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November 2014
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The Minister’s Thoughts
I thank my God every time I remember you, constantly praying
with joy In every one of my prayers for all of you, because of
your sharing in the gospel from the first day until now.
Philippians 1:3
From Your Elders
Give Thanks with a 2
Grateful Heart
Movie Talk
Wednesday Happy
Hour Potluck
Cares and
What’s New in the
World Outreach
Notes of Thanks
Saving our Planet
The Vision
Ministry Schedule
Music at Holy
Trinity Church
The Reverend Cyd Cowgill
Greetings, First Christian Church!
As Paul assured first century Christians that holy waiting is
undergirded by a praying community of faith, so Ben and I have
been nurtured and supported by the love you have expressed for
us since we met you in July! Thank you so much for all the
expressions of excitement regarding our arrival in Lynchburg, all
the fantastic emails of introduction, all the offers of assistance
(everything from moving boxes to recommending a hairdresser!)
and, most especially, your stated love for First Christian and your confidence in her future.
You have displayed everything that is needed for successful, faithful ministry, and I am
thankful beyond words to share that journey with you!
My desire over the next weeks and months is to meet and begin to know as many members
of the church as I can. After all, we are the church together. That means that your hopes,
your dreams, your needs, your aspirations for the church which feeds you as well as serves
God’s world should be known by the new minister.
Therefore, I encourage you to come by the office and say hello. I encourage you to help
me learn Lynchburg’s best eating spots by going to one of those together for lunch, dinner
or just a cup of coffee. Let’s tell each other the story of how we discovered the living God
and all the ways we perceive God working in our lives and in the church’s life. Let’s be
brothers and sisters in the faith.
My goal is to be your pastor and friend. I want to be right there when your faith is enlarged
by something momentous and wonderful. I want to be the one who challenges you to go to
the next level with what you believe is possible in your life as a Christian. I want to rejoice
at the new children who enter your life, as well as grieve with you when a friend or loved
one goes home to God.
I want First Christian to fully live and experience the witness that we profess to the world.
We are, indeed, church together.
So, let’s begin! Come to church on Sunday, November 9, and don’t leave until we’ve met
or spoken. Let’s greet one another with all the warmth and high hopes that are due this
holy moment. I’ll be the one in the robe and stole!
Thank you for waiting well, First Christian. I am so honored to be your pastor.
Glad to be with you!
The Reverend Cyd Cowgill
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart
Linda Cox
As we are in the month of November, our minds automatically turn to thoughts of the celebration of
Thanksgiving Day. This day gives us a special time to reflect upon all our many blessings, spend time with
family and friends, and to enjoy a bounteous meal, but we should not relegate giving thanks to just one
day out of the whole year.
We are reminded throughout the Bible
Psalms of thanksgiving. Perhaps many of
Psalm we probably learned long ago. Paul
Now I don't think he meant for us to be
rather he meant that no matter what is
can find things in life for which to be
the love shown to us by a friend.
about giving thanks. There are many
us can recite the well-know hundredth
exhorted us to give thanks in all things.
thankful for everything in our life, but
happening to us at a particular time, we
thankful, such as a beautiful sunset or
God has given us so many blessings that we often take these blessings for granted and we do not remember
to express our thanks for them.
So what are you thankful for? All we need to do is look at God's beautiful creation all around us for many
examples of our blessings. Think of family or friends God gave us who have blessed our lives in many ways.
Think of what God did for us in sending Jesus to live among humankind to show us what God is like and
how we are to live.
As we think on our past, our present, and our future we have innumerable blessings for which to be
thankful. During this season and always, let us not take our many blessings for granted, but as the hymn
reminds us, let us “Give thanks with a grateful heart.”
I'll end with a quote from the German mystic Meister Eckhart. He said, “If the only prayer you said was
'Thank you', that would be enough.” Let that be our prayer too!
Movie Talk
Nita Floe Hempfling
The Movie Talk group will meet at 7:00 p.m. on November 17, at the home of Bob and
Nita Floe Hempfling, 405 Wyndhurst Drive. This month, the group is going to discuss
another one of the late Robin Williams movies, Dead Poets Society. This movie is about
English teacher John Keating, played by Williams, and how he inspires his students to a
love of poetry and to seize the day. The movie is available on Netflix, but is too old for
Redbox. For more information, please contact Nita Floe Hempfling, 239-8118.
Wednesday Happy Hour Pot Luck Supper
We hope that you will join us for our Wednesday Happy Hour Pot Luck Suppers this month! We always have
such a good time sharing food and fellowship with our church family. Come, bring a friend, and bring a
themed dish to share. We’ll see you on Wednesday!
Themes for November:
November 5:
November 12:
Comfort Food
November 19:
Literary Food
November 26:
No Happy Hour — Happy Thanksgiving! See you in December!
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
We Hold These Sisters and Brothers in God’s Tender Mercies:
Teresa Angell
Mattie Bergener (Cynthia Ramsey’s aunt)
Donna Bohlcke
Melba Crank
Dianne Hall
James Franklin Hatcher (Oeida Hatcher’s father)
Hazel & Joel Mason (Georgia Delbridge’s parents)
Herb Moore
Jen Riddel
Sherry Riley
Sally Southall
David Timmons
Angela Zigler (Chris Badgett’s mother)
Youth/Children’s Ministries
Homebound Members:
Betty Arington
Roxy Barksdale
Mary Bea Cline
Frank Erwin
Elfriede Hasse
Peggy Hobbs
Chery Scruggs
Jeff Wilson
If you are going into surgery, are ill, or plan to be hospitalized, please let us know.
We will remove people from the prayer list after three weeks.
If you would like to leave your loved one on the prayer list, please let the office know.
We extend our sympathy to the family of Joel V. Mason, Georgia Delbridge’s Father.
We welcome to the world:
Austin Wade Land
October 13, 2014 at 8:12 pm
9 lbs., 5 oz. and 21 in. long
Proud Parents are Michael and Mary Leigh Land
Proud Grandmother is Charlotte Land
Daylight Savings Time ends on November 2nd at
2:00 am. Please don’t forget to set your clocks
back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday.
From Your General Board
Sherry Riley
The excitement continues as we all look forward to welcoming Cyd Cowgill as our settled pastor. We all
wait with anticipation for November 9th when we can call Cyd as our own. Cyd has already begun taking
part in some of the activities of the First Christian Church family and the date is just a formality .
I personally am very appreciative of the concern she has shown me during my recent illness and surgery.
She has taken the time to talk and pray with me before surgery and checked on me after the procedure. I
hope this is the beginning of a new spirit filled relationship with Cyd as my minister and the minister of
First Christian Church.
Blessing and Peace to You all
Sherry Riley
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
What’s New in the Narthex
Change can be a good thing and the
Evangelism Team hopes you will agree that the
changes made in the Narthex are good!
The long church pew previously on the back wall of
the Narthex is now in the Fellowship Hall. Replacing
that, is a shorter pew that is one of First Christian's
original pews. The quilt made by many church
members is now on display in the Fellowship Hall,
and in its place are portraits of Jesus. The current
portraits displayed are a small part of our "Faces of
Jesus" collection which was compiled by Marian
Gogel and others. Many of the remaining portraits
are on the main level of the church and on the third
floor of the building, where they are rarely seen by
many of us. The portraits hanging in the
Narthex will be rotated periodically so that we can
all enjoy the varied artistic renditions of Jesus.
The name tags we have used for many years have
been temporarily moved into the Narthex on a
board for all to see and use. This will be replaced by
Financial Information
Sandy Walker
new name tags that will be placed in wooden trays
and will be easily accessible to all. Wearing your
name tag will be a big help to Cyd and Ben as they
begin to put "names with faces", so be sure to look
for your new name tag in the Narthex. Please let
one of the Greeters know if you do not see your
name tag so that one can be made for you.
Thanks to all who have been involved in this project
to refresh the entrance to our beautiful building.
We appreciate input and help from Margaret
Dunifon, Jim Norwood, Will and Ben Green, Mike
Walker, Linda Edlin, Marilyn Taylor, Sandy Knodel,
Bob Hempfling and Lisa Schafer.
Evangelism Team: Marilyn Taylor, Chair; Linda
Edlin; Bob Hempfling; Sandy Walker
PS. Be sure to check the Saturday, November 8th
News & Advance Church News section of the paper
for an article and ad announcing Cyd's first Sunday
on November 9th.
Jim Norwood
Financial Statements are now posted on the bulletin board in the back hallway, outside of
the parlor. We want to make the monthly information available to the congregation as it
is presented to the Board each month. If you have any questions, please contact Susan
Allen, Treasurer, or Jim Norwood, Financial Secretary.
World Outreach Committee
The World Outreach Committee of FCC met Monday,
June 2nd and decided to participate in a local effort
to help a young woman from Afghanistan to stay in
this country and to get an education. While our
information is imperfect, we have pulled together a
circle of people in the community, the Disciples
General Church, and Week of Compassion Fund,
which gives us the confidence to move ahead with
vital logistical support for this young woman in
great need.
Lou Gregory, Chair
speaking out against arranged marriages when a
relative arranged a marriage for her. When she
declined to participate in the marriage, she was
told she would be kidnapped and forced into the
marriage or sold. Her brother and sister were
already studying at Lynchburg College when this
happened. Miraculously, they were able to get
Hawa safely out of Afghanistan in just a few days.
(Hawa’s brother lives with Anne Gibbons and Chris
Barrett, and Hawa’s sister is a rising senior who
lives on campus at Lynchburg College.)
Hawa Baktayari’s family has struggled under the
Taliban. Her father was killed by the Taliban. She
was teaching at an Afghan high school for girls and
Hawa came to this country in July 2013 with the
help of an Afghan resettlement Group for women in
the United States, with a student visa and a full
scholarship, including housing, from Sweet Briar
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
World Outreach Committee (con’t. from page 4)
College. She was a student at the college for the
2013 Fall semester where she did not succeed
because of her limited English language skills.
Sweet Briar paid for her to go to Liberty University
for a semester long intensive study of English,
which she did in the Spring of 2014. After her
semester at Liberty, she had not come up to the
level needed to do college work and more study in
English was needed. Anne Gibbons found Hawa a
place to live temporarily with a friend, Laura
Dupuy, who took her in. Laura is a long time
Lynchburg resident who, for many years, was the
director of LNDF, a local non-profit organization,
and has strong ties to the Lynchburg donor
community. Laura was able to raise enough money
for Hawa to attend Virginia Tech in another English
intensive study program. Laura also helped her to
extend her student visa through December of 2014.
Laura quickly realized that Hawa needed some
institutional support which could provide a life line
for her in this country — such as a place that could
accept charitable donations on Hawa’s behalf and
provide legal advice to benefit her decision making.
We (the FCC Outreach Committee) were alerted to
Hawa’s situation through a letter that Laura sent to
individuals in Lynchburg to raise money for the VT
Fortunately, Hawa’s situation came to our attention
immediately prior to Regional Assembly, allowing us
to link to terrific denominational resources for
During Regional Assembly, Outreach
Committee members Anne Boynton, Bob Hempfling,
Phil Stump, Lou Gregory, Marilyn Taylor, and Kim
Steinhorst met several times with Sharon Stanley
Rae, Director of Refugee and Immigration Ministries
for the Disciples Church. We also talked to a lot of
people with Sharon’s help, including a DOC
immigration lawyer working with Sharon who will be
available to Hawa and to Brandon Gilvin from the
Week of Compassion Fund.
1. The Week of Compassion Fund will provide
$2,000 for Hawa’s tuition and living expenses.
2. The WOCF will set up a fund for Hawa for funds
to flow through so that donors making
contributions to support Hawa can receive a
charitable deduction.
3. The WOCF will pay tuition and other large
payouts for Hawa.
4. The WOCF will receive funds primarily through
First Christian Church in Lynchburg.
5. FCC will set up a WOFC for Hawa.
6. FCC will receive gifts of money for the WOCF for
Hawa throughout the year, keep account of
those gifts, and send one large check to the
WOCF when appropriate.
7. FCC’s primary role will be to channel funds
raised by Laura Dupey and others. Of course,
we anticipate the congregation will also be
moved by Hawa’s story to contribute, but our
greatest assistance to Hawa is providing an
institutional channel for people interested in
contributing, and in linking Hawa to DOC
denominational resources for refugees.
Hawa (and her sister, Husnia) would be in fear for
their lives if they were returned to Afghanistan.
The Outreach Committee feels privileged to be
able to assist Hawa by linking her to DOC Resources
for refugees, and by providing a channel for
charitable contributions from across the Lynchburg
We hope you had the chance to meet Hawa at the
Luncheon on Sunday, October 26th. We will share
more of her story as she shares her life with us and
her adventures as she seeks asylum in the United
In a whirlwind weekend of activity, with Sharon
Stanley Rae’s help, we were able to put together
the following package of support:
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
Notes of Thanks
Camp Kum-Ba-Yah
Thank you for your donation to Camp Kum-Ba-Yah in the amount of $500. We are very grateful for your support
this year, and pleased to let you know that your financial donation helps us provide a terrific outdoor camp
experience to hundreds of children and families each year. On their behalf, I sincerely thank you for your donation
and support.
This past summer, we hosted over 636 campers, and 48% of our campers were able to attend because of the financial
assistance provided by donors just like you. Your donation has a direct impact into securing future spots for
campers who might not otherwise be able to experience the joys of Camp Kum-Ba-Yah. Our core principles and
mission have not changed for over sixty years, and your support makes it possible for our campers and counselors to
share the wonders of nature, the thrill of learning new skills (like the challente course), and the value of forming
friendships that help erase cultural economic, social, racial, and religious barriers. We are grateful for your
Patrick Haley, Camp Director
L’Arche Blue Ridge Mountains
On behalf of the L’Arche Blue Ridge Mountains community, I wish to thank you for your contribution in the amount of $200.
Your generosity helps us provide our core members with a level of care and quality of life that we hope will be a changing
presence in the world.
Our mission is to announce the dignity of every human being by building communities of faith and friendship where people with
and without intellectual disabilities share life together. Thank you for being a partner with us in this mission.
God’s blessings to you,
Paulette Jones, Interim Executive Director/Community Leader
The Gateway Program
Dear First Christian Church Friends:
I am writing on behalf of The Gateway to gratefully acknowledge your generous gift of $300, dated
September 29, 2014.
With your contributions you continue to demonstrate your deep commitment to our work together, saving
the lives of homeless male addicts and alcoholics. Your support plays a key role in The Gateway’s success
in changing substance abusers’ lives, restoring them to their families and the community.
The Gateway is now a program of Lynchburg Community Action Group which is a non-profit organization.
We merged with Lyn-Cag on June 15, 2013. Please make future checks to Lyn-CAG/ Gateway Program.
Lisa Dibble, Director of the Gateway and Federal and State Resources
Meals on Wheels of Greater Lynchburg
Dear First Christian Church,
Thank you so much for your generous donation of $300 to Meals on Wheels of Greater Lynchburg.
Your gift will provide food, friendship, and other critical services to the homebound in our
It is hard for many of us to believe, but there are people right here in this area that would go
hungry without Meals on Wheels. Sometimes it is because they have very little assistance and can’t
make it to the store, often it is because they cannot stand long enough to prepare a healthy meal,
or sometimes it is just because they cannot manage the preparation because of their injury or
Harry has been a client of MOW for a long time-it started when his wife became ill with cancer.
She could no longer prepare meals and Harry was struggling to keep his head above water
(Con’t. on page 7)
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
Saving Our Planet
Vera Brandt
"Americans eat too much red meat, with
tremendous impacts on our health, our
environment, and the climate crisis". It's time to
consider eating less beef, or none at all. To reduce
the environmental impact of your diet, particularly
on climate change, the single most powerful thing
you can do is to eat less beef. According to the
United Nations, raising beef and dairy cattle
generates more than 9% of all human-caused green
house gas emissions, more than the transportation
Exchanging beef with other animal
products, including other sources of meat, reduces
the environmental impacts. The red meat lover
produces 3.6 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year,
the average eater— 3.0 tons of CO2 per year, and
the red meat avoider (eating chicken, fish and
dairy) - 2.5 tons of CO2 per year. However, the
vegan produces only 1.5 Tons of CO2 per
year. (Switching from a Toyota Camry sedan to a
hybrid Prius cuts down one ton per year).
There aren't many economic activities more waterintensive than raising conventional beef cattle. On
average, it takes 840 gallons of water to produce
one pound of grain-fed beef. America has the 3rd
highest beef consumption in the world only behind
Argentina and Luxembourg. The average American
male eats 85 pounds of beef per year which is
typically produced under inhumane conditions. As a
rough rule of thumb, eating a pound of beef has a
somewhat greater climate impact than burning a
gallon of gasoline. Conventional, grain-fed, feedlot
beef produces five times more global warming per
calorie, requires 11 times more water, and uses 28
times as much land as pork or poultry.
The First Step: Just eat less beef. The author of
the book, "Cowed" recommends limiting your beef
to no more than 1/2 pound per week and making it
grass-fed, as well as local. Once you achieve that
reduction in your overall meat consumption,
consider adding in even more vegetarian and vegan
meals, until you cut your meat consumption in half.
(The information provided in this article is from "Green
American". On a more personal note, I have become mostly
vegetarian with occasional fowl and fish. It is a healthier way
to eat and helps save our planet. ~Vera Brandt)
Birthdays—A Time to Celebrate!
Tim Thomas
Seth Timmons
William Crowder
Michael Bodine
Jody Roberts
Scott Llewellyn
David Neumeyer
Deb Zuercher
Sophia McLemore
Morris Daniel
Oeida Hatcher
Steve Wheeler
Wes Green
Tommy Overstreet
Terri Wilson
Ben Green
Jerry Beal
Henry Brewer-Calvert
Leah Sharpe
Notes of Thanks—Con’t. from page 6
managing her daily needs. Edith has since passed, but when we went out to visit Harry we
realized he was only capable of warming up canned soup or making PB&J sandwiches, not getting
nearly the nutrients he needs to stay healthy, especially with his heart issues.
Thank you for your generous support of meals to feed people like Harry. Because we receive no state
or federal funding, we are totally reliant on your donations. We, and those we serve, deeply
appreciate your assistance. Together we are making a very real difference in the lives of people
right here in this community.
With Best Wishes,
Kris Shabestar, Executive Director
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
The Vision Continues
FCC Stewardship Committee
It is a good time to be at First Christian Church — and it is only going to get better! Are you ready?
Together we will:
Welcome Cyd and Ben Cowgill into our family
Widen out outreach
Celebrate unity in our diversity, and
Strengthen our ties as church family
As we continue this exciting journey together, not only are funds needed to teach our children, maintain
our building, and feed the hungry, they are needed to grow our existing ministries, and plant seeds for the
new. What ministires speak most to you and your faith journey?
As you consider your pledge this year, give generously as God so generously gives to us. Pledge cards will
be mailed out soon, and collected on November 16.
Together, we are stretching to be the Body of Christ in a fragmented world. Let us continue our vision
together, let us be the REAL community God is calling us to be. Are you ready?
SAVE THE DATE: Consecration Sunday—November 16, 2014
Library News—Check it Out
Margaret Dunifon
Have you ever read a passage of scripture and wondered what in the world it was
about? If not, you need to do more Bible study! If so, help is available in the
library. There is a magnificent plethora of resources for your edification—
interpreters’ Bibles, concordances, Bible dictionaries, and commentaries, to name
a few. Come on in and see what this marvelous room has to offer.
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
Christian Education News
Margaret Dunifon
Three classes are available for adults.
Spirituality. Sherry Riley will continue leadership of a group studying In the Sanctuary of
Women by Jan Richardson. Drawing from the often hidden wellsprings of women’s wisdom
in Jewish and Christian traditions, In the Sanctuary of Women gathers together six women
from scripture and history whose lives invite us to move more deeply into our own. A copy of
the book is in the library and may be checked out for use in class. Meets in Room 22.
Bible Study. This study of the book of Mark is led by Jeff Wilder. Discussion is always lively
here! Meets in parlor.
Book Study. Beth Packert and Rich Burke lead this class, which studies a wide variety of books.
The book for fall is Joseph Dan's Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction. New members are
always invited to join this study. Meets in Room 21.
Youth (Middle and High School)
The youth curriculum is called re:form and is described as God-caffeine for youth ministry. Anne Boynton will teach
for the month. Each lesson features a hilarious animated short film that frames a theological question that youth
might really ask. An Anti-Workbook with individual and group activities aids the discussion that follows. Topics for
November are—
November 2—How can God be “three-in-one”?
November 9—Does God still create stuff today?
November 16—Am I really supposed to believe Mary was a virgin?
November 23—Why did Jesus go to hell?
November 30—Is the Holy Spirit a person or wind or fire or what?
Children (ages 4 through 4th grade)
Children will continue to learn through the rotation model, which teaches one Bible story a
month, approaching it a different way each Sunday. The story for November is The Rise and
Fall of King Saul.
Activities are-November 2—Introduce story and make a flip chart story to take home
November 9—Cooking and game
November 16—Veggie Tales DVD and make crowns
November 23—Craft and interactive version of story
November 30—First Sunday of the Advent/Christmas rotation
Wee Believe, a curriculum written and designed for preschoolers, is now being used during the Sunday school hour. It
nurtures the development of faith through age-appropriate Bible stories with the following learning goals—
To know that God loves the child.
To know that God loves all of us.
To experience the church as a safe, loving place.
To hear stories from the Bible.
To recognize key Bible persons by name.
This group for middle- and high-schoolers meets on Sundays immediately after
worship. Lunch is shared together, followed by discussion, study, games, sharing
time, and worship. During November youth will focus on collecting food for
Thanksgiving dinner for two needy families.
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
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4:45 pm Phil. Of Yoga Study
6:00 pm GS Meeting
4:45 pm Phil. Of Yoga Study
5:00 pm Gateway
(Boonsboro Parish)
6:00 pm GS Meeting
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6:00 pm GS Meeting
4:45 pm Phil. Of Yoga Stud
6:00 pm GS Meeting
November 2014
5:50 am Early AM Study
28 office closed
27 office closed
9:00 am
Elder’s Retreat
5:50 am Early AM Study
9:30 am La Leche League
1:00 pm Beginners Yoga
7:00 pm Passages
9:30 am Mom & Baby Yoga
6:00 pm Daisy GS
7:00 pm Pastoral Relations
8:00 am Centering Prayer
9:30 am WMSG
5:30 pm Mental Health Support
6:00 pm Happy Hour Potluck
7:30 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal
5:50 am Early AM Study
9:30 am La Leche League
1:00 pm Beginners Yoga
3:00 pm League of Women
7:00 pm Passages
8:00 am Centering Prayer
9:30 am WMSG
2:00 pm RR Garden Club
4:30 pm Outreach Committee
6:00 pm Happy Hour Potluck
(comfort food)
7:30 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal
9:30 am La Leche League
1:00 pm Beginners Yoga
7:00 pm Mother to Mother
(post partum support grp.)
7:00 pm Passages
9:30 am Mom & Baby Yoga
10:30 am G/M Circle
7:00 pm Prayer Shawl group
8:00 am Centering Prayer
9:30 am WMSG
5:30 pm Mental Health Support
6:00 pm Happy Hour Potluck
(literary food)
7:30 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal
Community Thanksgiving at
the Synagogue
9:00 am
Daily Bread
9:30 am Mom & Baby Yoga
6:00 pm Daisy Girl Scouts
8:00 am Centering Prayer
9:30 am WMSG
6:00 pm NO Happy Hour
9:30 am Mom & Baby Yoga
7:30 pm Chancel Choir
For your convenience, this calendar is kept up to date online. To view, please go to and click “Good News” then click “ Calendar”.
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The public is invited to Holy Trinity Lutheran
Church for the following events:
Sunday, November 2 at 4:00 pm :
Concert by the Wren Master
Early music quartet from the
College of William & Mary playing
on period instruments. This concert
is supported by a grant from the
Virginia Commission for the Arts.
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Friday, November 7 at 7:30 pm:
Opera on the James Showcase
Young visiting artists performing
beloved opera selections and
musical surprises!
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626
(Disciples of Christ)
3109 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg VA 24503-1399
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First Christian Church
Statement of Calling
Essential Affirmations
Find us Online:
First Christian Church, Lynchburg,
is a congregation which is seeking
to grow in the faith, knowledge,
and love of God as revealed in
Jesus Christ. We are open and
affirming in welcoming all who
desire to join us on their journey.
We believe in God, creator and
sustainer of all, who has been
revealed in Jesus Christ; that God
loves all unconditionally without
regard to race, gender, age,
ethnicity, cultural or religious
background, economic status,
mental or physical ability, sexual
orientation, family configuration,
or other distinctions, and we are
called to welcome as God
welcomes; and that we are called
to ministry as “a priesthood of all
believers” and are endowed with
gifts for that ministry.
Through worship, education,
fellowship, nurture, and service
in the community and wider
church, we strive to “become a
dwelling place for God” (Eph.
2.22), encouraging each other in
discipleship and in discovering
and using our gifts by which the
Holy Spirit brings wholeness and
healing to all the world.
First Christian Church ● 3109 Rivermont Avenue ● Lynchburg, VA 24503 ● 434-384-8626