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PwC Electricity
Line Business
2014 Information
We have published the fourteenth
edition of our Disclosure Compendium,
which summarises
the 2014 disclosure
information of Electricity
Line Businesses.
Electricity Line
2014 Information
Disclosure Compendium
Order form
Information Disclosure
October 2014
ISSN 1175 8627
How to order
Copies of the publication can be ordered by
filling in the form opposite and faxing it to
PwC on 09 355 8001 or emailing the form to
[email protected]
Number of copies
Cost is $200 including GST per copy,
or $175 including GST per copy for orders
of five or more copies.
Billing address
All orders will be invoiced.
Our energy team
Craig Rice, Partner, Consulting
Pip Cameron, Partner, Assurance
Geof Nightingale, Partner, Taxation
Craig is our National Energy
Leader and the Head of Markets
and Strategy. He advises a
number of energy businesses on
valuation, strategy and mergers and
Pip is the lead Partner in our energy
group for Assurance Services. She
provides audit and advisory services
to a number of energy companies.
Geof is the head of our Tax practice.
He has provided tax advice on
operations and transactions to clients
in the generation, distribution,
exploration and production sectors
of the energy industry.
T: 09 355 8641 M: 021 624 462
E: [email protected]
T: 09 355 8253 M: 021 358 010
E: [email protected]
T: 09 355 8853 M: 021 940 346
E: [email protected]
Lynne Taylor, Director, Consulting
Robert Harris, Partner, Assurance
Todd Stevens, Partner, Taxation
Lynne specialises in regulatory
development and compliance
including valuations and corporate
and operational strategy in the
energy and water sectors and
general economic advice.
Robert is the energy sector audit
Partner for our South Island practice.
He acts for a number of clients in
various capacities in the energy sector
across the South Island.
Todd has over 15 years experience
in the electricity industry. He has
extensive firsthand experience of the
technical tax issues that are particular
to the electricity sector, as well as
wider industry issues.
T: 03 374 3139 M: 021 358 002
E: [email protected]
T: 04 462 7331 M: 021 781 238
E: [email protected]
T: 09 355 8573 M: 021 779 088
E: [email protected]
Chris Taylor, Director, Consulting
Mark Bramley, Partner, Assurance
Mark Chapple, Director, Taxation
Chris is a Director in the energy team.
He has worked with a number of
energy clients, advising on mergers
and acquisitions, privatisation,
regulation, climate change and
investment appraisal.
Mark is an experienced assurance
Partner in our Dunedin practice.
He audits a number of energy
sector clients.
Mark is a Director in our Tax practice
in Wellington. He works with a
number of energy sector clients
providing advice and helping them
meet Inland Revenue requirements.
T: 09 355 8600 M: 021 617 045
E: [email protected]
T: 03 470 3627 M: 027 592 1366
E: [email protected]
T: 04 462 7378 M: 027 351 8616
E: [email protected]