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Rockdale Celebrates Australian Citizenship Day
Your Councillors
Rockdale City welcomed
200 new citizens at a special
citizenship ceremony
as part of Australian
Citizenship Day on
Wednesday 17 September.
Andrew Tsounis
c/- Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216
F 9529 3624
M 0401 268 888
[email protected]
Federal Member for Barton
Nickolas Varvaris MP (left) and
Mayor Shane O’Brien (right) with
new citizens Graeme Wood and
Hitesh Nandha and ceremony
attendee Lu Zhou (centre).
Peter Poulos
Mark Hanna
Nicholas Mickovski
Michael Nagi
PO Box 136
Bexley NSW 2207
T/F 9599 4743
M 0416 101 663
[email protected]
8 Bowood Avenue
Bexley NSW 2207
T 9150 6031
[email protected]
Tarek Ibrahim
Library Closed
c/- Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216
M 0404 490 291
[email protected]
PO Box A11
Arncliffe NSW 2205
M 0402 530 350
[email protected]
PO Box 999
Rockdale NSW 2216
M 0403 222 666
[email protected]
Rockdale City Library closed on Monday 3 November
so builders can prepare for the construction of the
new library building.
Petros Kalligas
c/- Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216
M 0417 079 860
[email protected]
Rockdale Opera Company’s production of
The Merry Widow will be held in the Rockdale Town
Hall, corner of the Princes Highway and Bryant
Street during November. Show dates are:
Saturday 8 (7:30pm), Sunday 9 (2pm), Saturday 15
(7:30pm) and Sunday 16 November (2pm).
More information at
Bill Saravinovski
PO Box 139
Banksia NSW 2216
M 0412 139 068
[email protected]
Lydia Sedrak
PO Box 491
Bexley NSW 2207
M 0407 377 379
[email protected]
Branch libraries will be open for longer hours until the
new Rockdale City Library opens in mid-2016.
Independent – Deputy Mayor
40 Grantham Street
Carlton NSW 2218
T 9553 9681 F 9593 0472
M 0417 490 882
[email protected]
Paul Sedrak
PO Box 491
Bexley NSW 2207
M 0499 103 111
[email protected]
From 10am to 3pm
Vintage & brand
new babies to adults
fashion, accessories
and jewellery stalls,
learn to sew, fashion
voguing, fashion
display... and more!
From 3pm to 8pm
Free Santa photos, face
painting, kids petting zoo,
entertainment, Christmas
crafts, open cinema
screening Snow Dogs,
lighting of the Christmas
tree... and more!
PO Box 195
Sans Souci NSW 2219
M 0400 508 238
[email protected]
Council is looking for sponsors for future events
including Christmas Carols, New Year’s Eve
Fireworks, Lunar New Year and Living Laneways.
For more information please contact Kylie Gale on
9562 1601 or [email protected]
Community Events Calendar
Thursday 4 December
King Street Place, 4pm – 8pm
Lighting of the Christmas tree,
free Santa photos, face painting,
Christmas crafts, kids petting zoo
and a screening of Snow Dogs
Shane O’Brien
Labor – Mayor
c/- Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216
M 0418 227 977
[email protected]
James Macdonald
c/- Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216
M 0434 140 530
[email protected]
Email your community news or event details (including
your contacts) to [email protected]
Submissions will be edited for space and clarity. There is
no guarantee that all submissions will be published.
Rockdale City Council presents...
Free Child Restraint Check & Fitting Day
When Tuesday 11 November, 10am – 3pm
InfoBookings essential. Contact Council’s Road
Safety Officer Sue Watson on 9562 1701 or
email [email protected]
Customer Service Centre
9562 1666
Author Talk: Rob Mundle
Introducing The First Fleet. Light refreshments provided.
When Tuesday 11 November, 6pm
Where Council Chambers, 448 Princes Highway
InfoCall 9562 1821. Bookings are essential on
Author Talk: Jonathan King
Introducing his book The Gallipoli Diaries.
Light refreshments provided.
When Thursday 20 November, 6pm
Where Council Chambers, 448 Princes Highway
InfoCall 9562 1821. Bookings are essential on
r, 6pm
Saturday 6 Decembe
ton Le Sands
Lady Robinsons Beach,
Bay Street
The Grand Parade, opp
Hosted by Monica Trapaga featuring
community groups & local churches performing
everyone’s favourite carol sing-a-longs
Office Hours Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm; Sat 9am-1pm
Phone Hours Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm; Sat 9am-1pm
2 Bryant Street / PO Box 21 Rockdale NSW 2216
T 9562 1666 F 9562 1777 E [email protected]
DX 25308 Rockdale
Rockdale City Council
Rockdale City Library
Events in Rockdale City
Cover picture: Early Morning at the Bay
Carla Miers, CamerART 2014 Junior Winner
Printed on environmentally responsible paper manufactured under ISO 14001
using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp from sustainable forests.
Watch these latest
Ron Bezic
Rockdale City Council offers local businesses the
opportunity to sponsor a wide range of established
community events held throughout the year.
Rockdale Community Newsletter
October 2014
PO Box A343
Arncliffe NSW 2205
M 0438 223 600
[email protected]
Lights, Cam
Sponsorship Opportunity
Joe Awada
Customers and staff can still borrow and return
materials at any of the branch libraries, or, take
advantage of the huge number of eResources available
online at
Liz Barlow
The Spring market on Saturday 13 September
featured vertical gardens created with the help
of students from St Gabriels Primary School
and Arncliffe Primary School. The vertical
gardens, made from timber and plastic PVC
pipe, were built in consultation and sponsorship
from Bunnings Rockdale and Nova Employment
Rockdale. The Living Laneways markets are run
in partnership with Now & Then Markets.
Mayor’s Message
It is a great privilege to be elected Mayor again. I am
proud of what this Council has achieved and excited
about future possibilities.
I look forward to working with Deputy Mayor Liz Barlow
to ensure our residents have the library, aquatic centre
and youth centre they deserve.
For some time the NSW State Government has had
local government reform on its agenda.
I have an open mind on the benefits of merging
Councils. I will be leading the debate and lobbying the
State Government to ensure the best outcome for our
The release of the ‘Fit for the Future’ package includes
recommendations for reducing the number of Councils
in metropolitan Sydney from about 40 to 15. This
is to be achieved through voluntary mergers and
amalgamations of local councils.
The ‘Fit for the Future’ program identifies, amongst
other things, that Council has an opportunity to
explore amalgamation with other councils.
The report’s preferred option is for Canterbury,
Rockdale, Hurstville and Kogarah Councils to merge
(adjusting the Rockdale boundary at the airport).
Alternatively, the report also mentions another option
for Canterbury to amalgamate with Bankstown.
It is also welcome news that Marrickville Council
has indicated an interest in exploring a possible
amalgamation option with Rockdale that includes
Marrickville and the City of Botany Bay Councils. This
amalgamation option would incorporate Port Botany
and Sydney Airport and place any newly formed
Council entity in a position of oversight for the two
most crucial drivers of economic activity in Sydney.
It is therefore my intention to actively participate in
discussions with Marrickville and Botany Bay in the
present review of amalgamation options.
We will continue to explore all opportunities in our
quest to become ‘Fit for the Future’.
I have also written to the Mayors of Kogarah, Hurstville
and Canterbury Councils inviting them and their
General Managers to a meeting on the ‘Fit for the
Future’ initiative for local government reform in NSW.
This meeting will provide an opportunity for continuing
conversations with our neighbouring Councils to
explore the capacity of any arrangement and to ensure
we are meeting the current and emerging needs of our
The ‘Fit for the Future’ program seeks proposals from
all Councils by 30 June 2015.
Rockdale City Council is part of these continuing
conversations with our neighbouring Councils and
shall remain committed to our continued community
engagement on all matters of importance to our
City, including potential boundary adjustments and
Latest updates from the State Government are
available at
Councillor Shane O’Brien, Mayor
New Amenities
ne-off grants up to $1500 to purchase equipment,
special activities or information resources.
Seeding Grants
Construction will start in December 2014.
One-off grants up to $5000 to establish new
community, social, cultural or leisure programs.
This project is part of the Renewing
Rockdale program of works and is funded
by the Special Rate Variation.
Funding guidelines and application forms are available
from Council’s Customer Service Centre or on
Council’s website at
Estimated cost: $280,000
Dolls Point Baths
Council has started work to reinstate the Dolls Point Baths
which have become filled with sand and unusable at low
tide. The work will involve:
Applications close 4:30pm on Friday 30 January 2015.
For more information call Denize Venn on 9562 1891.
You may portray highlighting people, families and
friends, brief encounters, places - architecture and
heritage, landscapes, rivers and parks, progress and
any interactions or integration of these elements.
There will be four prize categories:
Junior (up to 12 years)
Intermediate (13 - 17 years)
Open (Amateurs and Professionals)
Popular (People’s Choice Award)
Work started on Monday 8 September and it is expected
the baths will be reopened to the public in time for the
swimming season. The works are being funded by Council
with some financial assistance from the Roads and
Maritime Services.
Wasps & Bees
Wasps and bees are most active during spring and
Honeybees form swarms when establishing new hives
and colonies.
✿Water gardens at night when wasps are least active.
Magpie Nesting
During Spring (1 September to 30 November),
magpies become very protective of their chicks and
can swoop on people passing their nests.
If you encounter an aggressive bird there are some
things you can do:
✦ Do not provoke the birds.
✦ Hold an umbrella, above your head to deter
✦ Avoid the nesting sites and if possible, take an
alternate route.
To treat European wasps and bees found flying inside
your house, use a normal insect spray suitable for this
The removal of swarms, hives and nests should always
be carried out by a professional.
✿If the nest or hive is located on your land, you are
responsible for its removal or treatment.
✿If the nest or hive is on Council land, please contact
Council on 9562 1666.
For more information visit
✦ Wear a hat and / or sunglasses, or an old
ice-cream bucket on your head.
✦ Dismount if on a bike to avoid falling off, and move
away quickly.
✦ Warn others about magpie territories.
Magpies are protected in NSW. It is against the law to
kill the birds, collect their eggs or harm their young.
Magpies, like any other native animal, are wild animals
and should not be fed. It is detrimental to their health
and encourages them to be a nuisance.
If you find an injured bird call WIRES on 1300 094 737.
Council has constructed a 50km network of cycleway
routes through the City and undertakes regular
improvements to make this network safer and more
attractive for bike riders.
This financial year improvements are planned
for sections of cycleway in Cook Park Ramsgate,
Scarborough Park Kogarah and Sans Souci.
Council in conjunction with Cure Brain
Cancer Foundation will introduce a clothing
collection service for the residents of our City.
Please donate any unwanted ladies, gents,
children’s clothing, shoes in pairs, underwear,
nightwear, bedding etc.
For more information contact John Arvanitidis
on 9562 1661 or
For more information visit
Estimated cost: $574,000
damaged / rotten fruit from your garden.
CamerART aims to capture original and striking
moments in time about ‘Living Local’
which celebrates life in the City of Rockdale
through the eyes of the community lens.
We are looking for images that intrigue audiences,
are thought provoking and stimulate reflection and
interest of the lifestyles and cultures of Rockdale City.
✦ Widening the baths on the south western side to
increase the swimming area.
✦ Installing new timber piles.
✦ A new net around the baths.
✦ Removing existing concrete panelled groyne.
✦ Some dredging to enable installation of a new net.
✦ More extensive dredging in 2015.
✿Cover swimming pools, bird baths and ponds.
✿Cover windows and doors with fly screens.
✿Remove all garden clippings, compost, pet food and
It was also a great opportunity to get out and learn
about bicycle safety from industry experts as well as
taking part in a guided ride along part of the cycleway.
Smalls Grants
Both amenities, one accessed from the
park and one from the library, will include
an accessible unisex toilet and baby
change area.
Tips to discourage wasps:
Many local cycling enthusiasts turned out for the
On Ya Bike event at Peter Depena Reserve, Dolls
Point on Sunday 14 September.
Applications for community grants are now open.
Local community groups, community service
providers and clubs are invited to apply for:
Council is building two new accessible and
safe facilities to service the Bexley North
Public Library and Shaw Street Reserve.
Wasp nests can be found mainly in dark, protective
areas including under the house, amongst ivy,
underground and in the walls of weatherboard houses.
Grants Open
How Do
eMagazines Work?
Love reading magazines for free at your convenience?
Rockdale City Library has an extensive range of
eMagazines that you can read online or download,
day or night, 24/7.
The City of Rockdale is characterised by some unique
and beautiful natural assets including:
✦ Botany Bay foreshore
✦ Rockdale wetlands corridor
✦ Bardwell Valley and Wolli Creek natural corridors
✦ Cooks River catchment
✦ Georges River estuary
The draft Rockdale Biodiversity Strategy 2014 has
been produced to guide Council in its management of
these important and diverse natural assets of bushland,
waterways, coastal environment, and native flora
and fauna. Residents and non-residents are invited to
provide comment and feedback on this strategy.
The document is on public exhibition until Wednesday
19 November and is available at Council’s Customer
Service Centre (2 Bryant St, Rockdale), branch libraries
or Council’s website
All you need is a library card. If you don’t have one
just drop into your local branch with two forms of
identification, one of which must have your current
address, and you’ll be issued a card.
History on the Move
A video showing step by step how to create a Zinio
account and access the full range of eMagazines is on
Council’s website
Rockdale is getting a new library. While it is being
built, the Local History Collection has relocated to the
Bexley Community Centre, 405 Bexley Road, Bexley.
Customers will be advised when it is available for
access in its new location.
For information call Council’s Local History Services
Specialist Kirsten Broderick on 9562 1821.
Book Week
Book Week was a great success and
the art competition attracted 2,937
entries from local children. There are
many talented young artists in our City
and it was very difficult to judge the art
Children’s Book Week award winners Haydn Gao,
Elizabeth Paridis, Suresh Shan, Amelia Charnock
and Jade Lozanovski.
Winner Karen Pentland with Deputy Mayor Liz Barlow.
Ron Rathbone
Local History Prize
An extensive piece of research about the contribution
the residents of Bexley made to the war effort during
World War 1 has taken out this year’s Ron Rathbone
Local History Prize, which was announced on Saturday
6 September.
Karen Pentland, who won $5000, impressed the judges
with her depth of research, quality of writing and
professionalism of her presentation.
Christian Hill, a year six student at Ramsgate Public
School, won the Primary School Category for an essay
about Thomas Saywell’s tramway from Rockdale to
Brighton Le Sands.
Tandee Wang, a year 10 student at Sydney Technical
High School, won the High School Category for a very
insightful essay on the politics of Rockdale.
All submissions are available on Council’s website at