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Incolink 25 Year
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OnSite at Ella Apartments in South Yarra
Building Industry Round-Up
The Festive Season
Incolink Genuine Redundancy Account
Change in Incolink Rates
New Employees at Incolink
Industry Christmas Shutdown
Drink Safe Mate – A Success!
UA and PTEU Affiliation
Busy Time for National Fire Industry Association Victoria
Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards
Drugs and Alcohol Testing in Victorian Construction Industry
Developing a Workforce of Quality Plasterers
CFMEU: Incolink Our Industry at its Best
Incolink 25 Years Worker Lunch
Master Painters: Lead Paint Management
AMCA announces Training Awards
Incolink supports ‘The Island’ School
Are Your Incolink
Insurance Covers
up to Date?
nsurance cover will only be provided whilst
an employer continues to pay the agreed
redundancy contribution payments and
IPT contribution payments on a worker’s
behalf. Where there are GAPS in redundancy
contributions or insurance contribution payments, no cover
will apply for those periods.
As the Administrator of these schemes, Incolink, is
continually following up overdue employer contribution
payments. It is also important workers check their quarterly
benefit statement to ensure your Redundancy and IPT
contribution payments have been made. You can check
a live balance by logging on to the Incolink website using
your Incolink member number and password.
Call Incolink on (03) 9639 3000 or email
[email protected] if you have forgotten your
password to reset it or obtain a new one.
If contribution payments have not been made, contact your
employer immediately as you may not be covered by these
Remember, contribution payments are made monthly in
arrears; ie, the employer has until the 14th of the following
month to submit payment and paperwork to Incolink. Eg;
November payments must be paid by 14th December.
To obtain more information
about the Accident and
Illness Benefits Program,
please contact Incolink on
(03) 9639 3000 or download
the brochure from
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The OnSite magazine supports an
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about their day to day affairs, in this
crucial component of the Australian
economy in respect to issues such as
safety, jobs creation and investment.
The magazine has a policy of not
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but does invite contributions aimed at
promoting the positive aspects of the
Consistent with the above, stakeholder
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Brian Boyd: Incolink Board Member
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Lawrie Cross: Master Builders
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Ron Smith: Media Consultant
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November 2014 Issue 67
OnSite at
in South Yarra
outique developer Spec Property is building the
$40 million Ella Apartments project at 2 Claremont
Street in South Yarra. The project comprises 167 one
and two-bedroom apartments and construction is well
underway at its central South Yarra address.
The contemporary 20-level building is located on an elevated site
near the peak of Claremont Street and is due to be completed in
the first half of 2015.
Ella Apartments has been constructed using a traditional
method of retention pile system for basement work,
post-tensioned concrete slabs for the floors, and precast
concrete load-bearing panels for internal party walls.
“Spec Property is focussed on providing apartments at an attractive
price, while delivering a product with quality design and finishes. We
take pride in our ability to meet the needs of our local market, and
Ella’s sales success is testament to this,” says Panos Miltiadou, General
Manager, Construction.
“We manage the design-to-build process internally – which
provides an end-to-end delivery system that benefits our
customers. By using highly experienced internal architects,
designers, planning and sales, we’re able to deliver a better quality
product at a competitive price.
Spec Property continues to focus on growth, with plans to continue
the expansion of its residential development business, and future
partnering with organisations seeking a selling and construction
Location: Ella Apartments are well positioned in the heart of South
Yarra, close to boutiques, cafés, parks, cinemas and is a twominute walk from South Yarra train station and trams.
“Our construction team are focussed on efficient materials handling,
which mitigates delays on site and ultimately benefits our customers.
We also maintain strong relationships with a range of subcontractors
who are available to work with us at peak activity periods.”
The development will feature approximately 80 different apartment
floor plans with internal areas from 40 to 70 square metres and
balconies up to 19 square metres, with aspects including northwest orientations and city skyline and Yarra river views.
The apartments will have a six-star energy efficiency rating with
performance glazing, rainwater harvesting, water and energy
efficient fixtures and appliances, gas-boosted solar hot water and
bicycle storage.
Address: Developer: Construction: Exterior and interior design: Build Cost: Construction Completion estimate: Number of workers on site: 2 Claremont Street, South Yarra
Spec Property
Spec Property
Spec Property/Inhabit Design
$40 Million
February 2015
160 men (inclusive of fit out)
Spec Property (03) 9425 5900
Email: [email protected]
Call (03) 9639 3000
OnSite at
in South Yarra
November 2014 Issue 67
Call (03) 9639 3000
Brian Boyd
OnSite Co-Editor, Incolink Board Member
OH&S Responsibility and Drug Use…
An Evolving Industry-Wide Issue
s we entered the second half of the year, the TV and
radio news bulletins and the daily newspapers reported
a “spike” in certain anti-social behaviours due to an
increase in use of the illegal drug “ice”.
The main stakeholders in the building industry - unions, employers
and government - agree on at least one key level: that an
individual’s drug use can potentially cause workplace situations
where the ‘user’ individual could harm him or herself and/or cause
harm to others.
It is important that a fair and mature set of procedures be updated
and enhanced to tackle the current situation. It is a development
that cannot be ignored. Proper discussions and negotiations need
to happen.
Any heavy-handed, ‘law and order’ approach will only drive this
serious matter underground and more than likely make it worse.
It is crucial the extent of the overall problem emerging is fully
indicate that the use of illegal drugs requires a broad response.
There is no need for the building industry stakeholders to get into
the debate about the ‘social acceptability’ of the use of various
substances in private situations. What is reasonable is that the
industry (or any workplace for that matter) can draw a line in the
sand and say it is unacceptable for drug-affected persons to be
at work and potentially contribute to adverse health and safety
November 2014 Issue 67
Community commentators are pointing out a drug like ‘ice’ is
particularly addictive and causing a ripple affect in many areas of
society, including devastating family structures.
Recently some publicity was given to a mother who invited her
‘ice’–dependent son back into her home to try to help him. He
ended up stealing thousands of dollars from his mother to feed
his habit. Even though she didn’t press charges the relationship
between the mother and son was severely damaged.
While there are calls for more education, the setting up of drug
treatment centres, special drug justice courts and community
liaison programs, there are also plans to impose harsh new laws in
this area.
Not many people will oppose a crackdown on drug pushers
and related criminal gangs making millions of dollars out of
peddling crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’) and other illegal drugs
of dependence. However, there is a concern the ‘end-user’ will
become the easy target rather than receive proper assistance.
Fifty people died in Victoria last year of an ‘ice’ overdose. Recent
analysis of waste water at Melbourne’s Western Treatment Plant
showed a level of ‘ice’ use equivalent to 50 doses per 1000 people
(or around one ‘hit’ per 20 people), allowing for individual heavy
The building industry in Victoria has a long history of offering aid to
anyone working in it who gets into trouble. Incolink has professional
counsellors and other services that can help with a range of
matters, from financial advice, family issues, suicidal thoughts,
through to drug dependency.
Often there are no easy answers to the life issues many workers
face. Yet as responsible building industry stakeholders - unions,
employers and relevant government agencies - will not shy away
from their wider social responsibilities.
Festive Season
s the end of the year approaches, people start to think in terms of
the ‘Festive Season’ and even the ‘Silly Season’. We can all enjoy
a festive occasion but should avoid silly situations or making silly
decisions. The holiday period generally means an increase in social
activities, less time devoted to routine activities such as work, and this can mean
increased alcohol consumption.
Incolink’s message to our members is looking after yourself at all times, exercise
appropriate control and don’t allow any negative situations to affect you.
There are some basic principles to take into consideration when we decide
to drink alcohol. Remember that it is the amount of alcohol we consume that
determines how our level of functioning is affected.
Ideally we should plan for each social occasion or drinking session. Decide how
much is appropriate and then think about how to stick to that. It’s usually not a
good idea to get into ‘shouts’ as it is then difficult to control your rate of drinking.
Over the holiday period the chance of being breath-tested if you drive a vehicle
is significantly increased. Penalties for drink-driving offences are becoming
progressively harsher and you need to consider the effects on lifestyle and
sometimes on employment if you lose your licence. If you are going to drive a
vehicle it is crucial you stay below the legal limit that applies to you.
Here are some tips to help
you stay under 0.05:
• For most adults, drinking less than two
standard drinks on any occasion will keep
the blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
below 0.05*
• Check the label on the bottle for the
number of standard drinks contained
• Eat before you drink
• When thirsty drink water first
• Drink slowly and don’t top up your drinks
• It takes a healthy liver at least one hour to
break down a standard drink, so you can
still be over the limit after drinking. If in
doubt, don’t drive.
*Source: NHMRC Australia Guidelines to Reduce
Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol (2009)
Drink no more than 2 standard drinks in the first hour then one every hour after that.
Remember: The only way to be certain of your BAC is to have a breath or blood test. Not all drinks contains the same
amount of alcohol.
Full Strength Beer
4.9% Alc./Vol
Mid Strength Beer
3.5% Alc./Vol
Middy/Pot Full Strength Beer
Standard Serve of Wine
4.9% Alc./Vol
13% Alc./Vol
Spirit Nip
40% Alc./Vol
Pre-mix Spirits
5.0% Alc./Vol
Over the holiday period your usual supports, both formal and informal, may not be as available. If you or someone you know
needs support and treatment to deal with alcohol or other drug-related issues you can contact DirectLine on 1800 888 236.
Call (03) 9639 3000
In December 2012 Incolink
introduced a Genuine
Redundancy Account option
for workers. Since that time,
Incolink has paid over $45
million to workers who have
claimed or been eligible
to claim a GRA. More than
4,500 workers have taken up
the account option.
What is a Genuine Redundancy
‘Genuine redundancy’ occurs when a person’s employment is
terminated because their position is no longer required.
If a redundancy is a ‘genuine redundancy’ the worker will qualify
for a special tax concession on part or all of the funds received
from their Genuine Redundancy Account.
The Australian Tax Office (ATO) defines ‘genuine redundancy’
as when the job the worker was doing is no longer required and
the employment is terminated for this reason. This means the
employee will not be replaced by another person and there is
no agreement with the employer to be rehired. However, if the
employer can demonstrate an increase in work and the position
is again available, they can rehire the worker for that position.
Incolink Genuine Redundancy Account
An Incolink Genuine Redundancy Account enables workers to claim a genuine redundancy payment, at a nil or
reduced tax rate, if their employment is terminated because their position is made genuinely redundant.
Need assistance? Contact Incolink’s Industry Liaison Officers:
Choice after
Years of
Tony Cordier M: 0448 870 225 E: [email protected] or
Russell Wilson M: 0408 607 737 E: [email protected]
Incolink GRA
Other Funds GRA
Previous years of service recorded with Incolink is used to calculate tax free
Previous years of service with current employer only is used to
calculate tax free payment.
Eg. 1 year for current employer and 5 years employment history with other
employer recorded with Incolink.
Eg. 1 year for current employer, and 5 years employment
history with other employer recorded.
Worker will receive tax free benefit up to: $9,514 plus 5 years at $4,758 Totalling
$32,456 tax free.
Worker will receive tax free benefit up to: $9,246 plus 1 year
at $4,642 Totalling $13,888 tax free.
Worker will receive the full balance of their account in one lump sum.
Worker will receive initial tax free component.
Worker can commence work with another employer immediately.
Worker will need to continue to be unemployed for an
additional four weeks to claim balance of funds in their GRA.
Worker is automatically placed into an Incolink Severance Account once they
commence working again after claiming genuine redundancy due to their
previous account becoming nil.
Worker continues to be in a GRA, to return to a Severance
Account must rejoin with a new employer.
Workers must notify Incolink of their choice of account type.
November 2014 Issue 67
Tax Rates: Genuine Redundancy Accounts
Tax Treatment of GRA Payments –2014/ 2015
Reason for Payment
Genuine Redundancy Account
Genuine Redundancy Before
Preservation Age*
Tax Free up to $9,514 plus $4,758 pa.
Excess up to cap of $185K @ 30% plus
the Medicare levy.
Preservation Age
A person’s preservation age depends on their date of
birth, as set out in the following table:
Date of birth
Before 1 July 1960
1 July 1960 to 30 June 1961
Genuine Redundancy After
Preservation Age* and Before
Age 65
Tax Free up to $9,514 plus $4,758 pa.
Excess up to cap of $185K @ 15% plus
the Medicare levy.
1 July 1961 to 30 June 1962
Genuine Redundancy After
Age 65
15% tax up to $185K cap amount plus
the Medicare levy.
1 July 1962 to 30 June 1963
Retirement After Age 65
15% tax up to $185K cap amount plus
the Medicare levy.
Retirement Before Age 65
N/A - No Payment Available from GRA
Tax free up to $185K cap if to a
dependant. Otherwise, 30% tax plus the
Medicare levy up to $185K cap amount.
Disability Up To Age 65 and
Before Preservation Age*
Tax free up to “invalidity component”.
Excess up to cap of $185K @ 30% plus
the Medicare levy.
Disability Up To Age 65 and After
Preservation Age*
Tax free up to “invalidity component”.
Excess up to cap of $185K @ 15% plus
the Medicare levy.
Date of birth
1 July 1963 to 30 June 1964
From 1 July 1964
Tax Free Amounts and Tax Rates are the proposed
amounts for the 2014/2015 financial year. In
accordance with section 960-275 of the Income Tax
Assessment Act 1997, the base limit and service
amount is indexed in line with Adult Average Weekly
Ordinary Time Earnings (AWOTE) each income year.
The new indexed amount is generally available each
May. Please refer to the ATO website for the most
recent Medicare levy.
Note: The Australian Government has announced changes that, if
passed by Parliament, will change the way these amounts are indexed.
The amounts for 2014/15 in the table above are subject to these
changes becoming law. We will publish updated guidance if these
announced changes become law. Refer to the ATO website for more
When processing claims, Incolink will deduct tax at the current rate determined by the ATO. It is not against the law for workers not to
provide Incolink with their Tax File Number (TFN). However, workers who do not provide their TFN or confirmation of their exemption from
this requirement will have tax deducted at the maximum marginal rate.
Q. I’ve got my funds with another
redundancy fund; can I transfer them to
Q. Once I select a Genuine
Redundancy Account can I switch back
to a Severance account?
A. If you have your redundancy funds
held by another redundancy fund you
can complete a transfer request form
(available on our website) and transfer
your redundancy fund to Incolink.
A. No, once you select to change
your Incolink account to a Genuine
Redundancy Account and the 14 day
cooling-off period is completed, you
cannot return to a Severance Account.
Please Note: If transferring funds from
another funds provider you will need to
provide Incolink with evidence of your
employment history in writing, and the
employer must be a registered member
of Incolink to be eligible to apply the
employment history when calculating
the tax free component for a genuine
redundancy claim.
Q. Are Genuine Redundancy payments
classed as income? Does this mean I
am required to declare the money as
income at tax time?
Q. Will I still be eligible for Incolink
insurances, if I switch my funds to a
Genuine Redundancy Account?
A. Yes, you will be eligible for insurance
benefit as long as your redundancy
contributions are up-to-date.
A. Incolink’s Genuine Redundancy
Account provides a tax free amount to
eligible workers; these funds are not
reported as income.
On your group certificate, any Genuine
Redundancy Account payments will be
shown on the PAYG summary as a lump
sum payment (Item D). However, any
funds paid to workers over the tax free
limit will be taxed and therefore reported
as income. Incolink will issue a group
certificate for these funds.
Q. A worker selects an Incolink Genuine
Redundancy Account and then is made
genuinely redundant and claims his
balance; when he picks up his next job,
does he have to remain in the Incolink
Genuine Redundancy scheme forever?
A. No, on obtaining a new job you will be
placed in the default Severance Account
and then you will have the choice of
reselecting a Genuine Redundancy Account.
For example: If you have been made
redundant and claimed the balance of
your Genuine Redundancy
Account, the account will
become nil - as the full
balance of the account is
paid out and the account is
eliminated. On obtaining a
new job you will be placed
in the default Severance
Account and then you will
have the choice of reselecting
a Genuine Redundancy
Continued over the page ➔
Call (03) 9639 3000
Q. How long does it take for my
funds to be transferred to an Incolink
Genuine Redundancy Account?
A. Once you advise Incolink to transfer
your funds to a Genuine Redundancy
Account, a cooling-off period of 14 days
will apply. Once the 14 days have elapsed
it is an irrevocable choice and you will be
unable to return to a Severance Account.
Q. Can I apply to claim my account
balance as a Genuine Redundancy
during the 14 day cooling-off period?
A. No, Incolink will not allow workers to
submit a Genuine Redundancy claim
while processing an application to change
their account into a Genuine Redundancy
If you are made redundant during this
time, and want to claim - it will be treated
as a Severance Account claim. You will
need to lodge an Initial Claim Form.
Q. Can I be retired and make a claim
from my GRA?
A. If you retire at or after retirement age
65, you can claim your GRA and it will be
taxed at 15 per cent. You can not claim
from your GRA if you retire before 65.
Q. I am a casual employee; can I hold an
Incolink Genuine Redundancy Account?
Q. What happens if my employer has
gone into insolvency and I cannot
contact them to confirm my genuine
redundancy claim?
Q. I’ve claimed my Initial Benefit from my
Incolink Severance Account. Can I now
move my account to an Incolink Genuine
Redundancy Account?
A. If you are unable to contact your
previous employer to confirm your
redundancy claim due to the employer
suffering insolvency, you will need to
contact the liquidators handling the
insolvency to complete the employers
section of the Genuine Redundancy Claim
A. Yes, however, there are two options:
Q. I’ve been made genuinely redundant
and my employer’s workload increase
soon after; can they rehire me if the
position is required?
2. If you are working again you are
able to transfer your account to an
Incolink Genuine Redundancy Account
(allowing 14 days cooling-off period).
If you are then made genuinely
redundant from this job after the
cooling-off period you can make a
claim on your Genuine Redundancy
A. Yes, as long as there has been no
agreement to rehire you prior to making you
genuinely redundant and the employer can
demonstrate the position is required.
Q. How long do I have to make a claim
after being made genuinely redundant?
A. Genuine Redundancy Claims must
be made within 30 days of being made
genuinely redundant. If you do not
make a claim within 30 days you will
be unable to make a claim until you are
made genuinely redundant from another
employer, your employment is terminated
after 65, or you reach age 66.
1. If you are intent on claiming the
remainder of your Incolink Severance
Account balance you cannot move
your account as we are unable to
back date a genuine redundancy and
you must wait the 14 day cooling-off
Q. Can I claim part of my Genuine
Redundancy Account balance?
A. No, workers with a Genuine
Redundancy Account will be paid the
entire balance of their account upon
making a claim.
If you have a question for Incolink to
answer, please email [email protected]
A. No, due to the nature of casual
employment conditions, Incolink Genuine
Redundancy Accounts are not available to
casual workers.
Change in Incolink Rates
Weekly Contribution Rate
The new standard weekly contribution rate will increase effective
the October 2014 invoice period from $72.15 to $74.50 including
the Apprentice Levy.
Incolink Apprentice Levy
Contributions made to Incolink include a small portion towards the Apprentice Levy, which
provides eligible apprentices who complete their apprenticeship and then receive a further 12
months of employer contributions as a worker with a severance benefit. In some cases, it also
provides assistance for out-of-trade apprentices.
The apprentice levy will increase effective the October 2014 invoice period from $0.94 cents to
$0.97 cents
Initial Claim Benefit Increase
This covers the period 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015
The new Initial Claim Benefit payment will increase from $5021 to $5182 (less tax deducted
at the rate required by Australian income tax legislation). Please contact Incolink if you require
more information regarding tax rates.
November 2014 Issue 67
Incolink Pencils
Incolink would like to apologise
for the poor quality pencils
recently distributed. Our supplier
admitted fault and
has now replaced
all pencils with
quality stock. If
your site requires
pencils please
ask your Shop
Steward to
contact Incolink
Member Services
(03) 9668 3061
and a site visit will
be organised.
New Employees at Incolink
Name: Leonie Farrugia
Name: Clare Cahill
Position: Incolink Counsellor/Support
Position: Employment Advisor
What is your position at Incolink
and can you briefly sum up your
I am the Incolink Counsellor for
Bendigo, Ballarat and Shepparton.
I support Incolink members and their
families when they are dealing with
work and personal issues. I visit members on and
off site and offer support at Critical Incidents.
I also run life care training programs for first year apprentices.
What is your position at Incolink and
can you briefly sum up your job?
As an Employment Advisor I help
Incolink members in their search for
work in the industry. I can also help
members with creating a resume and
employers with finding workers with
the right experience.
Other Interests:
I live to travel, love a good book or movie and you will find me
most weekends walking a bush or beach track somewhere!
I can be contacted on:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0434 046 179
Location: Bendigo, Ballarat and Shepparton areas
Other Interests:
Growing fruit and vegetables in my garden
I can be contacted on:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9668 3061
Location: Incolink offices at
1 Pelham St, Carlton
“Drink Safe Mate”
A Success!
ncolink is the proud recipient of
the Gold Award for Optimising
the Health of Victorians at the
2014 Victorian Public Healthcare
Industry Christmas
Shut Down
Incolink will be closed from:
1pm Tuesday, 23 December 2014.
We will re-open for claims processing
only from:
9am Wednesday, 7 January 2015.
Incolink re-opens for full services on:
8am Monday, 12 January 2014.
Incolink wishes all staff and Incolink
members a happy and safe Christmas
and New Year.
Remember: on Monday 1 December
2014 Incolink is proud to support the
Building Industry Picnic Days across
Victoria. The Incolink office will be
open as usual.
These awards are hosted annually by the
Victorian Minister for Health and showcase
the leaders in health services in Victoria.
Held on Monday 13 October 2014 at the
Grand Hyatt, Incolink won this award for
its work on the ‘Drink Safe Mate – Binge
Drinking Prevention’ Project. This project was
implemented between April 2012 and April
2014 with funding from the Australian National
Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA).
From left David Clark, Incolink,
Emma Green, Incolink and the
The project targeted young working men
Hon. David Davis, Minister for Health.
(16-24 years) in the Victorian building and
construction industry. It aimed to reduce
the prevalence of binge drinking through
education and capacity building. It was delivered in TAFEs, on building sites and at
industry events across Victoria.
The project was extremely successful in promoting learning and positive behaviour
change amongst young men. Key findings from the project evaluation include:
• 25% knowledge increase between pre and post education session.
• All key messages retained up to 8 months after the education session.
• 27% of apprentices made positive changes to their alcohol use behaviour.
• 80%+ of apprentices felt confident to implement strategies to minimise harm when
drinking after participating in the project.
Call (03) 9639 3000
Earl Setches
CEPU (Plumbing Division) and Chair PICAC
United Association and PTEU Affiliation –
Strong, Prosperous and Unstoppable!
he Affiliation between
the United Association of
Journeymen and Apprentices of
the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
Industry of the United States and Canada
(UA) and the Plumbing Trades Employees
Union (PTEU) is only two years old yet it is
already one of the most important, active
and effective trade union affiliations in the
world today.
Formally ratified in Michigan in 2012, the
Affiliation is the realisation of the shared
vision of two national industry leaders.
General President of the UA, William P. Hite,
and Federal Secretary of the PTEU, Earl
Setches, are both committed and passionate
industry champions in the US and Australia
respectively. They recognised that through
industry-led co-operation and communication
they can create and foster opportunities for
plumbers and plumbing in both the northern
and southern hemispheres.
The intent behind the establishment of the
Affiliation was summarised at the time of
the ratification by General President Hite:
“This Affiliation Agreement creates a
genuine international collaboration for
the plumbing workforce and the broader
industry. It is the foundation to seeing the
growth of a global plumbing industry with
exciting new opportunities for participants
reaching an unprecedented scale.”
The Affiliation brings together a
considerable body of knowledge, resources
and experience. It links nearly 400,000
plumbers, pipe fitters, sprinkler fitters
and service technicians across the US,
Canada and Australia. It provides the
communication infrastructure through which
knowledge, information, experience, and
opportunity can be channelled and shared.
The PTEU has been working closely with
the UA on a range of green initiatives
and the development of contemporary
environmental regulations related to water
conservation, irrigation systems, rainwater
harvesting and water treatment.
November 2014 Issue 67
Earl Setches, Brent Eacot, GP William P Hite and
Nathan Frauenfelder at the 2014 International
Apprentice Contest Graduation Ceremony
Australia has made some significant advances
in the development of green plumbing products
and practices and is seen as a world leader
in this space. It is extremely positive for
development of the green plumbing industry
globally that the Affiliation enables the Australian
skill, knowledge and experience to be shared
and disseminated across the US and Canada.
In relation to this important example of
the intent of the Affiliation in action, Earl
Setches commented that:
“The PTEU have assisted the UA in advising
their government on legislative changes in
the areas of water conservation and energy
saving initiatives. It is imperative our water
use behaviours change for the betterment
of our communities. Climate change is real.
It is essential all industries throughout the
world are pro-active to try avoid a situation
of drought, which we experienced only a
few years ago.”
A common belief in the importance of
excellence, development and quality
training is both the glue that binds and the
force that drives this powerful collaboration.
This shared commitment to training
excellence underpins another key example
of the Affiliation in action: the recent
expansion of facilities at the Plumbing
Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) in
Melbourne. PICAC, the industry-based
training centre supported by the PTEU,
recently added a Fire Protection Centre
of Excellence and a Welding Centre of
Excellence, and developed and began
using mobile training units.
Backflow Prevention and TMV mobile
training units at the Plumbing Industry
Climate Action Centre
Given the vital role the UA played in
its establishment it was fitting that the
Apprenticeship College of the Fire
Protection Centre of Excellence at PICAC
was officially opened by General President
Hite. The Centre was the end result of
many months of dedicated work from
professionals on both sides of the globe.
Professionals drawn from the PTEU and
UA ranks worked together, discussing
and reviewing the content of the sprinkler
fitting training package and sharing training
delivery materials and ideas.
The construction of Australia’s pre-eminent
Welding Centre of Excellence is nearing
completion and the fit-out of equipment
will begin in the coming weeks. This
Centre of Excellence will be dedicated to
continually developing competency in the
most contemporary welding techniques.
Australia is only able to develop such a
Centre because of the Affiliation. The US is
a world leader in welding technology, and
it became apparent early in the partnership
that Australian skills were falling behind those
of their American counterparts. Through the
close relationship between the Australian and
US industries, as reflected in the Affirmation,
the Australian industry has the opportunity
to be exposed to some of the most recent
developments in welding technology.
The UA has directly assisted PICAC to
become one of the few institutes in Australia
that uses welding simulation technology.
Another positive example of the benefits of
the Affiliation is the development by PICAC
of mobile training units. The Australian
Wayne Smith
Executive Director
National Fire Industry Association
of Victoria
industry recognised a need to increase the flexibility
of, and access to, vital industry training. The USA has
significant experience in delivering training well beyond
the training centre doorway, and the UA was able to
share that experience with Australia under its alliance
with the PTEU.
The provision of practical advice and guidance
by the UA is key to PICAC’s increased capacity to
deliver flexible, targeted and accessible high quality
plumbing training.
Another central feature of the Affiliation is that
within the US, Canada and Australia, participation
by representatives of all three national industries in
international events, skills competitions and other
industry forums is strongly encouraged. A PTEU training
delegation has just returned from participating in the
61st UA Instructor Training Program (ITP) in Ann Arbor,
Michigan. This well-established event delivered the
highest level of instructor training, allowing participants
to take home training delivery in the newest innovations
and technologies available, through the latest training
The ITP is also an opportunity for manufacturers to
showcase some of the latest product developments.
Much of the equipment is not widely used in Australia
or in some cases, not even available, particularly in
respect to some of the advanced welding equipment.
The Australian delegation also included two highly
skilled apprentices. Brent Eacott (sprinkler fitter) and
Nathan Frauenfelder (plumber) competed in the UA
International Apprentice Competition representing
their respective apprenticeships. These skills
competitions are designed to be both mentally and
physically challenging. Held over three days they
are a genuine test of the competitors’ technical skills
and theory knowledge, but also their resilience and
capacity to think clearly under pressure. Both Nathan
and Brent were wonderful ambassadors for their
union and their country.
By facilitating things like the provision of advice
on contemporary regulatory approaches to water
management in Australia, or advice to Australia
on contemporary US welding or training delivery
approaches, the Affiliation strengthens the plumbing
sectors in the US, Australia and Canada. By developing
and strengthening these sectors and the relationships
between them, the world’s capacity to deal with the very
real challenges it faces – in terms of population and
environmental pressures - is in turn strengthened.
Terry Urbanek, PTEU ambassador, UA, captured the
positivity and enthusiasm, and the importance of the
Affiliation itself:
“It was a pleasure to welcome our Australian Brothers
to Ann Arbor once again. This year marks the 25th
Instructor Training Program held at Washtenaw
Community College. The sharing of information is
essential for our industry to continue to grow. The first
two years to the Affiliation have been filled with huge
success on both sides. I cannot wait to see how far
we can go together.”
Busy Time for the
National Fire Industry
Association Victoria
he past few months have been a busy time for the National Fire
Industry Association Victoria (NFIA,) with the highlight being a
major workshop for members in August. NFIA Victoria’s training
arm - Fire Industry Training (FIT) - successfully participated in a
couple of international events, while we also had some strong
engagement with a number of our fire protection industry stakeholders
including the Victorian Building Authority, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and
PICAC, the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre.
Also in August, NFIA Victoria welcomed local members, interstate guests and
various presenters to a half-day workshop focussed on a range of key industry
issues. While the event was well supported and generated very positive
feedback from those members attending, the day’s highlight was a very
informative and pertinent presentation from the Victorian Building Authority
which in turn generated a high degree of discussion and comment.
Events such as the workshop highlight NFIA Victoria’s commitment to
partnering with its members in providing top class, professional education
and awareness of current and future issues for the fire protection industry. We
ensure that NFIA Victoria members have every opportunity to be up-to-date so
that they can transfer that knowledge to improving their business and service
to customers.
Our training school continues to expand, with the recent completion of
classroom refurbishment and redesign of ground floor practical work areas...
and it has now reached the United States of America!
Fire Industry Training CEO Lucas Blyth was one of three Australian trainers to
participate in the 61st United Association (UA) Instructor Training Program (ITP)
in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This program delivers the highest level of instructor
training, allowing participants to bring back to Australia, training delivery in
the newest innovations and technologies available, through the latest training
Our thanks to the Plumbing Trades Employees Union (PTEU) and United
Association’s Affiliation Agreement for enabling FiT to be afforded this
opportunity to participate. Lucas has brought back a number of training
innovations from the UA which FiT will begin integrating through the Sprinkler
Fitting Apprenticeship program. The most notable of these is a new e-learning
student engagement technology that encourages increased student
participation due to real time statistics and feedback on results.
Fire Industry Training 4th year sprinkler fitter apprentice Brent Eacott competed
in the UA International Apprentice Competition (IAC), being the first competitor
to ever represent Australia in the Sprinkler Fitter competition. The IAC is the
central skills event for the UA where the top 30 apprentices form America,
Canada and Australia represent their respective apprenticeships - Plumbing,
Sprinkler Fitting, HVACR, Welding, Rigging and Pipefitting. Tasks in the Sprinkler
Fitting contest included material identification, plan reading, copper project
and an installation project. Brent held his own in the competition and was a
wonderful ambassador for Australia and the trade.
Another sprinkler fitter apprentice will represent Australia at the IAC next year.
Call (03) 9639 3000
Winner Eden Stage 1
by L.U. Simon
Regional Winner
University Ballarat
project by Nicholson
Competent Kate Dawson
First Female Young
Builder of the Year &
L.U. Simon Wins
Master Builder of the Year
ane Constructions Contracts
Manager, Kate Dawson,
has been named the first
ever female Young Builder
of the Year (Commercial)
at the Master Builders Excellence in
Construction Awards.
The 29-year-old Kate, from Seaford,
received the honour for her “reliable and
positive attitude” and experience on
projects ranging in scale from $1 million
to $75 million. She has worked with Kane
Constructions since November 2006.
“Kate takes the lead in procurement,
administration procedures and cost
management systems and quickly
develops strong relationships with
her clients, consultant team and
subcontractors,” her CV states.
Master Builders CEO Radley de Silva
said that Kate epitomises the future of
the Victorian commercial construction
“Kate meets the challenge of working
in a male-dominated environment with
November 2014 Issue 67
Young Builder of the Year, Kate Dawson, Kane
Constructions Pty Ltd and the Hon. Dr Denis
Napthine MP, Premier.
aplomb and has the right attitude and
skills to take her far in this industry,”
Mr de Silva said.
“This is a well-deserved win by Kate
who is an asset not only to Kane
Constructions but to the construction
industry as a whole.”
L.U. Simon’s work on an Abbotsford
Apartment Complex, won them the
title of Master Builder of the Year 2014
(Commercial). The company also took
home the award for Excellence in
High-Rise Apartment Buildings.
Master Builder of the Year, Peter Devitt,
L.U. Simon Builders and the Hon. Dr Denis
Napthine MP, Premier of Victoria.
Stage one of the Yarra River side
apartments Eden in Victoria Street is the
first in the three stages of this stunning
mixed-use development. Consisting of 205
high-end apartments and eight commercial
tenancies, the project also features a
cinema, spas, indoor and outdoor shared
cooking facilities and a boardroom.
Mr de Silva said the L.U. Simon project
was an outstanding example of the
quality of work coming from the thriving
Victorian construction industry.
Regional Builder of the Year, Richard
Nicholson, Nicholson Construction and the
Hon. Dr Denis Napthine MP, Premier.
Excellence in Construction
Awards Winners
Master Builder of the Year
L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd
Project: Eden (Stage 1),
Regional Builder of the Year
Nicholson Construction
Project: Federation College and
Manufacturing and Engineering
Skills Centre, Federation
University, Ballarat
Young Builder of the Year
Kate Dawson, Kane Constructions
Pty Ltd
Excellence in Health and
Built VIC Pty Ltd
Project: The William, Melbourne
Excellence in Fit-out
Stag Shopfitting Pty Ltd
Project: Chanel Flagship Fitout,
Excellence in Construction
of Industrial Buildings
Monaco Hickey Pty Ltd
Project: CSL Behring Privigen
Facility, Broadmeadows
L: John Glasson, CEO, Incolink and Michael Clemenger,
Cockram Constructions, Winner of Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings $30M to $80M.
“This project featured a number of complex design and
project management challenges that were all brilliantly
overcome by L.U. Simon,” Mr de Silva said.
“The ‘wedding cake’ design of the structure, void of floor
plate repetition, meant that this project presented a
higher than standard degree of difficulty,” he said.
Excellence in Civil
Lloyd Group Pty Ltd
Project: Melbourne Zoo - Lemur
Excellence in High-Rise
Apartment Buildings
Vaughan Constructions
Project: VCHQ2, Port Melbourne
Watson Young
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
$5M - $10M
Kane Constructions Pty Ltd
Project: University of Melbourne
Sports Pavilion, Sports Precinct,
Parkville Campus 3
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
$10M - $15M
APM Group (Aust) Pty Ltd
Project: Chanel, Melbourne
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
$15M - $20M
ADCO Constructions (Vic) Pty
Project: Melton Library and
Learning Hub
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
$20M - $30M
Cockram Construction Limited
Project: Wesley College New Moubray Street Precinct,
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
$30M - $80M
L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd
Project: Eden (Stage 1),
Cockram Construction Limited
Project: Box Hill Institute Building
7 Integrated Technology Hub
Best Specialist Contractor
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
over $80M
“L.U. Simon managed to complete a quality first
stage, exceeding client expectations and setting the
development up for future stages.”
Melbourne Facades
Project: Monash University New
Horizons, Building 82, Clayton
Nicholson Construction was named Regional Master
Builder of the Year (Commercial) for its work on
the Ballarat Federation College and Manufacturing
and Engineering Skills Centre as part of Federation
Specialist Contractor’s
Collaboration Award
Buxton Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd
ADCO Constructions took home the award for Best
Sustainable Energy Project for its work on the Melton
Library and Learning Hub.
ADCO Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd
Project: Melton Library and
Learning Hub
All of the winners were revealed during the gala
Excellence in Construction Awards at Crown Palladium
on 9 August 2014 with more than 580 guests present.
L.U. Simon will now go on to compete at the Master
Builders Association National Excellence in Building and
Construction Awards in Canberra on 21 November.
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
$3M - $5M
Best Sustainable Energy
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
under $3M
Leighton Contractors Pty Limited
Project: Olivia Newton-John
Cancer & Wellness Centre,
(Special Commendation)
Excellence in Construction
of Commercial Buildings
$30M - $80M
Kane Constructions Pty Ltd
Project: Simonds Stadium
Southern Stand Redevelopment
Kardinia Park, Geelong
Foursquare Construction
Management Pty Ltd
Project: D’Fine Creative
Warehouse Redevelopment, South
Call (03) 9639 3000
Lawrie Cross
General Manager
Industrial Relations & Corporate Services
Drugs and Alcohol Testing in
Victorian Construction Industry
andatory random and ‘for cause’ drug and alcohol
testing for the construction industry was introduced on
Friday, 20 June 2014. New guidelines relating to safety,
drugs, alcohol and site security now apply.
From 1 July, where the value of the Victorian project is $10 million
or more, construction companies will be required to conduct
random workplace drug and alcohol tests and use best-practice
security measures to be eligible to tender for Victorian Government
Head contractors intending to tender for State Government
funded projects with a value $10 million or more will be required
to include details of their drug and alcohol testing policies in the
Workplace Relations Management Plan (WRMP) they submit to
the Construction Code Compliance Unit (CCCU).
Master Builders Safety Products & Services
Effectively using Job Safety Analysis (interactive CD Rom)
Basic information explaining how to conduct the site safety induction –
Master Builders
Master Builders Member price $20
• Master Builders Tradesperson Kit
(Softpack or Toolbox) $96
• Medium (Metal Container) $210
• Large (Metal Container) $240
• All first aid kits come with optional
Register of Injury/Disease books
Master Builders Member price $120
(conforms to all legislative
Master Builders Member price $33
Be pro-active. Take advantage of this opportunity
to ensure that your website business fully
complies with Victoria’s health and safety laws
and you have a safe workplace for your workers
and sub-contractors.
(Prices include GST)
Join the Incolink health
plan today and you can
look forward to:
134 135 and quote ID 2092074
username: incolink password: healthy
* Discount is reviewed periodically by Bupa and Company and is subject to change. Must pay by direct debit or payroll deduction (if available).
Tanya Chudasko
Executive Officer
Association of Wall and Ceiling industries Victoria (AWCIV)
Developing a Workforce of
Quality Plasterers
he Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries Victoria
(AWCIV) is the principal organisation advocating the
interests of contractors, suppliers and manufacturers in
the wall and ceiling industry.
Awards of Excellence
AWCIA’s major event for the year is the Awards of Excellence Gala
Dinner and Presentation Evening and Product Exhibition, which was
held on 15 August 2014 at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. More
than 250 plasterers and manufacturers attended the evening. The
projects entered this year were of a very high industry standard and
demonstrated quality work in all fields of plastering.
AWCIV Apprenticeship Challenge
The AWCIV Apprenticeship Challenge was held on Friday, 11 July
2014. The nine participants were: Ben Howell, NMIT; Mark Rafferty
and Chris Degroot, Regency Plaster; Michael Thomas and Norbet
Williams, Chad Plaster & Facades; Harley Dicker and Harley BarronCobbledick, Total Plaster Supplies; and Keegan Gaby, Owen Build
and Jake Bowes, Building Skills Centre. As part of the challenge
participants were given two practical and one theory task to
complete. The quality of workmanship produced was outstanding.
AWCIV RTO Training Update
Quality onsite training in CPC31211 Certificate III Wall and Ceiling
Lining and 22137VIC Certificate III Fibrous Plaster (Shop Work) is
available, so please contact AWCIV for further information.
AWCIV Apprenticeship Challenge participants
CPCCBC4047A Quality Assure Passive Fire Rated
Lining Systems Course
Full-day course. A Statement of Attainment and a Quality Assure
Passive Fire-Rated Lining System card are issued upon completion.
Builders need to be seeking contractors with this qualification.
CPCCOHS1001 – Work Safely in the Construction
White Card Courses and Red to White Card transfers available.
Contact AWCIV for information regarding dates on all courses.
AWCIV Registered Training Organisation
Phone:(03) 9553 6363
Email: [email protected]
• a 2% discount off your
health cover*
• gap free general dental and
physio for kids up to the age of
25 at Member First Providers^
Visit your local Bupa centre
^ Gap free general dental and physiotherapy is available on Ultimate Corporate Health Cover and Corporate Advantage and Corporate Classic covers (gap free general only on Platinum
Visitors Cover) when taken with hospital cover on a family membership, when treatment is provided by a Member First dentist or physiotherapist. Major dental only available in VIC and SA,
excludes orthodontics and hospital treatments. Annual limits, waiting periods and fund rules apply. Child dependants only. Bupa Australia Pty Ltd ABN 81 000 057 590.
John Setka
State Secretary
CFMEU Construction and General Division
Victoria and Tasmania Branch
Our Industry at its Best
congratulate everyone at Incolink as they celebrate 25
years of service to construction workers.
Redundancy benefits, income protection and the many
services provided by Incolink are first class and regarded
with envy by workers in other industries.
CFMEU Courses in Basic
Computer Skills
Historically, building workers never received redundancy,
superannuation or long service leave. In the 1970’s and 1980’s
they set out to change this and their campaigns were eventually
Whether you’re considering doing a certificate course
in Work Health & Safety, becoming a trainer or you just
need to update your resume and learn how to look for
work online, computer skills are invaluable.
Early on it was recognised that in a transient industry, centralised
funds were the best way to administer the newly-won benefits.
Incolink began life as a trustee company jointly established by
the unions and the Master Builders Association. Today its board
is comprised of employer and union representatives. Cbus and
Coinvest are governed in similar fashion.
If you’re still hand-writing your reports, haven’t worked
out how to use email or the internet, or if you’re one of
those people who’ve never switched on a computer,
we have the perfect introductory course for you.
Don’t be intimidated, these classes are small, friendly
and popular so bookings are essential.
There are often robust, healthy discussions amongst representatives
who sit on these boards. At the end of the day they all agree on the
need to run these funds to the highest possible standards with the
best interests of the industry at heart.
Call the CFMEU Education and Training Unit on
(03) 9341 3444 or download the application form
from the website www.cfmeuvic.com.au/sites/
The high quality services Incolink offers, ranging from counselling
to drug and alcohol advice, to WorkHealth checks, are first class.
Through employer bodies and unions Incolink funds much of the
training and OHS management that takes place in the industry.
Incolink benefits and services are a large part of the reason why the
Victorian building industry is among the best in the world to work
in. Workers are treated with respect and we have a high wage, high
quality, high productivity industry. This is how it should be.
Recent news stories from Qatar and Brazil have shown that in some
places, construction workers are seen as expendable.
Given the contribution that redundancy funds make, it is important
that such funds operate legitimately and are used for the
We need to encourage the wider community to understand our
industry and the needs of the people who work in it.
Key employer and union representatives support Incolink and
general redundancy rights. The way these funds are run and the
benefits they provide show that the industry works best when we
agree to observe high standards and a cooperative approach.
Here’s looking forward to another quarter of a century of high
quality service from Incolink and an industry we can all be proud to
work in.
November 2014 Issue 67
Kimberley Stewart, CFMEU basic computer skills teacher with
two students
Incolink 25 Year
Worker Lunch
Incolink continued celebrating their 25 Years milestone of
supporting the Victorian commercial building and construction
industry on 7 July 2014, at Treetops at the Melbourne Museum
with fifty five workers; all who have been members of Incolink
since the organisation’s inception.
ohn Glasson, Incolink
Chief Executive Officer and
Executive Director began by
saying “Today is about sharing
success; 25 years success!
You are among the very first members
who entrusted Incolink with managing
your redundancy funds back in 1989; and
we are here, 25 years on, to share our
appreciation. Without you, the workers, we
would not be gathered here today.
exclusive range of benefits and services
to assist with their safety and wellbeing in
and out of work.
Founded in 1989, Incolink established
itself as a leader in redundancy funds
management and has experienced growth
over 25 years. Incolink has transformed
from a small business through to the
leading industry redundancy fund.
In conclusion, John expressed his
gratitude “On behalf of the Incolink Board
of Directors, I would like to thank you for
coming today, to join us in celebrating
this momentous occasion. A quarter of
a century is a significant milestone for
any Organisation. We are grateful for your
support of Incolink, assisting your fund to
reaching our significant milestone”.
John made clear the aims of Incolink
always being to ensure workers in the
Industry have dignity, security and peace
of mind and have access to funds, when
required, between jobs; and to make
available to members and their families an
After having watched a short DVD on how
Incolink came about, many stories were
exchanged over lunch about the history
and the benefits of Incolink and in general
how the Victorian commercial building
and construction industry has evolved
over the past 25 years.
Incolink would like to acknowledge all
workers who have been members for
25 years.
“... the aims of
Incolink always
being to ensure
workers in the
Industry have
dignity, security
and peace of mind
and have access
to funds, when
required, between
John Glasson, Incolink
Chief Executive Officer
Call (03) 9639 3000
Mark Amos
Chief Executive Officer
Master Painters Association Victoria & Tasmania
Lead Paint Management on
Commercial and Residential Properties
ead paint is likely to be found
on homes or structures
built before 1970. In many
cases these buildings may
have lead-based paint covered by more
recently applied paint.
Lead-based paint is most likely to
be found on window frames, doors,
skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom
cupboards, exterior walls, gutters, metal
surfaces and fascias. It may also be
found on interior walls, ceilings and areas
with enamel paint. The lead content of
paint was reduced from up to 50 per cent
to 1 per cent after 1965 and then to 0.25
per cent in 1992.
You can test for lead in your paint using
either a disposable simple lead test kit
or a multiple application lead testing
kit. The simple lead test kit contains
two applications using a swab method.
This kit should be used to determine
if lead is present in the paint. The
multiple application kit can be used
approximately 100 times and can be
used to test multiple areas and multiple
layers of paint. It is recommended to do
approximately 12 tests on a standard size
house. Both kits are available through
the Master Painters Association.
Lead-based paint becomes a problem
when the paint deteriorates and becomes
powdery or flaky and during paint removal
from sanding or heating and scraping.
The people most at risk are those
removing lead-based paints, occupants
of the building and neighbours if dust
is widely dispersed, family members of
people working with lead-based paint,
especially pregnant women and unborn
Once lead is absorbed into the body, it
can cause both immediate and long- term
November 2014 Issue 67
health effects. The amount of lead stored
in the body increases with continued
exposure. If the level of lead in your body
gets too high, it can cause headaches,
tiredness, irritability, constipation, nausea,
stomach pains, anaemia and weight
loss. Continued exposure could cause
far more serious effects such as kidney,
nerve or brain damage.
An unborn child is particularly at risk
from exposure to lead, especially in the
early weeks of development, before a
pregnancy becomes known. Studies also
prove that lead adversely affects the
reproductive systems of both men and
women. Children are particularly at risk
once lead is absorbed into the body.
Certain duties apply to employers if
the work is defined as a lead process
and additional duties apply if the lead
process is a lead-risk job. Always make
sure you have a qualified lead-accredited
contractor who has completed Apply
Lead Paint & Asbestos Management
(CPCCPD3011A) course on site at all
times when removing lead paint. It is
important that a Safe Work Methods
Statement be completed before
commencing any work.
For further information on Lead Paint
Management, or to book in for the Apply
Lead Paint & Asbestos Management
Course, please contact the Master
Painters Association on (03) 9813
5922. Further information on lead paint
procedures and requirements is available
in the Master Painters Association
Industry Standard for the Surface
Coatings Industry. More information can
also be found on the Victorian WorkCover
Authority website at
Master Painters Australia
Victoria & Tasmania
Awards for
Excellence 2015
for the Master
Painters Awards for
Excellence 2015
are now open.
The Awards for
Excellence is the
most prestigious
event in the painting
and decorating
industry and is
an opportunity
for painters and
decorators to showcase their projects
from the smallest decorative wall to
multi-storey projects.
The Awards for Excellence 2015 will
feature categories encompassing
new and existing Domestic and
Commercial projects, Heritage,
Restoration and Decorative Finishes
projects. Achieving industry
recognition as a finalist or winner in
a category is significant, with finalists
and winners entitled to display the
Awards for Excellence logos as part
of their promotional and advertising
materials. Projects must be
completed in the period from 1 April
2014 to 31 January 2015.
The Awards for Excellence winners
will be announced at the Master
Painters Australia Awards for
Excellence Dinner in 2015.
For entry forms and full details
including terms and conditions,
call the Master Painters Association
on (03) 9813 5922 or go to
Sumit Oberoi
Executive Director
Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association
AMCA announces Training Awards
ustralia’s leading employer and industry association in
the air conditioning industry, the Air Conditioning and
Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA), presented
its training awards on Saturday, 9 August 2014 at a gala
dinner held at the RACV Club in Melbourne.
The prestigious Training Achievement Award was presented to
Linden Boyle, who is employed by Boyle and Grigg Airconditioning.
Linden commenced his apprenticeship as a mature-aged student
in 2009.
“Previous winners of the awards have gone on to make a great
contribution to the industry,” AMCA Executive Director, Sumit Oberoi
Mr Oberoi said Linden was selected from a strong field of trainees.
He was up against young people drawn from the trades of
plumbing and refrigeration mechanics.
Although Linden has only been in the industry for a short period of
time, Mr Oberoi said he has proven he has the skills and attitude to
go a long way.
Boyle and Grigg’s Managing Director, Kelvin Boyle, said Linden is a
valued employee at Boyle and Grigg and is a significant contributor
to the success of the business, adding value in a professional,
thorough manner. He believes Linden will continue to improve his
skills while teaching others the value of hard work and persistence.
The other major award presented on the night was to Patrick
O’Reilly, a drafting trainee who is employed by A. G. Coombs Pty
Ltd. Patrick was awarded the Drafting Traineeship Award. This
Lou Onley, winner of the AMCA Distinguished
Services Award with AMCA Victorian
President, Stephen Aulich.
award is open to all drafting trainees undertaking the Certificate IV
in Drafting (Mechanical Services) program delivered by AMCA.
Mr Oberoi said the Association makes these annual awards to
recognise the importance of training and development in the
“Encouraging young people to enter a traineeship and companies
to employ them is fundamental to the future prosperity of the
industry,” Mr Oberoi said.
Also recognised at the event was Lou Onley, who received AMCA’s
Distinguished Service Award.
Lou’s contribution to our industry has been nothing short of
outstanding. Lou has instilled a strong corporate responsibility
amongst industry colleagues and employees, including a legacy of
activities that support mentoring and coaching future leaders.
Lou has graciously invested his time in serving communities as an
important element to help others through his many charity efforts.
Lou has a timeless commitment to Licola Wilderness Village, and
given many years of service to the Lions movement where he has
recently held the position of Council Chairman of Australia.
He has served the AMCA through mentoring current and future
leaders of the industry. The active mentoring has galvanised the
AMCA Managing for Profit Project Management course to be the
pre-eminent leadership course in the industry.
Lou said he was very honoured to be recognised by receiving this
Linden Boyle (left) winner of the AMCA Training
Achievement Award 2014 with Kelvin Boyle,
Managing Director of Boyle and Grigg and Stephen
Aulich, AMCA Victorian President.
Patrick O’Reilly, of AG Coombs Pty Ltd,
winner of the AMCA Drafting Traineeship
Award 2014 with Stephen Aulich, AMCA
Victorian President.
Call (03) 9639 3000
Incolink Continues to
Support ‘The Island’ School
ncolink continues to be a
long-term supporter of The Island
work and education training unit,
and has provided much needed
funding to the school for over 24 years.
In September 2014 Incolink CEO and
Executive Director, John Glasson and
Incolink Chairman, Tommy Watson
presented the school a cheque for
$100,000. This takes the total amount
Incolink has provided The Island to more
than $1.1 million.
The funds are used to support the students,
the operation of the school and the
opportunities it provides to young people.
Incolink is enthusiastic about the positive
work of The Island and hearing the success
stories of the students.
John Glasson said that the funds donated
by Incolink are important to the success of
the students and the school.
“The school provides an alternative option
to many young people. We are thankful for
the school’s carpentry and manual training
courses that have provided the foundation
to allow a large proportion of graduates to
gain work in the building and construction
industry,” Mr Glasson said.
The Island offers a unique environment for
15 to 18-year-olds to learn industry and life
skills from experienced instructors. Many
of the young people have had negative
experiences in mainstream schooling. At
The Island they receive relevant training
for the ‘real world’ while having the
opportunity to develop talents in a friendly
From left: Mary Barkley, The Island Acting Principal,
Cynthia Young, The Island Assistant Principal, John Glasson,
Incolink Chief Executive Officer & Tommy Watson, Incolink
Independent Chairman.
and supportive environment. The school
provides alternative secondary education to
approximately 120 students from across the
metropolitan area.
The Island has a record of more than
95 per cent success in placing students
into paid employment. Some students
even choose to go back to school to
complete their secondary education while
others move into suitable TAFE courses.
Work-ready students are also assisted
into apprenticeships or other suitable
Acting Principal of The Island Mary Barkley
said: “We are very fortunate to have
Incolink’s support for so many years; it has
been incredibly valuable to enabling us to
offer a range of programs to the students.”
Incolink staff with students from The Island school.
Incolink is Preventing Harms
from Gambling
ost people enjoy a bet from time
to time.
However, when gambling
becomes addictive, or when it
causes harm to you or your family, it is a
If you are experiencing any of the following
symptoms you may have a problem with
• Not being able to control your gambling
• Losing a lot of money gambling
• Spending so much time gambling it is
affecting your relationships.
Incolink is implementing a new program
to educate young workers on the harms of
problem gambling.
November 2014 Issue 67
We have recently received funding from the
Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
to deliver preventative education to
apprentices across Victoria. The program
will be implemented in every TAFE in Victoria
until June 2015 with the aim of increasing
the resilience of young workers to the harms
of problem gambling. The program will
also encourage apprentices to look out for
their mates who may have a problem with
There are a number of support services
available if you are affected by problem
• You can call Incolink on (03) 9668 3061
• Gamblers Help Free call 1800 858 858 or
2014 Victorian Building
Industry Picnic
he Victorian Building
Industry Picnics will be
held on Monday,
1 December 2014.
- The metropolitan picnic will be
held at Caulfield Racecourse.
- The regional picnics will be
held in Shepparton, Geelong,
Bendigo, Ballarat, Traralgon,
and Portland. Please contact
regional Trades Halls for more
- Mildura and Wodonga’s picnics
will be held on Monday, 8
December 2014.
1 December 2014
The picnics are a family-orientated
day with races, raffles, BBQ
lunches, rides, entertainment and
gifts for the kids. Traditionally,
the picnics are held on the first
Monday of December, with workers
receiving a paid RDO to enjoy a
day with their family.
Incolink is proud to continue to
support the unions in putting on
such a fantastic event to reward
workers and their families for their
hard work throughout the year.
Incolink has supported the Industry
Picnic Days for many years. They
are a great example of Incolink
putting back into the industry
and, most importantly, they have
become a tradition in giving
workers time to spend with their
families and colleagues.
Your Incolink
Card Today
f you have recently received a new
Incolink Membership Card you will
need to activate it. Activating your
card ensures Incolink’s records are
accurate and will avoid delays if you
make a claim.
Accident & Illness Insurance
for Office Workers
The Incolink Employer Member Staff Insurance - Accident and Illness
Benefits Program provides protection for non-manual workers who are at
least 50% office based.
A weekly benefit of up to $1,250 (maximum of 156 weeks) is payable to staff
who have an accident or suffer an illness outside of working hours.
The program offers a range of benefits including:
• Leisure time capital benefits
• Journey cover up to $1,500 per
week for injury in direct travel to
and from work
• Broken bones benefit up to
• WorkCover top-up benefit
• Workplace trauma cover
• Family cover for accidental
dental and
ambulance usage
• Funeral cover - $9,000
If you are working on a construction site receiving
Incolink redundancy contributions and have not
received a card, please contact us immediately to
organise a replacement.
Terms & Conditions Apply
Contact Incolink: (03) 9639 3000 or go to
For more information including cost of the program, or a copy of the
brochure, contact Windsor Management Insurance Brokers.
This is an exclusive offer for Incolink employer
members and their staff.
Client Testimonial:
“I am very happy with the scheme and very thankful
the employer had it in place.” - Kevin, Employer
Tim Little
T: 0448 037 116 • E: [email protected]
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with water first.
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