Certificate in Introduction to Visual Arts and Design 2015

Certificate in Introduction to
Visual Arts and Design 2015
For NZ citizens/permanent residents
Certificate in Introduction to Visual Arts and Design
Programme level:
Level 3
12 weeks
Start dates:
March and August
Study options:
$2369 (approx)
These fees provide a guide only based on 2014 fees information.
All costs quoted include GST. Fees apply to NZ Citizens and New Zealand Permanent Residents only.
Total no of credits:
Class times:
Classes are scheduled Monday to Thursday,
9.00am to 3.00pm.
Individual study hours:
13 hours per week
Hawke's Bay Campus
Programme Secretary:
Tania Pattison
Phone : 06 974 8000 ext 5019
Email: [email protected]
This 12-week programme is for students who wish to develop basic visual arts and
design skills across of range of media such as paint, print, clay, photography, graphics and
3D design. By the end of the programme students will develop an art portfolio, which will
assist their application for entry to higher level programmes.
This programme is well resourced and offered in some of the best facilities in
New Zealand, including:
Wood, clay, metal, plastic workshops
Print – woodblock, silkscreen and etching workshops and facilities
Small object / jewellery workshops
Intron press and photocopy (including colour)
Painting studios, drawing and design studios
Three computer suites, including digital photography, video, 3D rendering, and
industry standard graphics software.
Entry requirements
The Certificate in Introduction to Visual Arts and Design is an open entry programme
which means no formal academic qualifications are required. Students must be aged 16
years and over.
www.ideaschool.ac.nz ideaschool - arts & thinking
English language entry requirement
Students are required to have attained an acceptable level of English language fluency.
Subject areas:
Introduction to drawing and design
international equivalents, or completion of an EIT Hawke’s Bay assessment.
Small object design
Graphic design
Entry with credit
This is an introductory level programme and there is no entry with credit. If you
completion of a New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 3), approved scores
on IELTS tests (5.0 Academic with no band score lower than 5), completion of accepted
This may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including successful study in English,
Portfolio development
already have some of the knowledge and skills taught in this programme, please ask for
information about the Diploma in Visual Arts and Design.
Literacy and numeracy skills
A literacy and numeracy assessment is part of the preparation for all levels one to three
programmes. This
is a national requirement from the Tertiary Education Commission
(TEC). This information gives your tutors information on what you already know to help
them provide the help that you may need in your studies. There are two assessments.
The first assessment will take place within the first three weeks of the programme.
second will be a week or two before you finish the programme. This final assessment
will show how you have improved with your Literacy and Numeracy skills. There will
always be a tutor to help you when doing the assessment. The most important thing to
know about this assessment is that you CANNOT fail. You will merely get information
on your literacy and numeracy skills. The result will NOT have an impact on any of your
assessment marks in your course work.
There will be regular assessment of your work with tutor feedback aimed at helping you
to achieve your goals. A good level of attendance and a willingness to participate and
learn are requirements for successful completion of this programme.
In the final week of your programme you will, with tutor assistance, compile a portfolio of
your work. This will be used in the final assessment of your work and may then be used
Programme dates
Semester one
Programme starts
02 March 2015
Easter holidays
03 April - 07 April 2015
Term one holidays
03 April - 17 April 2015
Term two starts
20 April 2015
Queen’s Birthday
01 June 2015
Semester one ends
05 June 2015
Semester two
Programme starts
10 August 2015
Term three holidays
28 Sept- 09 Oct 2015
Term four starts
12 October 2015
HB Anniversary Day
23 October 2015
Labour Day
26 October 2015
Programme ends
13 November 2015
www.ideaschool.ac.nz ideaschool - arts & thinking
to support enrolment for further Art and Design Programmes at either EIT Hawke's Bay
or other institutes.
Course descriptions
Introduction of Drawing and Design
Expands students’ understanding of drawing through observation, creative 2-D and 3-D
drawing studies using a wide range of drawing media
Graphic Design & Photography
Introduction to photo manipulation tools used in Adobe Photoshop CS6 software. Learn
to use a digital camera and import/scan photographic imagery and apply Photoshop
editing capability to a presented brief.
Develop a series of paintings through exploration using a range of painting media,
drawing techniques, collage and surface textures. Learn about professional studio
practice, tonal and colour mixing through practical exercises that extend into a series of
creative paintings.
Small Object Design
Introduction to 3-D design. Learn to develop design skills to extend your ideas through
research and Marquette making to create a small object.
Introduction to printing techniques including monoprinting, collograph making and
printing, linocut printing and cutting.
Introduction to ceramic processes and techniques such as hand building, carving,
decoration and finishing to creating 3-D objects. Participate in an introduction to an
electric kiln to fire your 3-D object and test tiles.
Folio Making
Compile an A3 size formal folio of your work made during the programme with a
personal statement ready for final assessment. Suitable as a presentation folio for
applying for our full-time BVAD degree.
This makes up a small part of the programme and teaches important skills in the
gathering of information and the efficient use of the campus library and the internet.
It will also include a Gallery visit dependent on exhibition availability.
Student finance
StudyLink is a service of the Ministry of Social Development, it administers Student
Allowances and Student Loans as well as other forms of financial assistance for students.
The StudyLink website provides tools, calculators and information to help students who
are thinking about study to plan their finances and only borrow what they need.
Use StudyLink’s What You Can Get eligibility test to find out what you may be eligible for.
STUDYLINK on 0800 88 99 00 or online at www.studylink.govt.nz
www.ideaschool.ac.nz ideaschool - arts & thinking
Academic staff
Chris Verburg
Head of School - Sound Engineering
ideaschool is headed by Chris Verburg.Chris has a
Nigel Roberts
Programme Coordinator - Visual Arts & Design
background in sound engineering and brings over
Mazin Bahho
20 years experience in the New Zealand film industry
Peter Baker
Visual Arts/3D Design
to his role.
Wellesley Binding
Visual Arts/Painting
Linda Bruce
Visual Arts/Ceramics
Anthony Chiappin
Design/Graphics & Illustration
Jerry Gull
Communication Design/Typography
The Programme Coordinator for Visual Arts and Design is
Nigel Roberts. Nigel has worked at EIT since 2004. He holds
Michael Hawskworth Visual Arts/Drawing
a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design from EIT and a Masters
degree from Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of
Auckland. Nigel is a practising artist in his own right and has
Roger Kelly
Design/3D Design
Hayden Maunsell
Alan Neilson
The remaining teaching staff bring a mixture a generalised
Katherine Quinn
Technician/Secretary Visual Arts/Illustration
knowledge of visual arts and design theory and practice,
exhibited both locally and nationally.
Dr Bridget Sutherland Visual Arts and Design/Moving Image
with specialised knowledge in particular media areas.
Paula Taaffe
Visual Arts/Painting
A list of current staff members is outlined.
Mandy Rudge
Visual Arts/Design Thinking
Jill Webster
Visual Arts/Print
Diane Wilkie
Design/Graphics & Photography
Application Enrolment process
Enrolment form (signed)
Additional information sheet
Birth certificate/Passport/Marriage certificate
(if applicable)CV (if not-standard)
You will be encouraged to enrol into
You are accepted into the programme
You will receive a letter of acceptance
another programme
Information contained in this
publication is correct at the time
of printing, but may be subject
to change. While all reasonable
efforts will be made to ensure
listed programmes/courses
are offered and regulations are
current, the Institute reserves
the right to change content
or method of delivery, to
withdraw any programme or
course of study, or to impose
limitations on enrolment, should
circumstances require this.
Some programmes/courses
mentioned in EIT publications
are offered subject to final
approval and accreditation
or to efficient enrolments
being received. For the latest
information visit our website.
For more information
phone EIT Info Line
0800 22 55 348
www.ideaschool.ac.nz ideaschool - arts & thinking