Sample List of Speakers

March 11-17, 2015, Honolulu and Big Island, HI
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Sample List of Speakers
Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH, KSJ is an American physician, attorney, nutritionist,
author, lecturer, radio show host and community advocate. He is formally
designated a "Living Treasure of Hawaii".
Dr. Terry Shintani
Shintani is best known for his whole-person health programs and pioneering the
Eat More, Weigh Less Diet and the Shintani Diet programs. His health program
won the highest national award from the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human
Services in 1992 and it is featured in the Encyclopædia Britannica. Dr. Shintani's
nutrition science works are published in scientific journals such as the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In the Legal field, he created a landmark law to allow
Native Hawaiian practitioners to practice without fear of prosecution. He is a
Professor and Associate Chair of the Dept of Complementary and Alternative
Medicine at UH Med School. Board Certified in Preventive Medicine
· President of the Hawaii Health Foundation
· Chair, Advisory Board of the Gandhi International Institute of Peace
· President, Board of Directors of Hawaii Center for Attitudinal Healing
· CEO, International Holistic Therapy Association
· Member, Advisory Board of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
· Member, Elders' Council of Traditional Native Hawaiian Healers
· Member, Hawaii State Bar Association
· You can read more about Dr Shintani
Leon Garcia, M.D. graduated from the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School
of Medicine in 1983 and has his private practice in Hawaii. Specializing in the
field of Internal Medicine, Dr. Garcia provides care to adult patients suffering
from a wide range of illnesses and diseases, ranging from the very common to
the very rare. Dr. Garcia is also trained in general medicine and treating patients
for diseases that may have overlapping symptoms or complications.
Leon Garcia, M.D.
Dr. Garcia is also the Medical Director of the MOA (Mokichi Okada Association)
Wellness Center utilizing Okada's perspective on modern medicine and how our
current healthcare system could address public health needs by incorporating
holistic living practices in harmony with Nature, highlights the trend towards
integrative medicine and how the MOA Wellness Center in partnership with the
University of Hawaiʻi John A. Burns School of Medicine’s Department of
Complementary and Alternative Medicine offers modern medical support in
conjunction with non-traditional healing modalities. Garcia explains how OPT can
be simply and seamlessly integrated with therapies old and new by allowing
individuals to empower the natural healing ability for themselves and others.
Matthew Nagato is currently the Communications Director for the Hawai'i
Primary Care Association, a nonprofit public health organization. He is also the
writer, director, and producer of the documentary "Ola - Health is
Everything." Since 1987 he’s worked for a variety of Hawai‘i’s health care
organizations, most recently devoting his energies to transforming the health
care system and creating thriving, healthy communities.
Matthew Nagato
He speaks regularly at health care conferences and to medical organizations on
system transformation, health care reform, and innovation. In 2013, he was an
invited speaker at the TEDx Honolulu event "Cultivating Community,” and his
second film - ‘Ike: Knowledge is Everywhere – was an official selection of the
2014 Hawai‘i International Film Festival.
His film “Ola” challenges us to rethink what it means to be healthy. “Ola”
explores the widespread social factors that affect our ability to create a thriving,
sustainable society, and offers an intimate look at individuals who’ve brought
hope to their communities. Since its premiere, this powerful and inspirational
film has spawned a movement to energize our communities and create a
healthier future for all.
Jeff Bow is a Master Certified Life Coach and author of Stop Thinking, Start
Believing: How to Breakthrough Fear and Ignite Your Brilliance. He is an active
member of the International Coach Federation, certified by Stanford University
Graduate School of Business in its Executive Program for Growing Companies. He
also completed coursework in negotiation for the senior executives program via
the inter-University Consortium of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, and Tufts University. Jeff is highly acclaimed and recommended for
influencing effective and productive leadership in the workplace through effective
team effort and collaboration.
Jeff Bow
Teresa Harding is invited all over the United States and to countries around the
world to teach classes on essential oils, including hospitals and clinics, massage,
aesthetic and chiropractic schools, health food stores and some of the most
prestigious spas and hotels. She also works with doctors and nurses around the
Teresa Harding
Not only is she known for her knowledge of the essential oils, she is sought after
for her business acumen. Her team is 70% of the entire company of doTERRA. She
is known for her integrity and her willingness to work together with all teams in
doTERRA to create a culture of helping, giving and serving. She refuses to
compromise in this.
Her business training creates successful leaders at such a rapid pace that she is
invited by doTERRA's owners to train new teams around the world on her Build
Success System, including leaders who are not on her own team. She is regularly
asked to support teams in opening markets by touring the country to train them.
Teresa has been able to fulfill a dream to create Health Strategies Worldwide
which is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to improving
lives through training and educating people in poverty stricken areas around the
world through doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and with local organizations
that offer hope to others around the globe. Teresa’s system allows to host their
Humanitarian Missions around the world, using the oils to heal and help others.
Her vision is to empower people everywhere to take control of their health care
Anolia Orfrecio Facun is a community health and wellness advocate, social
entrepreneur, author, speaker, total wellness coach.
She was formerly a public health nurse turned successful entrepreneur in three
separate industries (Health, Finance, Real Estate), to a passionate author, inspiring
speaker with a story, and a mission to share, …the message of HOPE, LOVE,
HARMONY and VICTORY in today’s ailing world. Anolia’s specialty: Community
Wellness Mobilization
Anolia Orfrecio
Anolia is the author of forthcoming book, The Power of WE Together Making A
Difference; Amazon bestselling book, Yes! The Secrets Work: Discover Your
Unlimited Potential and Purpose in Life; Aloha The Message of Hawaii; The Spirit of
Silicon Valley: Journeys and Transformations Beyond Technology; Today’s S.O.S.
Secrets of Survival and Victory in Life; and more… Contact direct at: (808)2306659 [email protected]
Sylvia Maya Dolena, Business Transformation Consultant, Executive Leadership
Coach, Life Coach, Entrepreneur
Sylvia Maya Dolena
Sylvia is a master business consultant, project manager and workshop leader with
Fortune 20 experience. She is certified in Conversant and High Performance
Collaborations. As Founder of Conscious Commerce Coalition, she has helped
hundreds of entrepreneurs create meaningful livelihood aligned with life
purpose. Her passion is to help people succeed in doing what they love
most. Having moved from Silicon Valley to the Big Island in Hawaii, she is living
her life purpose in paradise
For 30 years, Sylvia's professional career has been focused on break-through
business strategies and establishing operational excellence in businesses of all
sizes, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and organizational
effectiveness. She was with Hewlett-Packard for over 18 years. Sylvia led large,
complex strategic change projects at HP. Through her accomplishments, she
achieved Master Business Consultant and Executive Coach status, coaching
executive leaders in an 18-month development program called the Winning
Edge. While at HP, Sylvia helped many small business owners in Silicon Valley
improve the results of their businesses and has consulted to many start-ups,
primarily women-led businesses.
Sylvia has founded the Conscious Commerce Coalition on the Big Island of
Hawaii. She helps small Hawaii businesses be successful through business
education, professional skills training, coaching and consulting. Sylvia also owns
and operates a small organic aquaculture farm and is on the Faculty of the
Wellness Institute of Hawaii.
Julia Keiko Matsui Higa
Julia Keiko Matsui Higa Estrella, a very interesting lady on her prime time, aiming
to live till 128, is an avid health, justice and fairness advocate, author of Being
Local in Hawaii: Talking Story with Julia of Wahiawa. Julia Estrella has lived an
extraordinary life from living through the bombing of Pearl Harbor as an infant, to
experiencing racism in school, church and the larger society. While attending
graduate school in California, she made startling discoveries that led her interest
in justice movements and her desire to look for venues where survivors of
colonization, nuclear testing, racism and such could tell their own stories. She
encourages her readers to “talk story” with her so we can learn from and better
understand each other; then we can use the wisdom gained to create more and
larger pieces of “Paradise on Earth.”