His life is written in the lines of his face. What’s the

His life is written
in the lines of his face.
What’s the
next chapter?
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PBS Information: Authority Required (STREAMLINED: 3229). Locally advanced (equivalent to stage C)
or metastatic (equivalent to stage D) carcinoma of the prostate.
Please review Product Information before prescribing. To have a copy of the Product
Information sent to you telephone: 1800 043 460.
MINIMUM PRODUCT INFORMATION Lucrin Depot Prefilled Dual-Chamber Syringe (PDS) Injection (Sterile leuprorelin acetate for suspension) INDICATIONS Palliative treatment of metastatic or
locally extensive prostatic cancer (Stage C and D). CONTRAINDICATIONS Nonapeptide and excipient hypersensitivity; pregnancy; lactation PRECAUTIONS Urinary tract obstructions; hyperglycaemia,
increased risk of developing diabetes, increased risk of developing myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death and stroke have been reported in men receiving GnRH agonists; QT prolongation;
metastatic vertebral lesions, bone mineral density changes, convulsions. ADVERSE EFFECTS ‘Flare’ phenomenon; hot flushes; sweats; peripheral oedema; GI upset; testosterone effects; pain; dyspnoea;
asthenia. Reported for Depot 3 Month and Depot 4 Month only: nervous system disturbances; arthralgia; myalgia; respiratory disorders; urinary disorders; skin reactions; others. See full PI. DOSAGE
Intramuscular injection. Vary site of administration. 7.5mg injection monthly. 22.5mg injection 3 monthly. 30mg injection 4 monthly. DATE OF PREPARATION January
2013, based on Product Information last updated January 2013, Version 08. Reference: 1. The Man Plan Patient Support Program, developed by AbbVie Pty Ltd, Oct
2010. ®Registered trademark of AbbVie Pty Ltd. ABN 48 156 384 262. 32-34 Lord Street, Botany NSW 2019. Ph: 1800 043 460. AU-LUC-2013-55a June 2013