לארשי תראפת תליהק

‫קהילת תפארת ישראל‬
Welcome to Congregation Tiferes Yisroel Shabbos Afternoon Shiur
Parshas Vayera
Join us every Shabbos afternoon, one hour before Mincha, for the Rabbi’s shiur. This week’s shiur will be given by Rabbi Shlomo Porter,
on “Memories
of a world
that was. Building the world that is. Reflections on a trip to Vilna and Lithuania.”
‫הרב מנחם ראובן הלוי גולדברגר‬
‫שליטא מרא‬
• Raizy Cohen, Raiselle
bas Sarah
• Shaya Cohen, Yeshaya Lev ben Shelly Gabriella
• Hillel Zeitlin, Hillel Mordechai ben Miriam
• Risha Saperstein
Pushka total: $10,011 (see p. 3)
Congregation Tiferes Yisroel!
bWelcome to
Parshas Tazria/Metzora
15 Cheshvan 5775/November 8, 2014.
Celebrating our 28th year
Candle Lighting:
Refuah Shalaimah to
4:41 pm
4:45 pm
Shabbos Day
Shabbos is over after:
8:30 am
4:20 pm
6:00 pm
6:11 pm
8:00 am
4:35 pm
6:30 am
Mincha/Maariv followed by Malchus
Shlomo with Rabbi Goldberger: 4:35 pm
Next Shabbos – Parshas Chaye Sarah
Candle Lighting:
4:34 pm
Friday Mincha:
4:35 pm
This Shabbos
• 7:30-8:30 pm. Father/Son Learning.
Men’s Bais Medrash
Our new Bais Medrash Program for men is
on Monday and Wednesday nights from 8 to
9, followed by maariv. And there will be
freshly brewed coffee and refreshments.
This new program features several different
learning opportunities of varying lengths to
make it possible for everyone to participate.
• Monday
• 8-8:35, Reb Shlomo Goldberger, Mishna
• 8-9, Jay Taffel, Rambam Hilchos Tzitzis
• 8:45-9, Shuki Nissan, Chovos Hatalmidim
• Wednesday
• 8-8:35, Reb Shlomo Goldberger, the
Weekly Parsha
• 8:45-9, Shuki Nissan, Chovos Hatalmidim
Father/Son Learning
We’re excited to begin Father/Son
Learning this Motzei Shabbos, from 7:30 to
8:30. It’s a wonderful way to hold onto the
Kedusha from Shabbos as you and your
son(s)/grandsons share this special time
Pizza and refreshments will be available at
the end of learning, from 8 to 8:30, along with
stories of our holy Tzaddikim. We will meet
upstairs in our beautiful Bais Medrash.
We’re also looking for sponsors for this
year’s learning cycle. A special thank you to
our first sponsor of the year — Rabbi Elie and
Esther Levi, in honor of their children Daniel,
Akiva, and Malki.
Pushka Campaign
We did it. We made it to $10,000. Yay!!
Thank you to everyone who contributed. And
thank you to Shlomo and Ahuva Goldberger.
Women’s Shiur with Rabbi
Beginning Sunday night, December 14,
there will be a new women’s shiur with Rabbi
Goldberger. We will be learning Navi,
“Shmuel,” about Dovid HaMelech both prior
to his becoming king and during his kingdom.
Please bring a Sefer Shmuel with Rashi. The
shiur will be held in the Nancy Taffel Annex,
time to be announced.
Tiferes Yisroel Shabbos
Chanuka Family Seuda
Please join us on December 20, Shabbos
Chanuka, for a family seuda, catered by our
own Tiferes Yisroel Gourmet Chefs. The cost
is $20 per person with a family cap of $100.
No charge for children under three. To reserve
your seat(s), please email Reb Shlomo
Goldberger at [email protected] or call
410-358-4456. Paid reservations are due
December 8.
Ages 12 and older are invited to a special
presentation at 2:30 in the Bais Medrash,
“Convert or Die,” featuring Rabbi Shlomo
Horwitz. All are welcome for dessert, divrei
Torah and singing at 1:45 pm. Sponsorships
are welcome.
Looking for Gourmet Chefs
Have you seen our stunning new kitchen?
Don’t you want to cook in it? Here’s your
chance. You can be one of the gourmet chefs
preparing the meal for Tiferes Yisroel’s
Shabbos Chanukah family seudah. Please
email Rebbetzin Bracha at [email protected]
verizon.net to work out the details.
Mazel Tov to
• Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin on the
birth of a boy. May they be zoche l’gadlo
l’Torah l’chupah ul’maasim tovim.
• Rabbi Reuvain and Meira Shnidman on the
engagement of their grandson, Meir Simcha
Berger, son of Rabbi Yosef and Rebbetzin
Beila Berger, to Nechama Miller, daughter
of Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzchak Miller of
Chicago. May they be zoche to build a bayis
ne’eman b’Yisrael.
• Victor Reznick on the marriage of his greatgranddaughter, Sheindel Cohen, granddaughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Leibel Reznick.
May they be zoche to build a bayis ne’eman
• Rabbi Shimon and Miriam Apisdorf on the
wedding of their son, Yitzie, to Sheera
Shomrony. May they be zoche to build a
bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael.
This week’s Lev Echad is sponsored by:
Rabbi Reuvain and Meira Shnidman, with deep gratitude to Hashem for the simcha of their grandson, Meir Simcha Berger’s
engagement to Nechama Miller of Chicago. With best wishes to the Rav and Rebbetzin and to the whole kehilla.
Visit us at tiferesyisroel.org
The Weekly Parsha
The Weekly Internet Parasha
by Mordecai Kornfeld
The Prayers of Our Forefathers
The daily prayers were instituted by our
forefathers. Avraham instituted the morning
prayer, as the verse says, “Avraham arose
early to stand at the place in which he had
earlier stood [in prayer] before Hashem”
(Bereishit 19:27). Yitzchak instituted the
afternoon prayer and Yakov instituted the
evening prayer (Berachos 26b).
Our Sages tell us that the three prayers of
the day were established by our three
forefathers. Although the exact wording of
our prayers is clearly a later institution, it is
reasonable to assume that it was composed
with this point in mind. We may expect the
life history and accomplishments of each
forefather to be reflected in “his” prayer.
Although the keynote of our services, the
Shemoneh Esreh, is nearly identical in all
three of the daily prayers, nevertheless the
introductory prayers which precede the
Shemoneh Esreh vary greatly from one prayer
to the other. It is in these that we would
expect to find an allusion to the patron of that
particular prayer. Let us search the daily
prayers for such allusions.
The first prayer of the day is Shacharit, or
the morning prayers. The poem “Adon Olam”
plays a prominent part among the opening
words of Shacharit. It has been suggested that
this is associated with the teaching of the
Gemara in Berachot (7b), “From the day
Hashem created the world, no one ever called
Him ‘Master’ (Adon), until Avraham came
and called Him ‘Master’ ” (Bereishit 15:8).
Avraham was the one who taught the people
of the world that they are not free to do as
they please; there is a Master up above to
Whom we must hearken. Since Avraham
instituted the morning prayer, we mention his
most important teaching at the very beginning
of this prayer. (Tikun Tefilah in Otzar
ha’Tefilos citing the Vilna Gaon; introduction
to Koheles Yitzchak on the Torah, citing a
student of the Vilna Gaon; see also Sidur
Sha’ar ha’Rachamim, written by Rav Pinchas
of Polotzk, student of the Vilna Gaon, for a
similar approach.)
We end the introductory Psalms of the
“Yishtabach.” In at least some versions
Yishtabach ends with five consecutive
phrases, the acrostic of which spells out
“Avraham!” This was undoubtedly instituted
for the same reason.
Parshas Vayera
Twice a day, in the morning and the
evening, we precede the Shemoneh Esreh
prayer with the recital of the verses of the
Shema. This is a 
particularly appropriate
introduction for the prayers of Avraham and
The Shema has two motifs: (1) accepting
upon ourselves Hashem’s sovereignty
(Mishnah, Berachot 13a), and (2) accepting
upon ourselves to learn Hashem’s Torah
(Gemara, Berachot 14b). These two themes
correspond exactly to the primary teachings of
Avraham and Yakov. Avraham taught the
world that Hashem is the Master of all
Creation and that it is He Whom we must
serve (Rashi Bereishit 12:5; 21:33). The
morning Shema ushers in Avraham’s prayer
by emphasizing this theme. Yakov’s life was
dominated by the study of Torah (Rashi
Bereishit 25:27; 28:9, 11). We therefore
introduce his prayer with Shema as well, this
time because of the other theme of Shema.
It is also interesting to note that in Shema
we call on “Yisrael” to hear our proclamation
that Hashem is One — “Hear O Israel
[Yisrael]!” The name “Yisrael,” besides
referring to the collective Jewish population,
is used to refer to both Yakov (Bereishit
35:10) and Avraham (the first Israelite;
compare Tehilim 105:7 with Divrei Hayamim
I 16:13).
The blessings that surround the Shema in
both the morning and evening prayers may
also be interpreted as specific to Avraham and
Yakov. In the morning, we precede the Shema
with two blessings: one an ode to the Divine
force driving what we call “nature,” and
another blessing Hashem for lovingly
choosing Israel from among the other nations.
The first is easily associated with Avraham,
for it was through Avraham’s contemplation
of nature that he came to recognize the Hand
of Hashem in this world (Midrash Raba,
beginning of Lech Lecha). The second
certainly applies to Avraham, for it was he
that Hashem lovingly chose from all the
nations of the world (as worded in Nechemya
9:7, “Asher Bacharta”). After Shema we bless
Hashem for redeeming Israel — which,
specific to Avraham, may be alluding to
Avraham’s miraculous salvation from
imminent death first at the hands of Nimrod
and later at the hands of the warring kings
(Rashi Bereishit 18:27).
In the evening, we introduce the Shema
with two blessings, the first over the day/night
cycle and the second over the study of the
Torah and Hashem’s love for His people. The
first is appropriate for Yakov, since Hashem
altered the daily cycle for him, letting the sun
set early at one point, and having it set late for
him at another point (Rashi Bereishit 28:11;
32:32). In this manner Hashem demonstrated
specifically to Yakov His dominion over the
cycle of day and night, and it is thus
appropriate during the prayer of Yakov to
offer recognition to Hashem for his control
over this cycle. The second blessing certainly
is specific for Yakov, for he exemplified the
study of Torah (as mentioned above) and
Hashem singled Yakov out to express to him
His love (Malachi 1:2).
After Shema, we first bless Hashem for
redeeming Yisrael. Since we find that Hashem
“redeemed” Yakov (Yeshayah 44:23), and
that Yakov’s second name was Yisrael, the
blessing clearly may be referring to the
experiences of our forefather Yakov. Next, we
bless Hashem for protecting us and spreading
His protective tent over Yisrael. This may be
alluding to the incident in which Hashem
prevented the hostile Canaanite nations from
chasing or harming Yakov (Bereishit 35:5).
Finally, the afternoon prayer was instituted
by Yitzchak. Before beginning the afternoon
Shemoneh Esreh, we recite a chapter from
Psalms (Tehilim 145). According to the
Talmud (Berachot 4b), what makes this
particular chapter unique is the fact that it
thanks Hashem for providing sustenance to all
creatures. Yitzchak, even more than the other
forefathers, saw that material wealth does not
stem from one’s physical efforts, but rather
the Hand of Hashem directly provides us with
all of our needs. Hashem granted Yitzchak
wealth well beyond the physical efforts he put
into earning it (Bereishit 26:12, 13 and Rashi).
When Yitzchak went to pray his afternoon
prayer (Bereishit 24:63), Avraham had sent
his slave Eliezer to find Yitzchak an
appropriate mate. As some commentaries
explain, Yitzchak was apparently going to
pray for the success of the slave’s mission. No
sooner did he begin to pray, than he lifted his
eyes and saw that they were answered! Eliezer
was returning successfully with Yitzchak’s
wife-to-be, Rivkah (ibid.). In a similar
manner, we are told that one should take care
to concentrate during the afternoon prayers
(even though they are prayed when one is
weary, immediately after a day of work),
since they are sure to be answered (Berachot
6b). On Shabbat, we refer to the afternoon
prayers as “prayers in a time of Hashem’s
goodwill.” Perhaps the power of Yitzchak’s
original afternoon prayer imbued these
prayers with their unique potency.
May Hashem answer all of our prayers, in
the merit of our saintly forefathers!
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Parshas Vayera
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As we move into the last phase of this year’s Focus on Chesed, you
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Yaakov Goldman has designed and produced a pocket chesed
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• November 8: Women’s shiur in memory of
Chaya Malka Barkai and Esther Nechama
Margolese. Sefer HaChinnuch, led by Dr.
Dovid Clay. Home of Joyce Dreyfuss, 3820
Menlo Drive, each Shabbos at 3:30 pm. All
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• November 8: Jewish history lecture series
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• November 14: National Pickle Day.
• November 15: The women of the
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Annual Worldwide Event for the Yahrzeit
of Rachel Imeinu and Fundraiser for Aniyei
Eretz Yisrael. Introduction by HaRav
Shmuel Kamenetsky, Shlita. Shiurim by
Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger and Rebbetzin
Tzipora Heller. Special message by Rav
women/$7students. For more information
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Giving tzedakah in the name of the departed has
the power to elevate their soul. When you give
charity on behalf of your loved one, consider giving
to Tiferes Yisroel. And may the soul of your loved
one be bound in the bond of life, together with the
souls of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov; Sarah,
Rivka, Rachel and Leah; and together with the other
righteous men and women in Gan Eden.
Parshas Vayera
please refrain from bringing peanut products into
the shul.
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Allan S. Novograd, Avraham Shalom ben Chaim
Yoel a”h, 15 Cheshvan, father of Yaakov
Dorothy Hisler, Devorah bas Avraham a”h, 16
Cheshvan, mother of Ira Hisler
Sol Dross, Shlomo Yitzchak ben Moshe a”h, 17
Cheshvan, father of Bracha Goetz
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HaLevi a”h, 17 Cheshvan, mother of Harold
Lipsitz a”h
Anne Kayne a”h, 18 Cheshvan, grandmother of
Suzanne Kayne
Joel Novograd, Chaim Yoel ben Avraham a”h, 18
Cheshvan, father of Allan Novograd a”h
Betty Paymar, Charna Rivka bas Y’Chatzuel a”h,
18 Cheshvan, mother of Eugene Paymar
Gavriel Klatzko, Gavriel Eliyahu ben Naftali Yosef
a”h, 18 Cheshvan, brother of Rivka Malka
Esther Yosafat Casuto, Hadassah bas Eliahu a”h, 19
Cheshvan, aunt of Karen Beleck
Gary Balaban, Chaim Yaakov ben Asher a”h, 20
Cheshvan, brother of Dvora Childress
Isadore Bailis, Issur ben Eliyahu a”h, 20 Cheshvan,
grandfather of Eileen Rosenbaum
Rose Rosenfeld, Raizel bas Asher a”h, 21
Cheshvan, grandmother of Meira Blaxberg
Candle Gemach. Need yahrzeit or Shabbos
candles? The Schwartzes have a candle gemach at
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Refuah Shalaimah to
• One hour before mincha: Rambam Mishnah
Torah. Given by Jay Taffel. Upstairs Beis
• After mincha/maariv: Ahavas Chesed for men
with Rabbi Goldberger for a half hour.
Raizy Cohen, Raiselle bas Sarah
Shaya Cohen, Yeshaya Lev ben Shelly Gabriella
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