Big Data Innovation Boot Camp NICF - Innovative Venture Creation

Big Data Innovation
Boot Camp
NICF - Innovative Venture Creation
Big data can dramatically improve an enterprise’s
performance by leveraging its data assets. This
bootcamp will provide participants the knowledge and
insights about the capabilities of big data technologies.
Participants will learn how to create a viable and
scalable big data solution.
Have your draft solution vetted by an expert coach.
Subsequently, pitch your solution to a panel of expert
judges and get invaluable feedback.
Upon successful completion of this bootcamp,
participants will be able to:
This event targets the following groups:
– Navigate the Big Data jungle using real-world insights and
knowledge of expert Big Data technology users to achieve
major competitive advantages for your company
– Overcome the challenges of Big Data management; enrich
your organisation’s decision making with relevant and
actionable smart Big Data
– Analyse the use of Big Data solution in different industries
and the value created in its usage
– Design commercially viable Big Data solutions
To this end, the bootcamp provides expert advice and
industry best practices for big data analytics. It includes
a series of talks, networking and sharing sessions by
Big Data technology providers. Practitioners will
present real-life cases and using design thinking
methodology participants will learn how to create big
data solutions for an organisation or start a new venture
based on the learned knowledge and acquired skills.
– ICT professionals involved in management and use
of Big Data, including CIO, CTO, IT Director, IT
Manager, Database Architect/Administrator, and
Data Warehouse Architect
– Business Managers/Analysts and professionals
involved with CRM
– Aspiring entrepreneurs and founders of start-up
technology companies
– Mid to senior management professionals in
technology consulting and implementation or in
an end user environment
– Programming knowledge is not essential
“Big data in practice in logistics and transport sector”
Mr. Mohit Sindhwani, Head of Innovation & Technology,
Quantum Inventions
“Big data and consumer analytics”
Mr. Christopher Yeo, CEO,
aSpecial Media
“Leading Analytic Projects and Developing Data
Science Teams”
Mr. R. Swaminathan, Director,
EMC Education Services
DAY 1 - Big Data Technology and Big Box
Friday, 31st October 2014
This first session of the programme is devoted to
providing a holistic understanding of what Big Data is
all about. Topics covered under this section include:
Speakers will present their topics for 45 minutes
followed by a 10 minute Q&A session.
• Introduction to Big Data
• The Motivation for Hadoop
• Hadoop Ecosystem: A High Level Overview
• Big Data Application
• The Big Box and Data Analytics
• Conclusion
Participants will be given 30 Minutes to think of
how they can apply Big Data in their domain (will
later be used in the Design Thinking Session) and
share the idea in a 2 minutes brief presentation
DAY 2 - Big Data Future
Friday, 7th November 2014
“How current developments and transformations are
shaping the future of Big Data”
Mr. Ho Wing Leong, Field Sales Engineer,
“Operations optimization”
Dr. David R. Hardoon, Director,
Ernst & Young
“The evolution of Big Data in today rapidly changing
world. What does it mean to insurance industry?”
Ms. Sophia Van Ngan, Vice-President, Big Data and
Smart Analytics,
Swiss Re
“Generating value from big data from instant
Dr. Ng Kek Wee, CTO,
GNosis Analytics
“Turning big data from complex networks into smart
data and thereby drive successful business
Mr. Terence Lyons, CEO,
The Stakeholder Co.
DAY 3 - Design Thinking Concept & Design Thinking
Workshop to Identify Customer Needs and Innovation
Friday, 14th November 2014
Design Thinking Concept
In this session, participants will gain an understanding
of the Design Thinking methodology and its value in
developing core of business strategies. Participants will
learn how to adopt a different outside-in mindset to
reframe the opportunities Big Data can offer to their
business and customers.
Design Thinking Workshop to Identify Customer
Needs and Innovation Opportunities
In this learning-by-doing workshop session, toolkits and
facilitated Design Thinking activities will help
participants map out and develop insights for creating
meaningful customer experiences by identifying unmet
needs. They will then identify opportunity areas and
directions to drive their Big Data solutions.
DAY 4 - Design Thinking workshop to ideate a Big Data
Saturday, 15th November 2014
Participants will brainstorm and identify winning ideas,
based on the opportunity areas spotted from previous
session. They will then refine and validate their selected
ideas through low resolution prototyping. After that
participants will develop a value proposition to help
guide business and marketing activities. Finally, they will
prepare their ideas for a presentation pitch of their
proposed solutions to potential VC partners.
DAY 5 - Coaching on Big Data Commercialisation
Wednesday, 19th November 2014 (3 hours in the
In this session participants will receive tailored coaching
that will prepare them to create and present their
solution pitch. The coaching will be provided by three
experts who will cover technology, industry, and funding
components, respectively.
The combination of the three perspectives will enable
students to enhance the proposed product and do any
amendments or enhancements as advised by the expert
1. Mahesh Nandeeshaiah
Vice President
2. Naresh Sadhnani
Head BI, EDW, Analytics and Big Data, ASEAN
Tech Mahindra
3. Charlie Ill
Investment Manager
Red Dot Ventures
DAY 6 - Big Data Solution Pitch
Saturday, 22nd November 2014
In this session participants will present the solution to a
judges panel comprising of investors, industry
practitioners, and technology experts. The panel will
review and validate the proposed solutions. Candidates
are required to submit a factsheet of the solution and
present it using PPT slides for a total duration of 10
1. Leslie Loh
Managing Director
Red Dot Ventures
2. Marc Vollenweider
CEO & Co-founder
3. Dr. Amy Shi-Nash
Chief Data Science Officer
Upon successful completion of the assessment, students
will be awarded the following two Statements of Attainment
(SOA) by WDA:
IT-MC-401S-1: Perform competitive analysis
IT-CIO-405S-1: Select new technology models for business
S$2,000 per participant, GST excluded.
For Singaporeans and Singapore PRs, 70% course
fee subsidy is provided by WDA Singapore (Fee for
such participants is S$600)
For Singaporeans who are sponsored by SMEs, 90%
course fee subsidy is provided by WDA Singapore
(Fee for such particpants is S$200)
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