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November 2014
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Volume 29, Issue 3
As We Witness Our Faith To The World
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Operation Christmas
Child Shoebox
Ecumenical Thanksgiving
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UMW Minutes
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Finance Minutes
Women & Children 1st 7
Ladies Breakfast
Connecting Hope
Ready to Rent Class
UNOW Vermont
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We’re entering the giving season—Thanksgiving, Christmas giving, end of year
charitable giving, as well as the time when we make our financial commitment to
Hedding for the coming year. Through the Committed to Christ program, we’re invited
to live out our faith through spiritual practices, including financial giving. Those of
you attending worship and participating in the small group study have an opportunity
to explore these practices and learn from one another. But what about those of you
who received the mailing with the commitment cards without hearing the rest of the
I know how hard it can be to sit with the financial commitment card as you crunch
numbers to make a pledge you can keep. I know that you love the church and want to
help. And I know that you have many bills to pay – mortgage or rent, electricity, heat,
groceries, medical expenses – and only a limited amount of income. When you hear
the biblical goal of tithing and do the math for yourself, the numbers may not work.
What we’re asking you to do is take the next step—that may mean an increase in
giving or it may mean maintaining your pledge as other expenses grow. Your
thoughtfulness matters more than the dollar amount.
It took me five years to grow in my own giving from about 1-2% of my income to
10%. By taking the time to intentionally grow my giving I have been able to sustain
this practice. I began by making small changes that “freed up” money to increase my
pledge. I stopped buying a cup of coffee on my way to work – saving at least $1 a day
that I added to my church pledge. Year by year, I took other steps until I reached the
tithe. Instead of seeing whether I had enough left over to pay my church pledge, I
made my gift to the church my first priority, writing my check to the church before
paying my bills.
Regardless of what percentage of your income you share with the church, make it your
first gift. Think of it as a gift—something shared out of love. Give because you love
God and love the church.
I pray that you will take the next step of your commitment to Christ as you pray, read
the Bible, faithfully attend worship, give generously, witness to your faith, and serve
in Jesus’ name.
Pastor Kim
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 2
Operation Christmas Child
Submitted by Donna Fuller
It is that time of year when we can all add a twinkle to the eyes of children around the
world. Hedding United Methodist Church is taking part again this year in Operation
Christmas Child Shoebox. The dates for participation are today through Nov 23rd.
Starting Sunday, Nov 2, 2014 we will have a supply of labels for the shoeboxes indicating
if they are for girls or boys and a idea list of items to fill the shoeboxes. These items will
be available in Epworth Hall starting Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014. If you would rather go on line for a list of items, you can go to
Operation Christmas Child - Samaritan's
Purse, www.samaritanspurse.org (how to pack a shoebox) or
FaithfulProvisions.com. We will have some shoeboxes available if you do not have any of your own. These will also be in
Epworth Hall.
Decide whether your gifts will be for a boy or a girl and age category of 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. This can be a fun family
project letting your children assist in the giving of these items. More than one shoebox per individual or family would be
more than welcomed.
Boxes do not need to be Christmas wrapped, only labeled for boy or girl and the age category. A rubber band needs to
be put around the box. It is requested that you include a donation of $7.00 per box to help cover shipping and other
costs related to the delivering of your shoebox(s).
We are asking that all filled shoeboxes be brought to HUMC by Sunday, November 23rd so that these cherished
gifts can be blessed during the Sunday service on November 23rd. After the service we will be taking them to the drop
off locations.
Thank you for your love, blessings and gifts to these children.
Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
Tuesday November 25
at 7 PM at St. Monica's
A free will offering will be taken to benefit local
food ministries
There will be a community choir—come early to rehearse.
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 3
Outreach Ministry News
Dear Hedding Family,
First of all, thanks to the volunteers that helped man the Hedding table (Mary Ann Ritchie, Linda Lamberti
and Melanie Magwire) at the Connect Hope Event at the BOR held on November 1st. A big thanks to
George Bond and Bond auto for providing the meal and a special thanks to the Norwich Cadets and Boy
Scouts/ Cub Scouts for helping with the distribution of groceries at the Event.
I also would like to make an appeal for turkey donations for the food shelf as we prepare bags for
Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. These don't have to be huge birds (6-8 lbs); donations would also be
appreciated. Winter is right around the corner so let's remember those who have less and please continue to
pray for the homeless.
On Thanksgiving Day there will be a meal at the Barre Masonic Lodge starting at 12 noon. If you would
like to volunteer, the contact number is 802-223-1883. They would also like folks to come and fellowship
with the guests, come enjoy a great meal and make a new friend.
Also at the Barre American Legion at 11:30 am Thanksgiving Day there will be a meal, all are welcome.
God Bless, Rev. Renny Azotea
Happy Birthday, Alba!
Alba Rossi enjoyed a visit with Pastor Kim and Martha Sanborn who brought Alba a birthday balloon.
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 4
Hedding UMW October 13, 2014 Meeting
(Draft Minutes subject to approval at the November meeting)
Submitted by Donna Fuller
The October meeting was very brief. Unfortunately there were too many conflicting obligations and at 6:00 pm
there were only three of us at the meeting with two more arriving shortly thereafter.
We made an executive decision to postpone the meeting and pick up at the November meeting with what we had
planned for the October meeting.
To try and avoid a repeat of this, we would like to ask that you reply back to all with an RSVP when you get the
reminder for the meeting. This way, if we find that there is a conflict and the majority of you ladies can’t make it we
can make other arrangements.
We are going to continue working on the washcloth kits in November. We have 46 wash cloths. Items brought in
were 12 deodorants, and 18 soaps.
At the September meeting Mary Ann said that she was going to check with Steve Bullard to see if we could obtain
46 toothbrushes and toothpastes from his sources. Mary Ann was unable to attend the meeting on Monday night so we
are unsure about the status of these items.
Blessings to all,
Women and Children First
is Monday,
December 1,
7 PM
Hedding UMC, 40 Washington
Street, Barre, VT.
All church members have a voice and vote.
Our conference is a time of worshipful work
as we elect lay leadership for 2015, vote on
the pastor's salary, discuss finances and 2015
budget, affirm lay servants, celebrate our
ministries, and remember the saints. Please
mark your calendar and plan to participate!
will be observing
Black Friday (Nov 28) with a
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 5
Want to Help with the Community Thanksgiving meal?
The Masonic Lodge in Barre will be hosting a Community
Thanksgiving meal again this year. Many folks contact the
Lodge to help in the days leading up to the event and they
always end up with lots of volunteers. One of the
coordinators said, “What is needed more is people who are
willing to come eat and be in fellowship with the people
who are guests.” The meal is served at noon on
Thanksgiving. Someone wanting to help with cooking and
serving should be in touch with the Masons. Their main
number is: (802) 223-1883.
Submitted by Martha Sanborn
Thanks to everyone who contributed cash to purchase chicken, signed up for all the supplies we
needed including dessert pies, to Carolyn Howe for taking reservations, to Judy Raymond who sets
up and oversees the dining room and servers, to Becky Mackin and the gals who serve the dessert
pies, to those who peeled veggies Friday night, those who “picked chicken” Saturday morning,
those who made biscuits and those who worked in the kitchen and dining room the night of the
supper!!! As you can see, the list goes on and on! And as a result we had great fun and fellowship
and made about $3300.00 to help support Hedding’s many missions here in Central Vermont!
We are the best!!
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 6
(Draft Minutes, subject to approval at next meeting)
October 28, 2014
Submitted by Martha Sanborn
Attending; Mary Ann Ritchie, Pastor Kim Kie, Melanie Magwire, Kelly DeFelice, Martha Sanborn,
Marie MacDougall, Charlene Helman
Charlene opened with devotions.
Our Stewardship program for this fall is Committed to Christ – a six week study and commitment to Prayer, Bible
Study, Worship, Witness, Financial Giving and Service. A good number of Sunday morning worshippers are
participating. The commitment cards show that we have a faithful, committed congregation ready to take the next step
in their faith journey. Nine names have been added to our prayer chain!! The last Sunday of this series (Service) we
will have a Soup and Bread Celebration Meal provided by this committee. Charlene asked us to help come up with all
the ways to serve to help Linda Lamberti with her plans.
Financial Secretary and Treasurers reports were reviewed.
A proposal for the 2015 budget was created using a spreadsheet with the 2014 budget and year to date figures. Several
ideas were discussed to help get and keep members aware of Hedding’s financial needs – ways to keep in contact such
as newsletters with stories and memories. Also a letter that spells out our financial position.
Charlene closed with prayer.
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 7
The Face of Christ on Main Street
Women & Children First sent six (6) totes of warm winter clothes to the annual Connecting Hope event at the
Barre Auditorium November 1st! Please continue to bring in your winter donations as there is always a need,
especially this time of year. Just remember we can accept only clothing that is clean, no
stains, no tears, all buttons and zippers working.
November sale – all orange tags (fall clothing) are 50% off!
Think of Women & children First if you or someone you know has a new baby! We have a great
selection from baby bedding to baby bath tubs to strollers as well as baby clothing.
Please come and join
us at our next Ladies
Saturday, November 15
9:15 am in Epworth Hall, Hedding UMC
Please bring an item of non-perishable
food for Hedding’s Food Shelf if you
are able.
Veterans Day,
November 11
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 8
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 9
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 10
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 11
Note: Date Change!
Murder Mystery Dinner
Saturday, March 14
12:00 matinee and 5:00 evening performances
Enjoy Dinner and Dessert!
Enjoy a murder mystery with audience participation in solving the
Needed: 6 male, 7 female actors
Set & Costume help
Kitchen/Dining Room helpers
If you are interested in being a player or helping in some way, please
contact Charlene Helman at 476-4032.
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 12
Wesley Groups:
Monday Morning Women’s Wesley
9:30 am — See Carolyn Peake or
Charlene Calcagni-Boisvert
1 Connecting Hope, BOR, 10-2pm
Choir Rehearsals — 7 pm on Thursdays at Hedding —
See Charlene Helman
1 & 8 Ready To Rent Class, 10-4
2 All Saints Day
4 Church Council Meeting, 7 pm, HUMC
10 UMW Meeting, 6 pm, HUMC
11 Veterans Day
15 Ladies Intergenerational Breakfast, 9:15 HUMC
16 UNOW Vermont, Barre City Aud, 6-9pm
25 Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service, 7pm,
St. Monica’s
27 Thanksgiving Meal, Barre Masonic Lodge, noon
27 Thanksgiving Meal, Barre American Legion, 11:30
November 2
Remember to set your clocks back 1 hour on
Saturday night, November 1
Food Shelf
Hedding is operating a food shelf twice a week on
Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 pm and with the
down turn in the economy we have been serving more
and more families. If everyone could bring in at least
one canned food item a week it won't take long to fill
our shelves. Spaghetti sauce, tuna, peanut butter and
canned fruit are some of the things we need most. So as
you shop for yourself, please pick up an extra can for
our food shelf. Remember every little bit helps.
Thank you and God Bless, Rev. Renny
Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
Page 13
November Birthdays
2 Riley Quinn LeFevre
Hedding United
Methodist Church
Harriet Galfetti
Helen Emerson
E. Hale Ritchie
Mary Ann Ritchie
18 Jeffrey Virge
Bob Wilcox
23 Carter Langevin
Grace DeFelice
24 Annette Corliss
Pastor Kim Kie
E-mail address:
Ronald Loati
Nicole Sancibrian
Jack Wright
Alexander LeFevre
[email protected]
Office Hours: Tues. & Thurs. 9-12
and Fri. 1-5 or by appointment
Wed. is Pastor Kim’s Sabbath (as
noted on calendar)
Outreach Minister:
Charlene Calcagni-Boisvert
Steve Martin
E. Dean Holt
29 Jim Corliss
Cindy Bullard
If your birthday is not listed and you would like it to be, please contact
Carolyn Howe (476-8946 or [email protected]) or the church office.
Rev. Br. Renny Azotea
E–mail address:
[email protected]
The next issue of the Herald will be the December issue.
The deadline will be November 16.
Office Hours:
Tuesday, 9-3 & Friday,
9-5, by appointment only
The deadline for the monthly Herald is the third Sunday of each month.
You may email submissions to Carolyn Howe ([email protected]).
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Wed. & Thurs. 3-5
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Chicken Pie Supper; Women & Children First; Finance Minutes
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Ladies Breakfast — Ginny McNamara
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Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes; UMW Minutes— Donna Fuller
Murder Mystery Dinner — Charlene Helman
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Charlene Helman
The Hedding Herald is published by Hedding United Methodist Church.
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Volume 29, Issue 3 — November 2014
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