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 November 2014 E-­‐Update Chariho Regional School District From your Superintendent… In the News… We have completed our first quarter with a laptop in the hands of each student at the High School and the results appear to be mostly positive. From my own observations and from my conversations with students, they appear to be more productive and engaged, better organized, and highly motivated. We are in the process of collecting data to determine impact on grades, attendance, and discipline. Chariho has been chosen as a FuseRI district, one of about twelve in the state. FuseRI will assist us as we continue to institute blended learning practices, especially in the High School. As a result of our participation, Chariho will join a “statewide initiative for sharing, implementing, evaluating, and scaling technology usage and b lended learning.” I’m pleased to welcome Jane Daly to Chariho as the new Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Jane has served in a variety of positions in Massachusetts, including Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Assistant Superintendent. We look forward to the impact of her insight and knowledge. I’m sure that you were as disturbed and troubled as I was about the recent arrests of a former and a current Chariho High School teacher. It’s unfortunate that the actions of one or two can quickly cast a dark cloud over the accomplishments of a school and its leadership, the work of an incredibly talented faculty, and its great students. Please know that I’m fully confident that the Chariho High School community will continue to work with determination to accomplish great things. Finally, I’m hearing wonderful stories about the introduction of Spanish to our youngest elementary students. When entering our schools, don’t b e surprised to receive a great, big hola. Take care. The Chariho Players will present The Color of Murder, an interactive murder mystery based on the board game, Clue. Performances on November 14 at 7:00 pm and November 15 at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm will be held in the Middle School Auditorium. Solve the mystery; you may win a prize! Parents/Guardians are invited to serve on the Special Education Local Advisory Committee. This Committee is composed of individuals interested in the provision of services to students with disabilities. Meetings are held four times per year at 6:00 p.m. in the Middle School. Please email [email protected] if you are interested. Are you a business owner who can offer a paid or unpaid internship to one of our juniors or seniors? These valuable experiences help our students to apply skills and prepare for the future. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested. The CIPA-­‐APP Committee is charged with (1) oversight of the District's compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act and (2) coordination of the purchase of curriculum-­‐, productivity-­‐, or skill-­‐
related applications for student use. Individuals interested in volunteering should contact [email protected] 1
2 Health and Wellness News You Can Use... Flu Clinic Schedule (4:00-­‐6:30 p.m.) Charlestown School November 10 stimulating properties can boost heart rate and blood pressure, dehydrate the body, and cause insomnia. It is important for parents to educate themselves about the risks of children and adolescents consuming too much caffeine. See the Brown University Health Education Website for more information at
/energy_drinks.php.) Marketing of Energy Drinks Energy drinks are marketed with promises of enhancing performance and keeping one sharp and focused, but in reality these drinks can be harmful. “While most energy drinks don’t have as much caffeine as a Starbuck’s coffee, they are heavily sweetened and easy to drink, which appeals more to the younger demographic” ( top-­‐to-­‐energy-­‐drink-­‐dangers). In 2013, doctors at the American Medical Association Annual Conference voted to endorse a policy to limit the marketing of energy drinks to those aged 18 and younger. Energy drinks’ Health and Wellness Subcommittee, contact [email protected] High School Boys’ Cross Country Team
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Savannah Dube
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Thank You! Appion, Inc. Donation of Refrigerant Recovery Unit and Vacuum Pump to HVAC-­‐R Program Parents of High School Field Hockey Team Donation of Portable Scoreboard to Field Hockey Team Sherwin Williams Donation of Paint to Hope Valley School Mark Your Calendar! November 4 No School for Students-­‐Election Day/Professional Development Day November 11 No School-­‐Veterans’ Day November 20 Early Release Thursday November 26 End of Elementary Trimester November 27 & 28 No School-­‐Thanksgiving Recess­‐15_chariho_school_calendar.pdf