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Upcoming Events
1st Annual
5K Run for Love
Goleta Beach
Saturday, November 1, 2014
7th Annual
High Esteem Tea
Bacara Resort & Spa
Sunday, October 5th, 2014
Guest Speaker Jackson Katz,
Creator of a gender
violence prevention and
education program
For questions about upcoming events
or to be added to the invitation list,
please visit our website
(www.dvsolutions.org), or contact
Marsha Marcoe, (805) 963-4458 x 103
or [email protected]
Spring 2014
The newsletter of Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County
DVS Welcomes Mr. Charles Anderson,
Executive Director
Domestic Violence
Solutions for Santa
Barbara County
works to end the
It is my privilege to announce that
the DVS Board of Directors named Mr.
Charles Anderson Executive Director
for Domestic Violence Solutions for
Santa Barbara County. Mr. Anderson
comes to DVS with the full spectrum of
skills needed to understand and create
positive working structures within our
multi-layered programs and staff.
cycle of violence by
providing prevention
and intervention
services and by
challenging society’s
attitudes, beliefs, and
behaviors to effect
social change.
Domestic Violence Solutions
for Santa Barbara County
Administrative Center
PO Box 1536
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
has over 20 years
experience leading
non-profits, startups,
and high growth
organizations. Mr. Anderson has
decisive, progressive leadership abilities,
demonstrated by his success in the past.
He has worked at Matrix Institute since
2005. He oversaw the organization
while also directing local, national, and
international training services. He is an
expert in identifying and capturing new
business opportunities to build highprofit, high-growth organizations.
Newsletter Production:
Publisher: Marsha Marcoe,
Associate Executive Director
Editor: Pamela Vander Heide
Graphic Design/Printing:
Christina Songer,
Pacific Press Santa Barbara
Mr. Anderson received his Master’s
Degree in Business Administration with an
emphasis on finance from the University
of Southern California. Mr. Anderson
has extensive business and management
experience having previously served as
President and member of the Board of
Directors for Xtranet Systems, Inc., and as
President and CEO
Net and PageNet of
Hawaii, Inc.
In the interim, before finding Mr.
Anderson to lead the organization,
a leadership team emerged that met
and divided the responsibilities of the
executive director. This team has proven
to be an excellent decision-making
body, rapidly sharing information and
responsibility in a new and innovative
way that has been very beneficial to
the agency. As we welcome Charles
Anderson to the helm, we also recognize
the tremendous value the Collaborative
Leadership Council played over the past
eight months.
Collaborative Leadership Council:
Nicole Blair, Controller
Nicollette Daniel,
Independent Grant Consultant
Lisa Grassle,
Clinical Counseling Director
Marsha Marcoe,
Associate Executive Director
Crystal Martinez,
Residential Program Director
Claudette Roehrig,
DVS Board President
The entire DVS board and staff
welcome Charles Anderson and looking
ahead with optimism and excitement
about what we can accomplish.
Photo by Jim Boyden
A Message from Associate Executive Director Marsha Marcoe
Presidents’ Report
A Message from Board President, Claudette Roehrig
After six years on the DVS Board of
Directors, four of those as the President,
the time has come for me to leave. Let me
begin by saying how privileged I feel to have
had the opportunity to serve this valuable
and incredible Agency in their mission to
end the intergenerational cycle of violence
by providing prevention and intervention
During these times of great social and
economic change we have enhanced our core
programs, developed relationships with our
individual, corporate and private foundation
funders and annually increased our revenue
from our highly successful fundraisers.
Blue Shield of California, working with
The Woman’s Fund, awarded us a grant to
upgrade our IT structure, reduce our carbon
footprint and reduce costs through the
efficient use of “Green Technology” across all
seven of our countywide facilities.
Our Legacy Club and the Corporate
Affiliates Program provide stability and
ensure DVS’s ability to deliver core services
to the women and children we shelter. I
will always be grateful to Susan Trescher,
who was a longtime supporter, because she
understood the value of our programs and
created a legacy making sure her charitable
intentions were realized in perpetuity.
I must acknowledge many debts of
gratitude. My job as President would have
been much more difficult if I had not had
the support and advice of many colleagues.
Marsha Marcoe, Associate Executive
Director, has never ceased to amaze me with
her humane and professional skills. She has
taught me so much about development
while sharing her knowledge of the nonprofit
world. She has always given tirelessly of
herself and has done so much to raise DVS’s
profile in Santa Barbara County.
Among my fellow Board members,
I owe a large debt of gratitude to Joel
Ohlgren for his enduring wise counsel and
support. Many thanks to Karyn Fish, who
has a talent for playing “devil’s advocate”
2 Spring 2014
Executive Director
Charles Anderson
Claudette Roehrig, Board President
while educating me about HR issues.
The Task Force, a diverse and highly
skilled group, remained determined
and passionate about finding our next
Executive Director. A special thanks
must be extended to Maura Mitchell and
Julie Capritto for spearheading this six
month’s comprehensive search.
Let me also take this opportunity to
thank all the Board members for their
model of fairness and dedication. They
have always been supportive whenever I
needed them.
I also must pay tribute to our
motivated and dedicated counselors
and advocates. Without their fortitude,
sensitivity and hard work there would be
no DVS.
Last but not least, I owe a special
thanks to our Collaborative Leadership
Council, consisting of Nicole Blair,
Marsha Marcoe, Crystal Martinez, Lisa
Grassle and our grant writer, Nic Daniel.
I have been impressed with your depth
of knowledge and understanding of the
Agency’s needs and how willingly you
responded when called upon. You truly
are my “dream team”.
Finally, let me thank all of you for
your friendship and the honor of having
worked with you. I will treasure this
fulfilling and challenging experience
for the rest of my life. I leave my seat as
President feeling very optimistic about
DVS’s future. It is truly in good hands!
“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success”
Henry Ford
Associate Executive Director
Marsha Marcoe
Board of Directors
Claudette Roehrig, President
Cozetta Blow, Vice President
Vicki Johnson, Secretary
James Madison, Treasurer
Julie Capritto
Karyn Fish
Beatriz Pimentel Flores
Sofie Langhorne
Maura Mitchell
Joel Ohlgren
Tracy Sanginiti
Michele W. Schneiderman
William L. Schneiderman, M.D.
Liz Seitz
M. Barry Semler
Pamela Vander Heide
Beth Weinberg
Administrative Center
PO Box 1536,
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
(805) 963-4458
Fax: (805) 963-1169
Teen Services
Santa Barbara: (805) 564-3300 3#
Santa Maria: (805) 347-9994
Santa Maria Outreach Office
PO Box 314, Santa Maria, CA 93456
(805) 347-9994
24-Hr. Crisis Lines:
Santa Barbara (805) 964-5245
Santa Maria: (805) 925-2160
Lompoc: (805) 736-0965
Hannah Hultgren
Alexandre Ilitchev
Elaine Immel
Cheryl Imp
Jose Iniguez
Mary Jochum
Robert Gibson Johnson, Jr.
Linda Jordan
Dawn & Joel Kaufman
Edith & John Kay
Janet Kendrew
Barbara & Bruce Kennedy
Dorie Kirtman
Elle Koelsch
Wanda Kon
Patricia & Ken Kruger
Jeanne Kubes
Jackie & Paul Kurta
Dennie La Tourelle
Terre Lapman
Erin M. Lardi
Suzanne Lemagie
C.A. & Susan Lentz
Dr. Dennis & Victoria Hsu Leung
Deborah & James Lewis
Lori Litel
Maria Lopez
Claudia Lopez
Sarah Love
Deborah & Marty Lynch
Bruce & Anne Marchu
Donald & Barbara Margerum
Donna Mathews
Jane & James McCullagh
Judith McKinnon
Bruce McRoy
Juliana Minsky
Dennis & Carolyn Naiman
Susan & Max Neufeldt
Tien Nguyen
Judith Nordahl
Darlene & Peter Novak
Belinda Ojeda
Isaiah Ojeda
Helen Olson
Orcutt Presbyterian
Monica Orsua
Martha Osborne
Marjorie & Craig Palonen
Beverly Pelton
Nancy Perez
Jean Perrett
Alan & Lisa Piltz
Joy & Joe Pinson
Auroa Plaza
Kathleen Polischuk
Toyota Porter & Howard, Inc
George & Loretta Potter
Natalia Prada
Sean R & G FreewayTowing
Gail Rappaport
Jeff M. Reece
Michelle Richardson
Myra Ritchie
Shelly Rivara
Francisco Rodriquez
Susan Roth
Julie Ruggieri
Betty Rupp
Susan Sakauye
Angela Sanchez
Frank Winant & Ann Sanders
Tracy Sanginiti
Alice & Sheldon Sanov
Santa Ynez Valley Rotary Club
Laura Scharlach
Frank Schmidt
Janice & Ronald Schmidt
Anne Schowe
Michael & Georgia Schrager
Patricia Schwartzkopf
Christina Schwontes
Carol Schwyzer
Kelly Scott
Michael & Brigitte Seligman
Joan Semelsberger
Janet Servetius
R. Joseph Sevilla
Nettie Silva
Lee & Amy Silverman
Karen Sinsheimer
Pearl Ann Skowbo
Maria Smezick
Sally & Jay Smith
Evelynn Smith
Christina Songer
Felice Soule
Nancy States
Catherine Steininger
Irene Stone
Deborah Strance
Super Muffler
Angela Swanson
Sally Swift
Laurel Sykes
David & Gail Teton-Landis
Mary Turley
Honda of Santa Maria TVJ Sons
I, Inc
United Way
Sarah Van Bourgondien
Daniel Vegezzi
Mary Ann Veroski Jr.
VFW Auxiliary 1717 Lompoc
Fabrice Vincent
Vine Oaks, LLC
Huong Vu
Beverly Walker
Pat & Ed Wallace
Judeenne Warren
Alex Weinstein
Candace White
Yvonne Williams
John Williamson
Wines for Humanity
Elizabeth Winterhalter
Women’s Heritage Foundation
C. Dennis & Mary Ellen Wylie
Clarice Yee
Kathleen Zalecki
Mary Ann Zegers
Jane Zuzalek
July, 2013 to
June, 2014
Marilyn Acquistapace
Bryan Anderson
Angalic Touch Salon
Michelle Apodaca
Aracele Arias
Michelle Armstrong
Assistance League of Santa
Dana Barnat
Dawn Barnier
Richard & Kristen Battles
Heidi Bautista & Russ Helfand
Leslie Beauchamp
Berkshire Hathaway
Michelle Bischoff
Angie Blackburn
Leslye Borden
Linda Brey
Joan Ariel & Ellen Broidy
Marcie Brown
Charlene Callahan
Marc Canigiola
Arlene Chavez
Elizabeth Vargas Chavez
Christ Lutheran Church
Mesa Oaks Ward Church of Jesus
Christ LDS
Ariana & Josh Cobb
Adele Costa
Dick & Judy Cousineau
Crestwood Church
Shannon Gaston Crush Cakes
Crushcakes & Cafe
Daniel De la Cruz
Maria De la Cruz
Deckers Outdoor Corp.
Jocelyn Delgadillo
Julia Devargas
Direct Relief International
Jill Dominique
Yvonne Duran
Kendra Epley
Rubin Esauivel
Margaret Espinosa
Eufloria Flowers
Suzanne Evanski
Ever-Bloom Inc.
Evolutions Medical & Day Spa
Dorine Fabing
William & Jane Fairbairn
Fess Parker Double Tree Hotel
First United Methodist Church
Perky & Stan Fisher
Nancy Fitch
Renee & Joe Fletcher
Brenda Ford
Kyle Fraas
John Furubotten
Cara Gamberdella
Crystal Garcia
Gina’s Piece of Cake
Goodwin & Thyne Properties
Cathy Green
Alan & Valerie Greenberg
Millie Gregory
James M. Hall
Courtney Hamel
Dorothy Hamilton
Handmade Especially for You
Audry Harmen
Elizabeth Hatcher
Barret & Suellen Hilzer
Hattie Husbands
Inn at East Beach
Zoe Iverson
Brittany Johnson
Diane & Paul Jones
Pikul Kaewbana
Robert Karr
Karen Keller
Victoria Kennedy
Brian King
La Tapatia Bakery
John & Ruth Lane
Sofie & Charles Langhorne
Julie Larson
Sylvia Lazos
Rosa Garcia Little Caesars Pizza
Raymond Lopez
Soxty Lori
Anne Steinmann & Stanley
Juanita Macias
Main Street Donuts
Richard Mann
Marsha Marcoe
Rudd Mary
Jenny Mcclure
Meathead Movers
Irene Mendez
Gwyn Mickelson
Mission Uniform Service
June Mitts
Darlene Mock
Cindy Moore
Juliette & Daniel Moore
Elva Muñoz
Netnolimits, Inc.
Network Medical
Whitney & Judy Newland
Minh Nguyen
April Nordyke
NS Ceramic, Inc.
Jeanne Oliver
Terry Olson
Monica Orsua
Pacific Graduate Institute
Jeanette Padilla
Panaderia La Villa
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Wes Pendergrass
Thom & Peggy Perhac
Shannon Power
Lee & Connie Pratt
Heather Price
Madeline Reily
Teresa & Mark Richter
Chemayne Faukoner Roblar
Jim & Claudette Roehrig
Sabrina Ross
Kim Sabedra
Carla & Scott Sage
Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church
San Roque Florist
Carolina Sanchez
Jennifer Sanchez
Santa Maria Donuts
Frank & Linda Santana
Francisco Santos
Richard & Maryan Schall
Frank Sentena
Janet Servetius
ServiceMaster Commercial
Arvind Shah
Jaime Shaw
Showgrounds Self Storage
Silver & Jewelry Outlet
Sandra Simich
Lacy Smith
Soma Intimates
Christina Songer
Southside Coffee Company
St. Louis de Montfort Parish
Staples Center Foundation
Nancy States
Jill Stein & David Unger
Nicole Steiner
Margaret Stevens
Amanda Stowers
Natalie Sumner
Andrea Sutherland
Jeff Sutton
T.J. Maxx
Nancy Tetra Tech
The Fess Parker Doubletree Resort
The Fresh Market
Lucy Thoms Harrington
John & Laurie Tilson
John Torell
Beth Torres
Toy Zoo & Anything Educational
Trader Joes
Union Bank Foundation
Bonny Uribe
Helen Valdez
Salvador Vela
Jose Veronica Bakery
Victoria Villa
Gert & Margie Walter
Patricia Ward
Katie Washburn
Diane Welch
Yvonne Williams
Carl Young
Spring 2014 11
Cindy Brittain
Joan Ariel & Ellen Broidy
Michael S. Brown
Sarah Burns
Melinda Burns
Kathleen & Michael Calhoun
Jan Campbell
Lynne Cantlay
Mrs. Lois Capps
Serena Carroll
Shirley & John Carter
Marybeth Carty
Cedars Of Lebanon Foundation
Joan Chackel
Christ Lutheran Church
Jean Christensen
Carnzu Clark
Deborah & Brad Clark
Richard & Marie Cline
Linda Clough
Ariana & Josh Cobb
Marcia & John Cohen
Carolyn Coie
Lynda Cole
Margaret & Joseph Connell
Margaret Cordero
Michael & Linda Cordero
Sallie Coughlin
Santa Barbara County Firefighters
Local 2046
Dick & Judy Cousineau
Crestwood Church
Barbara & Warren Culberson
Rocky Davidson
Ron & Jill Dexter
Lynn Donovan & Rick Ceriale
Andrew & Terri Dowen
Debra Dresco
Gordon Durenberger
Mim Eichler Rivas & Victor Rivas
Elks Lodge
Robert & Christine Emmons
Karen Engberg
Kendra Epley
Mary Ann & Blair Everette
James Everson
Douglas & Carol Fell
Joyce & Terry Fernandez
Linda Fish
Karyn & Kenneth Fish
John & Marie Foley
Jay & Jennifer Fortman
Tiffany & Frank Foster
Helen & John Free
Francine Freund
Jeffrey & Monica Fried
Anita Friedman
Tish Gainey
Don A. & Kristin T. Galloway
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Genna
Genuine Chiropractic
Marilyn Gevirtz
Ghita Ginberg
Jo Glisson
Goleta Presbyterian Church
Steven Golis
Lisa Gosdschan
Lisa Grassle
Karen & John Greathouse
Gary & Susan Gulbransen
Tilbeth Hagendorf
Kathleen Halloran
Tony & Marlena Handler
Betty & Stan Hatch
Pamela Hawes
Mary Hernandez
Martha Hight
Barbara Holt
Bill & Janice Hurney
10 Spring 2014
Zoe Iverson
Jack’s Kitchen
Diane L. Johnson
David Paul Jones
Jan Ann & Richard Kahler
Louis Karpf
Martin & Virginia Kern
Anne Lise & Albert Keys
Petar & Anna Kokotovic
Ted Kromis
Sandra Krueger
Ursula Kubetschek
Ladies of Charity of Santa
William & Martha Lannan
Gary & Cristina Lemp
Barbara & Albert Lindemann
Robert & Regina Lingl
Rudi Lion
Jane Lodas
Sheila Lodge
Olivia Loewy
Dr. David Lohman
Arica Lubin
Ed and Marcia Lupo
Leatrice Luria
Linda Sweeney Lutheran
Women’s Missionary League
Steve & Cindy Lyons
Leslie and Peter MacDougall
Carole MacElhenny
Sara Miller McCune
Marian Mcfadden
Natalie & Bruce McFadden
Yoko McSweeney
Ron & Donna Melville
Jayne Menkemeller
Jessica Metzger
Steve Milam
Richard & Cheryl Miller
Susan & Michael Moats
Mike & Meryam Molyneux
Robin Montz
Juliette & Daniel Moore
Maryanne Mott
Larry & Jeanie Murdock
John & Mary Murphy
Tim Murphy
Patricia & Joseph Musarra
Lynette Muscio
Richard A. Navarro
Yvonne Neumann
Dale Nissenson
Armanda Nol
Brent & Frances Norris
Candice Nyholt
Soroptimist International Of
Eilene & Jenna Okerblom
Kelly & Eric Onnen
Amber & Steve Ortiz
Lucia & Johannes Overgaag
Pacific Press Santa Barbara
Bill & Carol Palladini
Donna Payne
Perrin Pellegrin
Carolyn Perez
Thom & Peggy Perhac
Chauncey Peterson
Gary Pollock
Kathleen Porter
Lee & Connie Pratt
Janna Price
Nicholas & Sharon Priester
R & G Auto Transport
Ellen & Lawrence Ralston
Scott Reed
Robert & Patti Reid
George Relles
Randolph Alan Rigby
Linda & Thorn Robertson
Susan Roe
Frank & Harriet Rosecrans
Sybil Rosen
Richard & Lisa Ross
Susan Rubel
Clifford & Phyllis Ruddle
Manfred & Jean Sander
Santa Barbara Dance Center
Santa Barbara Frame Shop
William Sargent
Lisa & Mike Schlagel
Deborah Scott
Elizabeth Seitz
John & Liz Sekula
Carolina Senchez
Michael & Marie Sexton
Arvind Shah
Jo-Ann Shelton
Geoff Slaff
Linda & Cameron Smith
Sowins & Gotelli, D.D.S., Inc.
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Shane & Patricia Reilly Stark
Jill Stein
Prudence & Robert Sternin
David Stone
Louise & Raymond Stone
Lisa Streett
Gail Sulmeyer
Karen Sutherland
Joann Tall
Alexander Tang
Pete & Beverly Taylor
Vincent Thomas
Robert & Carol Ann Thompson
Santa Barbara Chapter of
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
John J. Thyne III
John Torell
Carrie Towbes
Marshall & Elizabeth Turner
UFCW Local 770
Union Bank Foundation
Unity Church of Santa Maria
Janet Uribe, Trustee
Pamela Vander Heide
Sarah Vedder
Paula & Dan Waldman
Robin Walker
Patricia Ward
Cath Webb
Jim & Crisy Weber
Margaret Weimer
Michael Weimar
Beth Weinberg
Dorene Wellck
Betty Wells
Wells Fargo
Gary & Deborah Welterlen
Greta Welterlen
John Wester
Reverend Bets Wienecke
Charlotte Williams
Linda Williamson
Benita & Reed Wilson
Stephanie Wilson
Joy Winer
Mona & William Wise
Janet Wolf
Santa Maria Chapter Women of
the Moose #463
Women’s Heritage Foundation
Edwin Newhall Woods
Roberta Wright
Write Club, Inc.
Elizabeth & Francis Zok
UP TO $100
Catherine & William Abbott
Arline Allen
Charles Anderson
Anonymous Cash
Brooke Armstrong
Richard & Helen Atamian
Donald & Lucille Aubrey
Mary L. Baker
Beverly & Steve Balash
Lark Meleth Batteau
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Richard & Heather Bedford
Norman & Stephanie Begody
Sam & Gail Bigknife
Kaye Blackmore
Ms. Ann S. Bockius
David & Alma Boone
Linda Bornhoft
Aruni Boteju
Lyette & Paul Brown
James & Cathy Buchert
Valeria Capell
Barbara Carrington
Connie Centeno-Quigley
Channel City Lumber Co., Inc.
Linda & Matthew Cheresh
Andrew Chou
Debbie Ciantar
Chris Clement
E.B. Clements
Yale & Eleanor Coggan
Teresita Concellos
Judy & John Connors
William J. Cordero
Tom & Deborah Cox
Roberta Coyne
Nic Daniel
Jacqueline De La Torre
Dorothy Dearman
Stephanie Decker
Joan & Bob Dinaberg
Katherine & Jeff Dinkin
Mary Dorra
Jill Dunlap
Neil Elliot
Patrice Emery
Kimberly Equinoa
Lois Erburu
Alphonso Espinoza
Aneiscia Esquivias
Ronald Evey
Gail Fairburn
Mary Fewell
Rogelio & Arleen Flores
Divina Flores
Sonya Flores
Stephen Foley
Judy Fontana
Victoria & Ahmad Forouzandeh
Cheryl Foster
Birthe Franai
Gail Gallessich
Rosie Garcia
Marilyn Gardner
Madeline Garret
Louise Borad Gerber
Larry & Susan Gerstein
Ellen Goodstein
Mr. & Mrs. James Gutmann
Maria Victoria Guzman
Karolyn Hanna
Joel Conroy & Amanda Harness
Doris & Dennis Harrold
Linda Hedgepeth
Kenneth & Barbara Hershberg
Raymond & Anne Higgins
Roger & Eileen Horton
Diane Huerta
Why Brandology Gives
One of the most difficult challenges for a woman leaving an
abusive relationship is crossing the abyss between her old life and the
new violence-free life she wants to live. That abyss is deep, dark and
terrifying. It holds the very real fear that her ex-partner will maim or
kill her…he could take her kids…she must leave behind her home
and possessions…it may be impossible to keep her job…and she will
have to cut ties with friends to stay safe.
The abyss can be so frightening that it stops some battered women from escaping--especially those who do not have strong support systems.
That is why Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara is critically important to
our community. DVS’ integrated services give abused women a safe, solid bridge, and
compassionate, comprehensive support so they can cross the abyss.
Brandology is proud to be a supporter of Domestic Violence
Solutions. Our dream is to help every battered woman in Santa
Barbara County cross the abyss and live the abuse-free life she
• Endowment
• Naming Opportunity
• Planned Giving
• Bequests
The Domestic Violence Solutions
Corporate Affiliates Program
• Charitable Trusts
• Gift Annuities
organization’s size.
For more information please contact:
Marsha Marcoe, Associate Executive Director
of Development (805) 963-4458 x 103 or
[email protected] Hannah Hultgren,
Development Associate (805) 963-4458 x 102 or
[email protected]
“What would you like to
achieve with your money
that would be significant
to you?”
photo by Jim Boyden
he DVS Corporate Affiliates
Program is the means through
which Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa
Barbara County forms mutually beneficial
alliances with local corporations and nongovernmental organizations that share our
commitment to ending violence.
Member organizations make a financial
investment in Domestic Violence Solutions
based on a sliding scale relative to an
• Gifts of Property
Marsha Marcoe
Associate Development Director
DVS thanks our corporate affiliates for significant contributions to our county-wide programs.
We are proud to call them partners in helping families break the cycle of violence.
Tax ID # 95-3495141
For more information
on giving,
please contact
Marsha Marcoe
at: 805-963-4458 x 103
or email [email protected]
Spring 2014 3
Mia Lundin Hormones Health & Happiness As a farewell to her private practice, Mia Lundin presented a talk
at the Majorie Luke Theatre to benefit Domestic Violence Solutions.
Marsha Marcoe & Mia Lundin
Donna Christina McGuire & Mia Lundin
Mia Lundin
Jesse Marquez and his Z Squad, Monica Noriz, Lauren Sherwood and Vanesa Probert
conducted a Zumba marathon to raise money for Domestic Violence Solutions
Jesse Marquez has a passion to give back to DVS because he and his mother, Candy Marino sought shelter at DVS when fleeing
from violence when he was twelve years old. His experience at DVS became a turning point for him and his mother.
Jesse Marquez & Candy Marino
Jesse’s Z Squad: Monica Noriz,
Lauren Sherwood, Vanessa Probert
The events DJ
Sigma Alpha Zeta’s Second Annual Run for Love DVS thanks each of the Sigma Alpha Zeta members
for taking a step to end domestic violence through their Second Annual Run For Love event. Thank you for bringing awareness
to domestic violence. A special thank you goes out to Cecilia Sanchez, Zeta’s Run for Love organizer.
Sigma Alpha Zeta
Marsha Marcoe & Cecilia Sanchez
Playground Project Domestic Violence Solutions gives a special thank you to Trilogy Service Club, Altrusa Club and
Chevron for championing the playground project in Santa Maria.
Michele Schneiderman, Marsha Marcoe,
Nora Lee, Linda Adams, Christi Nemetz
4 Spring 2014
Marsha Marcoe
Ribbon Cutting
Charles Anderson &
Lisa Grassle
Santa Maria Advocates
July, 2013 to June, 2014
Thank you
to the following individuals
and organizations who made
a significant contribution to ending domestic violence in our
community during this past year.
$1,000,000 & ABOVE
Susan Trescher Trust
$100,000 TO $999,999
Jim & Stella Melillo
Jim & Claudette Roehrig
Weingart Foundation
$50,000 TO $99,999
Roy & Ida Eagle Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Evelyn Lyons
Steve & Cindy Lyons
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
$10,000 TO $49,999
James S. Bower Foundation
Diana Celmayster
Crawford Idema Family Foundation
Bucky Hazan
Barret & Suellen Hilzer
Kum Su Kim
Montecito Bank & Trust
Santa Barbara Foundation
Betty J. Stephens
Venoco, Inc.
Volentine Family Foundation
Yardi Systems, Inc.
$5,000 TO $9,999
Delta Psi Chapter Alpha Chi
Paul & Julie Capritto
Central Coast Wine Classic
Zora & Les Charles
Alan & Valerie Greenberg
Latkin Foundation
Kayla Lea
Macy’s Foundation
Octavia Foundation, LLC, Harris my
The Outhwaite Foundation
Richard & MaryanSchall
Schuler Family Foundation
M. Barry Semler
Judy & Jack Stapelmann
Irene S. Stone - Stone Family
Stanley & Cheryl Tomchin
Verizon Hopeline
David Goldmuntz & Leesa WilsonGoldmuntz
$2,500 TO $4,999
Colleen & Will Beall
Susan & Brett Caine
Coastal Community Builders
Judy & Rob Egenolf
Lynda & Rusty Fairly
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Morgan Stanely
Netnolimits, Inc.
NS Ceramic, Inc.
Nancy Even & Joel Ohlgren
Terrence Ryken
Dan & Mary Secord
Union Bank
$1,000 TO $2,499
Bank of the West
Margo & Jeffrey Barbakow
Larry & Wendy Barels
Elizabeth Batarse
Freya’s Bower
Cathcart Millennium Foundation
Suzy Cawthon
Karen Chackel
Chevron Corporation
Community West Bank
Deckers Outdoor Corp.
Lola Dority
Element Christian Church
FLIR Charitable Giving Program
Nancy & Michael Gifford
The Giles Family Foundation
Granada Theatre
Mark & Sally Hamilton
Mary Harvey
Anne & Andy Heller
Judy Hopkinson
Hutton Parker Foundation
J.M. Lazarus Foundation
Vicki C. Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Peter & Gerd Jordano
Lauren & Stephen Katz
Christine D. Kelley
Kristin Kirby
Sofie & Charles Langhorne
Anne Steinmann & Stanley Lowenberg
Craig McCaw
Patrick & Esther McKinley
Robert & Val Montgomery
Jeanne Oliver
Rabobank, N.A.
Susannah Rake
Jean Schuyler
David & Carolyn Spainhour
Peter & Stephanie Sperling
John & Laurie Tilson
United Way of Santa Barbara
Sally & William Warner-Arnett
Lynda & Bruce Weinman
Town and Country Women’s Club
of Santa Barbara, Inc
$500 TO $999
A to Z Club
Alpha Literary & Improvement
Bronwen Armstrong
B & B Foundation
Eva Barberi
Sabrina Bernardi
Tony & Hillary Biedul
Pamela Bigelow
Bill & Kathy Borgers
Caryl Bowman
Patricia A. Brooks
Bill & Donna Brown
Lynn Brown
Cabana Home LLC
CenCal Health
Michele Chan-Thompson
Clos Pepe Vineyards, LLC
First United Methodist Church
Susan Rose & Alan Ghitterman
Uniquely Greek
Kathryn Greenelsh
Marlena Handler
Hannah-Beth Jackson
Donald & Diane Jackson
Patricia & Steve Jordan
Kiwanis Club of Santa Maria
Mia Lundin
Marsha Marcoe
Roger & Virginia McConnell
Pacific Coast Energy Company LP
Diane & Terrell Pannkuk
Mark Paulson
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Pure Joy Catering, Inc.
John & Mary Romo
Geoffrey Rusack
The Samarkand
John Sanger
Lompoc Affiliate of the Santa Barbara
William & Michele Schneiderman
Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority
Vince Deral & Deborah Talmage
Robert & Leah Temkin
Andrew Thomson
United Way, NSBC
Elena Urschel
Vandenberg AFB Chapel
Suze Williams
Jim & Marcia Wolfe
$100 TO $499
Samuel & Sue Adams
Clarence & Joan Agress
Charles Anderson
Antelope Valley Animal Hospital
Bruce & Judy Anticouni
Allison Armour-Wilson
Bronwen Armstrong
Ashley Ashmoore
Elisa & Joseph Atwill
Catherine & Michael Aydeiott
Barrett Air Conditioning Company
Lina & John Paul Beltran
Barbara & Yoav Ben-Horin
Gary & Joyce Benedetti
Beta Lambda Sorority
Marilynne R. Bird
Judith Blankenship
Rita & Norman Blau
Reggie Bolton
Russell & Joan Bolton
Celene & Brian Borgatello
Susan Bower
John Brincko
British Wives Club
Donald & Cindy Brittain
Spring 2014 9
Annual Report
Revenue and Expenses July 2012 - June 2013
Total Revenue
Rental Income Unrestricted Private
In Kind Donations
Special Events
Client & Program
• Served 200 Women & 184
• Provided 2,117 Crisis Calls
• Responded to 442 Domestic
Violence 911 calls
Unrestricted Private Donations
Special Events (Gross)
In-Kind Donations
17.2% State & Federal
State and Federal Contracts
Other income
Local Government Contracts
Private Foundations and Bequests
Client and Program Fees
Private Foundations & 54.6%
Rental Income
Investment Income
Rental &
0.3% Investment
Local Government
49% are adults receiving critical
treatment to deal with the trauma
of abuse
Management & General
• Assisted 121 survivors
establishing independent
Total Expenses
• Reached 6,000 individuals in
local schools and community
48% are children and teens who
have witnessed domestic violence
in the home, receiving counseling
along with the battered parent
Management and General
During the year ended June 30, 2013, Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County
was the recipient of a permanently restricted endowment gift from the Susan Trescher Living Trust
totaling $1,237,500. The Organization placed $1,175,000 with the Santa Barbara Foundation Focus
Income Blend Fund (the Fund). The Fund attempts to provide stable capital appreciation on a
total return basis. The interest earned on the restricted endowment will be advised by the Board of
Directors Finance Committee.
Nicole Blair, Controller
8 Spring 2014
Net Assets
Total Net Assets were $3,388,056.
Total Support and Revenue was $3,309,972
Total Expenses were $2,078,441
Domestic Violence is Not a Woman’s Issue
famous parable in a SAGE publication speaks about watching a woman in crisis as she is coming down the river. Unable
to stand by and watch this woman in crisis, a fisherwoman jumps into the river and pulls the struggling woman to the
shore. Just as she is beginning to provide the necessary care to the woman she has just rescued, she is astonished to hear yet
another cry for help. Another woman, flailing and in crisis, is coming down the river. She again jumps into the river and pulls
this woman out. This happens time and time again until she is no longer surprised to hear the cry for help.
As she grows more frustrated with the never-ending stream of women in crisis, she realizes that if she is going to ultimately
stop the flow of women coming down the river in crisis, she needs to go upstream and determine what circumstances,
conditions or forces are causing the women to fall into this river.
DVS is aware that we must go upstream to determine what circumstances are creating violence against women. In a 2002
review of the relevant research Michael Kimmel found that violence is a key component of maintaining control and that more
than 90% of “systematic, persistent, and injurious” violence is perpetrated by men.
Jackson Katz, creator of a gender violence prevention and education program, and guest speaker for the DVS
High Esteem Tea has started a national conversation about the male causes of violence. Katz suggests that we
put a spotlight on men as either perpetrators or bystanders.
Please come and learn what he has to teach us on Sunday, October 5th at Bacara Resort & Spa Ballroom. For
more information please email [email protected] or call 805-963-4458 ext. 103
Adapted version of the parable from a SAGE Publications Violence Against Women, 2nd Edition by Claire M. Renzetti, Jeffrey L.
Edleson, and Raquel Kennedy Bergen.
Spring 2014 5
2014 Springtime Committee
Joyce Wilson
Suzy Cawthon, Co-Chair
Suse Gray Williams, Co-Chair
Gretchen Lieff, Honorary Chair
Eva Barberi
Sabrina Bernardi
Pam Bigelow
Patty Bryant
Kendra Epley
Lauren Katz
Sofie Langhorne
Marsha Marcoe
Laura Mast
Judy Milam
Cherilyn Milton
Jill Nida
Diane Pannkuk
Wendy Sanders
Suzy Cawthon & Suze Gray Williams,
Christina Songer
Committee Co-Chairs and Gretchen Lieff Caroline Thompson
Laurie Tilson
Leesa Wilson-Goldmuntz
Springtime at
For the last fourteen years the Springtime Committee and
Domestic Violence Solutions has been hosting an annual
Springtime cocktail party to raise much needed funds for
those whole lives are devastated by violence in the home.
Our generous sponsors have completely underwritten the
expenses for our annual event, allowing the Springtime
Committee to raise over $1,300,000 since the very first
garden party in 2001.
Los Sueños
Thank you to our sponsors!
Titanium Sponsors
Betty J. Stephens & Lindsay Fisher
Kum Su Kim
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Platinum Sponsors
Bryant & Sons Jewelers, Ltd.
Claudette & Jim Roehrig
Maryan & Richard Schall
Program Sponsor
NS Ceramic, Inc.
6 Spring 2014
Gold Sponsors
Colleen Parent Beall
Susan & Brett Caine
The Goldmuntz Family
Les Marchands / The Lark
Cindy & Steve Lyons
Jim & Stella Melillo
Montecito Bank & Trust
M. Barry Semler & Family
Silver Sponsors
Cabana Home and
Caroline & Steve Thompson
Lynda & Rusty Fairly
Lauren & Stephen Katz
Edward Lazarus
Joel Ohlgren & Nancy Even
Jean K. Schuyler
Bronze Sponsors
Sally Warner Arnett & Dr. G. William Arnett
Arvind Shah
Eva Barberi Financial Planning
Sabrina Bernardi
Pam C. Bigelow
Bluestar Parking
Suzy Cawthon, SB Jazzercise
Anne & Andy Heller
Sofie Langhorne, Coldwell Banker
Ester & Patrick McKinley
Val & Robert Montgomery
Projects: A Giffin & Crane Company
Alison Wrigley & Geoffrey Clafin Rusack
The Samarkand Retirement Community
Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center/
Gary Simpson
Christina Songer / Pacific Press
Hon. Deborah Talmage (Ret.) & Vince Deral
Laurie & John Tilson
Suze & John Williams
A special thank you to Montecito Bank & Trust
for Springtime Volunteers: Jessica Metzger, Kathy
Frausto and Brenda Skeate
Right, from top: Dr. Ron Ungerer &
Stephanie Wilson; Below, from left:
Pamela Vander Heide & Karyn Fish;
Below Right: Terrell & Diane Pannkuk.
Lower middle: Claudette Roehrig, Steve
Thompson, Hannah-Beth Jackson &
Jim Roehrig; Kum Su Kim, Elaine
& Jeff Benson, David Alvarez &
Cherilyn Milton; Bottom row, from
left: Maura Mitchell & Darrell Gray;
Suzy Cawthon, Christina Songer & Jill
Nida; Auctioneer, Gordon Morrell
Top, left to right: Springtime Committee:
Cherilyn Milton, Judy Milam, Pam Bigelow,
Kendra Epley, Sabrina Bernardi, Diane
Pannkuk, Christina Songer, Suzy Cawthon,
Suze Gray Williams, Laurie Tilson, Sofie
Langhorne & Eva Barberi; Below Left: Kendra
Epley, Charles Anderson & Pam Bigelow;
Middle Column from top: Gary Simpson,
Jill Nida & Arvind Shah; Bottom: Steve &
Caroline Thompson, Pam & Terry Valeski;
Middle Column from Top: Marcha Marcoe &
Jean Schuyler; Thorn & Linda Robertson; Susan
Caine & Leesa Wilson-Goldmuntz; Suze Gray
Williams & Laurie Tilson.
Spring 2014 7