October/November 2014 Mairehau High School News

Mairehau High School News
Mairehau High School continues as a solid viable coeducational school in the East of Christchurch. We are
working with other schools, clusters, and community sector
groups to develop a plan which will enhance the provision of
education for all students in Christchurch. All schools want
students to access quality education outcomes, to access
quality teaching, and quality learning. I wish to share with
you an insight into the future of education by providing a
progress report on ‘Modern Learning Practices’ and
collaboration with other schools in Christchurch East through
Learning Community Clusters (LCC).
We feel we are in a strong position to offer students opportunities which will enable them to
become decent worthwhile citizens of the world, people who will contribute to their
communities. Students who pass through our school gates, learn in our class rooms, and
access technology through our wireless internet provision will be well set in the future.
I trust you are able to pass on to your friends and family, the opportunities that a co-education
school such as Mairehau High School can provide for Christchurch East.
Towards 2015
Mairehau High School is committed to innovation by focusing on strategies which improve
learning outcomes for all students. Mairehau High School is now planning for 2015 and
beyond. There will be more collaboration and sharing between Learning Areas, stronger links
with the use of BYOD in the classroom, and a modern teaching strategy to engage and
improve outcomes for all learners. Cross-curricular teaching and learning across all learning
An additional new Dean in the junior school called the Curriculum Dean has been appointed
for 2015 to support the implementation of key achievement strategies for Year 9 and Year 10
students. These key strategies are aligned to government priorities and include: 2013- 2017
Achievement strategy, Building on Success (a focus on our priority learners) strategy, and
Positive Behaviour for Learning strategy. Mairehau High School is committed to ensuring the
success of all students who walk through our school gates.
Mairehau Learning Community Cluster (LCC)
Mairehau High School continues to collaborate with other schools. We are working closely
with Mairehau Primary, Our Lady of Fatima, and St Paul’s as part of a Learning Community
Cluster. This cluster of schools is focused on transitioning students, e- learning strategies,
and priority learners. This work is being coordinated by Deputy Principals in each school. The
LCC provides an opportunity for local schools to work together on developing strategies
which support student learning and teaching.
Te Tihi o te Matauranga
Mairehau High School continues to collaborate with Hillmorton HS, Hornby HS, Aranui HS,
Linwood College, and Catholic Cathedral on a new initiative called “Te Tihi o te
Matauranga” (The Peak of Knowledge). The focus of this particular cluster of schools, supported
by the Greater Christchurch Schools Network (GCSN) team, is to develop and implement
strategies which provide all students affordable access to Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD’s).
Within this cluster of secondary schools a Mairehau High School cluster of contributing schools
has been formed, and includes: Mairehau Primary School, Queenspark School, Shirley
Intermediate, Parklands School, Marshlands School, and Our Lady of Fatima School which are
also part of the strategy to enable all students in each of our contributing schools access to
BYOD’s. It would be just fantastic for all students in all of our schools to have opportunities to
access the latest technology which will be used in school and home. This intervention is modelled
on the Manaiakalani project which has been successfully implemented in Auckland.
Mairehau High School intends to host a community consultation meeting on Wednesday 29th
October from 6pm – 7:30 pm in the Mairehau High School Hall to inform our community of this
new innovation for Christchurch East.
Christchurch East Secondary Schools (LCC)
There are seven secondary schools located in East Christchurch: Aranui HS, Avonside Girls’ High
School, Shirley Boys’ High School, Linwood College, Marian College, Catholic Cathedral, and
Mairehau High School.
We are all excellent schools and provide quality education for students in our community. Each
school is passionate about improving achievement and learning outcomes for all. In 2013 this
cluster of schools proposed to the Minister a vision for the East side of Christchurch. This vision is
based on the premise of sharing, collaboration and working together to provide every student in
the East with access to the curriculum.
There is a lot of work to be done and many decisions to be made about the future of East
Christchurch. I am confident in ensuring a quality education system for all students who live in the
East. Students will have choice, opportunity and access to learning which will enable them to
become decent worthwhile citizens of our communities. I am confident in working with other East
Christchurch secondary schools on the future and quality of Teaching and Learning for our
The focus in 2015 for our cluster of Christchurch East Secondary Schools is on ‘Modern Learning
A time to enjoy
I wish to conclude by saying that as Principal I get a lot of pleasure watching students enjoying
and having fun in their learning. We need to have the ability to laugh at ourselves and others, and
a time to enjoy the moment. I was so proud of the students who participated in the recent
Mairehau High School talent quest and School music tour. Both events were a lot of fun for
students, staff and community. The musical and dance performances were simply fantastic, and
well done to all. Thank you to all who helped in the performances.
Harry Romana
On 27 September,
80 of our school’s
senior students
celebrated another
hard term of work,
with the school’s
senior formal at
Showgate Riccarton
Park. The evening
was filled with many
laughs and it was
great to see so
many people hitting
the dance floor. The
theme of 1920s
mafia was present
within the
decorations and the
few students who
dressed to the
theme. Overall it
was a fantastic night
and some of our
students won
prizes. Thank you to
the school formal
committee for their
hard work and
dedication in
making this year’s
formal a fantastic
night. Also thank
you to the staff and
parents that helped
with the set up
during the morning
of the formal.
Best Dressed Couple:
Shakayla and Adam
Best Dressed Female:
Maria Brown
Best Dressed Male:
Rory Greig
Best Male Dancer: Jaqson
Best Female Dancer: Tia Carroll
Best Dancing Couple: Dallas and
International Day this year had an all-inclusive feel
where the ethnicity and country of origin of all of our
students was celebrated.
We have students and staff from over 25 different
countries and the day was not only about celebrating
our cultural diversity, but also our inclusiveness and
tolerance of our differences.
Our exchange students talked about their countries and
about their experiences in New Zealand, and our
assembly also featured musical items from various
The highlight of the day was the lunchtime festivities
with Zorb Ball Soccer, music, and Chinese, Pasifika
and Kiwi food all happening in the central courtyard.
Thank you to all those who participated and
particularly to the students who helped out on the
Year 11 Media Studies
On Wednesday the 10th of
September the Mairehau High School
Year 11 Media Studies class departed school for PlainsFM, Christchurch's only
community radio station. The NCEA Level 1 class had been planning and preparing a
radio show as part of their 6 Credit internal assessment. The students were working in
small groups to research, plan, script and then interview a range of organisations in
Christchurch working towards re-building the city, post-earthquakes.
The students left Mairehau High School by bus at 12:30pm, and the excitement and
nerves were definitely audible. After arriving at PlainsFM (which is part of the
Christchurch Broadcasting School) the students were briefed by Laura, the Production
Manager, and Dave, the editing guru. The students quickly got to work recording and
editing their stories in the studio before a quick break for a picnic outside. By 4.30pm,
all members of the class had taken the opportunity to have a go at 'real-life'
broadcasting. The students worked really well together to get the stories recorded and
now they have to wait to find out when the 'air-time' will be.
A huge thank you must go to PlainsFM for allowing us the
opportunity to record our stories in their first-class facilities.
The students had a great time and enjoyed the process
immensely. The students are looking forward to hearing the
results of their long hours of deliberation coming to fruition in
real time and on-air!
All Year 12 and 13 students who are leaving school this year are invited to attend the
Leaver’s Dinner which will be held on the 11th of December at Chateau on the Park. It will
start at 7pm and finish around 10pm. Permission slips are available at the Resource Room.
Parents and caregivers are invited to attend this night. The cost per person is $50 and
includes dinner, DJ hire, and hire of the venue. People will be able to buy non–alcoholic
All money must be paid by 31 October.
How quickly the year has gone. Term 4 already and the Year 9s have
almost completed their first year of high school.
The Year 9 cohort is a great group of students. Many of them have
settled into high school life easily and have managed their time
exceptionally well. For some, it has been a bit of a rough road, but
we have got there, or we are close to getting there. The cohort is
settled and working well as a group. It is a privilege for me as their
Dean to watch them grow and mature and I look forward to
continuing as their Dean next year.
Term 4 is a busy time for Year 9’s and their teachers. There are
examinations this month, beginning on the 10 November. I have
been reminding all students that revision is of utmost importance if
they wish to achieve good results!
Towards the end of November Junior Reports are written by
teachers. These are sent to you on December 11th. The reports
are emailed so it is vitally important that we have all your up to
date details (address, phone number, email address) in our
school system. For those who do not have email we will continue
to post the report to you.
This year we are taking the Year 9 cohort to Quail Island. The trip is
planned for Monday December 1. We are extremely fortunate that
the Red Cross Foundation has given the school some money to
assist with the cost of this trip. This means there will be minimal
cost to families. I will be sending more information home in the
near future. It is an expectation that all students attend this day
Ms S Purvis
Year 9 Dean
St James Walkway
During Term 3 the Senior Outdoor
Education class went to the St
James Walkway to do the 67km
Walk. We had been planning for it
in class for a month, writing an
itinerary, menus, finding gear,
looking at topographical maps and
identifying all the features to look out for as we journeyed.
It was a five day journey, carrying packs that were about
20 kg each with all our food, gear and tents in them. There
were huts, but we decided to rough it because we're hard
Some days were a lot longer than others, especially before
we got used to carrying our packs!
We had an epic time, even though it was hard work. In fact
we all came out with new nicknames based on our
adventures. Some of the most classic were 'Fiona' (one of
the girls fell face first into a swamp and got stuck with her
pack on top of her), 'Quadpod' (another girl injured her
knee on day three and had to walk with sticks for the rest
of the time). The list goes on, but some are less appropriate. The whole journey
was really challenging, often walking 10 hours a day, but we made the most of
our time bonding. A highlight
was definitely seeing all the
A big thank you to Mr. Chris
Patalano and Mrs. Jose Atkins for
supporting us, you were
By Anil Aryal, Year 12
During the recent term break the Level 3
Physical Education and Level 2 Outdoor
Education students
ventured up to the
Craigieburn Ranges
to explore. They
had been
preparing for an
experiential journey
of epic proportions
that ranged from
MTB and
bouldering, to caving. As a
group the students devised
strategies to mitigate any foreseeable 'absolute' risk factors
that would spoil their fun and made plans to manage their
own safety.
However, the weather took a turn for the worse so
everything was turned on its head. Instead we went to
Castle Hill the first day for an explore and some
orienteering, The next day during our hike up Helicopter Hill
we were launched upon by a full scale hail storm which
subsided into a heavy blanketing of snow. The boys ran the 5km back to the hut
to start the fire and make hot food. That night the plan was to do a 'solo', staying
the night alone in a bivvy built out of our own devices out in the middle of a
Beech forest. Due to the snow the students decided it would be wiser to make it a
'grolo' (group solo) and team up in twos and threes. It was a chilly night of subzero
temperatures in what Housing NZ would deem to be substandard
accommodation, but we survived the night and had some great stories to share
afterwards. In the morning we had an icy mountain bike ride down Broken Run Ski
field with all our gear to get to the vans and
back to Castle Hill for a sunny lunch and a
high stakes game of tag on the rocks.
Thanks to all the PE staff for making this
possible. We had an awesome time.
By Jaime Callender, Year 12
Anish Mani for
Williams for Basketball, Football and
Pasifika Group
Netball and Pasifika
Pulman for
Production and
Samara Keating
for Production
and Choir
Ivyn Toutounchi
for Basketball and
Chris Nicholson for
Production Technical
and Concert Band
Elijah Hosking for
Basketball and
Pasifika Group
Ella Rerekura for
Production, Choir
and Basketball
Risa Kawamura
for Concert Band
and Choir
Sarah Hicks
for Production
and Choir
Kavita Pillay for
Basketball, Choir,
Badminton and
Pasifika Group
Zach Sanele for
Pasifika Group
and Touch
Akansha Pillay for
Basketball, Choir,
Badminton and
Pasifika Group
Sam Oti for
Basketball, Pasifika
Group and Touch
Neihana Davis
for Basketball
and Touch
James Couch
for Concert Band
and Football
Shakayla Rogers Rebekah Williams Fale Polo for
for Production and for Production and Pasifika Group
and Basketball
Lorne Joblin for
Production, Concert
Band and Choir
Megan Wilson for
Production and
Concert Band
Jaime Callender
for Production,
Choir and Netball
Megan Bolt
 Recipient – St John
Ambulance Grand Prior Award,
the premier national youth
award which was first instituted
in 1931.
 Presented by the Governor
General at a formal investiture
with the Duke of Gloucester to
recipients who have
successfully completed tasks for 6 compulsory
badges and 6 badges of choice.
 Megan completed the following badge categories:
The Order of St John, Drill, Communication,
Community Awareness, Caregivers, First Aid,
Camping, Environment, Hauora, International
Understanding, Water Safety, and Accident
 Megan completed 100 hours of service as part of
the award, and works in ambulances alongside
 Competing at the 2014 St John National
Competition in Rotorua, Megan finished second
overall in the 15-18 yrs category. She competed in
the First Aid, Drill and Communication events.
Emme Carroll
 2013-14 BMX Age Group Season
 Mainland South Regional
Championships, Alexandra,
Ranked 2nd
 South Island Titles event,
Christchurch, Ranked 5th
 BMX NZ National Titles event, Tauranga, Ranked
 Awarded ‘2014 Most Improved Player A Grade’ in
the Canterbury Association and ‘2014 Top Woman
A Grade’
 NZ Under 18 Women’s Development Team
representative (to play the Auckland Under 16
mixed team)
 NZ Under 18 Women’s Development Team
representative (to play in a tournament in
Melbourne, Australia – playing against Australia
and two as yet to be named nations.)
 Jacob Hapuku South Island
Under 15 Rugby League
 Draft player for the Otago
Representative team
 Member of Linwood Keas U15
Canterbury Club Champion
 Zach Sanele South Island
‘Scorpions’ Under 15 Rugby
League Representative, National
Tournament, Auckland
 Canterbury Under 15 Rugby
League Representative.
 Bailey Pouaka South Island Surf
Alex Mander
 Canterbury age group Athletics
 South Island Secondary Schools
Athletics representative
 1st Triple Jump
 1st 300 metres Hurdles
 1st Pole Vault
 National Under 18 age group Athletics
 1st/Title holder Triple Jump
 1st/Title holder 300 metres Hurdles
 1st/Title holder Octathlon
 2nd Long Jump
Eliza Thompson
 Canterbury Women’s
Representative Ice Hockey team,
NZ Women’s Ice Hockey League
Life Saving, Senior
Championships, 2014
Silver medal, Senior Men’s Single
Rescue event
National Surf Life Saving, Senior
Championships, 2014
Bronze medal, Senior Men’s
Single Rescue event
Bronze medal, Senior Men’s Mass Rescue event
 Shae Harrison-Best
 South Island Surf Life Saving,
Senior Championships, 2014
 Bronze medal, Senior Men’s
Mass Rescue event
 National Surf Life Saving,
Senior Championships, 2014
 Bronze medal, Senior Mass
Rescue event
Summer Hart
 Attended the Taekwondo
National Championships, 2014
 4th in Girls’ Under 15 2nd Gup
 1st in Poomsae (sequence of
moves) and Fight.
Emme is a Year 11 student
At the BMX
Emme Carroll
who continues to participate
New Zealand
with distinction in the sport
National Titles
of BMX. She was nominated for this award in Championships in
this sport last year.
Tauranga, she ranked 4th
but was recovering from a
Despite having on-going injury concerns,
major calf muscle injury.
Emme has continued to train and compete
Over the 2013-14 season she competed at
Regional and South Island age-group
Championships and secured placings in the
top 5 riders. She won a regional event in
Alexandra, was ranked second at the
Mainland South Region Championships, and
was ranked 5th at the South Island Titles
Eliza Thompson
Eliza is a Year 11 student
who was nominated for
this award last year, and
who continues to excel in
the sport of Ice Hockey.
She is a very talented
sportswoman who has already achieved
remarkable success in her sport. This year
she competed in the NZ Women’s Ice
Hockey League for the Canterbury
Representative team. She was awarded the
2014 Top Woman Player in the Canterbury A
Grade, and the 2014 Most Improved Player
in the Canterbury A Grade.
She again represented NZ in the Under 18
Women’s Development Team in a match
against the Auckland Under 16 mixed team,
and has been selected in the NZ Under 18
Women’s Development Team to play in a
tournament in Melbourne, to play against
Australia and two yet to be named nations.
Eliza continues to pioneer opportunities for
success in a sport which is growing in profile
and popularity.
We wish her well in the future.
She did not compete at
the 2014 World
Championships in Rotterdam, the
Emme is an inspiration to her peers for her
ability to compete at the highest levels, even
when injury affects her preparations.
We wish her well in the future.
Alex Mander
Alex is a Year 12 student
who has had a long
association with the sport of
Athletics. He is a regular
recipient of an Excellence
Award for his achievements.
Despite the lack of regular competition at his
school, Alex has maintained disciplined
training schedules as he pursues his long
term goal of attending major competitive
events in the future.
This year he was a Canterbury age-group
representative at the South Island Athletics
Championships where he was the champion
for his age at the Triple Jump, the 300
metres Hurdles and the Pole Vault.
At the National age-group Championships,
he was the Under 18 Champion at the Triple
Jump, the 300 metres Hurdles, and the
Octathlon. He was also runner-up in the
Long Jump.
Alex is a very talented, versatile athlete with
a strong training ethic and desire to succeed.
We wish him well in the future.
Chiero Wealleans
Molly Thomas
Jackson Jonathan
Bailey Oldham
Kirstie Lennon
Deepika Dhakal
Shreejana Chhetri
Hira Mishra
Pasifika Group
Tana Richmond
T J Anae-Ah Sue
Clara Mauauri
Braydon Pearce
Taylor Hubbert
Concert Band
Paige Elder
Evie Lavery
Maria Brown
Isabel Langford
Alika Cathro
Dylan O’Callaghan
Siobhan Guthrie
Natalie Welsh
Bronte Aspinall
Sajal Shavika
Eoin Sullivan
Jeffrey Taylor
Heaju Cha
Keegan Reihana
Asha Mohamed
Emme Carroll
Tyler Collins
Phoenix Pouwhare
Daylion Bell
Shae Harrison-Best
Thomas Streetley
Cullen Shortland
Jackson Smith
Anil Aryal
Alex Mander
Jacob Hapuku
Tyler Jacobs
Phil Tuck
Jesse Tuck
Josh Wade
Jordan McGrath-Osborne
We recently held the annual election for the BOT Student Rep. There
was a strong field of 8 high quality candidates for the position, and
each spoke to our year level assemblies about what they would do if
elected. Megan Wilson won the vote, which was held on 12
September, and gets to represent the student body on the Board of
Trustees for the next year. Well done Megan!
Megan reading her speech in Assembly
Due to popular demand we now have
EFTPOS in the Resource Room for
school fee and donation payments.
This can be used with all EFTPOS and
debit (not credit) cards.
We are always appreciative of
donations of 2nd hand uniform in
good condition. Just bring your
unneeded uniform items to the
school office and they will be
received with thanks!
Donated LCD
We would like to acknowledge
one of our parents, Ross
Burgess, from Canned
Computers who has donated the
school around 40 LCD monitors
this year. Ross’ support of the
school is very much appreciated.
Chromebooks for classroom use
Thanks to a grant from The Lion
Foundation, we have been able to
purchase a class set of
Chromebooks which teachers are
able to book to use with their
classes. These have been very
popular with our students. We have
also been able to purchase from the
same grant, a trolley which can hold
and simultaneously charge 40
We appreciate your payment for school fees and donations
We want to take this opportunity to forward our sincere thanks to all the
parents and guardians who have arranged their school fees and donations
payment to Mairehau High School.
Your payment for school fees and donations is an important source of funding to enable
MHS’s effective delivery of its curriculum goals to all of its students.
We guarantee all such fees and donations paid have, and will, be used for this purpose.
Please be aware that there is also a tax rebate available for school donations to reduce
your income tax. For related details please check http://www.ird.govt.nz.
The fees and donations payment can be made by:
 cash
 cheque (non-transferrable cheque paid to Mairehau High School)
 online bank transfer---please note student name and student ID number (contact Sandy
Meharg at school (Ph 385-3145) for account details)
 Automatic Payment (if you have difficulty in paying the whole amount at one go-please
note student name and ID number)
In August the Christchurch Readers and
Writers Festival kicked off with an opportunity
for students from all over Christchurch to
sample some of the international talent that
had been brought in for the event.
Prospective student executive candidates
have been interviewed, and those who
were successful have been announced.
Positions will be decided later in the year.
The successful candidates are:
25 Mairehau High students particularly
interested in creative writing or reading were
invited to attend what was a very memorable
The stars of the show included the pink-haired
Laini Taylor, author of the international
bestselling "Daughter of Smoke and Bone"
trilogy (shortly to be made into a Hollywood
blockbuster); Anis Mojgani, a two-time world
champion slam poet; and Dylan Horrocks, a
graphic novelist and comic illustrator who has
worked for Marvel comics among others.
All were fascinating to hear from and there
were more than one or two giddy fans of Laini
Taylor in our contingent who were able to
meet her and have their photo taken with her.
If your son/daughter is going to be absent from school, please ring into the school office
(385-3145 then press 1). This will save us having to contact you when he or she doesn’t
turn up at school.
29 Oct
Contributing Schools and Community
Meeting 6-7.30pm
Year 8 Information Meeting
30 Oct
End of Year Music Concert
5 Nov
Senior Students Final Day
6 Nov
Senior Awards Evening 7.30pm
Senior Reports e-mailed to parents
10 Nov-5
NCEA Examinations
10-13 Nov Junior Exams
14 Nov
2015 Year 9 Student Testing at school
22 Nov
1 Dec
Yr 9 Quail Island Trip
1-5 Dec
Yr 10 Camp—Spencer Park
11 Dec
Senior Leavers’ Dinner
Junior Reports e-mailed to parents
12 Dec
Junior Awards Ceremony