ParaFed Canterbury Newsletter OCTOBER 2014

ParaFed Canterbury
Matt Whiting
2014 New Zealand Boccia National Champion
Monday to Friday
8:30am – 5:00pm
108 Sawyers Arms Road
Christchurch 8052
Recreational Swimming
Burwood Hospital – Reopened
4:30pm – 6:30pm
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Arts Programme
Burwood Hospital
1:15pm – 4:00pm
Contact the office for more information
PO Box 35 080
Shirley, Christchurch 8640
Phone: (03) 385 4449
Email: [email protected]
Junior Sports Club
Burwood Hospital
4:30pm – 5:45pm
Athletics – (Seasonal)
Papanui Domain – Sawyers Arms Road
Mr Andrew Hawker
(03) 322 4453
Contact – [email protected]
Contact Papanui Toc H - [email protected]
Youth Club
Burwood Hospital
Friday (fortnightly) 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Mr Ben Lucas
(03) 325 7666
Contact – [email protected]
Powerchair Football
Season finished
Mrs Annette Melrose
(03) 354 5616
Contact – Pat Edmonds 0276302137
[email protected]
Mr Justin Muschamp
027 2248 123
Marshland Road Hall
5:00pm – 7pm
Mr Grant Philip
(03) 312 4823
Contact – Grant Philip 03 312 4823 – [email protected]
Sunday mornings
For more information contact the Office
Sian Ruth
(03) 354 3272
Operations Manager
Ken Sowden
[email protected]
Operations Assistant
Ang James
[email protected]
Sports Development
Kerry Jenkinson
[email protected]
Junior Sports Co-ordinator
[email protected]
Tasman Sports Co-ordinator
[email protected]
Tracey Perry
Burwood Hospital Gym
10:00am – 11:30am
Contact – Jeremy Morriss 03 313 5600
[email protected]
Wheelchair Rugby
This is run by Canterbury Wheelchair Rugby, please
Contact - Mike [email protected]
Wheelchair Basketball
Run by Canterbury Wheelchair Basketball,
Contact - John 021 144 6256
NOTE:If you have any complaints, concerns or
suggestions please put them in writing and send them to
any of the above board or staff members.
All complaints and concerns will be actioned in
accordance with our complaints and allegations
procedure, which is available from the office
For those of you that read the Editorials then I urge you to revisit the last one that I wrote. I predicted correctly two things
and although many may not think that it was rocket science to do this given the topic, I am claiming some sort of mind
power here.
Yes it was a slaughter on the 20 September with Labour getting their lowest voter percentage in something like 90 odd
years. The polls were not that far out really and thank God National managed to basically govern without having to rely on
NZ First to get the numbers. I just can’t stand the way Winston Peters won’t answer a straight forward question and
always tries to turn it around. Don’t get me wrong I think NZ First had some great policies but Winston is passed his prime
and gets huge enjoyment trying to manipulate the media and journalists which makes him come across arrogant and
angry all the time. It’s time to take your “Super Gold Card” and start using it Winston!
So now that we know who our Government will be for the next 3 years we can concentrate on other more important things
like, whose place is Christmas at this year and what do I buy my wife for Christmas?
Seems that things are ramping up with the rebuild as more and more major projects get underway.
If you haven’t been at Burwood Hospital lately then you would be amazed at the sight of the new building rising from the
ground. It’s great to also know that finally we have a gymnasium back at Burwood and after 2 years the Hydrotherapy
pool has reopened as well. We are not sure if our office will end up back at the hospital but we are still working towards
this and only time will tell if it’s both logistically and financially possibly for this to happen so we will be at Melrose
Wheelchairs for a while longer.
As we see the images of another innocent person being beheaded by maniacs in the Middle East it reminds us that
although we pay far too much for food, fuel and homes New Zealand is still not a bad place to call home.
Staff 2014
2014 has seen a lot of movement with our staff and so I wanted to inform you of the situation as we head towards the end
of the year.
Sports Development
Ben Bamford has been filling in for Kerry Jenkinson while she has been away on 12 months maternity leave. Kerry reth
joined our Team on Monday the 6 October. I would like to welcome Kerry back and would like to thank and acknowledge
Ben for filling in for Kerry which enabled our Sports Development programme to continue as Ben had already been in the
role a few years earlier when Kerry was on her previous maternity leave. An excellent 12 months work Ben, thank you.
Junior Sports Coordinator
Unfortunately our previous Coordinator, Nicky Cameron has left us after less than a year in the position so we are in the
process of appointing a new Coordinator. We have been inundated with applications and we will be appointing a new staff
member shortly to fill this vacancy. I would like to thank Kerry Jenkinson who stepped in and ensured the Junior Sport
and Youth programmes continued to run while we have been seeking a new staff member. We hope to have the new staff
member appointed by the end of October.
Tasman and Otago
With support of the Halberg Foundation’s “No Exceptions” funding ParaFed Canterbury has a staff member in Nelson,
Tracey Perry, who works 15 hours per week running a weekly Junior Sports Club and working with clubs and sports in
Nelson to create other opportunities.
ParaFed Canterbury has been contracted to appoint and oversee a Sport Development position in Dunedin and have
appointed Kieran Wall. Please see the article on Kieran in this newsletter.
Office Staff
Ang James continues to be our key staff member in the office and has been with us for 13 years. Ang will be able to
assist you all with any questions you may have and will be able to put you in contact with the correct person if it’s
something outside of her role.
Ken Sowden is the overall Operations Manager of ParaFed Canterbury and in 2015 will have been with us for 20 years.
Please contact Ken if you have any concerns or questions as he is always available to assist you all and has vast
experience in many areas.
The ParaFed gymnasium is up and running 3 days per week based in the Burwood Physio Gym. Although it’s not the
times and facilities we had prior to the Earthquakes we are able to offer a facility that is suitable for our
This Gymnasium is being trialled until the end of the year when we will look at how many people are
using it and if it is financially viable for us to keep it open.
Opening Hours:
4pm – 7pm
4pm – 7pm
4pm – 7pm
$2 per session to be paid to the Gym Supervisor
Burwood Recreational Pool REOPENED on Wednesday 17 September.
From this date and until the pool closes over the Christmas period our pool sessions days and times will be:
4.30pm - 6.30pm
1.00pm - 2.30pm
All users must be current members of ParaFed Canterbury and there will be a $2 per session cost to be paid to our
supervisor each time you use the pool.
These sessions are not for lane swimming.
To join ParaFed Canterbury please visit our office at 108 Sawyers Arms Road in Papanui – Melrose Wheelchairs or look
on Home page ( ) for a ParaFed membership form.
Burwood Pool Text Message Service
Sign up to receive text messages to your phone you’ll get updates to let you know when the pool is closed… and it’s
To sign up, text: 8987 then type: FOLLOW bwdpt
To stop receiving, text: 8987 then type: OFF bwdpt
ParaFed Canterbury has a large pool of equipment for the use of our members and at times the community. The Board of
ParaFed Canterbury has reviewed this pool and the costs associated with maintaining certain equipment.
It has been decided the following equipment loaned will incur hire charges:
Any sports wheelchair
Hand cycles
Maximum loan period will be 3 months
Cost - $5 per week payable upon the start of the loan
For more information about hiring our equipment please phone the office.
EFTPOS is no longer available at the ParaFed Canterbury Office.
Available payment methods – cash, cheque or internet banking
The ParaFed Canterbury Office will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period for 3 weeks.
Closing at 12pm Friday 19 December 2014
Reopening at 9am Monday 12 January 2015
The ParaFed Canterbury Art Group meets on Wednesdays from 1:15pm to 4:00pm at Burwood Hospital.
New members are always welcome!
We offer tuition in acrylic, watercolour painting, ceramic painting, drawing, mosaics and collage.
The cost is $20 per quarter or $80 a year.
Volunteer needed – ParaFed Canterbury Arts Programme
You will be assisting our Arts Tutor in the set up and overall running of the weekly Arts
Hours – Wednesdays 1.00pm – 4.30pm
Art Programme Christmas Dates:
Last programme for 2014 will be on Wednesday 3 December
First session for 2015 will be Wednesday 4 February 2015
If you are interested in joining our group please contact the office on (03) 3854449 or email [email protected]
ParaFed Otago – Sport Development Officer
ParaFed Otago appointed Kieran Wall as their new Sport Development Officer on the
1 September 2014.
Kieran will be responsible for all ParaFed Otago’s Sport Development within the
Region and is located at the Sport Otago offices.
The position was made possible through the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation “No
Exceptions” funding and is a first for the region.
The position will be assisted by ParaFed Canterbury for the first 12 months and all parties are excited about the
opportunities the new position will give the disability sport sector.
Kieran’s details are:
Email: [email protected]
022 043 3768
Office: 03 474 6347
Please add Kieran to your contact lists.
5 – 16 YEAR OLDS
Wow, here we are in Term 4 of 2014 already! Christmas and summer holidays are just around the corner.
This term we have planned a variety of fun activities and hopefully a few things that you haven’t tried before.
Last term we had a wide variety of activities from Commonwealth Games activities, Science Alive to Golf and Tennis with
Tyler. Everyone had a great time and gave all the activities a go and most importantly had a great time doing it!
Term 4 for the Junior Sports Club starts on Wednesday 15 October, and our good friend Evette will be running this craft
session. Term 4 is a short term with only 8 weeks of action packed activities before the Christmas Holidays!
Check out the Term program on our website –
We are currently in the process of appointing a new Junior Sports Coordinator and hope this new position will be in place
in the next month. Meanwhile Evette and I will be hanging out with the Junior Sports Club!
Kerry 
16 – 25 YEAR OLDS
Last term before Christmas and summer holidays – Wahoo!
Term 4 for the Youth Club starts on Friday 17 October, and our good friend Evette will be running this craft session.
This term I have planned some cool activities and hopefully a few things that you haven’t tried before.
The programme for Term 4 can be found on our website at
I hope that you enjoyed Term 3’s activities. We did a good variety of activities – we certainly put our skills & fitness to the
test with Hockey, had a great time at the Mall doing The Amazing Race; froze, but had fun at Ferrymead Golf, mini golf &
driving range.
Our previous coordinator left ParaFed in August, so we are currently recruiting a new Coordinator. We hope this position
will be in place in the next month. In the meantime both Evette and I will be hanging out with you guys and having some
great fun!
We hope you have enjoyed your break and are ready to go for Term 4!
Kerry 
If you would like to find out more about our Junior Sports Club or Youth Club please contact the ParaFed office or email
[email protected]
My oh my how the time is flying! By the time you read this the 3 term will be done and dusted, this means we managed
to get through winter in one piece and there is great anticipation about the programme set for the 4 term. Because boy
is it going to be a busy one – may the weather be on our side.
We are straight into Cricket on the first week back, followed by Outdoor Orienteering/Rogaining, Kelly Sports, Fishing,
Wind Karting, Archery, Tennis, Athletics, Waka-Ama, topped off with a mini-golf and a Christmas picnic. Fun, fun, fun!
Earlier this term our club members participated in a variety of Commonwealth Games Challenges supported by the Game
on Challenge in Scotland – the results of our Boccia tournament and Decathlon were extremely tight but lots of learning
and fun occurred.
Our youth were empowered by the ladies at Kidpower which raises awareness of stranger danger, self-confidence and
some basic self-defence moves adapted for each participants abilities – I never knew they had such loud voices.
Another highlight was boxing, three 2-minute training rounds on the mitts and bags are a hard ask; but no-one wanted to
give in. While the boys managed to add a few extra throws onto their score cards when getting lost playing indoor disc
golf – it’s a good thing we’re doing orienteering next term.
Ben Bamford came up with the trailer loaded up with lots of goodies at the beginning of September, together we ran a
morning session at the Motueka area winter tournament – this gave the kids involved the opportunity to participate in a
wheelchair obstacle course, badminton skills and wheelchair rugby – also using the opportunity to try out some of the
handcycles and trikes available through us. The outcome being to raise awareness of physical disability sport in our
region and the club we have set up – it was fantastic and great to work alongside Ben.
As always I want to thank the volunteers and mentors that ensure the continuance of our programme.
One such mentor I would like to mention is Shane Blows who encourages participation by our youth members and any
other physically disabled youth that may want to join up. He shows that determination and perseverance lead to great
achievements – please see his profile below.
Name: Shane Blows
Sports played (past and present):
 Para-Cycling (Hand Cycling)
 Wheelchair Basketball
 Kayaking
 Weight Training
 Karate
 Darts
Your Best Sporting or Recreational Achievement/Memory:
Competing at the recent (August/September 2014 UCI World Road Racing
Championships in Greenville South Carolina USA)
Doing 60ks an hour in a bunch of handcycles with only an inch of space around you is pretty thrilling!
Representing New Zealand is such a buzz and hanging out with other likeminded athletes is a very cool experience and
one you have for the rest of your life. Four words “Train hard, DO IT!” you won’t regret it 
Future Sporting Goals:
To represent New Zealand and medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio
To encourage young, old, disabled and non-disabled to participate in sport to 100% of their ability and to be healthy
An inspiring paragraph to encourage physically disabled youth to participate in sport (and also directed toward
parents to allow/encourage their participation):
Find the sport you love and it will be the healthiest addiction you will ever have!
Why do you think the youth should get involved in this club?
Sport not court
On that note I wish everyone a happy spring and I hope to chat prior to Christmas.
If anyone knows of families in the Tasman region that may want to be a part of the Youth Sports Club please do not hesitate to pass on my details or if
anyone else has any queries please contact me at [email protected]
The Wheel Blacks had a tough tournament in Denmark at the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championships. The New
Zealand team had to play off for seventh and eighth place against Sweden, which was a close match with Sweden taking
out the game by two points (52-50).
Well done to the Wheel Blacks for their effort.
The final event standings were as follows:
1. Australia
2. Canada
3. USA
4. Japan
5. Great Britain 6.Denmark
8. New Zealand 9.France
10. Finland
11. Germany 12. Belgium
The New Zealand Short Course Swimming Championships were held in Wellington on 2nd to 6th September. There were
some top results from New Zealand's own stars Mary Fisher and Nikita Howarth who both continued to blitz current world
records. Representing Canterbury we had Jacquie Ruth and George Adam who both competed and received some great
results so well done to them both.
Jacquie Ruth:
100m Breaststroke SB6 2nd - 2:24.29 (Age Group Record)
400m Freestyle S6
3rd - 8:05.11
100m IM SM6
4th - 2:11.93
100m Freestyle S6
4th - 1:55.27
200m IM SM6
3rd - 4:23.95 (Open NZ Record)
50m Backstroke S6
4th - 1:00.94
50m Freestyle S6
7th - 53.36
George Adam: 50m Freestyle S14
200m Freestyle S14
100m Freestyle S14
4th - 32.93
2nd - 2:58.77
3rd - 1:13.25
Recently the Canterbury Boltz Powerchair Football team took part in the Australian Powerchair Football Tournament held
in Sydney from the 3 – 10 August 2014. The Canterbury Boltz team comprising of 3 Cantabrians, Pat Edmonds,
Melissa Counihan, Luke Alderton, 1 North Aucklander, Brennan Massey and 2 Australians, Peter Dalrymple, Dean Crane
and coaches Steve and Ali Alderton. The Boltz took on Australian State teams from Queensland, New South Wales,
Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. In last years event the New Zealand contingent was to be blunt, thrashed
by everybody and managed only one goal in the whole tournament. This year the Canterbury team practiced hard leading
up to the Aussie Nationals and went to Sydney a couple of days early to play NSW in a couple of practice games. With
most of the team in new Strikeforce Chairs, Canterbury showed the opposition that they had come a very long way from
the previous year.
The first game against Western Australia ended in a 2 all draw. Canterbury should have done better but whether it was
the sense of occasion or first up nerves, never really showed their potential. Next up Canterbury took on the South
Australian Sabres. A 2-1 loss was the final result but Canterbury had started to show signs of their potential.
Day two started with Canterbury taking on highly fancied Queensland. The whole team played out of their skins and led 10 until the last minute of the game. A moment of confusion saw Queensland score an opportunist goal. Canterbury had
scored a 1 all draw with the team who would go on to win the whole tournament but everyone was impressed by the
standard of play and the team was buzzing. The afternoon of Day two featured Canterbury playing last years champions,
New South Wales. They were a formidable team and Canterbury had no answer to their superior skills going down 6-0.
Day 3 started with a must win game against Victoria. A win here would put Canterbury into 4th place and into the Semi
Finals to play NSW. Canterbury didn’t disappoint and won convincingly 3-0. What a difference a day makes. Canterbury
squared off against NSW but this time Canterbury had come to play. Once again Canterbury showed its competitive
potential finally losing 2-1 and once again everyone was impressed by how far the team had come from the beginning of
the tournament.
After a fun day in Sydney relaxing in Darling Harbour, the team got ready to play for the 3rd-4th place match against
South Australia. The team was really pumped for the game even though one of the team wasn’t well. SA scored early but
after some really good play Melissa Counihan scored taking a 1-1 score line to half time. Canterbury was playing well but
so were South Australia. Then it happened, SA took a goal kick and Pat Edmonds sent a screamer from halfway into the
SA goal. What a goal. Canterbury was able to hold onto the lead with determined defence and placing 3rd in the
tournament. This ticked all the boxes and gave our support crew who had done so much to keep the team moving forward
a reason to celebrate.
This has to go down as one of the best Sports Tournaments I have ever attended. Not only was the competition exciting
but also the friendliness displayed by everyone made
this a memorable event.
© Pat Edmonds
Game 1: 2 - 2 Western Australia vs Canterbury Boltz
Game 2: 2 - 1 South Australia vs Canterbury Boltz
Game 3: 1 - 1 Queensland vs Canterbury Boltz
Game 4: 6 - 0 New South Wales over Canterbury Boltz
Game 5: 3 - 0 Canterbury Boltz over Victoria
Semi- Final:
2 - 1 New South Wales over Canterbury Boltz
Play off for 3rd - 4th place:
2 - 1 Canterbury Boltz over South Australia
13 athletes from across the South Island descended on Christchurch looking for crucial ranking points to help their
chances ahead of the National
Championships later this year.
As the 2-day South Island Boccia
Championships held in Christchurch over
the weekend of 16-17 August came to a
close it was local athletes who enjoyed
notable success across all grades.
After topping the group in pool play, twotime Paralympian Jeremy Morriss was
too strong for the rest of his competition
en route to claiming the gold in the BC1, 2 & 4
combined grades, followed by BC1's Matthew Whiting and Gary Williams. However, it was Dunedin's Henk Dijkstra (BC3)
-who claimed the top overall honours, narrowly beating Morriss 4-3 in the final.
In the Kiwi / Open combined division, Andrew Hocken stunned his competitors and fellow clubmates beating Craig
Gadsby the final 6-2. Youngster Thomas Chin edged out veteran Robin Haskell 2-2- in a tie-break to take out the last spot
on the podium.
© Boccia New Zealand
For the full results, please visit the Boccia New Zealand website
Paralympian Anthea Dixon competed at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in
August in France. It was the first time New Zealand has had a para-dressage
competitor at World Equestrian Games. This year the discipline has attracted record
numbers, with around 100 riders from 33 nations vying for medals across the
Anthea was riding Doncartier (owned by Bella Robson) and said that he has most
definitely “brought his A game” to WEG. Anthea has taken what she learnt at the
London Paralympics and has progressed to a whole new level.
Although Anthea failed to realize her dream of medalling at the World Equestrian
Games she had solid results.
Anthea and Doncartier finished seventh equal in the 16-strong class with 67.971% in
the Grade II Team Test. Brit Natasha Baker and Cabral won with 73.647%. Anthea
was pretty happy with this results as it is usual her “bogey’ test.
Anthea wasn’t so happy with her results in the Individual Championship test with a result
of 66.00%.
The World Equestrian Games is also the first Rio 2016 Paralympic Games qualifier for the discipline.
A big thank you to those that travelled down to compete in the NZ Cup 2 on 20 – 21 September, also thanks to
everyone chipping in with setting up and helping with scoring. The third place trophy was not contested this year. With
entry numbers low, the NZ Cup Round 2 was held in the ParaFed Canterbury Shooting Club’s Range, in the Marshland
Thankfully the weather gods gave us great weather for the weekend, albeit, a bit cool on Sunday.
Friday afternoon had some of the shooters getting in a practice session, to zero in for the competitions on Saturday and
Saturday’s competitions was a mix of the SH1 R3 and the SH2 R4 Matches, this enabled the six shooters to compete in
the one detail.
The Finals were held separately, with the SH1 R3 Final held first, followed by the SH2 R4 Final; this was a closely
contested match. Unfortunately Rob Smith was unable to compete in
the R4 match.
R3 Medals
Cameron Frew
Silver Larry Fa’Aaliga
R4 Medals
Grant Philip
Silver Phillip Skinner
Bronze Max Hales
Sunday was a mix again with the SH1 R1 and the SH2 R5
matches. Some good scores from these competitions. The R5
Final was held first, this was a fantastic match, with three shooters
tied partway through. Great stuff! The R1 Final followed, thank you to Cameron Frew for sitting in to shoot against Larry,
for a bit of competition.
R1 Medals
Larry Fa’Aaliga
NZ Cup 2014 Trophies
SH1 Certificate Larry Fa’Aaliga
SH2 1 Place Grant Philip
SH2 2 Place Max Hales
R5 Medals
Max Hales
Phillip Skinner
Jason Eales
The annual Para-Athletics Development Camp was held in Auckland in September. This was a joint partnership between
Athletics New Zealand and Paralympics New Zealand.
This was a very successful and enjoyable
weekend with a great group of Para-Athletes
and Coaches. The camp was attended by 15
Para-Athletes, the majority of whom were
identified as having talent at last year’s camp
or through identification at the Secondary
Schools Athletics Championships. There
were two Canterbury athletes at the
Development Camp – Christina Shepherd
and William Stedman. The level of ParaAthletes that are attending these camps is
certainly increasing, which is exciting for the
The camp was lead by coaches Raylene
Bates and Joan Merrilees, with support from
New Zealand Representatives Rory McSweeney
and Holly Robinson.
The 14th Annual National Goalball Tournament hosted by the Auckland Blind Sports & Recreation Club (ABSRC)
concluded on Monday 29th September after three days of torrid competition held at the Tamaki Recreation Centre in
There were 5 men’s teams in the Open competition and 6 teams in the Women’s competition.
Final results were:
Men’s Champions – Hawkes Bay Titans
Runner’s Up – ABSRC
Women’s Champions – ABSRC
Runner’s Up – Canterbury
Top Male Goal Scorer – Hamish Tahana (Hawkes Bay)
Top Women’s Goal Scorer – Annie Pesamino (ABSRC)
Best Defensive Men’s Team – ABSRC
Best Defensive Women’s Team – Canterbury
Spirit of Sport Award – Freedom Nathan (ABSRC Juniors)
ParaFed Canterbury Boccia Club was represented by a strong team of 6 athletes at the 2 014
Boccia Nationals held in Wellington from 3 – 6 October.
Thomas Chin, Robin Haskell, Graeme Sudlow, Andrew Hocken, Jeremy Morriss and Matt
Whiting all represented Canterbury well with some great results.
In a nail-biting BC1, 2 & 4 combined grades final, Christchurch's Matthew Whiting and
Rangiora's Jeremy Morriss went head to head and showed pure class throughout the close
game. Matching each other shot for shot, Whiting managed to get ahead of Morriss to win the
title 6-2 while Hamilton's Vishal Chandra dominated the bronze medal match to convincingly
snatch the final podium spot from Wellington's William Parker 7-0.
Meanwhile, Australian Ashleigh Jamieson caused a major upset in the BC3 competition, winning the
title 5-2 from Palmerston North's Greig Jackson. Jamieson started strong and managed to hold on to her lead despite a
strong fight-back in the second half by Jackson. Dunedin's Henk Dijkstra dominated the bronze medal match, defeating
fellow club member Karen Menzies 11-0 in a one-sided playoff match.
The Kiwi / Open grade final was an intense affair with Australia's Phil Bates using his experience to beat Northland's
newcomer Bill Henry to claim the gold medal 7-2. The third-fourth playoff went right down to the wire with Graeme Sudlow
from Christchurch doing enough to snatch the victory from fellow Cantabrian Thomas Chin in a sudden-death playoff after
scores were locked at 3-all at the end of regulation time.
BC1, 2 and 4 combined grade
Gold - Matthew Whiting (Canterbury)
Silver - Jeremy Morriss (Canterbury)
Bronze - Vishal Chandra (Waikato)
BC3 grade
Gold - Ashleigh Jamieson (Australia)
Silver - Greig Jackson (Manawatu)
Bronze - Henk Dijkstra (Otago)
Kiwi / Open grade
Gold - Phil Bates (Australia)
Silver - Bill Henry (Northland)
Bronze - Graeme Sudlow (Canterbury)
Combined BC1,2&4 Class Winners
Graeme Sudlow
Bronze Medal
Kiwi/Open Class
© Boccia New Zealand
With the weather improving and the days getting longer everyone is getting back outside and getting involved in sport.
The mission of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation is to enhance the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders by
enabling them to participate is sport and recreation. We can assist with: funding for addition costs if you are 21 or under,
giving teacher’s advice on how to include students in physical education and sport, a range of have-a-go opportunities
and much more.
The Have-a-go days that are planned are:
26 October followed by a weekly programme
1 November followed by a weekly programme
6 November
24 November
22 February
Check out our website for flyers related to these Have a Go Days –
For more information or to register for a have-a-go day please contact Justin Muschamp, Disability Sport Adviser on 027
224 8123 or 03 373 5050 or email [email protected]
Like all National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) will be
allocated a number of volunteers in the role of NPC assistants for the duration of the team's stay
in Rio de Janeiro. The programme offers an opportunity for an NPC to identify certain individuals
that it wishes to request to fill the role of NPC assistant.
Fiona Allan (Chief Executive, PNZ) says, “We ideally want to offer opportunities to locals from Rio
with New Zealand heritage or connections to ensure they have an affinity to our team.” She
continues, “International volunteers are also welcome, however, they will be responsible in full for
their own travel and accommodation arrangements and costs.”
PNZ is looking for committed and proactive individuals who value teamwork, diversity and inclusion, and are energetic
and responsible.
As part of the role, volunteers will be the "eyes and ears" of the NZ Paralympic Team and become a key part of the team
during the Games, as well as meeting some of New Zealand's biggest Paralympic stars, including Paralympic and world
champions Sophie Pascoe, Mary Fisher and Phillipa Gray.
Applications for NZ NPC assistants close on 31 October 2014.
For more information on the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Volunteer Programme and to register go to
Friday 2 – Monday 5 January 2015
Albany Tennis Centre, Oteha Valley Road, Albany, Auckland
Men’s / Women’s / Quads Singles and Doubles
Entry Fee:
NZ$175 – Overseas Players
NZ$200 – NZ Players Only (includes NZWCT yearly subs)
NZ$75 – Support Person
Entries must be paid in full two weeks before the tournament to the organizer
Closing Date: 8 December 2014
Phone / Fax 07 856 8181
30 Old Farm Road, Hamilton East, Hamilton
PO Box 4212, Hamilton East 3247
Phone 03 373 5050
Mobile 027 224 813
Email [email protected]
18 – 19
25 – 26
New Zealand Boccia National Champs, ASB Sports Centre
ParaFed Waikato activ8 series Wheelchair Tennis Tournament
Marlborough Shooting Champs
Cricket Have a Go Day – Halberg
Football Have a Go Day – Halberg
ParaFed Canterbury Athletes and Coach Scholarships Close at 4pm
ParaFed Art Entries Close at 4pm
Bowls Have a Go Day – Halberg
Last day to purchase tickets for Awards Function
ParaFed Canterbury Awards Function 2014, Chateau on the Park
Golf Have a Go Day – Halberg
8 – 14
Junior Sports Club Christmas Party
Canterbury Shooting Champs
New Zealand Secondary School Athletics Championships
World Short Course Championships
Youth Club Christmas Party
ParaFed Canterbury Office Closes for the year – 12pm
16 -18
NZ Wheelchair Tennis Open
ParaFed Canterbury Office reopens at 9am
PNZ Para Cycling Talent ID Camp
Doha, Qatar
New Plymouth
FUNky movements - low intensity exercise class aimed at people with various abilities 14 years and older
Run by the Christchurch City Council
Parklands Community Centre, 75 Queenspark Drive on Tuesdays at 11.15am.
$4.50 (Support people free)
For this you get a 45 minutes class followed by tea and coffee for those who want to stay on for it.
Jellie Park Recreation & Sport Centre – 295 Ilam Road – Wednesdays at 1.15pm.
$4.70 (Support people free)
45min class.
Give it a go...what have you got to lose!
Any questions please contact Rachel on 03 9418210 or 0272 660 771 or [email protected]
An exercise session aimed for people living with physical disabilities to keep fit, strengthen and maintain your capabilities.
The class will be a mix of seated and supported standing and walking exercises tailored to your level of competence.
When: Every Monday
Please note if you require assistance to complete your exercises, you will
Time: 1:30—2.15pm
need a support person to attend with you.
Cost: $5.00 per session
We do take Cerebral Palsy Society’s “Get Physical Programme Vouchers”
Followed by a chat over tea or coffee
Place: The Granada Centre
St John of God Halswell
26 Nash Road
Halswell, Christchurch 8025
For further information call Amelia on (03) 338 2009
St John of God Health and Ability Services —Southern
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