Operations Manager, Lifewise ECE Head Teachers, ECE administration staff Position Title:

Position Title:
Service Manager – Early Childhood Education
Reporting to:
Operations Manager, Lifewise
Direct Reports:
ECE Head Teachers, ECE administration staff
Key Relationships:
Lifewise/MMN/APT staff, centre staff, parents and families, whanau,
Ministry of Education officials, training tutors, professional
development co-ordinators, Education Review Officers, Ministry of
Health advisors, Ministry of Social Development staff , NZ Fire
Service and individuals and organisations in the wider community
Responsible for:
Manage the Early Childhood Centres that comprise the service and
implement of Early Childhood Education Projects within Lifewise
and in the wider ECE community
October 2014
Background to LIFEWISE:
LIFEWISE (formerly Methodist Mission Northern) had its beginnings in 1851 and has been engaged in
the delivery of social services, social awareness and social action for over 100 years. Its roots are deep
in the Methodist ethos of social justice and social action. LIFEWISE has provided social work, foster
care, and early childhood education and parent education services to the central and west Auckland
community for the last 17 years. The Vision of LIFEWISE is for a Connected, just, and inclusive
communities and the organisation’s purpose is to support powerful change through connection with
community. Our work is carried out in LIFEWISE guided by three key values – respect, integrity and
courage – which arise out of our theological principles.
Organisational Chart at June 2014
MMN Board
Airedale Property Trust
John Murray
General Manager
Moira Lawler
Exec. Asst.
Cheryl Banks
Operations Manager
Ann-Marie Searchfield
HR Manager
Fiona Masson
General Manager
Bruce Stone
Office Manager/PA
Claudia Scott
Financial Controller
Director Fundraising Marketing &
Lesley Mynett-Johnson
Property Manager
Allan Clark
John Macdonald –
Aotea Chapel/St James
Health & Disability Support
Services Manager
Julie Smith
ASB C4C Project
Russell Rigby
Bond Chapel
Crisis Response & Housing
Service Manager
Corie Haddock
Lifewise Rotorua - Mental Health &
Addictions Service Manager
Haehaetu Barrett
Children & Families Service
Stewart Love
Graham Caine
Group Property
Giuliano Volpi
Financial Accountant
Jeremy Chong
Group Property
Rebecca Washer
Accounting Services
Elaine Russell
Property Officer
Nathan Balchin
Exec Team
Service Manager ECE
Head Teachers, Royal
Rd. Waimumu, Glen
Eden, Playgroups
ECE Project Support
Sesi Mausia
Exec Advisory Team
Overall Purpose of the Position
The purpose of this role is to lead, manage and grow the contracts we hold for early childhood
education, and associated projects, and to ensure the provision of quality early childhood education
and whanau support to our families. The centres currently operating or planned are: TAP 1 – Otara
ECE centre, TAP 2 – Glen Eden and Waimumu Sites, Royal Road, Supported Playgroup – Waimumu.
Lifewise envisages establishing ECE Centres, playgroups and other initiatives across Auckland and in
other regions in which Lifewise operates and in line with our strategic planning. In addition, the Service
Manager will support and facilitate leadership across Lifewise with the Lifewise leadership team, and
some targeted external ECE services.
Organisational Context
Current Lifewise Centres and Services connected to this position:
Samoa Moni I Lana Gagana Aoga Amata
Royal Road Preschool
Akoteu Tenga’i Musita
Hours of Work
The position is full time equivalent (40 hours per week).
The ability to work outside normal office hours may occasionally be required.
Role of the Service Manager
The ECE Service Manager will work together with Early Childhood Education and Lifewise staff to:
Provide leadership and advice in all aspects of professional teaching practice, teaching
resource management and curriculum to ensure the provision of high quality early
childhood education in Lifewise early childhood education services
 Implement the practice model of service delivery at Lifewise Early Childhood Education,
and promote and support linkages to other Lifewise activities including family services,
community development, homecare, crisis and housing response and youth, and assist in
the development of resources to support families to participate in ECE
 Establish new Early Childhood Education Centres, playgroups and other initiatives across
Auckland and in other regions, including those currently planned:
o a Supported Playgroup at Waimumu
o a 25 child place ECE service at Glen Eden
o a 65 child place ECE service at Waimumu Road, Massey West
• Maintain connections between communities, social services, clients and Lifewise Services
and through effective management of these connections, be able to advocate and support
those who require access to early childhood education and social and community services.
 Maintain effective relationships with the ministry of education and other parties and
provide advice on legal contractual and professional obligations and standards.
 Contribute to the Lifewise leadership group
Uphold Tikanga Maori in accordance with the commitment of Methodist Mission Northern
and Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
Establish an effective and efficient operational unit at Lifewise early childhood education
Services in so that services support the strategic direction of Lifewise and our annual
business plan
Provide leadership and coaching to ensure the service’s employees achieve their Annual
Objectives in line with Strategic Direction and Annual Business Plan
Key Tasks
Encouraging vision and
innovation in the delivery of
high quality early childhood
All Lifewise services are research based
and developing innovative practice.
Curriculum development is maintained
and reviewed in line with Te Whariki
Lifewise practice model is
implemented across all
Lifewise services.
All services achieve a
minimum of 3 year ERO
Documentation is up to date, relevant and
reflective of the service delivery.
All services are
continuously compliant.
Establishment and on-going
management of ECE Centres
across Auckland in other
The identification, growth
and development of our
teachers’ skills, knowledge
and dispositions to contribute
to the delivery of our overall
strategic vision and goals
Work alongside Airedale Property Trust
who are responsible for building the
Licensing documentation
for the centres meet MOE
criteria and are able to be
templated for use in other
establishment processes.
The centres are established and meet
2008 regulations for licensing and
licensing criteria on an on-going basis.
Meets the KPI’s listed in
the project plan.
The confidentiality of the location and the
privacy of the children in Lifewise centres
are protected as needed.
The centres are used on a
referral basis by other
social service providers
for children in need of the
specialist services that
may operate from
Lifewise centres.
Participation in staff meetings, team
professional development and appraisal
Ensuring that emergent leaders are
supported and encourage to develop
leadership skills and opportunities.
Active participation in service and
organisation wide reviews takes place
Succession planning is in
Leadership opportunities
are experienced and
reviewed with team
Demonstrated leadership
and participation within
the wider organisation
Centre Leaders
supervision records are
evident and up to date
To work within the
framework of relevant
legislative and regulatory
requirements and the policies
and procedures of Lifewise.
Self-review processes identify any noncompliances.
All reasonable steps are taken to ensure
service compliance.
All Lifewise services are
compliant to their
relevant regulation.
Policies and procedures are reviewed on a
planned and spontaneous basis.
To establish and manage the
relationships that are key to
delivering high quality early
childhood education.
Respectful, responsive, reciprocal key
relationships are established and
Lifewise’s positive
reputation is not
hampered, and work is
not delayed or lost
through breakdown in key
To assist in the development
of resources to support
families to participate in ECE.
Identify and co-develop resources that
teaching staff consider meaningful and
useful in their day to day encounters with
children and families.
Resources will be
available to staff in
identified centres.
To analyse current activities
Identify and analyse current
services/activities against criteria which
reflect the medium and long term
strategic direction of Lifewise
Monthly reporting against
service KPIs
Implementation of
Service Model
Manage the implementation of an
Practice model established
integrated practice model linking to other and maintained.
Lifewise initiatives, eg in Family Services
and Community Development.
To support Lifewise strategic
Develop an in-depth understanding of
Annual operational and
LIFEWISE’s (and sister trusts) strategic
business plans for
direction and incremental change process service by date
specified in delivery
To monitor performance to
Work with the Operations Manager, own
team and other stakeholders, as
appropriate, to develop an annual plan
including financial budget, marketing and
fundraising activities which align with the
annual organisation-wide annual plan.
Performance against
Annual and Strategic
Plan objectives
Coach ECE staff to ensure they achieve
their business plan objectives, including
budget preparation, forecasting, and
performance monitoring where
To reinforce effective project
management skills and ensure these are
used for all new initiatives
To ensure project
management is used in all
new initiatives
To reinforce effective project
management skills and ensure these are
used for all new initiatives
Project management
plans established when
To identify existing and new
income streams
Identify all actual and potential income
generating activities and manage these
so as to optimise returns.
Identification and
appropriate follow-up
of funding
Ensure successful
negotiation of funding
Work with the Operations Manager, own
team and other stakeholders in
negotiating all relevant funding
opportunities to ensure ongoing financial
support from existing and new contracts
Contracts in place
with objectives achieved
Management of key supplier
and funding contracts.
Contracts in place with performance at
acceptable levels and minimal cost
Contracts maintained
and targets met.
To maintain a client focused
Work with the Team to maintain and
Positive trends in client
continuously improve staff understanding feedback
and commitment to the importance of
clients in all activities of Lifewise
Childhood Early Education Services.
To identify client needs
Research and analyse current and
potential client needs in
To meet and exceed client
Develop and implement initiatives and
improvements so that client needs are
met and exceeded.
Positive trends in Client
To manage compliance with
all relevant legislation, bylaws, contractual
requirements and sector
Work with staff within the service and
across the organization to ensure
policies and procedures are in place and
adhered to.
Maintain sector standards
and/or certification as
required. All audit
standards met. All contract
performance returns
completed satisfactorily.
To ensure management by
Promote and reinforce the gathering
and analysis of relevant information to
guide and track the performance of the
The establishment and
tracking of performance
measures for the service
Prepare business case for all
new initiatives.
Ensure a business case is developed for
all major new initiatives, which will
impact revenues/costs.
Business case(s) prepared
for all new initiatives
To establish a strategy for the
recruitment and retention of
Staff turnover minimised and growth in
staff hours available to meet service
growth requirements
Positive trend in staff
turnover and volume
To maintain positive
relationships with all key
stake holders
Work collaboratively with all key
stakeholders to ensure ongoing positive
Service Growth Statistics.
Positive trends from
External Satisfaction Survey
To promote effective systems
and processes
Work with General Manager and
Lifewise Management Team to review
and improve all systems and processes
so they comply with the Standards and
relevant legislation
Systems and processes are
defined, mapped and
improved as per annual
plan and Standards
To gather information on the
impact of the services and
Research and identify social issues and
trends in service/activities
Research results indicate
clear outcomes
To manage the recruitment
selection and induction of
Undertake responsibility for all
recruitment and induction
requirements, following HR best
practice, for senior staff
Staff retention /
satisfaction levels
Training and development
Plan internal and external training to
meet the needs of the service and
ensure compliance with the standards
Employee training records
show they have the
necessary competencies
and skills
Performance Management of
Manage the staff team, providing
support and development in line with
service requirements
Positive feedback
Targets met
Set performance objectives for the
team and review on a monthly quarterly
and yearly basis
Performance management in
place to preserve the culture
of the service
Implement initiatives and monitor
changes that ensure culture of
innovation, empowerment,
accountability and client focus as well
as teamwork.
Positive trends in the Staff
Ensure all information relating to the
business, staff and clients remain
confidential at all times.
Compliance with the
Privacy Act 1993
Public policy and comment
Assist with the development of
LIFEWISE’s role in social and public
policy, collection of data to inform social
comment and policy debate.
Data collected, public
comments reflect LIFEWISE
purpose, social policy
recommendations made.
Personal and Professional
Plan and actively seek opportunities for
professional and personal development
and competency updates as required
Training Plan in place and
Registration maintained
Education and Experience
Post Graduate Tertiary qualification or equivalent in Early Childhood Education is
Tertiary qualification in a field relevant to the social service component of this role is
Diverse and relevant work experience in early childhood education.
Previous experience in managing teaching staff and proven ability in curriculum
development and adherence to legislation requirements.
An ability to and experience of working within a strengths-based framework.
Strong awareness of and ability to work from a Community–Led Development
Experience in effective community networking, collaborative projects, and community
Proven performance in operational/service management including budget
management, business planning, and implementation of new projects.
Experience in establishment of new initiatives and services.
Experience in preparing documentation to support tender bids or business cases.
Experience in managing service change.
Have a working knowledge of Te Tiriti O Waitangi and its principles, including a proven
ability to recognise and respect Maori interests such as local cultural practices.
Experienced in working cross-culturally.
Demonstrates a high level of professional knowledge appropriate for the role, including
analytical, conceptual, writing and facilitation skills
Has highly developed relationship-building and management skills grounded in a
respectful approach, integrity and trustworthiness
Excellent written and oral presentation skills
Is able to bring together disparate peoples/interest groups to engage in fruitful
Is respectful of everyone’s ideas and does not prejudge
Is able to identify and analyse problems or challenges, developing processes or
strategies to enable effective and timely solutions
Demonstrates sound decision-making and negotiation skills
Proven organisational skills, including realistic and strategic planning, efficient time
management, and focus on achievement of outcomes, staying within budget, meeting
deadlines, and maintenance of current and accessible records
Is credible to the community, open, persuasive and convincing
Successfully plans and schedules own time, working to meet expected outcomes and
A current and clean driver’s licence
Personal Attributes
Comfortable working in a team environment and also working independently
Integrity and vision
An innovation orientation
Passion and commitment in the area of early childhood care and education
Able to gain respect from and engage in meaningful ways with diverse stakeholders
A culturally sensitive approach to working in diverse communities and across sectors
Highly results orientated. Enthusiastic/energetic.
Open to new ideas and ability to think laterally/outside the box
Inclusive approach to decision-making
Able to work cross culturally
A sense of humour
Positive “can do, will do” attitude