Backing up servers to the cloud and bringing down costs Case Study

Case Study
Backing up servers to the cloud
and bringing down costs
For server backup, we’ve been really pushing towards the cloud lately. It’s one of our top
initiatives. We want to save money, simplify complexities, and make sure everything is
always up and running."
- Steve Nass, IT Supervisor, Techflow
About TechFlow
TechFlow is an IT Services company helping organizations
capitalize on enterprise technology investments by managing,
creating and improving eBusiness solutions while offering
comprehensive systems and infrastructure operations and
management services.
The downfalls of the traditional
backup methods
Traditional backup hasn’t changed much since its early days:
back up everything locally, send to tape, and send it off-site
for storage. This resulted in heavy hardware and maintenance
costs, as well as increased chances of human error. In
traditional scenarios, it could take hours or days just to
restore the backup, not to mention a lot of manual labor and
time. They were seeking to lower the amount of hardware on
premise and simplify the overall process.
TechFlow’s technology solutions
were making the shift to the cloud
-- their email, knowledge base,
SharePoint, and financial time
card systems were already there.
It’s a very error prone process. There
was a time we were waiting on a box
of tapes and when the technician finally
delivered it to us, the box was empty.
It definitely wasn’t the most efficient
way to access our backed up data."
- Jose Ortiz, Lead Systems Administrator
TechFlow’s other technology solutions were making the shift
to the cloud -- their email, knowledge base, SharePoint, and
financial time card systems were already there. It was time to
look into a sophisticated and reliable cloud solution for their backups.
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Establishing the foundation for reliable
cloud backup
One of their main goals was to modernize their backup
processes. By moving to the cloud, they shortened the whole
backup process (from server to tape to storage) and reduced
labor time to restore that data.
As an early design partner for Phoenix, Druva’s remote server
backup solution, TechFlow went through the setup process
even without all the documentation in place. But even so they
found it very easy to learn on their own and simple to use. They
could add a new server to Druva with just a few clicks. “I would
feel confident if we needed to backup another 20 servers it
could be done in half an hour!” - Jose Ortiz.
We looked at several cloud backup
vendors vendors but the best solution
for TechFlow was [Druva’s] Phoenix
since it was simple, offered unlimited
backups, and brought the most value
to our company."
- Jose Ortiz, Lead Systems Administrator
Benefits of a cloud backup solution
Now that their backup was also in the cloud, they experienced
faster recovery times and took advantage of Druva’s unlimited
backup archiving and AWS infrastructure.
Additionally, they removed manual processes from the backup
and incidents where technicians had to deliver or wait for
delivery of tapes were a thing of the past. No longer did they
have to go to the server room and cycle through all the tapes
on a tape drive.
“I can see us expanding over more servers over time. I like that
Phoenix has provided a solution that is easy to use.”
- Jose Oritz.
I like having Amazon’s AWS in the back
end because I can depend on our data
being safe. There’s no worry about a
small company, or a new company,
backing up our data on their servers
suddenly go out of business and have
our data go with them."
- Jose Ortiz, Lead Systems Administrator
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