Bond Issue Benefits Bond Issue Projects Are Top Hoover-Schrum Memorial

Bond Issue Benefits
Hoover-Schrum Memorial
School District 157 Students
and Our Community
The Hoover-Schrum Board of Education
gave approval to place a $22.9 million bond
on the November 4, 2014 ballot. If approved
by voters, the bond issue will fund
construction of a new Schrum Middle
The results of a 2013 Long-Range
Facility Assessment disclosed needed
improvements, but also identified critical
repairs needed to bring the school in
compliance with various building codes.
The proposed bond issue
Bond Issue Projects Are Top
Priorities To Impact Student
Achievement &
Address Critical
A new middle school addresses
the highest needs and projects
with the greatest impact on
student learning.
• Classroom Technology
• Safety & Security
• Library to Meet State
• Elevator and other ADA
Upgrades to Meet Federal Requirements
• Specially-Designed Classrooms for Science, Music
“Building Our Children’s Future!”
Bond Issue For A
New Schrum
Middle School
Passage of the bond issue will provide the resources to
build a new middle school and make sure Schrum Middle
School students have opportunities equal to those offered
to students in other area districts, in the state and around
the country and – at the same time – protect the quality of
the district and the quality of the community.
“Building Our Children’s Future!”
addresses these critical renovations, adds
technology in classrooms, a library to meet
state standards and elevators to meet
federal ADA guidelines. The proposal also
includes specially-designed classrooms for
music and science and security
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Hoover-Schrum Memorial School District 157
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Election is
November 4, 2014
The bond issue to build a new Schrum Middle
School is the result of input from parents, staff
and community.
A new middle school continues our commitment
to student achievement and addresses identified
critical facility needs and safety issues.
“Our parents and residents have
always taken great pride in their
schools and students. The bond
issue is on the ballot because our
district is committed to improving
student achievement and the
quality of our schools.”
– Superintendent Dr. Michelle Morris
Why do we need a new Schrum Memorial School?
• The school is 53-years old and is in need of several critical
• The school does not have
adequate space or design to
address the educational needs
of teachers and students.
• A recent completed facility
assessment conducted
identified extensive
renovations in order to make
the school compliant with
current life safety
requirements. These issues
must be addressed.
• The district is committed to providing the best possible
learning environment to prepare students for success.
What will a new school have
that the current school does not?
• A new school will accommodate 21st century curriculum and
instruction in ways the current school cannot.
• A new school will repair items identified in the facility
assessment and bring the building into compliance with life
safety requirements.
• A new school will include many improvements to address
areas found to be deficient such as the library, music rooms,
classrooms, kitchen and science labs.
• A new school will be designed for 21st century learning,
technology-driven teaching and a safe and comfortable
learning environment.
Will a new school be more energy efficient?
• Yes. Ongoing operational costs such as electricity,
heating, cooling and general maintenance are
significantly reduced with newer, more efficient
construction compared to maintaining an older facility.
What is the estimated cost to build a new school?
• The estimated cost to build a new school is
$22 million.
How do we finance construction?
• A bond issue is placed on the ballot and must be
approved by the voters.
• 50% plus 1 yes votes are needed to pass the issue.
How much will the bond issue cost?
• Average annual increase for residents:
– $100,000 home / $X.XX per month / XX¢ per week /
$100 per year
When was
the last bond issue?
• The school district
successfully passed its
last bond issue in 2001.
It was an $8 million
bond issue that funded
the new Hoover
Elementary School and
the administrative
When is the bond issue election?
• The bond issue is on the November 4, 2014 ballot.
What is the construction time frame for a new
• A new school can be completed in 12 months to be
ready for occupancy by the fall of 2016.
Where will the new school be built?
• The new school will be built adjacent to the current
Schrum Middle School.
Will the students still be able to attend school in
the current building during construction?
• Yes.