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November 2014
Kingston, New York 12401
life to its fullest. Making these adventures possible
is the amazing clothing and gear that we carry in
our store and wear ourselves. With the proper gear
we stay dry and warm, even though the weather is
throwing its worst at us.
It’s still nice to know what’s coming at us
though. And we would love to have an accurate
weather forecast. Enter Alex Morra with Hudson
Valley Weather Online. Alex and crew consistently
forecast accurate local weather specifically for the
Hudson Valley. Anyone who lives here knows that
the weather in Kingston will be dramatically different from that in Woodstock, which will also be
dramatically different from that in Hunter. When all
we get is weather forecasts for NYC, we can only
expect to be disappointed. Alex is also a long time
friend of Kenco and probably gets out in the mountains more than any of us. If you live in the Hudson
valley, and are interested in what will actually happen, take a look at
Have a great winter!
Where you can find accurate weather -By Wynter Kennedy
The only accurate thing you can count on with
the weather forecast, is that you can’t count on the
weather forcast being accurate. Last winter was
a perfect example of this fact. When the major
weather stations said rain, it snowed, and snowed
a lot! When they told us to panic because of the
snow, nothing fell from the sky. They terrified the
United States with a “Polar Vortex” which was
so out of the ordinary that we should have all fled
to Florida. I’m not saying that the winter of 2013
wasn’t especially rough on all of us (my back still
hurts from shoveling snow), but that our mainstream weather forecasters let us down.
At Kenco we love bad weather. I know that is an
inflammatory statement but if you haven’t thrown
this paper across the room in disgust, please hear
me out. We hate driving in bad weather and paying
for extra heating costs. We hate shoveling the snow
at 6am and driving in dangerous conditions. But
give us snowshoes, skis, or snowboards and there’s
nothing better than being out in a snowstorm living
1000 Hurley Mtn Rd.
Kingston, NY 12401
Autumn 2014
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Volume I Number 6
32 Years of Outdoor Excellence
Volume I Number 6
32 Years of
Outdoor Excellence
Autumn Outdoor News
November 2014
New York 12401
Winter Outlook
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Coca Leaves and Finger puppets
-By Bill Kennedy
I love my job. I get to work with a great group of people many of
whom are my family, and we all get along (most of the time). We
live in one of the prettiest parts of the world and because my family is turning me into a world traveler I can truly say this is a fact.
Through the years my job duties have changed but what I do best
is work with people and work in general!
On our recent trip to Peru I made my family give up part
of their vacation time to work with me. On this trip my hope was
to find premium Alpaca products. I also wanted to form relationships so we could continue to offer the products when we returned
to the Catskills. My family was resistant to say the least, but, like I
said we get along (most of
the time) so they gave me
the time to do my thing .
Luckily for me great things
happened in Lima. A friend
of mine talked us into visiting a sock manufacturer he
knew. The owner, Fernando,
not only went out of his
way to give us an awesome
tour of his business but he
wined and dined us with
some of the most amazing
Peruvian food and drink.
His friendly hospitality set
the tone for the rest of our
buying experience. His
socks are wonderful, they’re
made out of the super soft
alpaca, they are designed to
fit well and they are just the
right price.
Then we met Jose. He
No Such Thing as Bad Weather:
-By Finny Kennedy
It seems like the cold is here to stay. But dropping temps
shouldn’t drive you back inside! Recent scientific studies show that
exposure to cold weather can actually be good for you, increasing
the amount of “brown” fat cells (the fat burning kind) in your body.
Of course you also want to enjoy your time outdoors. Here are a
few layering tricks-of-the-trade to keep enjoying the outdoors in
spite of cold weather conditions:
Base layer: Often called “long underwear,” this is the layer
closest to your skin. Baselayer can come in different shapes and
sizes, from regular underwear to long sleeved shirts and leggings
or tights, and can come in a variety of fabrics. Silk, Merino Wool,
and Synthetic baselayers are breathable, lightweight fabrics that
disperse moisture from perspiration to the outer surface of the
fibers to keep you dry and comfortable. My personal favorite, merino wool has the added benefit of being odor and bacteria resistant. Silk is a good option for those with extremely sensitive skin.
We don’t recommend cotton as a baselayer as it absorbs and holds
moisture, which can cause you to feel cold and clammy when you
are participating in outdoor activities in the winter.
Mid/Insulating Layer: The middle layer or insulating layer
does just that: insulates you by trapping warm air next to your
body to keep you warm. A good insulating layer would be a fleece
jacket or vest. Polyester fleece is a lightweight and affordable option that manages moisture and is breathable. Wool will keep you
warm and some companies, like Ibex, have developed machine
washable fleeces for those who prefer natural fibers. Goose down
provides excellent warmth in extreme cold and dry temps, but must
be dry to insulate effectively.
Outer Shell Layer: Your outer shell layer will protect against
wind, rain, and snow. The best will also be breathable to allow
ventilation. Although there are many attractive and fitted options
in outer shells, be sure to pick a size large enough to allow some
layering underneath. It may help to try on all your layers together.
There are many tightly woven fabrics and special coatings that will
sells his products in local street markets. His family makes beautiful products using baby Alpaca fibers in a town high in the Andes
called Arequepa. This town is known for their fine alpaca herds
and their beautiful textiles. Over a few Peruvian beers Jose sold us
on his family’s products.
My family thought we were done with business as we
headed off to the start of our camping trip. We were advised to get
used to the high altitude before our trek by hanging out for a few
days and doing absolutely nothing. Not doing anything is not our
style so we found a local guide named Rudy to show us around.
Rudy took us to lots of churches and lots of Inca ruins. Finally
I asked him if there were any markets in Cusco. Rudy explained
to us, there, there are no Walmarts or grocery stores. You mostly
deal with the people that make the product in the market. He then
took us to the biggest market we have ever been to. We scanned
the wheel barrows full of fresh fruits, vegetables, burlap bags full
of coca leaves, dried lama fetus and dead chickens, but there were
no textiles. As we hunted for products with commercial value we
could bring home, Rudy told us his wife was from Lake Titicaca
(love that name) where her friends and family make wool finger
puppets. Of course I had to get them. We bought hundreds.
When the trip was over we packed up our treasures in a huge
duffle (purchased at Kenco of course) and started on our long trek
back to New York. Coming back through airport security was a
bit of a fiasco! We had a very large and slightly suspicious looking duffle bag filled with great products, but we are happy to say
that we got to bring all the products home. For us these beautiful
products have faces, Fernando, José, and Rudy. We hope you get
a chance to see these products and feel a little bit of these people
and the beauty of Peru.
So when you visit our crazy store, the one with an eye doctor
digital 3d archery range and now our fine Peruvian Alpaca imports and finger puppet department. We hope you see we are not
your typical big box cookie cutter store…. but maybe a little like
a Peruvian market.
We want to be your favorite store.
effectively repel wind and water, but if you are choosing a garment for any activity that will keep you outside for an extended
period of time, be sure to choose a shell that is breathable, waterproof and windproof. Water resistant coats and jackets may be
chemically coated to repel water, but waterproof membranes with
sealed seams will provide the highest level of protection against
wet weather.
Accessories: Be sure to pick up some accessories to keep your
extremities warm as well. Many of the same technologies that
make active clothing so effective are also available in gloves and
hats. Be sure to find the glove or mitten that fits your activity.
Some companies, like Manzella and Outdoor Research, take the
guesswork out of the equation for you by providing a ball park
temperature rating system. For very cold conditions you can use a
merino or synthetic glove liner for added warmth.
Footwear: Pick a good, activity specific, wool sock to keep
your feet warm and toasty, and pair it with a boot with an insulated boot with a waterproof membrane to keep feet warm and dry
in wet conditions.
This time of year gets a bad rep. Instead of locking yourself
inside, wishing for the dulcet days of spring, layer up and make it
your favorite season!!
New and Noteable
Smash box
We are not big fans of plastics for food storage and eating. But I’ve had my share of broken Pyrex, melted tops, or leaks in my back
pack. Then someone gave me a smash box. I
have to admit this is a great product. It holds
4 cups of food, its tight, secure and leakproof! It’s even freezer and dishwasher safe!
And you can pop it in the micro to warm
your lunch. Unbelievable! it even comes with
a built in spork!
$ 16.95
Craghoppers M’s & W’s Compresslite
Packaway Hooded Jacket
We love this jacket because it is Comfortable, warm, well built and extremely affordable! Compare this to any of the major
brands’ jackets at $150+. Seriously this is a
really great jacket for the money. $85
Nite Ize Steelie
The steelie is an ingenious solution that allows
your device to be mounted almost anywhere
you would want to see it. 34.99
Scent Purge
This is one my favorite new items this year. These
electronic Odor ELIMINATORS plug in and will
totally ELIMINATE odors. We bought these for our
hunters to put in with their clothing to eliminate any
smell that the clothing might have. I use it in my
car to Eliminate the smell of two stinky golden retrievers, in our hall closet to Eliminate the aroma of
our footwear and in our laundry room to Eliminate
mustiness. The package says it will also Eliminate
cigarette smoke, gas/exhaust fumes, pet and food
odors. I have to say it really works.
Three sizes to choose from but the most popular
(shown) is the 50+ -Bill Kennedy
$ 49.95
Gunfather Clock:
I know some of you will lose
respect for me but I have
several guns. They may be in
the closet, the attic or under
the bed. I would like them in
one spot that’s safe (for them
and from others) but my wife
doesn’t want to see them. We
found this piece of furniture
at a show and it’s awesome.
It’s a real clock but unlock
it and open the door and
it holds 4 to 5 rifles. They
are out of sight and locked.
There is an added bonus of
a bottom door that can hold
ammunition, also locked.
- Bill Kennedy
$ 399.00
CAT Gloves
CAT took a great glove design and made it better. In the last
few years the rubber coated palm gloves have become a staple
for working people. The insulated version is warm, easy to use
with the rubber grip, and not very expensive. Cat now makes
this design with a moisture-wicking brushed acrylic shell instead of the standard cotton, they textured the rubber so it grips
even better, and they’ve added an adjustable wrist closure so
it’s easier to get in and out of the glove. Great value at $10.00
Muck Boots Wellies Classic
For years we have been looking for the perfect wellie boot for
our men’s line. Wellies are for work but we wanted one nice
enough for casual use too. This Wellie can be worn in the
field or to work; the boot’s shock absorbing outsole and GelCore sub-sole adds cushioning while standing on unforgiving
surfaces. It is 100% waterproof. The breathable Hydroguard™
and Airmesh lining displace moisture effectively to keep cool
in the summer and warm in the winter. And it looks good. Of
course I practically got married in Carhartts so my style ideas
might be skewed. - Bill Kennedy
MSRP:$ 189.99
Our Everyday price 169.99
Dlight Solar LED Floodlight.
The world is going LED for lighting but
we still have to deal with batteries. DLight
gets us to the next level with solar power
and storage in a compact Lantern.
Easton Compact Carbon Trekking poles.
We just got back from hiking the Inca trail
in Peru and we could not have done it without these poles. They are light, and strong
but best of all they will fold up and fit in a
daypack or travel bag.
Family Camping & Day Hiking
Princeton Tec Viz Headlamp
Headlamps are the best! And this is
one of our favorites! What else is
there to say? Oh yeah It’s waterproof
and 165 Lumens! $49.95
Single Burner Butane Stove.
A favorite tool of chefs on the
move, this single burner stove
is simple and effective. At
home, at a festival, or when
the power goes out!
Vortex Solo Monocular 8x36
You can always have a quality optic close
at hand with the Solo Monocular. This
compact, easy-to-carry monocular delivers quality viewing for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to bring nature a bit closer.
Hydro Flask 40oz Wide Mouth Insulated bottle.
Literally everyone who works at Kenco owns one of these
bottles. Most of our families are well stocked also. This
is quite definitely the best insulated water bottle ever.
$34.99 Now Available: New flip top lids!
Orca 54qt Cooler
Say goodbye to the age of
cheap styrofoam coolers that
don’t keep your food cold. Say
hi to the Orca, which keeps
your goods cold for days and
is practically indestructible.
This also works great as a
camp bench. Use Arctic Ice
for great results $359.99
Marmot Trestles 30 Degree Mummy Bag
Arctic Ice™ Tundra Series
has been designed at the mo- Lowa Men’s and Women’s Renegade GTX Boot
lecular level so that it freezes
This is our favorite boot! It is a very high quality hiking boot
at an impressive -15º C (+5º
which is light and supportive enough to tackle almost
F). What’s even more impresany trail in the Catskills . $225
sive is that its active ingredient
maintains a consistent freezer
Osprey Daylite Backpack
temperature ideally suited to
Simple yet incredibly useful and comreplace dry ice. $10.95-24.95
fortable. This basic day pack goes more
Gregory Compass 30 Backpack
The Compass pack was designed for the
everyday commuter who goes multiple
places in their day. From gym to work
and home via the local farm stand, this
pack can carry it all. This is also a really
great travel pack and fits in overhead
compartments. $99
than any
trekking or
travel pack.
This is
one of our
Campelona Chair
Don’t just go outside, sit there!
Sunrise 9 Person Tent
This tent is so comfortable that you could move in for
the summer. Can’t make your rent? Got kicked out of the
house because of a snoring or fragrance issue? Taking the
entire family to the lake for a week of fishing swimming
and hiking? This is your tent!
Expedition Series Heavy Duty Duffle
Made of heavy duty reinforced Tarpaulin this Duffle can take a
AMC Hiking Guides
by Peter W Kick
Every Hudson valley
resident should own a
copy of these books!
You don’t have to be
a “hiker” to enjoy the
local trails.We still have
some signed copies in
store, come get them!
Peter Kick is a Catskill native. A consulting utility forester, he is also
a NYS licensed guide and the author of AMC's Catskill Mountain
Guide and AMC's Best Hikes in the Catskills and Hudson Valley.
Winter Running Picks
XA Pro 3d
Hailing in as one of the burliest
trail running shoes out there the
XA Pro 3d is a great Catskills
shoe. It will handle the roughest
trails for running or light hiking.
Experia Socks
Good socks are super important to
any dedicated runner. They need to
cushion and create the all important
blister barrier between tender skin
and sneaker. These are our current
favorites. $14.99
Squeaky Cheeks
Ever since pre-historic humans started running across
the savannahs of Africa they have dealt with one common affliction: Chaffing! It happens everywhere! No
piece of skin is safe from the scourge of chaffing. Without being too graphic lets just say this stuff works. $13
Altra Lone Peak 2.0
Altra is taking the running world
by storm with their zero drop
footwear. It’s like running barefoot
on a trail covered with an inch of
plush foam. $120
Moving Comfort
Juno Bra
This award winning, gravity-defying
powerhouse has it all—offering everything fuller cups need for a custom fit
and no-bounce support. $56
Adrenaline GTS 14
Runner’s World Magazine says the Adrenaline
“boasts all the trappings
of a traditional stability model, but rides as
smooth as ever.” It “hits
the sweet spot” and it’s
“soft enough for highmileage training but
firm enough to remain
stable.” $120
Essential 1/2 Zip Shirt
Comfortable running shirts are an essential. They
need to be comfortable, stretch, and wick moisture. This shirt does all of those things and also
fits great. $65
Essential Wind Pant
The sun is just rising over the horizon
and there is frost on the grass, As you
take your first steps out of the door,
you realize that it’s way too cold for
shorts. What to do? Do you let yourself get all frosty or do you grab some
running pants? It’s a simple decision:
you grab these pants and get out there!
Nite Ize
Action Armband
For Iphone and Ipod
Pump up your tunes to
get you through those
last few miles or hill
repeats. But we want
to see you for years to
come, so please remember to turn down
the volume on the road.
Run Safe y’all! $29.99
Kahtoola NanoSpikes
Anyone who has spent
any time running or
hiking in the mountains
during winter knows the
name Kahtoola. They
are the best, and the new
NanoSpikes are even better for runners because
they are light and fit
sneakers. $49.95
Essential Vest
For beautiful running days when it’s too
warm to wear a jacket but too cold not to.
Try a running vests! This is currently our
favorite! $75
Full of water, nutrition and anything
else you think you might want to
bring with you on a long trail run. If
you haven’t tried a running pack you
should! They are great and comfortable. Seriously, you
will like it. $70
Handheld Bottle.
It’s one of the simplest tools for running but also the
most annoying if it doesn’t fit. This one will fit your
hand and comes standard with a great insulated
water bottle $23
Aertrex Sports Series Orthotics
These pre-engineered orthotics are designed
specifically for comfort, support, and weight
redistribution in
athletic, walking, and
comfort footwear.
L400 $59.99
Mens Clothing and Footwear
Sierra Designs Men’s
Stretch DriDown Hoodie
Down can’t get wet, right?
Down jackets aren’t as good
for active sports as soft shells,
right? Wrong! This jacket
does both! It moves with you
and it can get wet and still
insulate. $229
Ibex Beacon Shirt
Remember that old flannel you’ve been wearing for
years? You know how it is
full of holes and ready to be
replaced? The Beacon shirt
from Ibex is your next favorite shirt. We promise. $175
Outback Trading
Madison River Hat
At home, on the river fly
fishing, or in the back
yard splittin’ wood, the
Madison River will keep
the wet off your head and
you in style. Perfect for
your next walkabout. $40
Kuhl Burr Jacket
With outstanding durability
and character this jacket is at
home splitting wood, riding
your motorcycle, or just walking around town. $175
Leather Duffle
If you are traveling or simply
hitting the gym this bag will
give years of stylish service.
Guaranteed to get better with
age. $156
Doheny Shirt
Kuhl Rydr Pants
The Rydr pants are as close as we
come to a uniform here at Kenco.
Somehow Kuhl found the perfect
fit for most men. If you haven’t
tried a pair you definitely should.
Kuhl Riot Denim Pants
We gave these pants a try last year
and based on our customers’ overwhelming response we decided to
carry them again. If the Rydr’s are
a little too baggy for you, try these.
Flannel might be the official uniform of the outdoors, but exploded
plaid gives the Doheny Flannel a
young, fun look. This midweight
shirt is durable without piling on
weight. The quick-to-wick and fast
drying properties allow it to perform when you need it to.
Hide and Seek Wallet
Combines outstanding quality in
construction and materials with intelligent slimming design to make
these your pockets’ best friend.
Aetrex Pre-engineered Orthotics
Blundstone 585
Comfort Series
Same as the classic
boot, but more comfortable. These are
the original pull-on,
kick- off easy wearing
boot that looks better
the more you wear
them. $165
Step on our new computerized foot scanner, and with our help, the
machine will diagnose and recommend an orthotic that will change
your life forever! These orthotics are awesome. They reduce stress
on your feet, provide superior support and improve body alignment. Unconditionally Guaranteed!
2200 $ 64.95
New Balance 624.
I have a friend Mike who works on
his feet all day in a great hardware
store in Woodstock. He told me we
had to carry these shoes. He says
he needs a shoe that will keep him
fast on his feet and needs the comfort to stand on concrete all day.
The 624 is that shoe. $74.95
in wide
Womens Clothing and Footwear
Kuhl Womens Flight Jacket
Sierra Designs Women’s
Stretch DriDown Hoodie
Down can’t get wet, right? Down
jackets aren’t as good for active sports
as softshells, right? Wrong! This jacket
does both! It moves with you and it
can get wet and still insulate. And the
slimming cut makes a feminine and
flattering silhouette. $229
Just think of the thousands of Muppets who gave their lives for you to
wear this jacket! To be clear we are
not proponents of Muppet cruelty,
but if you have to wear a Muppet
fur jacket we recommend this one.
North Face Thermoball
Ibex Pez Long Sweater
Is this a Sweater or a Jacket? It’s
totally up to you. This would work
great as mid-autumn outerwear or
look very cute over leggings. However you wear it you will love the
Pez Long Sweater. $225
It’s not often that we see something
new and exciting in insulated jackets. The Thermoball might be the
coolest new technology we’ve seen
in a long time! Insulating when wet
but as comfortable and breathable
as down. You really can have it
both ways.
Gun Tote’n Mamas
Hobo Bag
Billed as “the” brand for
affordable leather concealed
carry handbags. Which is
great if you carry a piece!
For everyone else this is still
a great handbag; all of those
special handgun pockets
translate perfectly to everyday
Dassie Slide
Combining Merrell’s classic
fit and support with a stylish
design, the Dassie Slide is the
perfect slip-on for food shopping, dog walking, or sightseeing. $95
Not Your Daughters Jeans
Barbara Boot Cut
You have to put these jeans on.
What can we say? They just fit,
which, as you know is very rare
with jeans. The perfect jean doesn’t
happen every day. $110
Ibex Womens Izzi Pant
Womens’ Earth Redwood
Made with thick Merino wool, this
pant is an easy choice as fall turns
to winter. Built with a good amount
of stretch and a relaxed leg you
will want to wear these for everything. $160
Mens and Womens
Lowa Renegade Ice
Gore-Tex Waterproof
The uninsulated Renegade is
our most popular hiking boot.
We love the comfort and
quality. New for this season
the insulated version of a
best seller is sure to delight
These Side zip boots are amazing.
They are comfortable and look
great with a pair of jeans.
US Sherpa Convertable
The wool folding glove with
a button will allow you to get
the most out of your outdoor
experience, from shoveling
the driveway to winter sports.
Handmade in Nepal. $20
Elite Spirit
Matthews Creed XS
This Smooth drawing bow
is your perfect tree stand
companion for early mornings or evenings. It moves
quietly through dense underbrush. This companion
will never let you down
when you have only one
shot at the trophy buck.
Don’t miss that shot! Get a
Creed! $930
We think Elite archery might be
hiring archery magicians. These
bows are just too great to have
been designed by regular people. Low lettoff combined with
low shock add to the extreme
accuracy of the Elite Spirit.
If you are ready to take your
shooting to the next level then
this is the bow for you. $900
Wildgame Blade 8 Trail Camera
We originally ordered these trail
cameras for hunters as a way to
see what might be in the area for hunting. We quickly found out
that they are not only a great tool for hunting buut could be a great
security device for the home or job too. See who might be around
when you’re not, find out what has been getting in the garbage can
or see who is eating your food in the company fridge. We have sevPSE Centerfire
eral cameras to choose from but we just got a sweet deal on these 8
Firing arrows at 335 Feet mega pixel infra red cameras from Wildgame Innovations. They are
Per Second (FPS), the
small, easy to use and they are packaged with batteries and an 8GB
CenterFire comes stanmemory card. $ 89.00
dard with high-end features only found on crossbows costing hundreds
more. This is a great first
bow $699.95
Aerohead 18
Let this be your
new favorite
hunting boot.
Ten Point Titan
Weighing in at under
7lbs this is one of
the lightest crossbows that we carry. It
shoots well and comes
with everything
you will need to get
started. $799
Buck Bomb Assorted attractants
Legal in NY! Use
this to turn your quiet
un-accomplished day
into a hunting victory.
Simmons Lasor Rangefinder LRF 600
If you are looking for a good,
dependable range finder look no
further. We found a great buy
on this Simmons rangefinder.
Walmart sells this one for $156
Kenco Special $99
Bushnell Stalk Mid
Great boots for your bucks!
Gerber Counterpart
Regular: $31 Special: $15
Crew Socks
destroys an
hunt like
freezing cold
feet. Wear
good socks
for warm feet.
Vortex Diamondback
Affordable quality binoculars with an
amazing warranty? Is that even possible? Yes! The Diamondback from
Vortex offers an amazing quality for
its price. They are backed by one of
the best warranties out there. $229
Reinhart Rhino Bag
Designed simply to be the best in every way, these targets
have improved printed graphics for better shot making. Smart
Core with Kevlar® Technology gives you a long lasting
target, but still lets you remove your arrow or bolt with ease.
Randy’s Fishing Picks
Montana Fly Company
Madison II Reel
Why shouldn’t your reel be as
beautiful as the fish you are
obsessing about?
Randy German
Superfine Glass
Already voted the best rod of the year,
this amazing little rod is a dream to cast. The
superfine glass uses the newest old technology: fiberglass,
which becomes a durable slow casting machine. You just have to
take my word for it, this is an amazing rod. Come try it out in our
pond I think you will understand what all the hype is about.
Silver Sonic Convertable top Waders
These Breathable waders do exactly what waders are
supposed to do, keep you dry and happy while you fish.
Precision Trout Boss
With welded seams that are practicly indestrucatlble, you
I’ve tried a lot of line. I am in the very fortunate situwill get much more life out of these waders.
ation where I get to demo all the newest gear and try
them on local streams. I love this line, it casts like a
dream and mends with ease. $75
Smith’s Cloud
Trout Print
Polarized Sunglasses
Fly Boxes
Always use a pair of
polarized sunglasses to spot
your target with Supermanlike Clarity.
Mens Air strip shirt
I could wear this shirt all day,
all week, all summer. It has a
fly rod holder, drainage pockets, vents and a sun collar. It’s
just that comfortable. $80
Jackson Cardinal
Sky Camo Fishing Vest
This vest has pockets for every
possible fishing accessory. For
long days out on the river I like
to have a lot of pockets. I hate
to waste time hiking back to
the car for something I need but
forgot. $79.95
Clearwater Fly
Tying Kit
Montana Fly Company
Now we are not advocating drunken fly fishing, but if you
Jackson Kayak
happen to want a sip of some lovely single malt scotch to
Cuda 12 Angler
celebrate that perfect 20” Rainbow
Jackson Kayak’s Cuda 12 is our favorite new fishing Kay- then please store it in this beautiak. Most kayaks were designed to be general recreational
fully colorful flask.
kayaks and then modified to fish out of. That’s nice and all, $29.99
but Jackson Kayak designs their kayaks from the water up
specifically to be the best fishing kayak out there.
$1299 W/O Rudder
$1499 W/ Rudder
Winter Fun
Midland Portable emergency Weather
Radio W/alert
Checking in with Hudson Valley Weather is
the best way to get accurate weather from
the internet. But if there is no power, or you
want to stay informed of impending hazard
in your area, consider one of these portable weather radios. This unit has Home
or Travel modes, so it’s also a great tool
when you are on the move, or hanging at
home. Uses 3 AA batteries or AC adapter
Yukon Charlies Pro 2 Snowshoe
Remember last years’ snow? Well
they say it’s coming again! Last
year we ran out of snowshoes
and couldn’t get anymore from
anybody. We’ve made a deal for
a limited supply of two hundred
pair of these special makeup kits.
These are great shoes (and poles)
at a great price.
Reg $199 Kenco: $129
3B Bluetooth
I’m a fifty seven
year old guy
that doesn’t feel
comfortable with
things in my ears or cords dangling to a pocket. One day this young
eighteen year old salesperson with a big crooked ball cap gave me a
sample of a 3E snowboard beanie, and told me how revolutionary
it would be. It sat on my desk for a long time, ‘till one day I needed
a hat. I wore it a few times and it is quite comfortable, then I pushed
the blue tooth button and it started. Cool! I thought. Now I use it
all the time. It’s warm and I can listen to NPR when I’m working
outside. no wires, you can even answer a phone call. This is the
most comfortable audio you will ever wear! -Bill Kennedy
$ 49.95
We have a lot
of cross country skis from entry
to backcountry. All
top-end Fischer. Here is a
great one to get you going:
Juniper or Desire Skis: $199.00
Touring Classic bindings: $59.00
XCPRO Boots: $99.00
XC Sport Pole: $30.00
MSRP:$387.00 Kit Price: $299
Kahtoola MicroSpikes
Any terrain, any age, any condition – welcome to Kahtoola’s
MicroSpikes ice traction system.
Put a pair in your pack, pocket, or
purse and you’re ready to handle
whatever nature hands you.
Paracon Baby Sled
Why wouldn’t babies love
to slide on snow as much as
you do? Create some great
memories with this gorgeous
wooden baby slead. These
also make great presents by
the way! $64.95
Hammerhead Sled
This sled takes sledding to
a whole new level. The sled
is fast, has a comfortable
flexing deck, floating skis,
and a great steering system.
This is the product for the
outdoor person who takes
winter seriously.
Mens and Womens Lowa
Renegade Ice Gore-Tex
The uninsulated Renegade
is our most popular hiking
boot. We love the comfort
and quality. New for this
season the insulated version
of a best seller is sure to
delight. Great for snow
shoeing! $285
Sorel Premium 1964 T CVS Boot
The waxed canvas upper and recycled felt liner
make this seam-sealed, waterproof boot extra
special; it’s perfect for keeping feet warm and
dry in cold winter conditions.
Winter is coming!!
Whatever your passion:
skiing, snowboarding,
showshoing or something
else, you should know that
Volt Titan Leather Heated Gloves Kenco carrys it all. Come
I love the winter but have a hard
check out our new 2014
time with the cold. I have a condiline of snowboards and
tion that causes my hands to go
skiis. Snowboard technolnumb when they chill. No matter
ogy has changed dramatichow great the glove or mitten, my
ly in the last few years.
hands still have a problem. A few
Let us direct you through
years ago I found battery heated
the sometimes confusing
gloves and they changed my life.
options. We can help you
The Titan is the nicest pair of win- find the perfect gear.
ter sports gloves I’ve found. -BK
Work Clothes and Footwear
I like to shoot shotguns, cut fire
wood, and use a lot of power
tools. I’m using this premium
tactical sport muff. It’s awesome!
It’s really comfortable but the
real deal is the electronics. There
is a microphone which increases
sound when there are no harmful
noises but as soon a high noise
level starts the muff turns on and
stops the noise. Come in and try
them they are great!
$129.99 -Reviewed by Bill
Berne Washed Gasoline Jacket
Arborwear Staghorn Fleece
Carhartt Long Sleeve Tee
We love this sweater. It is made out of
nice thick fleece but has the knit look of
a sweater. You could wear this working
on a job site, or hanging around the fire.
Take this fleece with you to the mountains whether you are working or having
a vacation. $ 99.95
There’s nothing fancy here! No fancy
pants high-tech fabric. No hidden pockets or stow away zippers. This shirt is
all about the work. 100% cotton takes a
beating and will last as long as it has to.
Buy this shirt by the dozen.You’ll use
them. $ 22.95
Kenco has always offered a wide selection of Carhartt clothing. That has not
changed, but now we have added Arborwear, Dickies, and really new Bern. This
jacket looks really sharp with the bomber
design. But it’s built like a battle ship
with heavy brass zippers, triple stitching,
heavy weight cotton shell and pleated elbows. If you are looking for a new warm
piece this year check out Bern apparel.
It’s truly made rugged for our hard working customers. $ 59.95
Arborwear Original Work Pant
Dickies Carpenter Jeans
New for Kenco, Dickies Carpenter
Jeans are good quality for a great
price. There’s no reason to buy
fancy pants if you are only going to
destroy them. They are work pants
for crying out loud, not a tuxedo.
If you are wearing out your pants from
working, then pat yourself on the back
my friend. You are they guy out getting
things built and fixed. You are one of
the elite who works with your hands and
these are the pants for you: tough and
comfortable. $54.95
Carhartt B18 and B17 Work Jeans
Classic work jeans! Stock up now!
Kenco’s Everyday low price: $34.99
Iron Clad Ranchworx gloves have got to
be the best designed work glove we have
ever seen. I was given a sample of these
gloves at a show and as soon as I put them
on I knew they were different. Yes they
feel great but so do a nice pair of goat skin
gloves. The difference is in the construction and features. This glove is made to
work and protect your hand. Features include roll tip fingers for excellent dexterity,
Kevlar reinforcements over really tough
bullwhip, washable non shrinking leather,
and my favorite is they put a TPR rubber
on the back of the fingers and knuckles
that absorbs up to 10 times the impact.
That means when you wack the back of
your hand with 400 pounds of force the
TPR can reduce the force to 40 pounds. If
the price doesn’t scare you away this is the
best hand protection we have ever offered.
$ 39.99 - Review By Bill Kennedy
Lumberport Ripstop Pant
This pant is tough! Made with durable ripstop fabric that takes a beating,
with stain and water repellency, this
pant is your new do-everything rough
pant. Built to survive actual work
sites and hard work. $69.95
Keen Braddock
Here is one awesome new work boot at Kenco. Keen has been
one of our favorite offerings for years. Their shoes are comfortable, waterproof and super supportive. We also offer these
same shoes in work styles. This is a new work boot called the
Braddock. The Braddock has the Keen comfort right out of
the box . It’s a tough leather boot with a
slip-resistant non-marking sole and a
waterproof-breathable lining, and it’s
made in Portland, Oregon! Believe
it or not it sells for the same price
as a similar boot made in China.
This boot is a home run!
W’s Eclipse Jacekt
Waterproof Insulated Jacket
MSRP $250
Kenco’s Regular Price:$129.95
Hot Buy: $69.95
Outdoor Duffle Bag
Glove Box Necessity Kit
Hot Buy
in assorted colors
MSRP $29.95 Hot Price $12.50
Awesome for car and great gift!
MSRP $24.95 Hot Price $12.99
Air Ranger
MSRP $60
Hot Buy: $19.95
Adventure Medical
Adventure 0.5
Never leave home without it
Reg: $6.99
Hot Buy: 4.75
Pulse Emergency Power
1X Smart Phone Charge
MSRP 34.99 Hot Buy: $19.99
Eco Vessel
Insulated Beer Mug
MSRP $19.95
Hot Buy $14.95
16 LED Super Bright Headlamp
Great for work or outdoor play!
MSRP $14.95 Hot Price $4.99
Rocky Boots
Sport Utility Boot #R0011
800G Thinsulate
Oil Tanned
MSRP 149.95
Hot Buy $74.50
Eco Vessel
25oz Camo Triple
Walled Hot/Cold bottle.
MSRP 29.95
Hot Buy $14.50
72 Hours
Food For Health
72 Hours of food
MSRP $49.95 Hot Buy $29.99
Mens and Womens
Gel Cumulus Sneaker
We recieved them late
our error your gain.
Reg: $115
Special: $75
6 Pair Bulk Pack
Black and White
MSRP $19.99 Hot Buy $9.99
Granite Gear Buffalo Day Pack
Reg: $69.95 Hot Buy: $35
Assorted Plaids 100% Cotton
MSRP $39.95 Hot Buy $20
Winter Nits
Merino Wool Blend Socks
Assorted Patterns and Colors
MSRP $12.95 Hot Buy: 2 for $10
Good while supplies last. Prices subject to change (In case we made a typo, it happens sometimes).
In Store Only
$5 Off
On A Purchase Of $10
RULES: Does not apply to Kayak Festival. This coupon must
be surrendered at time of purchase. Not valid on Sale Items
One offer per household, per day, may not be combined with
any other offers or discounts, or applied to the purchase of gift
cards. All sales must be recorded by name. Not valid on previous
purchases. Some other exceptions may apply.
Expires 11/30/14
Upcoming Indoor Archery Leagues
Jan 19th- March 22nd
Everyone wins - prizes for all participants.
In Store Only
$25 Off
On A Purchase Of $100
RULES: Does not apply to Kayak Festival. This coupon must
be surrendered at time of purchase. Not valid on Sale Items
One offer per household, per day, may not be combined with
any other offers or discounts, or applied to the purchase of gift
cards. All sales must be recorded by name. Not valid on previous
purchases. Some other exceptions may apply.
Expires 11/30/14
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