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Field Instruction Division
January 2015
PM Extended Study Program Students Eligible for
Foundation Field Placements, 2015 - 2016
Faith Johnson Bonecutter, Associate Dean, Academic Services and Student Services
Barbara C. Coats, Director of Field Instruction
Planning Your Foundation Field Placement
Field Instruction in the MSW Program
The Field Instruction Division of JACSW is responsible for all field instruction. Field instruction is an
integral part of the social work education curriculum. It is the practice activity which integrates the entire
educational experience. The college subscribes to the rationale that intellectual understanding of the
classroom content is translated into practice competence when it is exemplified, reinforced, extended and
challenged in the context of serving client systems. The curriculum is designed to provide the student with
the knowledge, skills, values and philosophy basic to all professional social work practice. Integral to this
process is comprehension and skill development relevant to practice with diverse cultural and racial groups,
the economically and socially oppressed, women, gay and lesbian persons, and other urban populations atrisk.
The goals of JACSW field instruction:
1. To educate professional personnel to provide social services in urban areas.
To provide opportunities for students to acquire and demonstrate the competencies and practice
behaviors of the foundation curriculum and the advanced standing concentrations.
3. To provide opportunities for assessment of student performance in the field.
The college prepares MSW students with advanced practice behaviors in one of the four
concentrations. MSW education is composed of two parts: foundation and advanced concentration.
Foundation Field Placement
Your first year in the program has consisted of all classroom work, and you are now ready to begin
working on securing your foundation placement. You have several options that you may take advantage of
related to field placement, so please keep these important points in mind:
Fall placement begins in September, and you are expected to acquire 450 clock hours in the field,
working two days a week in an agency, until the first week of May.
Spring placement begins in January, and you are expected to acquire 450 clock hours in the field,
working two days a week in an agency, until the first week of August.
Summer block placement begins in mid-May and you are expected to acquire 450 clock hours in
an agency, working 40 hours per week for a 12 week period, until the first week of August.
As a PM Extended Study Program student, you have the option to perform one of your field
placements at your place of employment. If you elect to do this for either your first or second field
placement, there is a Place of Employment (POE) form to be completed and approved by the field
Only MSW students in the PM Extended Study Program may petition the Director of Field
Instruction to use their place of employment as a field instruction site. Such petition will be considered in
light of these criteria:
1. The student must have worked a minimum of one year in the agency.
2. The field instruction assignment must be different from regular work assignment.
3. A field instructor who is not the student’s employment supervisor, and who meets the criteria of the
Jane Addams College, must be available.
4. An educational plan must be submitted, along with signatures from the student’s direct supervisor
and the agency field instructor. Only PM students are eligible to apply for a field placement in their
place of employment. If approved, only one field placement can be done in a place of employment:
either the foundation placement or the advanced concentration placement.
The Place of Employment Form is an electronic form posted on the college webpage at: Click on “Field” then “Field Forms”. The document can be saved and printed out
for the required signatures before submitting.
Field Agency Role
The college has a long-standing relationship with a number of agencies throughout the Chicago
metropolitan area. The agencies are chosen on the basis of their professional standards, the variety of their
programs, and their commitment to ethnic and racial populations, the economically oppressed, women,
sexual minorities.
Field Agency Responsibilities:
Provide instructors who meet the basic requirements of the Jane Addams College of Social
Work; that field instructors possess at least two years of post-MSW experience and have
been employed at the agency for at least one year.
Provide adequate office space, telephone, and support services to assist the student's field
instruction in the agency.
Include students in appropriate staff meetings and in-service staff development programs.
Assign, as appropriate, culturally and racially diverse clientele to students as well as other
at-risk urban clientele to meet college requirements.
Field Instructor Role
Teach content in areas of curriculum as specified in the evaluations. Develop a learning plan reflecting
the students’ and instructors' expectations and goals for the year. Plan a diversified range of learning
experiences to enable each student to achieve the field instruction objectives as defined by the learning
contract. Assess each student's performance, capacity, learning patterns, needs and progress to facilitate the
individualization of planned learning experiences. Teach students the value and use of process recording.
Provide regularly scheduled weekly supervisory, individual and/or group sessions (minimum of one hour weekly)
to assure continuity in the teaching of content and the administrative review of performance. Provide and review
with the student written evaluation of student learning and performance. Consult with the assigned faculty field
liaison regarding educational planning, assignments, and student progress. Recommend grade to field faculty.
Assist in the students' critical evaluation of their own practice.
Faculty Field Liaison Role
A faculty field liaison will be assigned to you. The faculty field liaison is a full-time clinical faculty
member who is responsible to the director of the field instruction division. Faculty field liaisons have contact
with each field instructor, assist students in selection of field placements, and monitor the learning of
students in the field.
Student Role
Every effort is made to provide placements that meet the student's educational needs and career
plans. Students are expected to participate in the selection of their field placements.
Exemplify professional behavior including:
Prompt and regular attendance on all field days.
Conformity with conventions of dress and other norms of field agency.
Submission of all administrative material promptly in accordance with agency needs and
Use field time only for field instruction activities.
Completion of field responsibilities during assigned field instruction time.
2. Demonstrate commitment to own educational program by:
Participation in identification of learning needs.
Preparation for supervisory conferences, including the preparation and study of agendas
and the submission of appropriate materials prior to conferences.
Using supervision to identify client system needs and determine appropriate interventive
Seeking opportunities for a broad based practice which includes services to populationsat-risk, culturally and racially diverse clientele including the economically oppressed,
gender and sexual orientation.
Continued use of evaluating own practice with a variety of client systems.
3. Use process recording in the learning environment.
4. Use agency materials according to the ethical standards established by the agency and the national
association of social workers.
To protect confidentiality, students must obtain permission from the field instructor or other agency
personnel before using agency records, cases, or report.
* The student intern cannot transport clients.
* The student intern cannot accept employment at the field site while completing his/her internship.
* Internship is a course requirement for completing an MSW program.
To help you in selecting a field placement, Faculty Field Liaisons will be available to meet with you to
discuss your agency choices, and the field education opportunities available in various agencies. You may
also want to discuss your plans with your advisor.
1. Complete the Foundation Field Instruction Questionnaire. It is located at on our website:, click on “Field” then “Field Forms”. Return the form promptly to the Field
Division Office for assignment of a Faculty Field Liaison to assist you in the placement process.
Indicate when you plan to start foundation placement: August (fall), January (spring), May
(summer). Additionally, if you wish to use your place of employment as a field placement, complete
and attach the Place of Employment Form. Submit the Foundation Field Instruction
Questionnaire either via email to the email listed on the form or to the Field Instruction Office
(Room 4137 or mailbox #52) no later than the following deadlines:
August 2015 (fall) start → deadline: February 20, 2015
January 2016(spring) start → deadline: October 12, 2015
May 2016(summer) start → deadline: February 15, 2016
2. Review the foundation agency listed also posted on the Field Forms page.
3. Meet with the Faculty Field Liaison assigned to work with you to discuss field placement choices.
4. Contact the agencies to arrange interviews. Agencies will expect that you have a current resume.
Do not contact any agency for an interview before speaking with your assigned Faculty Field
5. Field internship is considered a course. In order to earn a grade and credit towards your master’s
degree, you must register for the appropriate field instruction courses. In March you will be notified
by the university regarding registration for fall 2015. If you choose:
August (fall) start → register for SocW 570 in the fall; SocW571 in the spring
January (spring) start → register for SocW570 in the spring; SocW571 in the summer
May (summer block placement) → register for both SocW570 and 571 for the summer
6. After you have completed your interview(s), discussed them, as necessary, with your Faculty Field
Liaison, and reached agreement with an agency, complete the Field Instruction Confirmation
Form (located on the field forms page referenced above). Submit the form as soon as possible.
Concentration Year: Your concentration year field placement must coincide with your designated
choice in concentration. Concentration planning sessions at the college in January 2016 will explain
the concentration field placement process.
PM Fall 2015 Foundation Placement Planning
* All deadlines must be met in order to be placed in time for the fall semester.
Wednesday Jan 21 & Monday Jan 26
Field Placement Information Meeting
Friday, February 20
Deadline for submitting Field Instruction Questionnaire
February 2 through April 17
Consultations with liaisons, interviews
with agencies for PM students planning Fall start.
Friday, April 17
Deadline for submitting Field Instruction
Confirmation Form for Fall start
(submit earlier if possible)
Monday, August 31, 2015
Field placement begins for Fall start PM students
PM January 2016 Foundation Placement Planning
* All deadlines must be met in order to be placed in time for the spring semester.
Monday, Sept. 14 & Wednesday, Sept. 16
Field Placement Information Meetings
Monday, October 12
Deadline for submitting Field Instruction Questionnaire
September 21 through November 13
Consultations with liaisons, interviews with
agencies for PM students planning January start.
Monday, November 16
Deadline for submitting Field Instruction
Confirmation Form for January start
(submit earlier if possible)
Monday, January 11, 2016
Field placement begins for January start PM students
PM Summer Block 2016 Foundation Placement Planning
* All deadlines must be met in order to be placed in time for the summer semester.
Monday, February 15
Deadline for submitting Field Instruction Questionnaire
February 15 through April 1
Consultations with liaisons, interviews with
agencies for PM students planning Summer start.
Monday, April 11
Deadline for submitting Field Instruction
Confirmation Form for Summer start
(submit earlier if possible)
Monday, May 16, 2016
Field placement begins for Summer Block
PM students