Press Release

Press Release
November 4, 2014
DZ Bank and Zurich demonstrate confidence in Bilfinger:
Framework agreements in facility management with a volume of €50
million signed
Bilfinger, the engineering and services group, is continuing its cooperation
with two longstanding clients in the field of facility management: the
company has signed framework agreements with DZ Bank and Zurich, the
Swiss insurance and financial-services provider, with a total volume of
€50 million.
With DZ Bank, a management agreement that has been in place since
1986 for a real-estate portfolio in Frankfurt with total floor space of
135,000 square meters has been extended. The agreement now runs for
a period of five years with an extension option for another two years. It
covers responsibility for property management, technical and
infrastructural facility management as well as construction management,
relocation management and event management.
Bilfinger has been cooperating with the Zurich Group in Switzerland
since 1996 and is now active for that client in Germany as well. The
company manages nine office buildings in the city centers of Frankfurt,
Stuttgart and Munich with a total floor space of 80,000 square meters.
Overall, Bilfinger manages a real-estate portfolio for Zurich consisting of
600 office, retail and residential buildings with floor space of
approximately 415,000 square meters.
“We see a sustained trend among our clients of placing the management of
their international building portfolios with one provider. This presents us with
good growth opportunities. Bilfinger is already present in numerous major
real-estate markets and intends to further expand its regional presence,”
stated Executive Board Member Dr. Jochen Keysberg.
Bilfinger SE is a leading international engineering and services group. With comprehensive technological
expertise and the experience of 70,000 employees the company offers customized services for industrial
facilities, power plants, real estate and infrastructure. Bilfinger generates an annual output volume of
approximately €8 billion in its Industrial, Power and Building and Facility business segments.
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Bilfinger is Germany’s market leader for real-estate and facility
services. It offers its clients a comprehensive range of services from a
single source, including design, construction and management of
buildings. The activities of the Building and Facility business segment
will contribute approximately €2.7 billion of the Group’s total output
volume of €7.7 billion in 2014.