New Vergnano Taps

New Vergnano Taps
The new Vergnano catalogue, issue 42 2007, includes new types of taps, developed in order to fulfil growing
industrial demands regarding productivity and reliability.
Three new families of taps are available:
High performance cutting taps, P series
High performance cold forming taps, P series
Cutting taps for synchronised tapping, S series.
The new families are the result of R&D studies and represent the continuity between experience and innovation,
typical of Vergnano products.
The evolution and requests coming from the market have given origin to the new high performance taps,
P series, with higher tool life, and to the new S series taps, for synchronised tapping at high cutting speed.
The new taps have the following features:
• top quality powder metallurgy high speed steels, HSSK and HSSZ. These steels have excellent hardness and
wear resistance, ideal for applications where very high performance and productivity are required;
• state-of-the-art PVD coatings, which improve wear resistance and protect the tool from high temperatures, so
that high speed cutting is possible;
• special design to exploit both substrate and coating properties, so that high performance can be reached in
many different applications;
• internal coolant types are available, both with axial outlet for blind holes and radial outlets for through holes,
which bring improvements in tool life;
• for P series only, the taps with short chamfer (form E) are suitable in cases where a complete thread is
needed almost to the bottom of the hole.
Cutting taps are available with straight flutes and spiral point, for tapping through holes, and with spiral flutes,
for blind holes.
For additional details, please refer to the new Vergnano catalogue.
Tool life %
Comparison test A70 - P70 M6
A70 TiN
P70 TiN
Resistance [N/mm2]
Type of hole
Drill size [mm]
Drill depth [mm]
Thread depth [mm]
Vc [m/min]
Threading direction
Tapping attachment
Resistance [N/mm2]
Type of hole
Drill size [mm]
Drill depth [mm]
Thread depth [mm]
Vc [m/min]
Threading direction
Tapping attachment
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P70 TiH1
Tool life %
Comparison test A80 - P80 M6
A80 TiN
P80 TiN
t a p s
The main features of P series taps are:
• powder metallurgy high speed steel, HSSZ. This steel is an excellent substrate for advanced coatings and
allows high performance and productivity;
• advanced PVD coatings, which improve wear resistance, reduce the friction coefficient between the tap
cutting edge and workpiece and protect the tool from oxidation at high temperatures;
• specifically designed geometry to improve chip evacuation and to reduce loads on the cutting edge:
- for tapping through holes, the flute and spiral point profile has been modified, compared to standard taps,
in order to improve chip movement in the direction of the tap feed
- on spiral taps, the high helix angle at 45° allows deep blind holes to be threaded
- on spiral taps, back tapering on the thread improves chip removal and reduces torque during inversion
of the tap
• wide range of materials are machinable.
P series taps are available with straight flutes and spiral point, for tapping of blind holes, and with spiral flutes for
blind holes, including taps with short chamfer form E.
P series cold forming taps are especially designed for higher performance compared to our standard A series
forming taps.
With cold forming taps the thread is obtained by plastic deformation instead of material removal. The main
advantages are a higher tensile strength of the thread due to work-hardening, no need for chip removal or
evacuation and the possibility to thread both blind and through holes with the same tap.
The main limits concern the workpiece material which must have a minimum elongation coefficient of 10% and
a maximum resistance of 1200 N/mm2. Another important requirement is a larger and more precise drilled hole
diameter compared to cutting taps, in order to obtain threads with the required tolerance class.
P series high performance cold forming taps are made in powder metallurgy high speed steel, HSSK, which
confers excellent wear resistance. Furthermore, the BP versions are equipted with an internal lubricant channel
with axial outlet for blind holes and radial outlet for blind holes or through holes.
Cutting Taps for Synchronised Tapping
S15 - S70 series
Better performance, in terms of tool life, is the main difference between the new P series taps and standard
High Performance Cold Forming Taps
P80 series
P15 - P70 series
High Performance Cutting Taps
S series cutting taps are designed exclusively for sychronised or rigid tapping. In this type of application, the
tap follows the feed rate programmed on the machine. It is not possible to adjust pitch errors of the machine
since the tapping attachment is not provided with compensation (in traction or compression).
The spindle for rigid tapping is characterised by sychronised rotational and axial movements. This allows for
higher cutting speeds compared to conventional tapping with compensated attachments.
The main characteristics of S Series taps are the following:
• base material in powder metallurgy high speed steel, HSSK;
• tap shank in h6 tolerance (instead of h9 tolerance normally used for taps) with a flat ground on the shank
(“Weldon” clamping system);
• specific geometry for high speed cutting;
• 40° spiral flute angle for tapping deep blind holes;
• back tapering on the thread in order to improve chip removal and reduce torque during inversion of the tap;
• wide range of machinable materials.
S series taps can be used only for rigid tapping. If used with compensated tapping attachments, which allow
the tap to free float, the aggressive cutting geometry can generate high axial forces. This may cause the tap to
advance more than the requested pitch resulting in an oversized thread.