals down. Make them specific. Set a target date. You may have a goal of being a part-time
Consultant for Thirty-One or you may dream of becoming a Director. Whatever your goal is, don’t be afraid
to dream BIG! Let’s say your goal is to earn money for a car payment. Write it down: I want to earn enough
money each month for a car payment. Next, make it specific: I want to earn $500 per month to pay for a brand
new navy blue Honda CRV with tan leather seats. Now, let’s set the target date: I need $2,000 for the down
payment, and I want to be driving the car four months from now!
Next, Build a Plan to Achieve Your Goals
“A plan is a dream with a deadline!”
Here is an example of how you might build a plan to achieve your goals. If your goal is $500 per month to
contribute toward a car payment, you must plan to sell $2,000 in products per month.
If you need $2,000 in sales, you must plan to have 7-10 parties per month. Our company party average is
between $550–$600*. New Consultants may want to base it on a lower party average. If you schedule 10
parties for your month and a couple get postponed then you will end up holding eight. Always book a few extra
parties just in case any get postponed.
If your plan is to have 7-10 parties per month, at the beginning of each month pick out 7-10 party dates on your
calendar. Continue filling these dates until you have reached your goal.
Be Prepared to Carry Out Your Plan!
Think ahead, based on the number of parties you have scheduled each month. Make sure you have enough
supplies on hand, such as Catalogs, order forms, invitations, etc. You can order these supplies by placing a
business supply order in your Virtual Office. For a complete list of business supplies, visit the Toolbox on
Organize your paperwork: Have everything at your fingertips when you need it. Start file folders for
open orders, closed orders, the training guide, newsletters and anything else that you think might help
you be successful.
Be enthusiastic: Be excited about starting your business. This will only make your business grow faster and
become more successful.
*Reflective of current party average in 2012
Have the right attitude: Having the right attitude about your business will make your business grow. People will
see how you react to your business, and that will get them excited.
Practice, Practice, Practice: You can never practice enough! Take the time before each party to go over your
presentation. It can even be done in the car on the way to your party. This ensures that you are fully prepared.
Balance your time: Take a few minutes for each task that you have in one day. For example: take 15 minutes for
Hostess coaching, 15 minutes for preparing your presentation and 15 minutes for phone calls. This will ensure
that you are not taking too much time in one area.
Break it down:
days 1-90
• You have your kit! Open it and look through it. Get familiar with the products.
• Read and become familiar with this Consultant Training Guide.
et connected with other new Consultants on the New Consultant Forum
, New Consultant page).
• If possible, go to a party with your Sponsor/Director. This will give you a chance to see a party being
done and give you time to plan your presentation. You also have access to a Thirty-One party presentation
on the Training tab on, as well as other training tools.
• Hold your Debut Party and 5 additional parties. Write in their dates below.
Date of Debut Party
Party #2:
Party #3:
Party #4:
Party #5:
Party #6:
hare with your Sponsor/Director about your business debut party to meet your startswell goals.
Get ideas and support from her to make it successful.
• Hold parties to meet your startswell goals. Write in their dates below.
t your parties share the opportunity for the business. Home parties are the best ways to find new
Consultants, because they have seen the process and how easy it is.
Party #7:
Party #8:
Party #9:
Party #10:
Party #11:
Party #12:
• Hold parties to keep your momentum growing. Write in their dates below.
• Always remember to share the Thirty-One opportunity at your Thirty-One parties.
Party #13:
Party #14:
Party #15:
Party #16:
Party #17:
Party #18:
Knowing Your Products
Look over each product in your Enrollment Kit and become knowledgeable about it. Try to think of clever ways
to use the products so you can share these ideas with your guests. Review the Catalog and the Product Tab
on to become familiar with the products. Be sure to know additional accessories that go
well with each piece so you can make suggestions. Product tags (no. 1009) are available on Business Supply
and on They are a great resource for product features and uses. Additionally, the Fabric
Swatch Set included in your kit will help you share product solutions while also showing different print families
available. Share these with Customers and party guests.
Be sure to write down features of your favorite products that you are showing and think of three ways to use
them. Ask your Sponsor or Director for ideas if you need help. Your guests will add additional ways to use our
products. Remember, the more parties you have, the more familiar you’ll become with the products.
Share Thirty-One products with excitement and make them come to life! Many new Consultants have chosen
Thirty-One as their career simply because they love our products. When a Consultant is enthusiastic about the
products, guests are more likely to buy!
Being nervous about your first presentation is only natural. Using the product tags and the Fabric Swatch Set will
help to ease your nerves, and potential recruits will see how easy it is to do a Thirty-One party! You can easily
call out important features and benefits, the price and the Catalog page number where it can be found, and
your guest will appreciate it!
Training is an ongoing process – an ever-evolving pattern of skills, talents and ideas that grow as you do. Try
some of these techniques to accelerate your learning.
• On under the New Consultant tab, there is a robust learning library for you, as well as a
place to register for the New Consultant Webinar.
• This Thirty-One Consultant Training Guide also provides great business tips.
• is a great online resource just for Consultants. Be sure to check out:
ew Consultant Page, which has a Glossary of Terms, FAQs and a New Consultant Forum to help you
connect with other new Consultants.
– T raining page, which has videos and great resources to help you learn more about your Thirty-One business
and get off to a successful start.
– Home page, which is full of timely news with links to everything you need for your business.
elebrate and Connect meetings are held throughout the year by Directors everywhere. You can register for
the closest meeting to you – see for details. Check with your Director for information on
other monthly team meetings or conference calls. Try to attend, not just because the meetings are fun, but also
because you will learn how to make your business more successful and you can meet other Consultants for
networking, ideas, etc.
ou should receive a newsletter each month from your Director filled with great ideas and success strategies.
Think about how you can apply these concepts to your business.
Go to other Consultants’ parties and learn from them. You will gain valuable knowledge by observing others.
You should try to attend 2-3 parties before you start your own parties. Here are some etiquette rules to keep in
mind when visiting another Consultant’s party:
Arrive before the scheduled party time so you can obtain ideas on setting up your display.
You may want to take pictures of her display for future reference.
Make sure all the guests have a seat before you take a seat.
Do not eat or drink unless you are offered food or drink.
Ask the Consultant if she needs any help.
Thank the Hostess for her hospitality.
When you are at another Consultant’s party, observe everything she is doing and saying. Take notes; they will
be very helpful to you when you are planning and presenting your first few parties.
Some things to watch for:
Party set-up
Observe the display and get ideas of how to use the products in an attractive manner.
Before the party
How did the Consultant greet guests?
How did the Consultant introduce herself and what did she say about Thirty-One?
What details did she discuss?
How did she address payment and delivery?
What materials were given to the guests?
When were the materials given to the guests?
What products did the Consultant specifically mention?
Booking and recruiting
Did the Consultant mention booking and recruiting seeds?
When did she bring them up?
After the presentation
Did the Consultant assist the guests with questions? Where did she take orders?
Observe how she closes the party with the Hostess.
Hostess Coaching
Except for your skill at booking new parties, there is nothing you will do that affects your earning opportunity as
much as coaching your Hostess.
The key to your success is having a successful party. The key to having a successful party is having good
attendance. And the key to having good attendance is Hostess coaching.
Develop a good relationship with your Hostess. If you make her party a pleasant experience, she will want to
have another party for the next Catalog season. Make it clear to her that you are committed to making her party
a success, and that success requires her to invite 30-40 people.
Hostess Packet
Provide your Hostess with a complete packet of information that she needs for a successful party. Here are some
tips for creating a Hostess packet. (Make sure your contact information is on all materials you plan to hand out.)
In a 9”x12” envelope, folder or cute bag include the following:
 Hostess Flier* (no. 1006) – Complete with her party details
0-40 Party Invites* (no. 1003) or a sample of the PDF invitation** – be sure to fill in the information
and e-mail the updated PDF invitation for her to send out – or Mini Catalogs (no. 1004)
 1 Catalog for Hostess only so she can pick out the items she would like
 3-5 extra Catalogs* (no. 1001)
 3-5 Order Forms* (no. 1015) of the current month Outside Order Form**
 2-3 copies of the Monthly Specials Flier** (no. 1073)
 Living Your Dream Flier* (no. 1002)
 A cover letter from you with an example of how to total an order and calculate sales tax.
* included in Enrollment kits.
** found on Toolbox
Bring at least three Hostess packets to your parties, you will always be prepared for those who book at the party.
Take a minute to personalize the Hostess Fliers, and show her what is in the packet and then schedule time to
follow up with her within 1-2 days.
Keep a Hostess Card
When you schedule a party, fill out a Hostess Card. The card is a valuable resource to help you organize
information from your party in one place. These can be found under party resources in the Consultant Toolbox
at Also available on business supply as item no. 1019.
Contacting your Hostess
Keeping in close contact with your Hostess is critical. Contacting your Hostess three times before her party is a
good way to ensure a successful party. With today’s technology, there are a number of ways to reach people –
home phone, cell phone, e-mail, text messages, etc. Ask your Hostess how she prefers to be contacted and try to
use that method when possible. Only use e-mail when absolutely necessary, and follow up with a call/voicemail
to let her know about the e-mail.
Contact 1
The purpose of this contact is to review the Hostess packet and build excitement for her party. This is
probably best done by phone. Make this call within 24-48 hours of giving her the Hostess packet.
When you call, make sure to ask if she has a few minutes to talk. Introduce yourself and say
something complimentary about her. Set or confirm the party date.
“Is July 26 still a good date for your party? Great! I am really looking forward to it!”
Help your Hostess set goals for her party. Talk to her about deciding what items she would like to get
for free. We call this “building her wish list.”
Review the Hostess Rewards. Make sure she clearly understands the Rewards.
Encourage your Hostess to invite 30-40 guests.
“Jane, you really can’t invite too many guests. Half of the people you invite may not be able
to come. You may even get outside orders from the guests that can’t come.”
When inviting guests, encourage your Hostess to follow up with a phone call to each guest,
be positive and remind them about her party.
Discuss details for the party. If you need a table, be sure to ask your Hostess if she has
one available.
Payments are due the night of the party. We accept all major credit cards. You may also accept
cash and/or checks made payable to you or the Hostess.
Contact 2
Make this contact 7-10 days before the party.
Ask her how many invitations have been sent.
Follow up with her on her wish list. Total everything up that she would like to get for free and tell her
the amount in sales she needs to reach that goal.
Remind her that when someone says “No” it doesn’t necessarily mean “no order.” The statistics for
the party plan industry tell us that 50% of the people who cannot attend a party will place an order
anyway. “If someone you invited can’t come, ask her if she would like to see a Catalog.”
Remind her about the monthly special and encourage her to mention it when taking outside orders.
Tell her you will contact her again 2-3 days before the party to get a final count and to get directions
to her home.
Contact 3
Make this call 2-3 days before your party.
Get the final count of guests.
Get directions to her home. Include her phone number with the directions in case you get lost.
Ask your Hostess to make phone calls to confirmed and unconfirmed guests just as a reminder.
Show your excitement
“Jane, I am so excited about your party. I can’t wait to meet your friends; I know we will all
have a wonderful time!”
Be sure to thank your Hostess for having the party. You can never say thank you enough!
ake a habit of sending thank you notes to your Hostess. Keep in touch with your Hostess after the
party is over, and consider sending her a coupon. Your relationship with your Hostess is important to
your career. She will tell her friends what a great time she had, and they will want to book a party.
See the Toolbox on for additional resources.
Presenting Your Party
A Thirty-One party should be a relaxing, fun and casual get-together. With each party you complete, you will
become more confident. We suggest you schedule your first 6 -12 parties within your first 90 days so you can
get plenty of practice and feel comfortable doing your parties. You will develop your own personal “style” of
presenting. You will soon discover that a relaxed, no-pressure buying environment will return outstanding results.
In your Enrollment Kit is a DVD – be sure to watch the party demo on it. Also, use the Enrollment Kit card to help
you present a Party With a Purpose: Get Organized party.
Party Checklist
Below you will find a checklist of party supplies and other materials you may need. Refer to the latest Business
Supplies guide on
Party Supplies:
 Monthly Specials Booking Calendar -- download this to help you plan your party schedule for the month.
Mark the days you’re available, then book parties on as many open dates as you can.
 P roducts -- check your home for any products you may have removed from your display kit after your
last party
 Calculator (no. 3473), order forms (no. 1015), business cards, small bills and change
 Hostess Fliers (no. 1006, included in your kit)
 At least three Hostess packets and three recruiting packets
 Your party outline on index cards or blank postcards, or download party cards from
 Product Tags (no. 1009) for product information and ideas
 Folder for storing guests’ order forms to leave with the Hostess
usiness update from so you know what products may be on back order
or low inventory
 Nametags
ustomer Lapboard -- optional (no. 1043) -- organize all your sales receipts, Catalogs
and business cards
Guest Materials:
 Catalogs (no. 1001). Make sure your name and phone number are on each Catalog
onthly Specials Fliers (no. 1073). Frame the monthly specials and use in your Table Easel Boards.
Monthly Specials Fliers are available on, where you can print them from your
computer. You can also sign up to receive those fliers on autoship. Do this through your Virtual Office
 Pens (no. 1044)
Other items:
 Order Forms (no. 1015) to record orders and provide a receipt to guests
 Recruiting Fliers (no. 1005). Add these to your display using your Table Easel Boards (no. 1042)
Many of the above party tools can be ordered from your business supply order form. Please visit for more valuable resources for your business.
Sample Party Outline
You can hold parties anytime: in the morning, afternoon or at an evening get-together.
For example, here’s an outline for an evening show starting at 7 p.m.
6:30 p.m. – Arrive, set up and talk with your Hostess. Give her a general idea of the party timeline.
7 - 7:30 p.m. – Greet the guests as they enter and introduce yourself. Say something nice to the guests
about your Hostess. Fill out nametags.
Presentation (30 minutes)
Welcome – share the company vision. Thank the Hostess and her guests for coming. Set up your Enrollment
Kit as your party demonstration. Pass the products around the room. Explain the Hostess benefits and share the
business opportunity. Closing. Take questions from guests.
7:30 - 8 p.m. – Presentation.
8 - 8:30 p.m. – Shop, provide assistance to guests. Take orders and schedule new bookings.
8:30 p.m. – Pack up your products and display, calculate your Hostess Rewards and set a date to close
the party.
Let’s look at each step in further detail.
Arrive and Set Up
First impressions are important! And they are mainly based on appearance. We suggest you dress “business
casual” for your parties. Nice pants and a blouse or sweater are fine.
You should arrive 30 minutes prior to your party’s start time to allow plenty of time to set up. If you have already
discussed the display arrangements during your Hostess coaching sessions (see Step 4), greet your Hostess and
confirm the plan.
Set up your display. Be sure to practice setting up your display ahead of time so you will be able to set up
quickly when you are at your party.
You may suggest to your Hostess to have music playing, or you could bring a CD player. This will make the
atmosphere calm and relaxing and make her guests feel comfortable.
As you are setting up your display, talk with your Hostess. Continue building a relationship with her. Compliment
her home and ask her about her family. Refrain from talking about yourself and focus on her.
Greeting Guests
As each guest walks into the room, say hello and offer a compliment or an enthusiastic greeting. If you have a
confirmed guest list prior to the party, fill in the name of each guest on an order form. They will appreciate and
notice that you were prepared and were expecting their arrival.
Thank the Hostess for having a party and thank the guests for coming.
“In today’s busy world we don’t always have the opportunity to get together with our friends as often as
we’d like! I want to thank ____ for taking the time to bring all of you together this evening. I’m looking
forward to sharing our wonderful Thirty-One product line with you, and I really appreciate your being here. I know we are going to have fun!”
Mention some of the benefits of hosting a party. For example,
“Mary has the opportunity to earn free and half-priced items just for having a party.”
Introduce yourself; let the guests know how excited you are to be with them. Share with them why YOU joined
Thirty-One and a little bit about you and your family. Share yourself so they trust that they can buy and book
with you.
Ask the guests to introduce themselves.
• “Please introduce yourself and share with us how you know our Hostess.”
• “Have you ever attended a Thirty-One party before?”
sk them to say something encouraging or nice about the Hostess. You, the Consultant, start first.
(It is OK if this takes 5-7 minutes because this will help you book parties and reflect our mission.)
• Ask them to share what their favorite product is if they have been to a party before.
Explain the payment options available.
“We accept all major credit cards. (Cash or checks are your decision. Determine if you want checks
made out to you or the Hostess.) Each item in the Catalog is identified with a number. Simply write down
the number, product description and the price, and I will do the rest. As your Thirty-One Consultant, I can
help you with personalization if you’d like. Then I’ll help you fill out the tax and shipping.”
Explain how the Hostess will receive the party orders and that she will personally deliver the products to each
guest within just a couple of weeks. Show them on the order form where they may choose to directly ship to
someone or themselves.
Share the Thirty-One vision.
“Let me tell you a little bit about our company. The name Thirty-One is derived from the Old Testament,
where Proverbs 31 describes a virtuous woman who exhibits hard work, wisdom, encouragement and
care for others. Because of these qualities she is worthy of reward, honor and praise. It is our intention
to celebrate, encourage and reward women for who they are as individuals. Our products are carefully
chosen to provide you with unique, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. We believe women
deserve the best products and the best values!”
Featured Products
Your Enrollment Kit has everything you need for your party. Use the Party With a Purpose “Get Organized” cards
included in your kit to offer useful organizing solutions and tips. (See the cards for great words to use and plenty
of ideas). The cards offer a few different “looks” to appeal to the differing tastes of your Customers. Show the
other options on the cards if guests express interest in other prints.
An effective demonstration uses the following 4-step technique. We’ve chosen the Large Utility Tote to show an
example of an effective product demonstration.
Open with an attention-getting question:
“Did you know getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of the housework in the average home?”
(National Soap & Detergent Association)
“I’m going to introduce you to a product that is the clutter queen!”
Ask your Hostess to describe the area in her home that is in the most need of organizing and then tie in your
product use ideas to her need.
Paint vivid word pictures:
“Imagine the most disorganized space in your home. Picture it. Now, imagine it looking like a page out of
the ‘after’ picture in Real Simple magazine. With our organizing products, that after picture can easily be
Emphasize features and translate them into benefits:
“The roomy size of this Large Utility Tote is perfect for organizing your laundry room. Imagine having one
for the dry-cleaning and one for donations.”
Pass around the product and encourage guests to share their ideas:
“Does anyone have a different idea for this great tote?”
Continue to share several different products in the same manner.
Share the monthly special promotion. Mention any upcoming Hostess specials to encourage future bookings.
Booking and Sponsoring
This is a good time to mention hosting a party. At this point in the party, guests are excited about the products
and have seen several items they would like to have. Here is an example of what you could say:
“I can tell you like what you have seen so far and you want it all, right? If you host a party, you can get
free products! Most Hostesses receive an average of $55 in free product. If you sign up to book a party
tonight, Mary will receive a half-priced item at each party booked off of hers!”
At some point during the product demonstration, tell the guests why you joined Thirty-One, and invite them
to join.
“Every time I get together with my family to celebrate a special event in their lives, I think about how
lucky I am that Thirty-One gives me the flexibility to earn a great income and be a full-time mom. Let me
suggest this: watch what I do this evening. If it looks like something you’d like to do, let me know you are
interested. I’d be glad to answer any questions or give you more information.”
Thank the Hostess and guests for their attention. Pass out the Door Prize Pads and explain to the guests that you
will be having a drawing for a free gift. While the guests are filling out the cards, mention the other services that
you offer: Gift registry, bridal showers, fundraisers and other party options, such as a Party to Go.
After the guests have completed the cards, have the drawing and present the winner with the gift.
Thank the guests again for coming and explain you will be available for assistance and tell them where you will
be taking orders. Invite the guests to walk around the room and look at the products.
Make good use of the order-taking time. Taking orders is more than just calculating the sales totals; this is the
time to get to know each guest and her needs. Take notes on the order form about family or personal things.
Pay close attention to embroidery color choices and personalization to make sure everything is clear. Since
personalized items cannot be returned, you want to be sure the Customer’s order is accurate. Don’t assume what
she may have marked on her door prize slip. Ask every Customer if she had fun and would be interested in
hosting a party with you.
Summarize the party with the Hostess.
Add each guest subtotal to calculate the party sales. Refer to the Hostess order form (Cashing in a Great Party)
which can be found on to determine how much she earned in FREE products, half-priced
items and Hostess Exclusive Products.
The Hostess pays tax and shipping on her half-priced selections and Hostess Exclusive Products. However, if her
party total is $1,200+ and she earns all three Hostess Exclusives for free, there is no tax or shipping on these
Hostess Exclusive Products.
When the products the Hostess chooses for her rewards total more than the FREE products she earned, she pays
for this overage plus tax and shipping. For example, Helen Hostess earns $90 in FREE products with her $500
party, but the items she chooses total $96. She pays the $6 overage plus tax and shipping. The overage doesn’t
count as part of the merchandise total on the Order Summary.
Reinforce the ending date for collection of additional orders (2-3 days) to ensure that Customer orders are
received in a timely fashion.
If the Hostess has collected outside orders in advance, be sure to get those from her before you leave the party.
Within a few days after the party:
Contact the Hostess and thank her for the party. Remind her of the importance of turning in outside
orders (2-3 days maximum).
Follow up with all your booking and sponsoring leads.
Send a thank you note to each guest and suggest they host a party. You may want to use Thirty-One
note cards for this. You may place an order for note cards on your Virtual Office.
See for additional resources.
Booking Parties
Booking parties is the number one key to success in your Thirty-One career. Booking isn’t difficult! Since
Thirty-One parties are fun and relaxing, why wouldn’t anyone want to book a party?
If you are new to direct selling, you are probably focused on the presentation itself. After just a few parties,
however, you will realize that the presentation is not difficult. It is a fun, enjoyable experience for you, the Hostess
and the guests.
In fact, an average presenter who is good at booking parties will be much more successful than a brilliant
presenter with a weak party schedule.
Try to schedule your first 9-12 parties close together – during your first 90 days of business – to ensure that you
meet your startswell goals (see for the current startswell program).
Use the “List of 62” to write down the names of 62 people you can contact to tell them you have a new
business. Invite them all to your debut party!
Industry averages tell us that only half the people you invite will be able to attend, so go ahead and invite them
all. Be sure to ask those who cannot come to host a party!
When you are doing a party, think of booking parties as another product that you offer. Point out the benefits of
hosting a party and give your guests reasons for booking a party:
• Getting together with other women and encouraging each other
• The opportunity to earn free products
• The presentation is 30 minutes – the length of your favorite sitcom
• The joy of a relaxing mom’s night out while shopping from the comfort of your home
Be sure to clearly explain the Hostess program. Refer to the Hostess flier or current Catalog.
This would be the perfect time to show the guests the Hostess flier. Pass the flier around the room or give a flier to
each guest.
Ask every guest to host a party. Don’t pre-judge. Talk with everyone:
“You were a super guest. You’d be a super Hostess.”
“I’d love to have a party with you.”
“You are so much fun. You would make a great party Hostess.”
“Wouldn’t it be great to be the first person to introduce Thirty-One to your friends and neighbors? Just think
of all the free products you would receive!”
Offer alternatives and emphasize benefits.
Develop the habit of asking for referrals.
“Who do you know in your neighborhood that loves to host parties?”
Thirty-One will have Hostess specials in certain months in addition to the regular Hostess plan. These specials will
be posted on, and the fliers are also available for purchase.
“Next month we will have a great Hostess special. I have just a few party dates available.”
Control your calendar by booking one month at a time. For example, book your January calendar before you
book parties in February. Think of how doctors set appointments and follow their simple, direct approach.
“Right now I am scheduling parties for January. I have January 15 and January 25 available. Which
would be better for you?”
There will be cases when a Hostess needs to book in another month that you are not currently booking.
Be flexible.
At the closing of your party, mention hosting a party again. Take this time to use the door prize drawing slips -people love to win free products!
“If you are considering having some friends in your home for a party, please check the ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’
box on the slip. If there is a specific month you would like to have your party, go ahead and jot
that down.”
At the end of your party, as you are taking orders, be sure to spend quality time with each guest, focusing on
these key activities:
a. Help build the orders
• Answer questions. The more questions someone has, the more interested they are in purchasing,
hosting a party or becoming a Consultant.
• Suggest additional products to go with their order.
• Total each order, collect payment and provide delivery information.
b. Book new parties: Invite each guest to host a party to receive free products.
Ask two “yes” questions
“Did you enjoy the presentation tonight?”
“Isn’t it fun to get together with friends?”
Offer the invitation
“You were a super guest. You’d be a great Hostess!”
Stress benefits
“I’d love to help you earn free products.”
“If you were to have a party, would day or evening be better for you?”
Take at least 3 Hostess packets to each party to be prepared for bookings. Go ahead and set the date the night
of the party. Call her the next day to say thank you and confirm the date.
A Thirty-One party is a great alternative to a typical bridal shower or housewarming party. For example, your
Hostess will invite guests to a Thirty-One bridal party. The bride-to-be will create her “wish list” from the Catalog.
The guests will choose a product from the “wish list” to purchase for the bride-to-be. Also encourage the guests
to purchase items for themselves. The Hostess Rewards are given to the bride-to-be to select any additional items
she would like to receive.
Make follow-up calls after your party. Call each guest and thank her for her purchase. This is good customer
service and may lead to another booking!
Be aware of opportunities to find Hostesses outside of a party. Use the following ideas to promote your business:
Keep business cards and Catalogs with you to hand out.
Tell your hair stylist, dry cleaner, church members, etc., about your business.
Do a party on your lunch break or after hours at your work place.
Leave a Catalog with the receptionist at the dentist or doctor’s office.
Leave a Catalog in the teachers’ lounge at your child’s school.
Display your products at a craft bazaar.
Contact schools, church groups or sports teams about fundraisers.
At the end of each week, check your party schedule for the following three weeks. Do you have enough parties
scheduled for the next three weeks to reach your goal? See for additional training on
Booking Parties.
Catalog Parties:
Home parties are the best way to earn great income, but Catalog parties are great as a backup when a party
gets postponed. Also, when you have sporadic orders and need a few extra products for your presentation, you
can host a Catalog show.
This is a great way to add to monthly sales with out-of-town family and friends, and you may get bookings
as well!
How to make a Catalog party successful:
e sure that the Hostess understands all the paperwork, order forms, Hostess rewards and
monthly specials.
Stay in touch!!! Contact the Hostess about 3 times during the Catalog party timeframe.
Use the Hostess card the same way you would use it for your home party Hostess.
ave your Hostess make out a wish list. After setting her wish list, set a goal for her sales.
Set a closing date and stick to it.
Hints for scheduling parties:
ffer your available dates and then see what they have open.
Schedule within a month -- this helps prevent postponements or cancellations.
Give an extra incentive for booking a party.
ver-book -- you never know what may come up for any Hostess so you want to have
a full calendar.
See for additional resources.
Share the Thirty-One Opportunity
Reference the Income Disclosure Statement on prior to sharing the Thirty-One opportunity.
Women love to share a good experience with a friend. If you have been to a hair stylist that did wonders for
your hair, you want to share that with a friend, don’t you? Similarly, be sure to offer others the opportunity to
become a part of the Thirty-One team!
At each of your parties, tell your guests how excited you are to be a Consultant. Tell your guests what being a
Consultant means to you. Create a 31-second commercial and memorize it! As you meet new people through
your parties or through family and friends, you will want to be prepared! Here is an example of what you
could say:
“Thirty-One is a direct selling company that offers a beautiful, affordable collection of unique gifts. I love
being a Thirty-One Consultant. I have flexible hours, I love the products and I love that I have paid for a (insert)
new car payment with money that I make!”
Don’t be afraid to “brag” a bit about what your Thirty-One income has done for your family. Women love a
good story! Whether you’ve paid for a family trip, bought a car, covered your child’s college tuition or just
added “fun money” to the family budget, be proud of your contribution and celebrate it!
Some people may openly express their interest in the Thirty-One opportunity. Here are some key questions to be
aware of:
“How much money do you make doing parties?”
“How many parties do you do a week?”
“Is it hard to get bookings?”
“Are there a lot of Consultants in this area?”
When you hear comments such as this, listen carefully because it means someone is interested!
If the direct selling industry teaches us anything, it is that you never know who will become a successful
Consultant! A few traits to look for may be: being a team player, having a sense of humor, being self-motivated,
having a strong work ethic, and showing a willingness to learn.
Never assume that someone is too old, too busy, too rich or too cranky! What if your sponsor had assumed you
weren’t interested? Anyone can be a Thirty-One Consultant. Always take a recruiting packet to your parties and
include the Recruiting Flier in your packet.
Here are some ideas that will help you achieve recruiting success:
Each month, set a specific recruiting goal.
Place a sign on your display table that says: “Become a Consultant: Ask me about a great career opportunity.”
Have a recruiting packet ready at every party. This is very important! When you give it to the potential recruits
that night, she is extremely excited and this gives her something to take home immediately, instead of waiting for
it to come in the mail. Be sure to give her a follow-up call within 24-48 hours.
What to include in your Recruiting Packet:
 Recruiting Flier (no. 1005)
 Catalog (no. 1001)
 Two Agreements
 Any Consultant specials
 startswell flier (available on
 Living Your Dreams Booklet (no. 1002)
 Income Disclosure Statement (available on
During your presentation, call attention to the recruiting information in the Catalog and ask every Hostess to join
you at Thirty-One.
Share your 31-second commercial at every party. You might say something like this:
“My career is exciting, rewarding, and best of all, I’m home with my children when they really need me.
I’d love to tell you more about how a career with Thirty-One could benefit you. If you are interested in
learning more, let’s talk at the end of the party!”
“While I love my full-time job as a (nurse/teacher/accountant/etc.), Thirty-One gives me a creative outlet
and allows me to have extra money for (vacations/a new car/groceries). I’d love to tell you more about
how a career with Thirty-One could benefit you. If you are interested in learning more, let’s talk at the end
of the party!”
Give each guest a fake $100 bill with your name and phone number. You might say:
“When you decide you’d like to make some extra money, call me.” – OR – “How would it feel to
have an extra $100 in your wallet every month? Or even every week? What could you do with that
extra money?”
Avoid pre-judging. Allow people to make their own informed decision. Don’t let them say
“NO” before they KNOW!
Include other short recruiting “commercials” in every party.
“These purses are a great value, and I have to tell you that I have a lot more cash in MY purse since I
joined Thirty-One.”
Tell your personal story during each party. An appropriate time to do this is when you are talking about the career
benefits in the Catalog. Here’s an example:
“I’d like to tell you a little bit about my reasons for joining Thirty-One. As a Mom with two small children,
I needed the opportunity to make extra money without having to put my daughters in day care full time. The
flexibility that I have in my Thirty-One business allows me to be at home when I need to be and still be able
to enjoy the extra income! I feel I have the best of both worlds!”
Provide encouragement: A potential recruit needs to be encouraged and talked with multiple times. This lets them
know that they are important to you and that you care about their decision and what is best for their family. This
also gives them the direction and a clear view to see if this is the right opportunity for them, not to mention the
excitement and personal satisfaction that you will receive.
Keep in mind that recruiting leads are everywhere, especially at EVERY party.
A lead during a party might be the guest who:
• Gave the most product ideas
• Was the friendliest
• Asked many questions
• Asked how you got started
• Brought a guest
• Had the largest order
• Had the smallest order
• You liked the most
A lead away from a party might be someone who:
• Is a stay-at-home mom
• Is unhappy in her job
• Loves meeting people
• Is buying a new home
• Is on a budget
• Works full-time but needs additional income
• Is friendly
Benefits of Recruiting:
• When you are recruiting regularly, you are building your business into something BIG!!
• Recruiting keeps your business balanced.
• Bringing in new recruits can lead to learning new ideas and building enthusiasm among your team.
• R ecruiting means overrides for you and the opportunity to provide options to other women like you,
whether they’re looking for additional income, personal growth, making a difference in women’s lives,
a hobby or a way to make new friends.
Recruiting Nationwide
Do not think that you can’t have recruits long distance. This will guarantee that your business will grow as the
opportunity is shared across the country. You can schedule phone appointments and web meetings, and you can
plan to meet with them for a short period of time to discuss their business with them at National Conference. Be
open to anything. Share the wonderful Thirty-One opportunity with them all!
Signing & Qualifying Your First Recruit
Congratulations!! You’ve started your team by signing your first recruit, and you’re halfway to becoming
a Senior Consultant!
Your first priority is to help her to get started right away and encourage her from the beginning. A short note
welcoming her is a great way to begin.
Next steps:
1. If she has not yet submitted her Consultant agreement, be sure to help her complete it.
2. T ake some time to get to know her and her reasons for joining your Thirty-One team. Keep a record of the
following information for each recruit you add to your team:
• Name, address, phone number(s), e-mail and best time to contact
• How you met her
• Names of her spouse/significant other, children and pets
• Her “why”… knowing her goals and motivation will help you guide her
• Any other important information about her
You may think you’ll be able to remember all these things, but the larger your team grows, the more
challenging it may be to remember these little details.
3. Invite her to observe you and/or your upline at an upcoming party or two. Encourage her to ask questions
and become familiar with the products.
4. S
chedule time to go through her new Enrollment Kit and show her the New Consultant Training on Show her how to log in to and point out where to find
information (New Consultant and Training pages). Walk her through the online ordering process by letting her
help you enter your latest party order if possible.
5. H
elp your new Consultant schedule her debut party and encourage her to fill her calendar with parties based
on her sales goals. Be sure she understands the startswell incentive!
6. Invite her to any trainings or meetings and be sure to introduce your new Consultant to your
fellow Consultants.
Remember to encourage your new Consultant and celebrate her successes – they’re yours, too! And don’t forget
-- you are not alone in mentoring her. Ask your Sponsor or Director for help at any point in the process.
New Consultant Log
Date Signed: Address: Home Phone: Cell Phone: Spouse: Children: Background info: Her “Why”: startswell 90-Day Date: Qualified Date: Parties she observed: Kit Review:
Debut Party:
Upcoming training opportunities: 26
E-mail: Consultant ID:
Customer Care
Customer Care Calls
Develop the habit of making customer care calls to past Customers and Hostesses. Whether the Customer placed
an order through a home party or a Catalog, you can build a loyal Customer by showing them that you care.
Calls are very important because they will recognize your voice. E-mail is great and very handy, but remember to
send a handwritten card and make customer care calls every week.
There are many reasons to place a customer care call:
• To book future parties
• To share the Thirty-One opportunity
• To inform Customers of the current monthly special
• To tell the Customer how much you appreciate her business
• To verify the Customer received her order and that she is fully satisfied with what she ordered
Here is a list of people you might consider calling:
• Customers who placed an order but were not able to attend a party
• Potential Hostesses
• Past Hostesses
• Referrals
• Leads from customer care cards
• Potential Consultants
The key to successful customer care is sincerity. Not every customer care call will result in additional business for
you, but the relationships you build over time will lead to success.
Benefits to customer care:
You will have happy Customers! Calling someone and thanking them will do wonders, and you have no idea
what kind of day they may be having.
You will have repeat Customers! When a Customer feels cared for, they will return to you for future orders -- and
they might even want to book a party!
You have free advertising! This gives them a chance to share with their friends and family, and before you know
it you will have people calling to book a party or place an order.
“Women are the thank-you people of this world. You can bet they will notice
when a thank-you note hasn’t been given to them. Show your appreciation to
customers early and often.”
-Bridget Brennan
Send thank-you notes: This will make the Customer feel so good! Definitely send one to the Hostess, but if
you take the extra step to send it to the Customers, this will guarantee that they will be pleased and return in
the future.
“Sometimes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Thank you for investing the time in yourself by reviewing this guide. This is just one of the resources available to
you in growing your business, and we encourage you to take advantage of all the tools that are available
to you:
Your Sponsor
Celebrate & Connect Meetings
Your fellow Consultants
National Conference
Conference Calls
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Double your Thirty-One business
Use this list to write down the names of 62 people you can contact about
your exciting new business!
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Double your Thirty-One business
Use this list to write down the names of 62 people you can contact about
your exciting new business!
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