1 Putting you in touch. Putting you in charge.

Putting you in touch.
Putting you in charge.
It’s easy to get started
Healthyupstate.org provides connectivity solutions to improve
patient care in upstate South Carolina. We offer technology that
enables secure communications between physicians, patients
and other authorized healthcare providers.
At our web site you’ll find a secure, online Patient Portal that
enables the sharing and management of clinical data between
healthcare providers and patients – with a special emphasis on
patient control. Healthyupstate.org is sponsored by Self Regional
Healthcare in Greenwood, S.C., and is powered by the RelayHealth Clinical platform with strong participation from patients,
physicians and clinicians.
Tell your doctor’s office that you
would like to participate in
Healthyupstate.org, and they will
send you an email invitation.
Click the link in that email invitation and
complete the easy registration form.
Our growing list of practices offering this online service includes
the following:
Greenwood Ear Nose & Throat
Carolina Vascular
Lakelands Nephrology, P.A.
Fill in your medical information like:
medications and allergies, immunizations and health history.
Digestive Disease Group, P.A.
That’s it!
Greenwood Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.A.
Piedmont Health Group
Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Center, P.A.
Piedmont Cardiology, P.A.
Self Medical Group
Self Regional Healthcare
Your doctor’s office will send you a confirmation email once the secure
healthyupstate.org system notifies them of your new account.
Healthyupstate.org may cancel online access for users at any time and for
any reason deemed necessary for the appropriate use of the service.
Putting you in touch.
Putting you in charge.
If you have any trouble along the way, don’t hesitate to
call RelayHealth technical support at
Powered by RelayHealth
What can I do at healthyupstate.org?*
Our system supports HIPAA-compliant, online communication with patients, physicians and internal office staff of medical practices in upstate South Carolina. By shifting these
interactions from the phones to secure email, communications are no longer limited to just office hours. This enables patients to securely communicate with their providers for
these services: appointment requests, prescription refill requests, online lab results, billing questions, referral requests, messages to doctor’s office, and visit summaries. As many
medical needs don’t necessarily require an in-office visit, being able to address these needs electronically serves the needs of patients and providers alike.
Appointment Requests
This convenient feature allows you to send a message to your
doctor’s office requesting a new appointment, along with your
preferred appointment times. It also allows you to cancel or
reschedule existing appointments, and set automatic appointment reminder messages.
Easily request prescription refills for you or your dependents†
using this convenient online form.
• Appointment
This feature gives you easy access to your diagnostics, lab tests and other
documents important to your health. Not only can you read the results
yourself, but they can also be shared with your other doctors and providers.
Do you have a general question for your doctor’s office? Need to change
your address, or make an update to your insurance records? This feature
makes it convenient, secure, and easy.
Referral Requests
Clinical Summary
Have you ever left your doctor’s appointment and realized that
you misplaced the paper visit summary, or forgot some crucial
piece of information from the visit? This online visit summary
solves that problem by providing easy access to a digital version
that can’t be misplaced.
• Lab
Need assistance creating an
account, logging in, or navigating the site?
Relay Health technical support
is ready to help.
Messaging to Offices
If you need your doctor to refer you to a specialist, there’s nothing easier than
submitting the referral request through healthyupstate.org. Your message is
quickly sent to your primary care physician, who can then make the referral
electronically, or contact you for a follow-up appointment.
Prescription Refill Requests
Powered by RelayHealth
Lab and Radiology Results
Important Information about
Patient Privacy
As with any online service, privacy is a concern. You should protect your
health information password and emails just like you would for a bank
account. Federal and state laws regarding patient privacy require certain
information to be protected at various ages, including patients under the
age of 18. To comply with these regulations, Healthyupstate.org
will automatically block access to accounts for all minors on their
13th birthday. A new email address and new password are required to
reenroll in online access for patients who turn 13. While this may be a
sensitive topic for some families, we encourage parents, children,
physicians and other providers to all take part in the discussion to ensure
health information is used appropriately and responsibly.
Connecting is Easy. Visit healthyupstate.org
*Not all participating providers utilize all healthyupstate.org features.