Northwoods Sporting Journal

Northwoods Sporting Journal
November 2014
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46. Flight Feathers - Brad Allen
15. Question of The Month - H.P. Nickerson
52. New Ownership at Old Town Trading Post - V. Paul Reynolds 48. Post-Script from Pocasset - Josh Reynolds
49. Green Mountain Report - Bradley Carleton
50. The Cutting Edge - Josh Cottell
51. New Hampshire Outdoors - Peter St. James
53. The Maine Trapline - Brett Patten
3. Salt Corner - Doug Jowett
54. Kineo Currents - Suzanne AuClair
4. The Trail Rider - Rod Fraser
56. The Outdoor Watch - Tom Hanrahan
5. The Bird Perch - Karen Holmes
58. Vermont Ramblings - Dennis Jensen
8. Outdoor Survival Tips - Charlie Reitze
61. People & Places Wild - Glenn Dunning
10. Northwoods Voyager - Gil Gilpatrick
62. Muzzleloading A¿eld - Al Raychard
11. Bill’s Travels - Bill Catherwood
63. Short Strikes - Jack Gagnon
12. Inside Your IF&W - Lisa Kane
64. Smoke From The Woods - Ray Hamilton
16. Fishin’ Lake Ontario - Capt. Ernie Lantiegne
66. Open Season - Steve Carpenteri
17. Women in The Woods - Erin Merrill
67. Marsh Island Chronicles - Matthew Dunlap
18. Stillwater Chronicles - Bruce & Paula Jensen
68. Best Bassin’ - Bill Decoteau
19. Aroostook Outdoors - Wayne Selfridge
69. Outdoors In The Valley - Benjamin Rioux
20. The Singing Maine Guide - Randy Spencer
71. North Maine Woods - Al Cowperthwaite
24. Outdoor Crafts - Pete Quinlan
72. ReÀections - Patricia Watson
26. Field Gun Editor - Peter Anderson
74. Outdoor Sporting Library - Jeremiah Wood
27. Northwoods Sketchbook - Mark McCollough
75. South Of The Kennebec - Stu Bristol
28. Ballistics - David G. Walker
76. The Outdoor Athlete - Matt Breton
29. On Point - Paul Fuller
76. Mass Wanderings - David Willette
30. “Just Fishing” - Bob Leeman
77. Outdoors In Maine - V. Paul Reynolds
32. The Allagash - Matt LaRoche
78. Rangeley Region - Kirby Holcombe
34. “On The Wild Side” - Betty Sodders
80. On The Prowl - Justin Merrill
36. From The Breadboard - Ellen Libby
80. Visions From Vinegar Hill - Mike Bliss
38. The Tyer’s Corner - Hugh Kelly
81. SAM News - David Trahan
39. Fly Fishing - Tony Lolli
40. New Hampshire Guide’s Journal - Tim Moore
41. Game Warden’s Diary - John Ford
42. Pinney’s Place - Dick Pinney
42. Northwoods Traveler - Dave O’Connor
45. Cookin’ With Maine’s WildCheff - Denny Corriveau
Other Great Stories
& Information
13. Editorial/Letters to Editor
14. Outdoor News - V. Paul Reynolds
45. Taxidermy Section
47. Crossword Puzzle
55. Trading Post
81. Real Estate
Outdoor Tips
47. Carroll’s Corner - Carroll Ware
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On The Cover
• Warden Ford Has Some Dynamite
Memories - Pg 41
• Buck Fever - Pg 67
MA - Fall Riding - Pg 4
NH - Song Of Autumn - Pg 40
VT - November Reverie - Pg 49
ME - Crossbows: Not Just
Deer - Pg 62
• Allagash Wilderness Bird
Hunting - Pg 32
November 2014 Cover
Nice Buck!
The Outdoor Paper
For “Maine Folks”
The Sportin’ Journal
The Northwoods Sporting Journal is the Northeast’s
most comprehensive and readable monthly outdoor publication. Published and edited literally at the trailhead of Maine’s
sprawling North Woods, the Sportin’ Journal - as it is known
locally - works at being an independent voice for the state’s
outdoor community. Some of our writers are seasoned and
specialized outdoorsmen who will share their know-how and
insights; some of our contributors are simply lifelong outdoor
people with interesting stories to tell.
Our aim every month is to capture the essence of
Maine’s remarkable outdoor heritage by stirring memories,
portraying Maine outdoor humor, and sharing experiences
and outdoor knowledge about any and all aspects of outdoor
recreation in the North Woods. We also keep our readers
up to date with late breaking outdoor news and hard hitting
editorials about Àsh and wildlife issues.
That we call ourselves the “Outdoor Paper For Maine
Folks” doesn’t mean that only Mainers read the Journal. On
the contrary, we are read by outdoor lovers from 48 states
and the Canadian Maritimes. “Maine Folks” covers a lot of
ground. Anyone who hunts or Àshes in Maine, who hikes
and camps here one week out of the year or comes to our
great state for a few days in June to swat bugs and watch
moose feeding in a beaver pond, or owns land or a camp on
one of Maine’s more than 3,000 lakes or ponds, we regard
as “Maine Folks.”
If you consider yourself “Maine Folks” and the outdoors is a special place for you, you’re likely to Ànd some
special connections in the Northwoods Sporting Journal.