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Clear Lake, WI 54005
First Edition
“Growing God’s Family by Serving”
First Evangelical Lutheran Church ~ LCMC
Clear Lake, Wisconsin
Office Hours 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.; Monday-Friday
Phone: 263-2846
Pastor’s Office Hours 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.; Monday-Thursday
Parsonage: 263-2848
Email: [email protected] Website:
Address Service Requested
First Lutheran Church
811 South Avenue W.
PO Box 116
Clear Lake, WI 54005
Wednesday, November 12th
Serving 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Adults $15.00; Children (6-12) $8.00
Children (5 & under) Free
*Basket Raffle, General Raffle & Bake Sale during Smorgasbord.
November 2014
Thank you!
“We always thank God for all of you…We continually remember
before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor
prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord
Jesus Christ.” (1 Thessalonians 1:2-3)
My reflection for this month’s newsletter is simple. I want to say
thanks. Thank you for the most generous giving you all have exhibited
as of late. Allow me to elaborate further.
Every year we welcome a Gideon Bible evangelist to address the
congregation. On October 5th we heard exciting news from the mission
frontier. People come to faith every day thanks to the efforts of our
Gideon brothers. Our free-will offering was just about $700 for their
ongoing work. Do you know what that translates into? That’s almost
500 New Testaments into the hands of hungry souls. Thank you for
your generosity!
Their recent note said:
“Because of your generous donation, Rachel and Jim will soon
become homeowners! Devin (7), Donavin (5), and Derek (4) will now
grow up in a safe stable home! (See their family picture below.)
You are changing lives!” We gave $500 toward the new home as a
congregation. Some of you reading this may have also been involved
with volunteering construction labor in the past on the Amery build.
Total to date your congregation has given $2,500 to local Habitat for
Humanity building projects. Thank you for your generosity!
So whether it be Bibles, evangelistic outreach through music ministry
teams, or new homes for the impoverished, I say thank you! It’s a
pleasure serving with you in our work we have in Clear Lake and
beyond. What we can’t do as individuals we can do as a community of
believers – together.
You are a generous bunch. Thanks to be God!
Pastor Bryan
Another recent event was our visit from the Captive Free West Lakes
musical ministry team. They are affiliated with Youth Encounter, a
Minneapolis based youth evangelism outreach. They led both services
on Sunday, October 12th. We enjoyed their faith testimony, puppets
and lively music. Our congregation was certainly blessed by their
outreach but know they will be doing so much more. All year they will
travel across the United States bringing the love of Christ and spiritual
renewal wherever they can. This will involve local church gatherings
but many other non-traditional avenues as well. At Sunday services we
took a special offering for them and the congregation was again so
very generous to send them out with over $800. Thank you for your
Finally, we just received a handwritten note from our local branch of
Habitat for Humanity. Many of you will know this nonprofit mission
agency seeks to provide housing for individuals who would not
otherwise be able to make a home purchase. Families receiving a home
are also required to put hundreds of hours of “sweat equity” into the
home they will receive. Working with Habitat for Humanity then is not
just a hand-out it’s a hand-up.
Jim and Rachel
Devin, Donavin and Derek
All-Member Church Project!
November 12, 2014
11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 4-8:00 p.m.
2014 Bake Sale Price List
Rye Bread ...................2.00 (small) – 3.00 (large)
White Bread ...............2.00 (small) – 3.00 (large)
Dinner Rolls ................6 for 2.00-2.50 (dep. on size)
Sweet Rolls .................(1/2 doz.) 2.50 - (4.50 lg.),
Please watch for your postcard to be arriving with your requested
donation. We need food donations, but we also need the money to
help pay for the fish, meat, and other supplies.
....................................($.50 each, dep. on size)
Everyone is encouraged to provide an item for the Basket Raffle and
Bake Sale in addition to their Smorgasbord donation. Please price
your items before you bring them to church. Suggested prices for
bake sale items can be found on the following page. Remember, the
money raised from these events will go into our building fund.
Nut Bread ...................2.00 (small), 2.50 (large), 3.00 (x-large)
Carmel Rolls ...............6 for 2.50-3.00 (dep. on size)
Tea Ring (Large) .........5.00 – 6.00
Plain Donuts ...............3.50 (dozen), ($.25 each)
Buns............................2.50-3.00 (dozen) dep. on size
Raised Donuts ............3.50 (dozen), ($.25 each)
Coffee Cake ................3.50-4.00 dep. on size
Volunteers are needed after church on Sunday, November 9th to
switch the dining room and sanctuary for the Smorgasbord. Workers
are needed from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the day of the
Smorgasbord - November 12th! Please sign up on the sheet in the
fellowship hall.
Cup Cakes ...................2.50-3.00 (dozen)
Cookies .......................2.50-3.00 (dozen), ($.25 each)
Bars ............................4.00 (dozen), ($.40 each)
Pies .............................5.00-7.00 (dep. on size)
Rosettes .....................4.00 (dozen), ($.50 each) 6 for 3.00
Fattigman ...................4.00 (dozen), ($.50 each) 6 for 3.00
Monday, Nov. 3th: 9:00 a.m. – Cook Potatoes
Tuesday, Nov. 4th: 9:00 a.m. – Make Lefse
Sunday, Nov. 9th: (after Church) – Switch Dining Room
and Sanctuary
Monday, Nov. 10th: 9:00 a.m. – Make Meatballs
Wednesday, Nov. 12th – SMORGASBORD!
9:00 a.m. – Workers Arrive
11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Serving Noon Meal
4-8:00 p.m. – Serving Evening Meal
Krumkaka ...................4.00 (dozen), ($.50 each) 6 for 3.00
Sandbakkles ...............4.00 (dozen), ($.50 each) 6 for 3.00
Jam .............................3.00 (small), 4.00 (large)
Pickles.........................2.50 (pt.) 3.50 (qt.)
Beet Pickles ................3.00 (pt.) 5.00 (qt.)
Danish ........................6.00
Flat Bread ...................2.00-2.50
Cookie Mix .................4.00
Jelly Roll......................6.00-6.50 (dep. on size)
Smorgasbord Raffle
November 12, 2014
Time to sell those Raffle Tickets! Raffle tickets for the Smorgasbord
annual raffle are available now! Please pick up raffle tickets from
Kathy Wick or Terri in the church office.
First Lutheran Church Smorgasbord Raffle
Olympus digital camera with memory card (over $100 value)
$100 Cash
$100 Nilssen Grocery Card
57” x 57” Quilt
Boyd’s Bear 100th Anniversary bear ($130 value)
Autographed Packer Football
Tickets $1 each or 6/$5
Drawing at 8 p.m. November 12th – Need not be present to win
Raffle # R0002228A-12621
Annual Basket Raffle during Smorgasbord! Over 75 beautiful gift
baskets! Bake sale starts at 10:30 a.m. Nov. 12, 2014.
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
7:00 p.m. - Service at United Covenant Church
Please bring a non-perishable food item for a donation
to the Lifeline Food Pantry.
An offering will be taken and is designated that 90% goes to
Lifeline Food Pantry and the remainder to the Clear Lake Area
Ministerial Association.
1: Alexis Buhr
Lane Prusak
Lyle Prusak
Curtis Glaesemann
2: Jeff Paulson
Lori Levendoski
Larry Lien
3: Heather Owen
Evan Cain
4: Wayne Alvermann
5: Miles Johnson
Greyson Buhr
7: Keith W. Anderson
Olivia Buhr
9: Lavon Sanders
Skye Kirk
10: Leah Isakson
Linnea Fouks
11: Janet Logan
Tanner Goodmanson
12: Roxanne Anderson
13: Wayne Logan
16: Kevin Marlett
Darin Anderson
17: Dan Kuhl
20: John Buhr
Sherry Anderson
Kathleen Barney
21: Carol Anderson
Greg Wold
22: Wayne Severson
Jackie Marlett
Alexis Sloan
Karter Kuhl
23: Michael Lund
Larry Durand
25: Linda Marg
Evan Wick
26: Michael Barfknecht
27: James Anderson
28: Alex Cain
Jonathan Fox
Tristan Barney
30: Hunter Strenke
General Fund Update
Monthly Offering Total
Mortgage Fund Update
Monthly Offering Total
Thrivent Mortgage Balance Remaining
Christmas program practice will begin on Sunday,
November 16th! Each child will have a part to
memorize which will be sent home with him/her.
Every role is important, so please help your child
memorize their speaking part so they can proclaim
the Good News of Jesus! The Christmas program
is scheduled for Sunday, December 21st at 2:00pm. Help your
child attend all rehearsals during the regular Sunday School time
at 9:40am each Sunday. We will be meeting in the yellow room at
the end of the hallway. Please contact Theresa Anderson at
715-263-2848 if you have any questions or if you know your child
will NOT be participating in the program so changes can be made.
We will be excited to see your child at church! Thanks!
CLAY EVENT: Skate City
Christian Music Skate
7-12 Grade Youth Group Activity
Nov. 3rd, 2014 6:30-8:30pm
Cost: $4.00 for roller skates or $6:00 for rollerblades
All extra games will be at the youths own expense.
We will be ordering Pizza/pop for the group so expect another $4.00
charge for that.
We will be meeting at the church at 5:00 and will be returning to the
church around 9:30. You must reply and let Jackie know and how
many will be coming with you. We need to
make sure we have enough drivers. Hope to see you there.
Memorials Given to Building Fund
In Memory of
Georgine Nilssen
Walt Hammer
Walt Hammer
Georgine Nilssen
Georgine Nilssen
Mabel Hanson
Shirley Rohrer
Nate Walsh
Given by
Jerry & Gloria Thompson
Gail Clark
LaMoyne, Sr. & Renee Emerson
Eva Wilson
Pete & Brenda Cogbill
Gail Clark
Gail Clark
Gail Clark
Memorials Given to Memorial Fund
In Memory of
Georgine Nilssen
Georgine Nilssen
Georgine Nilssen
Given by
Carol Patterson
Larry & Cindy Nilssen
Laurence Nilssen
Memorials Given to Sunday School Fund
In Memory of
Georgine Nilssen
Mabel Hanson
Given by
Mike & Rosemary Johnson
Mike & Rosemary Johnson
Memorials Given to Memorial Garden (Jana Wick Fund)
In Memory of
Georgine Nilssen
Walt Hammer
Jana Wick
Given by
Brian & Kathy Wick
Brian & Kathy Wick
Brian & Kathy Wick
ALTAR GUILD: Barb Anderson & Doris Buhr
2 Ryan Anderson
9 Aubree Schramski
16 Gabby Loenser
23 McKenna Christensen
30 Maggie Rosen
2 Judy Iverson
9 Bert Petersen
16 Gloria Hedquist
23 Women of the Word Sunday
30 Jody Hadac
ALTAR GUILD: Brad & Jo Nilssen
7 Drew Niles
14 Conner Schramski
21 Michael Lillie
24 (Christmas Eve) Rhianna Campion
28 Samantha Kelly
7 Chris Petersen
14 Liane Petersen
21 Ray Smith
28 Verna Pittman
2 & 9 Mark Peper & TBD
16, 23 & 30 Mark Peper & TBD
7 & 14 Jo Nilssen & Dale Rosen
21 & 28 Dale Rosen & TBD
7 & 14 Gary Hanson & Barb Anderson
21 & 28 Larry & Mary Jo Lien
24 (Christmas Eve) 4 PM Paul O’Connell Family
10 PM Keith Anderson Family
25 (Christmas Day) Richard Selvig
(Fellowship will be held after services when we have volunteers.
Please consider signing up to help with this important ministry.)
2 & 9 Glenn Hanson & Dave Somsen
16, 23 & 30 Craig Fouks & Mike Johnson
2 John & Darlene Jungmann
Bob & Brenda Campion
23 TBD
9 Roxi Anderson
Sharon Petersen
30 TBD
16 POTLUCK- Servers needed
(Fellowship will be held after services when we have volunteers.
Please consider signing up to help with this important ministry.)
21 Leona Voss
Renee Alvermann
14 POTLUCK-Servers Needed
28 TBD
The Clear Lake United Methodist Church will be sponsoring a
“Christmas for Children” drive again this year to provide gifts for area
children who otherwise may not receive gifts at Christmastime.
“Christmas for Children” is designed to reach more needs of our local
community. We are coming up on our 21st year and are so grateful for
all the support that we have received from everyone.
Anyone wishing to donate items to the “Christmas for Children”
drive can do so by leaving them leaving them in the Barrel labeled
“Christmas for Children” in the Church Entry, at True Value Hardware
or First Merit Bank from November 3, 2014 through December 12,
Suggestions are toys, watches, games, jewelry, videos, DVDs
(nothing higher than PG please) appropriate music CDs, books, etc.
Please do not wrap your donated gifts. Donations of wrapping paper
are also welcome. Monetary donations for the purpose of gifts
should be mailed to United Methodist Church c/o Marissa Couch
135 3rd Ave., Clear Lake, WI 54005.
All gifts will be given to children ages 0-18 in the Clear Lake School
District Area. Please have any items turned in by December 12th. That
gives us two weekends to purchase any items we may need. Last
year, together we helped 27 families (81 children). The need goes up
every year.
If you are in need of gifts for your children or if you know of other
families in the Clear Lake School District area who are in need of
Christmas gifts for their children, we would like to hear from you. Call
coordinator Marissa Couch at 263-2251 (if no answer, please leave a
message) or you can email Marissa at [email protected]
All names will be kept strictly confidential. We hope to make this
“Christmas for children” a great success and in order to do so, we
need your help. As in the past, we thank you for your support.
Christmas for Children
United Methodist Church
Karen Loenser, Mary Franko, Carol Patterson,
Ruth Paulson, and Bob Larson. Please continue
to remember these members in your thoughts and
Our sympathy is extended to the following
families on the death of a loved one:
 Jessica Gilbertson (grandfather, Clayton Wood)
 Family of Walter Hammer
 Gloria Thompson (mother, Mabel Hanson)
 Deb McMahan & Shannon Steel (sister, Shirley Rohrer)
 Dick & Gayle Sullwold (grandson-in-law, Nate Walsh)
 Bob Moe (brother Michael “Mick” Moe)
Maci Jean Wielinski, daughter of Ben Wielinski
and Haley Anderson.
Congratulations to Lisa Emerson & Jim Everson
who were married on October 18th.
Congratulations to the following 10th grade students who
were confirmed on Sunday, October 26th:
Dylan Davidson
Kyle Fritz
Blake Johnson
Snow shoveling volunteers are needed by the week throughout
the winter. A sign-up sheet is posted on a clipboard in the
fellowship hall. Thank you for your service.