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MONTESSORI MORNINGS CLASS DESCRIPTIONS WINTER SESSION: Week of December 1st – Week of February 9th *Makeup for Friday, 2/13 classes on Friday 2/20 No Classes Week of January 19-­‐23 ****Location for each class will be emailed with your enrollment confirmation**** TENNIS Serve it UP Tennis Academy will teach all the skills, footwork and point play for tennis. Students will learn as they play and work to improve their overall coordination and athletic ability through the drills, fun games and fitness. The instructors are certified tennis professionals. All equipment needed to play will be provided. MUSICAL THEATER Kidz Kompany, a children’s performing group from the Nashville Tennessee area, is relocating to Charlotte. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for excellence in performing and will actually perform in HATS!, a fast-­‐paced energetic performance that honors diversity as well as the commonality of people by addressing the question of, “Why do people wear hats?”. Students will learn and present traditional folk dances and information about many countries. RISE AND SHINE YOGA Kellie Jackson Daniel of Be Yoga will lead the students in a yoga class that will be specifically designed to nurture the physical, emotional and social needs of the students through exploring yoga postures and encouraging class themes. Yoga teaches the students body and breath awareness that will improve their balance, flexibility, strength, concentration and settle the nervous system. The kids will greatly benefit from starting their day with this practice! (Please bring your own mat) MARTIAL ARTS Under professional supervision and instruction, the students will learn the basics of Martial Arts in a safe, secure environment. Sensei Price, owner of Charlotte Martial Arts Academy, will focus on major skills, character development, fitness, confidence, and of course having a lot of fun! CHESS Matt Noble will guide students in learning the fundamentals of chess through games and instruction. Does your child participate in Chess Club? If so, this is a wonderful way to enhance his/her experience by having a quieter setting, extra practice time, and access to a full hour of instruction. SOCCER Soccer Shots is back for the Fall session. It is the #1 Children’s Fitness Franchise in the country, Grades PK-­‐6 Mondays $135 Grades 3-­‐6 Mondays $125 Grades PK-­‐6 Tuesdays $85 Grades PK-­‐1 Tuesdays Grades 2-­‐6 Thursdays $85 Grades 1-­‐6 Tuesdays $85 offering a high energy, fun and age-­‐appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. In addition to soccer, we work on improving children’s gross motor skills and teaching children important concepts such as teamwork, sharing and respect. Soccer Shots instructors are enthusiastic and passionate about working with kids. Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve Grades PK-­‐6 Wednesdays $110 EMBROIDERY This class will introduce students to embroidery. Students will learn how to create Grades 3-­‐6 Wednesdays $85 + $25 Materials whimsical, colorful accents to their jean jacket, pillow case or kitchen towels. We will start with simple hearts, smiling faces and stars. Depending on how students advance, there will be an opportunity to create their own design or written message embroidered on a gift to a loved one! MYGYM Kids will be out of breath and smiling at the end of this class! My Gym has combined two of its most popular programs to create a class where your child is engaged, challenged and having a blast. Variation in gymnastics, relays, unique games and creative ingredients keep kids on their toes and laughing. Our instructor’s positive attitude and encouragement help everyone to excel. Children are encouraged at their level to bring their best to our team-­‐based games and individual challenges. Our Supper Champions class is perfect morning activity if you have a child who is on the move and loves to play. Grades PK-­‐3 Wednesdays $110 Grades PK-­‐3 Thursdays MONTESSORI MORNINGS CLASS DESCRIPTIONS WINTER SESSION: Week of December 1st – Week of February 9th *Makeup for Friday, 2/13 classes on Friday 2/20 No Classes Week of January 19-­‐23 ENGINEERING FOR KIDS
Students will use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and improve a variety of machines and mechanical systems. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct roller coasters, Catapults, extreme defense vehicles, and build an air-­‐powered vehicle. Students will explore concepts such as: • Energy, traction, aerodynamics, gravity and durability through unique hands-­‐on activities • Solve real-­‐world engineering problems using the Engineering Design Process • Create original designs using simple everyday materials • Work in collaborative groups to create original designs MIXED MEDIA ART Join professional artist and children’s instructor, Laurie Richardson, for a fun multimedia art class. We will experiment with different mediums – pencils, markers, paints and pastels – while we learn about famous artists, past and present. Students will learn about the basic elements of art while gaining confidence in their drawing skills and discovering new ways to be creative. LEGO® ENGINEERING Bricks4Kidz is offering a hands-­‐on class where students will design and build educational models including motorized machines. Each hour-­‐long class is an enriching experience for your child. Kids build a new project each week using LEGO® bricks. The unique models aren’t the kits you find on the shelves of a toy store. They’re designed by Bricks 4 Kidz® to teach concepts across a variety of subject areas. Each unit is based on engaging themes such as space, inventions and more. We kick things off with a discussion about key concepts related to the model, and then get right into the building. Working with a partner, your child will experience the hands-­‐on fun of seeing a model come together piece by piece. DRAMA The Children’s Theater of Charlotte is offering a drama class for students. Calling all budding young actors! This fun class develops the basics of acting. You'll learn theater terminology, character creation and scene development through fun-­‐filled games and activities. What is projection, improv, pantomime, objective? Come find out in our high energy hands-­‐on program. CROSSFIT KIDS CrossFit Kids is a fitness program that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Kids will push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift and jump. Classes are designed for both boys and girls of all fitness levels. At CrossFit Steele Creek our Kids Classes are geared to make Fitness Fun! It is important for them to work and play hard but also to associate fitness with being something that is fun and that they want to do. Grades 3-­‐6 Thursdays $145 Grades PK-­‐6 Thursdays $85 + $30 Materials Grades K-­‐6 Fridays $95 Grades PK-­‐2 Fridays $125 Grades K-­‐6 Fridays $135